We believe everyone should experience audio in its truest form.

Who says Serious Performance and sophisticated styling have to come with a high price? It doesn’t, and we have proved it.

Fluance has successfully revolutionized the home audio industry providing a diverse line of high-quality speaker products based on five key aspects: Sound Quality, Performance, Solid Construction, Style, and Value. These distinctive points make Fluance the most reliable and respected name amongst our fans and consumers.

Today, Fluance expands on this philosophy and takes its business approach to a new level. We are audio lovers with a passion for sound. With our dedicated team, Fluance assures its products meet the most stringent marks of quality control - overseeing each step from design to manufacturing - and has raised the industry bar in customer experience and quality to be second-to-none.

With these key aspects in place, Fluance fully supports its commitments by offering:

  1. A Lifetime Warranty on all Speakers
  2. 30 Day in Home Trial – Satisfaction Guarantee
  3. Lifetime Customer Support

Fluance, through the commitment and dedication of its fans, customers, and associates, strives to build valued relationships with all who hear and know about us. Fluance is dedicated to providing Serious Performance that all can enjoy. Our research and design lead us to produce speakers of exceptional performance and extraordinary value. Audio experts agree. Explore our products. Listen to our speakers. You'll also agree.

The History of Fluance

Fluance is a Canadian based speaker company that produces home theater systems. Established in 1999 and based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, it markets to both the U.S. and Canada.

The name Fluance was chosen to demarcate the quality of sound its speakers produce. The prefix "Flu" is Latin for "flowing" or "wave," while the suffix "ance" is Latin for "a state of being." These words come together to create a meaning that the company feels accurately describes its products.

Fluance researchers and engineers develop, manufacture, and sell audio equipment including pillar speakers, bookshelf speakers, bipolar speakers, subwoofers, floorstanding loudspeakers, various surround sound components, and complete surround sound home theater systems.

A relatively new contender in the home theater business, Fluance prides itself on pushing cutting edge technology to its limits and using high grade parts in the construction of its speaker systems. All the while, Fluance sells its products at prices well below those of its main competitors.

  • Fluance Speakers is created, one speaker system sold at one retail location in Niagara Falls Ontario.
  • Fluance.com website is created and our destiny becomes more clear
  • AV Series and SX Series are created and listed for sale on Fluance.com. These two series’ of speakers start to become recognized by industry experts as an exceptional value. 
  • ES series of unique speaker styling is launched and listed for sale on Fluance.com
  • Fluance launches line of DB Series subwoofers.
  • CNET discovers Fluance and gives rave review on AVHTB speaker system 
  • SV Series of speakers is launched
  • CNET reviews the SXHTB speaker system "You can't beat Fluance's rock-bottom pricing, solid construction, and sound quality, which rivals that of more expensive speakers."
  • Fluance upgrades it’s website to include home theater information, and a new Fluance blog.
  • AVHTB is featured on NBC’s the Today Show
  • Fluance launches High Performance iPod Speaker Dock, the FiSDK500. Acclamations include “the best sounding $200 iPod/iPhone speaker on the market” -David Carnoy CNET
  • Professional recognition from tier one audio reviewers inlcuding Digital Trends, InnerFidelity, CNET, Macworld, the Chicago Tribune and many more.
  • FiSDK500 is awarded the 2011 EXC!TE Award
  • SXHTB receives the SoundStageNetwork Reviewers Choice Award
  • Fluance launches XL Series of speakers with the XL7F Floorstanding Loudspeakers revolutionizing the under $500 and under $1000 speaker category.
  • XL7F Floorstanding Speakers receive SoundStageNetwork Reviewers Choice Award
  • Sound & Vision Magazine reviews the XL Series in the October 2013 issue "The XL7F tower speakers wouldn’t look out of place alongside many $5,000-a-pair speakers."
  • Fluance is featured on the Price is Right four times in 2013.
  • Fluance releases first product under Artist Series Line, the Limited edition FiSDK500-A iPod Dock with a uniquely designed skin.
  • Fluance breaks into Bluetooth category by launching its first Bluetooth Speaker, the Fi30.
  • CNET reviews the Fi30 and rates it 8.4/10, the best editor rated Bluetooth speaker on CNET. “Best sound for your Bluetooth buck”- David Carnoy 

About Fluance Products

Fluance speakers, the choice for audio enthusiasts around the world, are recognized as an outstanding performance product that delivers amazing sound, superb build-quality and unprecedented value. We have accomplished this by strictly adhering to a single goal:

Design and engineer speakers that ensure accurate sound reproduction at a value with which none can compete. To achieve these goals, Fluance uses high-performance drive units, advanced enclosure technologies and highly refined crossovers to achieve all new standards in sound performance and technological design excellence. The results are clean, undistorted bass, smooth response throughout the midrange, exceptional high frequency resolution, and pinpoint imaging that everyone can appreciate.

When the principles are applied without compromise, you can close your eyes, open your ears and the speakers disappear... now you are at one with the music! High performance features, found on most models, include 5 way binding posts that are gold plated and configured for bi-amp, bi-wire hookup. They also come complete with sound isolation floor spikes for use on hardwood or carpeted floors. They combine to produce the best sounding, best value performance speakers on the market today.

Fluance is the ideal solution for high-end sound in your music or home theater system!