Ai60 Powered 6.5” High Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Bamboo

Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers

Ai60 Powered 6.5” High Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Bamboo
Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers

with Class D Amplifier & Wireless Bluetooth aptX (Lucky Bamboo)

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White Bamboo swatch

Driver Size:



Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers

Ai60 Powered 6.5” High Performance Bookshelf Speakers - Bamboo



Experience true stereo sound with these high performance active bookshelf speakers with an integrated 100W Class D amplifier designed to deliver a crisp, deep and accurate response



Level-up any sound system in your home including your turntable, TV, computer, or Bluetooth speakers to experience unparalleled sound in any set-up



Meticulously developed with 1" silk dome tweeters and 6.5" woven drivers producing stunning highs, balanced mids, and powerful rich bass



Hand-built with engineered wood, creating a warm, distortion-free sound for exquisite audio reproduction



Pair these feature-rich speakers to any source through Bluetooth aptX, RCA/Aux, Optical, PC/MAC USB, and add more bass with the subwoofer output%E2%80%A6 if you dare




Ai60 High Performance Powered 6.5” Bookshelf Speakers
Speaker Configuration 2 Way – 2 Driver Powered Bookshelf Speaker System with Integrated Amplifier (Pair – 1x Active 1x Passive)
Bluetooth Yes; aptX Codec
Inputs RCA L/R, Digital Toslink Optical, Micro USB
Tweeter 1 inch Silk Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer 6.5 inch Woven, Glass Fiber Composite Drivers with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Amplifier Power Class D 100 Watts Continuous Average Output (2x 50 watts)
Frequency Response 35Hz – 20KHz (DSP Virtual Sound)
Internal DAC Cirrus Logic CS8416
Internal Lead Wire 18 gauge Internal Lead Wire to Reduce Signal Degradation
Power Input: 100-240V; Output: 24V 3.0A
Crossover Frequency 2600Hz Phase Coherent – PCB Mounted Circuitry
Enclosure Acoustic Suspension Design
Dimensions 13.1 x 7.8 x 9.2 inches / 33.3 x 19.8 x 23.4 cm (HxWxD)
Speaker Weight 29.3 lbs
Speaker Type Bookshelf
Certifications ICES, FCC Certified, ETL/CETL
Subwoofer Output Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.3%
WiFi Casting Pairs via Bluetooth with Google Home, Amazon Echo and AppleTV (Ai60 is not a WiFi speaker)
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UPC 871363024824
What's Included

Ai60 Speaker Line Out

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Ai60 Speaker Line Out

  • Fluance Ai60 Powered Bookshelf Speakers (pair)
  • Remote Control
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • 100-240V Power Adapter
  • 8ft 18 Gauge Speaker Wire
  • 3ft 3.5mm Aux to RCA Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Fluance Catalog
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


PC Mag Reviews the Ai60 Bookshelf Speakers

"The Ai60 speakers can get exceptionally loud, and on tracks with intense sub-bass content... the drivers deliver powerful bass response."

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The Soundbar Annihilator - Review by Joe N Tell

"This thing can actually play down to 35 Hz and at significantly loud volumes - that is a huge surprise"

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Oleg R May 20, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

I was reading lots of reviews in the Internet before buying the speakers, and finally was comparing between Edifier and Fluance, Edifier S2000Pro vs Fluance AI60. While I haven't done a comprehensive comparison between those speakers, I still was impressed by sound's quality on all frequencies made by my AI60. Bass is also pretty strong (that was my fear that the bass would not be enough for me). However, the only cons that I can think about is due to, probably, the nature of sound's codec - the speakers change volume rapidly: if a song does not have a bass at some point of time, the volume is increased, and then, when the bass comes to the scene, the overall volume is decreased. It is more noticeable on lower volumes. But in general - amazing speakers!

Norman E May 19, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

They are a beautiful set of speakers. Very easy setup. The sound is tremendous. My only concern was after spending all that money on the Ai60 I had to go out and buy the proper cable to connect them directly to my Fluance turntable. A cable was included but the direct cable needed.

David F May 16, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Virginia, United States

