AB40 High Performance Soundbase

AB40 High Performance Soundbase

Home Theater System with 3D Surround Sound - Lucky Bamboo (AB40W)

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Ray P. August 26, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

Just as good as I hoped it would be.

mario houle July 13, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Very pleased with the sound of my AB 40 sound base
Nice apparence, delivery on time, will not hesitate to recommend it.

Clifton July 11, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

This sound base is another fantastic looking and sounding system by Fluance. I have multiple systems from Fluance and they all look and sound great.

matt June 3, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Great product. Unfortunately the color was a bit off for our decor but i would definitely be comfortable purchasing other fluance products. great customer service

Neil May 4, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Wow! You won’t find a better product in this category for the money. I own a couple of other manufacturers similar products and the don’t come close to the sound, the base and the stage size. And I have tried ones at more than twice the price!

Russell B April 17, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arkansas, United States

I’ve had this unit for just over two years. About 6 or so months ago the unit stopped responding to the remote (even though the remote’s IR emitter still was functioning). A couple months ago, the unit stopped even powering on.

Prior to this I’d say it produced solid quality audio for the price, was compact, but the remote was cheap and fiddly. I’ve bought another Fluance product before and was pretty pleased, but this one was definitely a disappointment in terms of shelf life.

Jean Forget April 7, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Looks better than expected, very solid sound. The only thing we do not like is that there is no visual for volume control. Overall great product.

Robert March 24, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Arizona, United States

outstanding product for the money

Boh March 9, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

This is an amazing product especially for the price. Setup was easy with me enjoying spectacular sound within minutes. Bass is incredible particularly for movies and TV. Music performance is also excellent although even without bass boost enabled it can be slightly heavy for some tracks.

Build quality and design are evident right away. This will certainly motivate me to acquire more Fluance products in the future. Keep up the great work Fluance!

Rob. M. February 26, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Perfect one piece solution to improving tv sound. Also a great bluetooth speaker for music. If you are looking at a Bose soundbar you might want to try this instead. Better price and fuller richer sound.

Greg O February 22, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Nova Scotia, Canada

I just received my soundbar and it is amazing in every way! I have a 5.1 Fluance speaker system that is just as amazing so when I decided to purchase a soundbar I knew where to look. You can't go wrong with this speaker.

Kenneth February 18, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Kentucky, United States

Awesome soundbase that sounds great and is available for a good price of $150 USD. Just another fantastic product from Fluance.

John G. January 30, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Ontario, Canada

Great sound in our 1100+ sq. ft. condo. Thankfully, we have really thick concrete walls so there have been no complaints from the neighours.

Purchased in Dec. 2017 after reading a review in CNET.com I believe.It replaced our sound system which was good but was a lot of clutter with all the speakers, sub-woofer, receiver and wiring.

The sound is so good we have never even bothered to use the BASS BOOST.

JRT January 19, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Ok so first I will mention we bought both the AB40 and the Ai60’s over Christmas, both on sale at a fabulous price range.
The AB40 is in the bedroom optically hooked up to a 40” Sony Tv , great for sports and movies after properly connecting it to the satellite receiver and the Apple TV kit ( both required Dolby off setting).
I have also tested out the Bluetooth option for music through my iPad and iphone, great sound with deep rich bass and high end.
Quite happy with the unit and will likely never use it to its complete potential in its present setting but maybe one day when moved to a rec room setting for full exposure. All this quality for a bargain price of 150 $ CAD delivered to the door. Awesome!
Now to the Ai60’s, presently in the living room, mainly for music listening but hooked up to a 58” Samsung tv for sports and movies.
Again adjustments had to be made to the satellite receiver and the smart tv set( both Dolby off settings). Once done they worked perfectly. Sound again is deep and crisp at low to moderate levels, soundstage is noticeable and instruments can be picked out easily and clearly.
In the present setting I see no need for a subwoofer hookup as the sound is deep and low when needed, maybe like the AB40 if ever used in a home environment( we are in an apartment setting), they could be properly tested out for volume loads, but for our usage we are quite happy to have them both filling our place with premium sound at a super price. The Ai60’s came to the door at 300$CAD all in.
So for these prices they cannot be beat.
Over the years I have had audiophile equipment, bulky and sound worthy but now space requirements( and great audio research) has led me to these powered units with an internal DAC unit to eliminate all that equipment and bluetoothed or rca connected to my MacBook Air with a great sound card to reproduce any format superbly.
All told great stuff and I look forward to more options in the future, maybe the Ai40’s for the sailboat when at the marina.
Thanks for another great Canadian product!

