Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Natural Walnut (Fi50B)

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Ships by: 2017-12-15


Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker styles

Premium Features

  • High fidelity sound quality resulting in clean, undistorted bass, a clear midrange, and transparent natural highs at any volume level.
  • Wirelessly stream music instantly from your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth audio device for room filling, concert-like sound.
  • AptX enhanced audio technology ensures powerful and well defined sound throughout the listening area.
  • Premium components including dual full-range 5" woven woofers, ultra high-end tweeters and a powerful 40 watt amplifier ensure Serious Performance at any volume level.
  • Hand-built engineered MDF wood cabinet suppresses resonance for accurate response, increased warmth and an overall more natural sound.
  • Wireless auto pairing technology automatically pairs your Bluetooth device when in range.
  • USB input for quick smartphone or tablet charging.
Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker serious performance

Transport the concert into your home with the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Wood Speaker System. The Fi50 combines Fluance sound quality and wireless Bluetooth connectivity together into one powerful and elegant audio system. With superb sound radiation and rich timbre, this system is ideal for any audiophile and can handle even the highest volume levels with outstanding clarity. The Fi50 provides a pure listening experience that recreates the performance the way the artist intended.

Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker sound quality

Superior Audiophile Sound Quality

Hear every detail of every instrument. Powered by aptX premium audio technology, the Fi50 delivers crystal clear, high fidelity sound from your smartphone or tablet. This premium system produces unprecedented audio reproduction with clean, undistorted bass, a warm midrange, and transparent natural highs at any volume level. Amplify your audio with room filling sound and a wide stereo image. Using the equalizer, your music can be fine-tuned to your performance preference and listening environment.

Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker wood cabinet design

Acoustic Wood Cabinet Design

Fluance is dedicated to developing only premium sound. The Fi50 Bluetooth speaker system undergoes the same meticulous craftsmanship as all Fluance home theater speakers, including a high performance acoustic design. Unlike plastic speaker enclosures, the Fi50 cabinet is hand-made with engineered MDF wood to suppress resonance for accurate response, increased warmth and an overall more natural sound. Also two finely tuned bass ports control low frequency, improve efficiency and provide deep, undistorted bass. Please note: Speakers are NOT weatherproof.

Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker audio components

Premium Quality Audio Components

The Fi50 offers high fidelity sound that you would expect from a Fluance home theater speaker system, by utilizing years of audio knowledge and incorporating those elements into this Bluetooth speaker system. The two high grade woven glass fiber drivers execute a faster response resulting in a broader dynamic range. The dual coaxial tweeters ensure every high note is heard in detailed clarity. The powerful integrated amplifier boasts extreme accuracy for a well-defined sound.

Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker wireless connectivity

The Freedom of Wireless Bluetooth Music

Setup is extremely simple with the Fi50. Wirelessly pair your audio device and you’re set. Using auto pairing technology the Fi50 automatically connects your device as soon as it is within range (33 feet). Whether you’re listening to music from your smartphone, tablet, Google Chromecast Audio, or your favorite streaming music service, you can ensure concert quality performances.

Fi50 bluetooth wood speaker back

Feature Rich Extras

The Fi50 touch panel controls allow you to adjust the volume and equalizer settings while the white illuminated display shows the volume, treble and bass levels. A USB port allows for quick and easy charging of your device and the 3.5mm auxiliary input allows for direct connection to the Fi50.

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Speaker Configuration 2 Way 4 Driver Bluetooth Music System with Integrated Amplifier
Bluetooth Yes; aptX codec
Input 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Input; 2.1 A USB Charging Input
Tweeter Dual 3/5inch Coaxial Mounted Silk Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer Dual 5inch Woven Glass Fiber Composite Drivers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Amplifier Power 40 Watts Continuous Average Output
Frequency Response 40Hz - 20KHz
Internal Lead Wire 18 gauge internal lead wire to reduce signal degradation
Power Input: 100-240V 1.5A; Output: 15V 3000mA 45W
Enclosure Tuned Rear Port Bass Reflex Design
Dimensions 20.4 x 5.7 x 7.1 inch
Speaker Weight 13.4 lbs
Frequency Response Graph

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UPC 061783262498
What's Included
  • High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker
  • 3ft 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Isolation Floor Spikes
  • Full 2 Year Parts and Labor Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

  • Please note: Speakers are NOT weatherproof.

    Pro Reviews

    Sound & Vision Reviews the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Speaker System

    "The sound quality rivals speakers $100 or more over the Fi50’s $199 retail price, and the sturdy retro design looks more expensive as well. When it comes to the Fi50, Fluance delivered on its promises. "

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    Phone Arena Reviews the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Speaker System

    "Heavy bass lovers won’t find any fault in this! Still, it never sounds like it’s straining to produce dynamic tones at the loudest setting, so it’s quite tolerable to the ear.

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    CNET Reviews the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Speaker System

    "if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers the best sound for the money, the Fi50 is hard to beat."

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    The Chicago Tribune Reviews the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Speaker System

    "Excellent sound, over-the-top construction, a standout in under-$200 Bluetooth speaker division."

