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Music Systems

Wireless Music Speaker Systems

The ultimate expression of passion for music encapsulated into a singular form. Fluance Wireless Bluetooth Music Systems are the definition of Serious Performance with outstanding sound being our non-negotiable. Designed with you in mind, Fluance Powered Home Speaker Systems offer an expression of your style and produce room-filling sound like no other.

Fluance Music Systems Compared

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  1. Fluance FI70 Bluetooth Speaker System Right Side

    Fi70 Three-Way Wireless High Fidelity Music System

    $699.99 USD
    • 3-Way 6 Driver Speaker System with Bluetooth
    • 280-Watt RMS
    • 30Hz - 20KHz Frequency Response

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Articles from our experts

The Connectivity and Power of a Fluance Music System

Whether you are streaming Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal or any other service, our one-piece music systems allow you to pair your passion while providing a deep and robust sound experience. Fluance Bluetooth Speakers capture every guitar riff, bass line and vocals flawlessly from your playlist.

An All-in-one Solution for Home Audio

Fluance Home Bluetooth Speakers feature built-in amplification and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. No separate receivers or amplifiers are required for an easy out of the box setup, getting you straight to your passion… the music. We use the same high grade MDF wood that goes into our home stereo speakers to produce a warm, natural sound.