AB40 High Performance Soundbase Home Theater System

AB40 High Performance Soundbase Home Theater System

Black Ash (AB40)

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AB40 High Performance Soundbase Home Theater System with 3D Sound

AB40 High Performance Soundbase

Fluance believes everyone should experience audio in it truest form, never more true than with the AB40 High Performance Soundbase. The ultimate audiophile quality solution for those in search of home theater performance without the space for multiple speakers, amplifiers and wiring. The AB40 is designed for placement under your TV and provides a cinema performance guaranteed to surpass your expectations.

 3D Sound Truly Convincing Surround Sound

Truly Convincing Surround Sound

Exclusive Fluance 3D sound uses Grammy Award winning sound processing technology which creates an immersive listening experience. 3D mode digitally enhances the sound, widening the soundstage for an enveloping in-home theater experience.

Clean, Deep Bass Performance

Clean, Deep Bass Performance

Experience commanding, room shaking bass frequencies reaching as low as 30Hz, an accomplishment distinct to the AB40. 3D Sound uses Bass Boost and psychoacoustics to calculate precise harmonics that are related to the fundamental tones of sound, virtually reproducing the lowest frequencies just as if there was a subwoofer in the room.

Six Driver Full-Range Configuration

Angled Drivers for Wider Soundstage

The AB40 has two distinctly placed drivers on opposing sides of the cabinet angled at 35º to provide widespread sound throughout your entire room. No matter where you sit, you will hear every sound effect exactly where the sound engineers intended.

Angled Drivers for Wider Soundstage

Six Driver Full-Range Configuration

Reproducing each sound perfectly are six premium drivers uniquely positioned to create a wider more enveloping soundstage. Encompassing Fluance audio knowledge from years of home theater speaker engineering into a powerful all-in-one design this Soundbase will bring your TV to life.

Acoustically Tuned Wood Cabinet

Acoustically Tuned Wood Cabinet

The AB40 uses engineered wood for a warmer more natural sound, unlike plastic soundbar enclosures which do not create quality audio reproduction. This acoustically tuned cabinet allows for proper air flow so the drivers can perform at the highest level.

Enhanced Vocals and Dialogue

Enhanced Vocals and Dialogue

The AB40 incorporates a 90W amplifier, dual 1” high performance tweeters and four 3” aluminum drivers. These lightweight drivers are more rigid resulting in cleaner vocals and dialogue at any volume level. The tweeters ensure the most brilliant detail with captivating clarity.

Wirelessly Stream Music

Wirelessly Stream Music

From Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes, to your favorite playlists, streaming music wirelessly has never been easier and more enjoyable. AptX enhanced Bluetooth audio technology ensures powerful, concert quality sound throughout the listening area.


Speaker Configuration 2 Way 6 Driver TV Soundbase with Integrated Amplifier
Tweeter Dual 1 inch Silk Soft Dome Ferro Fluid cooled
Woofer Four 3 inch Aluminum Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround
Frequency Response 30Hz – 20KHz
Amplifier Power Class D 90 Watts
Input Digital Toslink Optical / 3.5mm Stereo AUX
Subwoofer Output No
Bluetooth Yes; aptX codec
Virtual Surround Sound (3D) Yes
Bass Boost Yes
Power Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 2A Output: 19VDC/3.15A
Max Weight Allowance 150 lbs
Enclosure Tuned Side Port Bass Reflex Design
Dimensions 3.9 x 26 x 14 inch
Speaker Weight 24 lbs
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, ETL/CETL
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Pro Reviews

CNET Review of the AB40 Soundbase

CNET Review of the Fluance AB40 Soundbase

"The highest compliment we can pay to any sound bar or base is that once we're involved watching a movie or listening to music we can forget we're listening to a sound bar or base. The Fluance AB40 is in that group."

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Paste Magazine Review of the AB40 Soundbase

Paste Magazine Reviews the AB40 Soundbase

"What the Fluance team has created is remarkable. The AB40 is well-built, versatile and an absolute steal"

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Digital Trends Preview of the AB40

Digital Trends Preview of the AB40

"If you’re looking for home theater-quality sound without all the setup and space requirements, this could be your best option."

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Best Buy Reviews the AB40

"if you are using this as it should be intended, as an enhanced audio system for your TV, you are going enjoy every minute."

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Cory Fink March 30, 2017 St. Augustine, FL

This is an awesome speaker system. We use this in our Living Room that is 18x18 and we are blown away by how much sound comes out. Not only sound, but wonderfully tuned sound. Warm mids, bass, bass and crisp highs. Would recommend to anyone wanting a simple and stellar performing system.

Steven Tsimtsos March 20, 2017 Massachusetts

I love the sound off the unit and has a great built quality as well. I do wish for a front display of settings and volume on the unit. A backlighted remote would also be helpful. Whitney was also very pleasant to speak with !

AL March 5, 2017 Montreal

The second best to none. All at the perfection: Design, Audio, quality.

Dave Beaudoin March 5, 2017 Welland, ontario

Very pleased with my purchase of the ab40. Great sound at a great price. Superb quality construction and materials. Remote response could be better. Proud to see the flag attached.

Samson March 3, 2017 Idaho falls

I recently purchased the ab40 and after a few days of use I am prepared to recommend this system to anybody that wants to liven up their living room. I only have experience with sound bars and not sound bases, so I was excited to have an all in one box. After initially setting it up I wasn't impressed and almost packaged it back up to return it. It sounded harsh and boomy, but decided to continue with the break in period. When Fluance says there's a break in period there most certainly is. After 2 days of TV and music this bad boy really started to clear up. It really fills the room with nice sound and sounds better with every play. It doesn't have any fancy inputs or outputs or decoding methods like dolby just a single optical line you plug into your TV and away you go. It's nice looking and hefty. I really like the wood finish and my 55in fits perfectly on top of it. I also own a Vizio s5451w-c2 soundbar the ab40 doesn't get as loud as that or have as tight of bass but the ab40 has better highs and mids. The Vizio is also a 5.1 so you get a more all encompassing sound but there's more stuff cluttering up my living room and it was more than twice the price. My only gripes with the ab40 would be the bass can get a little boomy for my taste and I didn't notice a big difference with the 3D effect enabled other than that it's really awesome and I have no regrets especially for $200 bucks.

Ric March 3, 2017 Bristol, CT

Truly an amazing product.Highs are surperb,lows are spot on! No need for a subwoofer.Fluance has certainly outdone themselves on this one!! A++

David Eberle February 25, 2017 Urbandale, IA 50322

I spent hours reviewing sound bars and sound bases. I read an excellent review on CNET which prompted me to make this purchase. I am disappointed that the system will not link to my Dish Network remote. Beyond that I am thrilled with the quality of sound of this system. I own Paradigm speakers and my new Samsung TV did not have inputs to accommodate these speakers. I tried a LG soundbar and while it did link to my Dish Remote, the sound quality was fair at best. After a month it failed to function. This AB40 has amazing quality sound and deep bass. No need for a subwoofer. Please consider buying this model as it is a tremendous product for a reasonable price.

GREG PALMER September 18, 2016 Ottawa

Great sound. Worth 5 stars but for the lousy remote/remote response in the unit.