DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

for Home Theater & Music - Mahogany (DB12MA)

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DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer Image

DB12 12-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

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Overall Rating:

Roberto H December 29, 2022

Great quality

Isaac M November 27, 2022

It's not bad. But it's not great. Good front firing 12" value speaker, I suppose.The pros: Good price. Good craftsmanship.The cons: The sound quality is ah little muddy i.e. not very tight.Can't loop through the RCA loop through without getting a hummm. I solved this issue by using an RCA splitter. Which worked fine. Just a little annoyingSummary: If you're looking for a good quality, good value, subwoofer. And you can get your hands on it for under $300(ish)? I would say go for it. It's better than most, in its class

Dr.C November 6, 2022

This is a very good to excellent sub at a very reasonable price. Don't waste your money on big brand names. Fluance makes very good products at reasonable prices. See my review of the DB10, it all applies to the DB12. The DB12 is, however, obviously more powerful i.e. more presence. The review that mentions the amplifier overheating is not an issue with my unit and I drive it hard. The review(s) mentioning damage to their shipped unit is'nt Fluance's fault. These units are solidly built and elegant.

Billy September 23, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Connecticut, United States

I love the performance

David W July 29, 2022

so far love it. It kind of smoothed out the bass in a way I really like. I have the DB10 also which I do like. Now its unplugged. The DB12 is about a third bigger and just sounds better. During shipping box was handled roughly and was beat up. Now I wish I had not opened it and returned it because I'm worried about damage. Rough handling has me worried-

Tommy P June 21, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I wish every company would put the customer first like Fluance does.
I bought a powered DB12 subwoofer a little over a year ago.

Love the product. Unfortunately, it died, still under warranty.

Since I didn’t have the original packaging to ship it back for repair, I took it to a local repair shop to see if they could diagnose what failed – turned out to be a dead transformer and a fried speaker driver.

It was easier for me if Fluance sent me the parts vs me getting proper packaging and shipping it back.

They sent me the parts no questions asked and followed up to make sure everything worked as expected.

Top notch service.

Many thanks to Rebecca, Anton, and Brent. You folks define what customer service means.

Don C February 13, 2022

Does what it is suppose to do.

Scott A February 3, 2022

This sub was purchased to replace an older 15" downfiring sub. Though I expected it to be overpowering since it forward firing, it blended very well with my surround system. Not overly boomy, but nice clear bass. It took just a few minutes to get it positioned and adjusted. Took the time to break it in based on the manufacturer suggestion. Played a loud action movie through it to see how well it worked, and was impressed with the sound quality and the proper separation

Tony January 29, 2022

This sub replaced an 8in sony unit I had for years. I was looking for a noticeable increase in bass for my home theater and for listening to music. I am not an "Audiophile", but did want noticeably good sound for my system. Great sound; a noticeably good addition to my system, both for movies and for classic rock. If you're an average music fan, looking to upgrade your system, this is the sub for you.

Drew January 27, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

The Ai60 speakers already sound great on their own, but the subwoofer adds that extra oomph for great music, especially vinyl. The build construction is solid, and the walnust finish matches my speakers perfectly. This is a must-have to round out your bookshelf speakers.

One note: the 12 unit is BIG. Like, way bigger than I expected. It's a huge heavy cube. I have a small apartment and the 12" feels like too much — the 10" would have been plenty of sound and with a smaller footprint. But, it's all good. Room to grow.

xRedCrowx January 24, 2022

This sub sounds great but it died very quickly. I have been waiting months to receive a repaired or replaced sub. This was a complete waste of money.

Ken December 21, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Saskatchewan, Canada

Connected sub to my Luxman L-525 amplifier vis high level inputs and the difference in my sound was phenomenal. For the price one cannot go wrong with this subwoofer. Planning on buying a second one.

Rob December 16, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I have become a huge fan of Fluance in past 2 year, I decided to upgrade my sound system 2 year with a pair of Reference tower speakers, and I've been very satisfied with the speakers, I enjoyed them so much, I purchased a Fluance RT85 turntable, and recently the DB12 subwoofer to complete the upgrade. I could not be happier, the subwoofer has an almost perfect bass response that compliments all my vinyl. Set up was easy enough although a little more complicated with the Marantz NR1711. I did not use the RC cable hook up and went to the towers through the left and right channel on the back of the sub. (Great option) All in all I am very happy with everything I have purchased from Fluance, and happy to support an amazing Canadian company with impeccable values, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Louise Z December 7, 2021 Novice Listener - 5 Years California, United States

Great fit for our home theater. First one quit working after several months but Julie from Customer Service made the return and replacement so easy. We'll definitely enjoy the new subwoofer!

Neil D November 14, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

When the sub is working, it's good. But it's broken just less than a year after purchase. I'm really disappointed by the quality.