I thought I would write a review to help those trying to decide between these and other studio monitor types of speakers. I love music, but I guess I am not an "audiophile" as I do not like flat or hi mid sounds in my music. Maybe if I liked classical or jazz I would feel differently but for electronic, rock, blues, or anything with a bass line I have never been a fan of flat. I picked up a set of Jamo self powered monitors first since they were on sale for $149 at another vendor. I have some other Jamo speakers I love, so I thought I would take a chance. I also own Audioengine A2s. I like my A2s but they produce a slight hum when music is not being played ,and use analog only inputs. The main reason for using these is that I want to chromecast to my outside screen porch and pool area and hook to a sub for better bass. The A2s would obviously be too small for this application but I thought the Jamos might do the trick. I was also considering the A5s but after reading many reviews it seems they also hum and chromecast does not sound quite as good with analog. So I tried the Jamos and while loud enough, they definitely sound flat even with adjustments. When I hooked up the JBL 10" sub I had laying around they sounded better, but it sounded out of balance with the flat vocal and instruments. I was also looking at the Kanto YU6 but the price of those and the AE 5s were $100-$200 more. I also heard a review from an "audiophile" that he did not like the sound signature of the Ai60s and that almost prevented me from pulling the trigger. That is what led me to say I guess I am not an "audiophile" because luckily I decided to purchase the Ai60s, hooked them up, and grinned ear to ear. I believe it when the audiophile said the DSP focused on the highs and lows and it is a good thing for the type of music I listen too. They crank very loud and clear and when hooked to the sub they sound excellent. I think having the 6.5" woofer add to this even if they are sealed. The manual states to play them at medium volume for about 10 hours to break them in, so I guess they might even sound better soon. I like them so much I am thinking of purchasing a second set for back deck overkill. Of course my neighbors might not be happy because they sound so good I find myself wanting to crank it up more. Bottom line if you like to rock the house, listen to indie rock, blues, or even hip hop, or acoustic rock, or pop, you won't be disappointed. You don't really need a sub at all but it helps outside for sure. Love the connectivity and no hum!

Theresa, R May 13, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years British Columbia, Canada

The speakers are very well made and sound great! Bluetooth works great, and the number of input options makes them really versatile.

Steve W May 3, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

The Ai60s are an amazing combination of price and quality. Huge and rich sound, stays clear and crisp at loud volumes, and stylish as hell. Very satisfied customer.

Yannick G April 27, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Top quality product.
Excellent sound.
Sound bar killer!!

Andrew S April 16, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

The speakers sound great with a lot of music, and look fantastic too. They are shaping the sound, for sure, and this gets in the way. when I hooked up a digital piano into the mix. There some bass-driven dynamic range compression that just kills some of the more intense moments of highly dynamic piano-heavy sound. I was able to fool it by shelving my bass output from the piano just enough and am reasonably pleased with the result. Would be great to have control over this processing.

Gordon P April 7, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Beautiful quality and workmanship. Outstanding sound easily managed through included remote. Versatile with USB, Optical, RCA, Bluetooth connections. Can move between modes with ease, from TV to turntable to Cellphone music. Exceeded my expectations.

katie d April 6, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

the speakers will cut out if the volume is turned up too high and it’s a super scary high pitch noise. it’s done this since i bought them but i found nothing helping me to figure out how to fix the problem

Marcus, D April 6, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 17 Years Ontario, Canada

Better than expected for Powered Bookshelves. I love the White front/Bamboo combo - it looks very clean and modern. It pairs nicely with my Fluance turntable as well.

Speakers are clear, crisp and surprisingly punchy. They have their own Treble & Bass EQ settings. I have the Bass EQ set to the negatives and it still has good punch.

I haven't tested them with a turntable yet - only through Bluetooth connections (which pair easily and stay paired).

I have a full Fluance surround sound system as well and for the price/compact design of these bookshelves it's hard to go wrong. The quality of them is on par with the surround sound system.

Richard A March 31, 2020 Novice Listener - 3 Years New Jersey, United States

I purchased these to start out my first turntable set-up. The price point and versatility of inputs (Bluetooth, RCA, etc) were the main reasons I was interested in the AI60s. I've been using them for about two weeks now and they sounds really good. I haven't purchased a turntable just yet (looking to get the RT82) but I've been listening via bluetooth and optical cable (using Spotify on AppleTV) and it's been a great experience so far. Really looking forward to testing it out once I have a turntable and preamp set up. They look great, sound great, so far so good. I would recommend them to others looking to not break the bank but not wanting to compromise on sounds/versatility.

Yuriy K. March 30, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years California, United States

bought these on a whim to prepare for a lengthy WFH situation to replace a ~10 year old Boston Acoustics soundbar.

I connected the Fluance record player with built in pre-amp, the TV via optical, and two devices via bluetooth and it was a very simple set up, everything just works.
The sound beats the sound bar. I thought I'd have to buy a sub since the one I have is only wireless, but these little guys have decent base. More importantly, the sound quality absolutely blows away the previous set up, is simple to get going. My only concern is how these will play into a larger set up in the future if at all, but I don't think I'll be buying a colossal home any time soon. For a smaller apartment, these are ideal.

Clelio P March 30, 2020 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Quebec, Canada

Bought this to connect to my turntable and TV. It sounds really good and it can get very loud. I found the bass to be slightly too strong, but that is my personal taste and it never overclouded the mids and highs. Unfortunately I had to return it because it ended up being bigger than I anticipated. Getting the Ai40s instead.

M Lemire March 27, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Excellent design and the sound is as great as expected. Since I exchanged by email cause I had an issue to discuss, I greatly appreciated the customer service.

j d March 26, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arkansas, United States

good one

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