JRT January 19, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Great equipment- Great performance

Joel January 14, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 9 Years Ontario, Canada

I can't say enough about this product. Amazing sound. Canadian Company. Canadian Made. Companies like this are ones that make me proud!

brian January 3, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

for the on sale price, can't be beat, exceeded expectations

Tomic D. January 2, 2020 Advanced Listener - 10 Years British Columbia, Canada

When I bough the AB40 in the summer of 2018 I was very pleased with my purchase. It was a compact unit that blended well with furniture and, most importantly, delivered high quality sound when listening to music and watching TV. No mess, no satellite speakers, cables, subwoofers, amps or receivers – just a solid all-in one, housed in a wood cabinet that performed well. Then it broke a year after purchase. The speaker started emitted a regular booming sound that made it practically unusable; it would work fine for a minute or two and then the booming would start and repeat every 2 seconds until the speaker was turned off.

I contacted Fluance warranty and was told that the unit will be replaced, but that I had to ship it to Ontario (from BC!) and bear the shipping cost myself. I paid around $275 for the AB40 and – given the weight and the bulkiness of the item – $45 to ship it back to Fluance. So my cost has gone up significantly and I am unsure if I will be receiving a refurbished unit or a new unit after all the trouble. It is unfortunate that the unit failed so quickly as I quite liked it during the 12 months that it worked. I am highly disappointed that overall cost jumped through no fault of my own and that I might get stuck with a refurnished item.

Overall, a useful, elegant item that puts out excellent sound, but with the downsides of poor reliability and poor warranty service.

Hence the one-star rating.

Michael Z January 2, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

I purchased this for my family
They have just purchased a 55" Sony x950g
They were amazed of the SOUND!
So was I, considering that I own the whole Signatures Series Home Theater setup including dual DB12 subs
Yes I was amazed of the SQ it sounded like having a high end receiver hooked to a pair of fluance speakers
The bass hits low and highs really shine
They call it a soundbase so your TV can easily be placed on top of it
I must say this soundbase beats any soundbar I've ever head!
Simply A must BUY!

Michael January 1, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

Easy setup, great sound, built solid!

Walter December 15, 2019 Advanced Listener - 2 Years Massachusetts, United States

If you are to lazy to set up a surround system with multiple speakers then you can not do better than this unit. It can produce loud clean punchy bass that will rattle what ever is loose in your house. The 3D effect will make you scratch your head and think " how did they do that? ". I also use this as a stereo system for music in that room and would consider it just for this purpose alone. I have not had any issues at all. Although it may not have all the bells and whistles offered by other systems I actually prefer this as it appears that they have invested all the resources into reproducing excellent sound.

Ron C December 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I put aside an older Bose Solo (no bluetooth and was failing) for the Fluance AB 40. I use it with a smaller second TV and it sets up easy and has terrific sound. The 3D and Baseboost features are great for movies. It costs less than my Solo and out performs it. Music via Bluetooth is great but you have to remember that you can only connect with one device at a time. It defaults to the last device connected until you cancel that link. Very pleased so far.

Jorge S. November 21, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

I don't know what a five star soundbase would look like. The AB40 does a fine job projecting sound. Not entirely sold on the bass boom and 3D feature. Maybe I haven't tested it loudly enough for these to make a pronounced difference.

douglas November 21, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

solidly built with good looks and sound.

Stephen C September 21, 2019

Stopped working after a few months. Would make a screeching sound and shut off. And they made me pay to ship it back for warranty repair.. $100!

