Premium Banana Plug Speaker Wire Connectors (10 Plugs)

Premium Banana Plug Speaker Wire Connectors (10 Plugs)


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Premium Banana Plug Speaker Wire Connectors

Premium Banana Plug

These banana plugs are a premium quality professional design for people who will accept only the best. These heavy-duty banana plugs were designed with the audiophile in mind. The banana plugs have a 24k gold-plated finish, four wide contact leaf springs, and use a thumbscrew design that results in maximum surface-to-wire contact ensuring the best signal transfer possible.

This speaker wire banana connector maintains great contact pressure for maximum conductivity. The terminals will fit from 16 to 8 gauge wire, and offer superior corrosion resistance- the bare speaker wire makes contact internally ensuring that the wire insulation stays intact while eliminating exposed wire strands. Compatible with bare speaker wire, speaker terminal binding posts, wall plates, and other banana plugs.


  • Accepts 16 to 8 gauge (AWG) speaker wire
  • Connect to speaker wire with the single screw compression locking system for easy hookup
  • Color coded to indicate polarity (5 red, 5 black)
  • Wide base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer
  • Clean speaker wire connection eliminates exposed wire strands


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What's Included 2 heavy duty pro gold plated banana plug connectors (1 red, 1 black)