Louise Z August 25, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years California, United States

WE loved the sound from this subwoofer but it took a "dive" after several months. Luckily Fluance has an INCREDIBLE customer service policy. Julie walked me through the entire process of how to return and has kept in touch with me on a frequent basis. She's a real asset to the companu

Jeff L August 24, 2021


Eddy August 5, 2021

My items arrives, box is banged up a bit, no issue, everything inside looks great, power it on and have it plugged in and all I got was a rattling sound, upon co tactic shoptronics they want me to ship it back to them and lose out on my express shipping I already paid, no reimbursement whatsoever, and wait for another item. Well I took it to the local repair guy because I opened it up and some wire, coil looking thing was unsprung and allover the place inside the box around the magnet. I'd still like a full refund because the sub driver is non repairable and must be replaced

Amazon Customer July 10, 2021

Great sub for the price.

James C July 3, 2021

After reading all the reviews I come to the conclusion that most people bought this unit for home theatre use to be listened to at ear splitting volumes. For us audiophiles, and I am not talking about Walmart junk, but a well thought out high end sound system, the added bottom end just fills in the low level gaps rather well. Takes a while to get it sounding just right but the rewards are evident after a decent break in. The only nit picking would be the horrible binding posts, which seem like an afterthought. The power cord receptacle is only a two prong affair that does not allow IEC plugs. Oh well, I can work around that.

Tommy P May 19, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I use this primarily as a home studio and the subwoofer added the depth in sound that wasn't there before. Nice clean sound.

matthew b April 17, 2021

The damn thing rattles.... Sounds good but the rattle is very annoying...

Cedrick B April 9, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

This is my second purchase from Fluance, I previously bought a pair of Ai60 speakers which I got specifically for their subwoofer output. Just like the speakers, the sub performs great, especially considering the price. I went for the red cherry one and it just looks amazing with my setup. the shipping was really fast too.

I unfortunately had to contact Fluance because the sub started to crackle after several months of usage. The defect was covered by the warranty so they had me return it for replacement. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth and professional the process went (Thanks Dawn!) as I received a replacement within days of me returning the original one.

Definitely not my last purchase, you guys rock!

Chris L April 4, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Arizona, United States

After getting it set up correctly using Audessey on my Marantz SR 7008 AVR, this budget sub integrated very well on my 5.1 home theater set up. Punchy, clean bass without being boomy. Ill be adding another one soon. One of the better looking subs out there too.

Stephen W. March 20, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Virginia, United States

My Polk subwoofer died so I discovered fluance speakers and I purchased their DB 12 powered subwoofer and it's been great sounds good.

Dany H February 9, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Amazing look - deep bass. Perfect complement for the signature series speakers

Jarek P February 8, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

deep and strong lows. I got just one of them, nor being sure I'd be staying with it, and after a couple of days listening to my setup expanded by this speaker I decided to buy a second one and make it a two subwoofer configuration. I'm re-watching some movies all over again, just to enjoy the whole new sound quality.
My main L/R speakers already did have a good base, and fed in a bi-amp configuration, but those two new changed the game quite a bit.

John J December 20, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

One of the best values for a sub of this size. Added a whole new dimension to music .. and more so to my home theater.

Ray R December 15, 2020

I have become a huge fan of Fluance in past year, I decided to upgrade my sound system last year with a pair of Reference tower speakers, and boy was I happy with the speakers, I enjoyed them so much, I purchased a Fluance turntable, and recently the DB12 subwoofer to complete the upgrade. I could not be happier, the sub kicks just right for me, I did have a bit of trouble wiring it up, but customer service walked me through the process and was great to work with. Biuy with confidence, you will be happy.

Jim V December 8, 2020 Advanced Listener - 2 Years Ohio, United States

Customer Service off the hook and Brent is fantastic love the DB12

raymond r December 8, 2020 Quebec, Canada

Very good not troo low sound.

Music M September 5, 2020

Defective right out of the box. In my eyes this means poor quality control. When I plugged the subwoofer in got a loud humming or buzzing noise even with the switch in the off position. I would buy another product from this company.

Samuel G August 30, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 9 Years Quebec, Canada

Powerful, sounds great, not a bad purchase. Would recommend!

Ray B. August 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years New York, United States

This sub is awesome. It delivers excellent sound and power, and has been a perfect addition to my Ai60s. Setup was very easy as well. I’m very happy with it.

Travis V July 4, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Great quality, perfect sound on the 12" subwoofer!!

Lamont July 4, 2020

This is a awesome power subwoofer..it is worth the money and more...if u looking for a power subwoofer get this one!!!

Johnny C April 21, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

I am absolutely ecstatic with the performance of the signature series speakers.Definitely the cleanest purest sound I’ve ever had in the stereo. And your turntable is absolutely amazing.