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    ZDNet Review of the Fluance Fi50 High Performance Bluetooth Speaker System

    "It sounds absolutely fantastic with clarity and volume that was some of the best I ever heard."

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Samson1776 October 13, 2017 Idaho falls

    I have an fi30, ab40 and now an fi50 and this is the best one yet. The ab40 sounds great and puts off a huge sound stage but when the bass boost is on the distorted bass is very off putting. The fi30 sounds great for its size but doesn't have enough oomph for my liking. The fi50 has none of the problems of the other two. Crystal clear, gets loud and has more than enough great sounding bass with no distortion and it looks awesome to boot. The only problem I'm having with it is the USB charging port isn't charging my phone, but it's not really a big deal. For less than 200 bucks this thing can't be beat. This won't be my last Fluance purchase.

    Jim March 22, 2017 Los Angeles

    Serious Pro Sound. You won't be disappointed

    Bill March 11, 2017 New Jersey

    Fantastic speaker, great sound and overall an outstanding value. Very pleased with it, I use it all the time. It has become my "go to" speaker.

    Adam Auer January 12, 2017 Ottawa

    ... Also, I have had none of the said Bluetooth issues noted elsewhere. I get a solid connection. The AUX works great too. While I'm here, might I suggest that Fluance consider adding the time to its display ... seeing the volume level as the default display is kinda unhelpful, though I usually just turn the LED display off altogether.

    Adam January 12, 2017 Ottawa

    So even though this is often compared with portable speakers like the Bose Soundlink III, it's not. If you want something to cart around to the beach etc. look elsewhere. If you want the best audiophile bluetooth experience for the $$, look here. This thing streams music from my iPhone with the clarity and depth I would expect from bookshelf speakers 3x or 4x the price. Beautiful design. Simple interface. Incredible sound. I can't recommend it enough.

    Great S October 28, 2016

    I love the sound, the connectivity, and the ease of use. Perfect for my kitchen while cooking and cleaning up. My only complaint, and I asked the company about it, is that it says "CONNECTED" when the bluetooth device connects and it is loud. "CONNECTED" is not attached to the volume (you can't quiet it) and there is no way to disable it. If I want to listen to quiet music in the morning, it first wakes the house with "CONNECTED".
    Minor issue but annoying. Who thought that could possibly be a good idea? -Verified Store

    Jesse September 9, 2016

    I did a lot of research before I purchased this unit. As a former professional musician, I place a lot of importance on sound quality. The Fluance Fi50 delivers. The box is very sturdy which assists in bass response and the overall sound is true to original. Great buy -Verified Store

    Brad August 22, 2016

    This is an amazing speaker for the money. Sounds amazing. Right up there with the best of them (that cost a ton more). -Verified Store

    chupacobara June 29, 2016

    Got it yesterday, bass is deep and the highs are awesome, the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not five is because no remote is provided -Verified Store

    John M June 25, 2016

    Full sound and incredible bass. This is a steal at the price purchased. -Verified Store

    Janet June 5, 2016 Houston

    Recently purchased the Fi50 speaker system and hooked it up today. It is all that the professional reviews and YouTube videos said it is !! I wanted a way to play my iPod in my apartment and not only in my car. The sound is very rich and clear. It sounds like I'm at a live concert ! It takes less than 5 minutes to hook up (w/out Bluetooth) and the packaging is done very well with a box inside a box. I can't be happier I found a tool to play my iPod tunes. I recommend this item to anyone ! The price is very affordable for such a great product.

    BWK May 13, 2016

    This thing is phenomenal. Sound quality is incredible. I haven't had the speaker at max volume yet because it's already too damn loud at about 80% volume. Great bass, the mids are full and rich and highs are crisp and clear. Love the treble and bass controls. Not a fan of the touch controls, very finicky. Needs a remote too. Other than that...BUY IT. You won't be disappointed -Verified Store

    FloridaMan1962 April 27, 2016

    Superb sounding speaker. This speaker rocks and sounds like a CD. This is a high end speaker for little money. I don't know how they do it at this price point. The only thing I did have to do is by pass the "internal" bluetooth using the aux in option. The internal bluetooth's range is not good, I'm being honest. It kept breaking up, so I had to come up with a solution. What I did was connect a powerful AptX certified receiver with my AptX certified bluetooth transmitter and it works flawless and the connection is completely stable. Never breaks up.

    Vahid R March 4, 2016

    Sounds great. Takes a few weeks to really break in. -Verified Store

    Catriel Blum November 20, 2015

    WONDERFUL SOUND! I’m an audiophile, and demand natural sound – pure highs, rich mid-range, and absolutely perfect reproduction of low bass notes. The Fi50 supplies all of these qualities, even able to reproduce 16-foot low bass notes flawlessly. It’s an absolute delight listening to it. Its natural sound is augmented by virtually no distortion, so there is no listener fatigue. Its dual 5” speakers deliver audiophile heaven, driven by a 40 watt RMS amplifier. The controls are easy to use, set-up is simple (turn on the power switch!) and pairing is almost instantaneous. I’ve paired it with two iPhones and three plug-in Bluetooth transmitters, with no trouble. There’s even a pre-recorded voice that tells you “pairing is completed”. A 10 out of 10.

    See all reviews