Powered Bookshelf & Floorstanding Speakers

Powered Bookshelf & Floorstanding Speakers


The ultimate in audio versatility, Powered Bookshelf Speakers and Powered Floorstanding Speakers provide room-filling sound in any home audio setup, from turntables to TVs to Bluetooth music streaming. Enjoy all your music in stereo from any source without needing a separate amplifier. Fluance Wireless Speakers utilize built-in amplifiers that are designed to maximize sound performance from the glass fiber drivers and high grade MDF wood cabinets, producing a warm natural sound.

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Wireless Connectivity and Spacious Stereo Performance

Fluance Powered Speakers stream music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device with stunning clarity. Get Serious Performance from your computer and television by hooking up directly with a variety of connections. Pair your passion with Fluance Active Speakers for a spacious stereo experience that captures every guitar riff, bass line and vocals flawlessly from your playlist.

Powered Speakers for Your Turntable

Setting up a HiFi turntable with a pair of powered speakers is simple and provides exceptional 2.0 stereo sound performance. Connect to a phono pre-amplifier using RCA cables or bypass the external pre-amp if your turntable has one built in. Fluance Active Speakers paired with a Fluance Turntable is the ultimate system for experiencing pure analog stereo sound.

All-in-One Built-in Amplifier Configuration

Fluance Bluetooth Speakers feature a built-in class D amplifier in the right speaker that is tuned to perfectly match with the drivers, crossovers and cabinet ensuring full alignment of the signal path to optimize system performance. Simply connect the left speaker to the right speaker with included wiring and play from your preferred audio format. This amplification arrangement eliminates the need for each speaker to be connected to a power source. No separate receivers or amplifiers are required for an easy out of the box setup, getting you straight to your passion… the music.