Shane J April 8, 2020

Low power. Contacted manufacturer to replace what sounded like a blown sub right off the bat. They sent me one but their last email says it's still waiting to be sent. They don't know what's going on in their own office. I bought 2, both are underpowered and disappointing in bass reproduction. Probably going to replace the subs with better and the amps myself.. keeping only the cabinets.

Griffin February 26, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Tennessee, United States

This subwoofer is great with lower end sound, it struggles a bit with more punchy sound but the speakers compliment it well. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was that when the subwoofer is really working hard the air ports produce a wooshing sound.

Gingerale January 16, 2020

Great sounding speaker exceeds my expectations. The Large subwoofer Speaker was dislodged from the speaker housing. Notice the particle board were the screws were stripped out and the speaker dropped. I had the right tools to rotate and redrill and the speaker in place. The sub delivers the punch I was looking for and to surround sound for explosions. It is a window rattler. Also I adjust for music and could be tuned for music. The Rose wood matches my other surround sound speaker. This would have been a return had not been for the difficulty finding a rose wood match for my surround sound movie system . The sub woofer wa shipped across country NY to NV.

Robert June 16, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

This sub is definitely worth every penny, beautifully designed and the price is definitely worth it. This thing kicks out some serious bass, have it connected to my AI60 powered bookshelf and all I can say is I definitely made the right choice.

Glassman R May 25, 2019

Full sound, good value!

Scott May 3, 2019

Very susceptible to feedback. You h to finely mesh the amplifier volume with pre-amp to achieve full volume with little to low fuss. Upgrading the tubes to 12xa7s helped I bit as well. Also worked on isolating the preabmp and turntable from other as well as any other components. The complements look great, are of (high quality) it appears so far. Yes it seems like a lot of money, but upgrading in this business is not cheap.

Rick W May 1, 2019

We purchased the entire Signature Series and the Sub. The Denon 4400 AVR has auto tune and is a really good match for these speakers.

David April 6, 2019

It looks nice and has amazing sounds. Highly recommend this sub

Martin D April 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Very happy with my purchase. Delivery was very quick and if anything the packaging was over done. Appears well made and the sound quality is quite impressive.

Michael L January 15, 2019

Nice quality and appearance. However, not very efficient. I paired it with a 12 inch Acoustech sub on each side of the couch. The Fluance is significantly quieter than the Acoustech.

Sean W December 25, 2018

Not for the Bass heads. Too much port noise.

James J December 21, 2018

Sound Quality. Sound Dynamics.

Michael Zay October 30, 2018 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

This will be my 2nd DB12 added to my Fluance Signature Series home theater setup! having another one makes a huge difference in SQ & balance audio
I wouldn't go with any other company but Fluance 
A must buy to add plus it sounds better then being in the movie theater!
These Subs hit hard! After a week of listening to them with the rest of fluance setup, it gives me the chills when watching movies & listening to music!

Michael October 18, 2018 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

This will be my 2nd DB12 added to my Fluance Signature Series home theater setup! having another one makes a huge difference in SQ & balance audio
I wouldn't go with any other company but Fluance
A must buy to add plus it sounds better then being in the movie theater!

alwin m October 2, 2018

muy bueno excelente

Donald H August 7, 2018 Ontario, Canada

speaker looks well made, does its job very nicely especially at the price I paid for it. never had a subwoofer that cost $1000 plus to compare with so I usually go with the reviews for which this sub got excellent reviews plus I also own a pair of book shelf speakers which are also very good. eventually all my speakers will be fluance

Joel S August 2, 2018 Ontario, Canada

I use this in a 2.1 stereo system with a Denon DP300F turntable. Most of my collection is made up of bass-heavy soul, funk, ambient and hip hop. I searched for months for a sub less than $500 that could make my music sound awesome. But I also have a wife that is very fussy about appearances and doesn't like it when I load too much equipment in our living room.

This met both of our needs. On top of the excellent sound about the beautiful styling, it's made by a Canadian company!

Juan October 4, 2017

It is powerful. I like this. My room is 30 feet x 45 feet. This sound in all my room. Very good for the moment. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 11, 2017

Great Subwoofer, very distinct low frequencies and room shattering sound. Adds a great dimension to any home theatre system. Was easy to install and setup. Love the front firing feature and the automatic off/on feature. So far a solid product which gives the movies an added dimension. - Verified Store

Rob Brown June 8, 2017

Boom shocka locka!!! The bass gods have returned! I'll turn this sub loose on the higher end subs, bet, and collect my money!!

Michael L May 27, 2017

Meets expectations, Good value - Verified Store

Bjorn May 24, 2017

Very nice piece of gear! I am using this in my main stereo hooked up with 2 sets of wires to the amp, and my L/R speakers are hooked up to the sub.This set up never sounded better-the speakers were old Thiels and the amp is a 40 year old Rotel. The speakers now are the Fluance XL7F reviewed next. - Verified Store