The S September 19, 2019

I bought the Black one last Christmas. I then ordered a Denon and Bose soundbase for my son's TV so he could have better sound for his PS4 Pro. They both failed within 2 months. So I ordered this one in Bamboo and he loves it since it works perfectly and the sound is precise and punchy.

Michael Willis August 25, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

Excellent option when considering space, quality and the end result being performance. Six months in and the sound just gets better the build quality is superb and the six drivers deliver room filling sound. The cabinet is made of quality materials and fit and finish will be noticed. All around one of your best options in the price point this is listed at. Great job Fluance

Jack August 18, 2019

The Fluance AB40 sound base sounds great, but failed in under 4 months! After a short amount of time, the unit just turns itself off. To watch TV, I have to turn the unit back on again every few minutes. Reading other similar reviews, it would seem that the Fluance AB40 is very unreliable. Fluance want's the customer to pay shipping to have it repaired/replaced. This is a heavy unit and the shipping costs are sky high! I'm very disappointed and would never consider another Fluance product.

Amazon Customer August 9, 2019

Had this unit for a couple of years and it’s perfectly adequate for my use. Good, clear sound and very simple setup. Best thing is it connects to tv with one cable. No a/v receiver or tangle of dozens of wires. I’m happy.

Gareth B August 6, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 7 Years Ontario, Canada

Works great for about 6-8 months, then randomly shuts off after a minute or two of operation. Shipped back to Fluance (on my dime... they couldn't accept me dropping it off despite me living nearby), and the replacement did the EXACT same thing after 6-8 months. Spend some money for a better system/product.

mathman47 August 3, 2019

This soundbase replaced a 5.1 sound bar with a sub-woofer and two rear speakers. Bought it because new TV entertainment stand had a convenient sized opening to put it in. After installation, sound coming from this one central speaker is on a par with previous 5.1 system. Bass is booming when needed , and the Surround Sound function really works well. Solid construction means that when I really turn the volume up, I don't get any vibrations from the speaker housing... just good, loud sound. Very pleased with purchase.

Amazon Customer July 21, 2019

Very satisfied with the quality for the price

Hedley W July 18, 2019

I purchase a Fluance RT83 turntable a few months ago and both build quality and sound are awesome. When I was researching a new soundbar I found the Fluance Sounbase AB40. It is a big, heavy box with excellent build quality. It is not true surround sound like a full speaker system but it does fill the sound stage. I called customer support before purchasing with questions and they were excellent.

Hedley D July 18, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arkansas, United States

I purchase a Fluance RT83 turntable a few months ago and both build quality and sound are awesome. When I was researching a new sound bar I found the Fluance Sounbase AB40. It is a big, heavy box with excellent build quality. It is not true surround sound like a full speaker system but it does fill the sound stage. I called customer support before purchasing with questions and they were excellent.

Neil H. July 12, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

I've had this unit for approx. 2 yrs now. The sound is very good. The only downside which I've never experienced before, is the power on feature is extremely finicky. You have to hold the power on button for only a few seconds. Let off to soon or after to many seconds and the unit will not power on. My wife can't ever get it to power on. I don't know if this is a problem for everyone else or not. Other than that, it is a great unit.

Pletten54 June 25, 2019

Worked great for 18 months, now won't turn on. Dissatisfied.

William O June 18, 2019

Our first sound bar went bad so we got this one as a replacement.First thing I noticed is that our first sound bar had a visual display of how high the volume was, this does not. A minor annoyance.A bigger one is the background hum. It started very low, only audible if the TV was off or silent but it's started to increase to the point we can hear it during a quiet time in a show.

Ray C June 6, 2019

Sound was OK, much better than TV's, and I was happy with it. Months ago I began to hear a loud 'CLICK' repeated every second, continuously, after using the unit for a few hours. Then after a hour of use it would start CLICKing. Now within seconds of turning it on. This happens an all sources, all volume levels, and the volume of the CLICKing is constant (loud) no matter what the audio volume. So now it's a unplugged expensive base only for my tv. Maybe someday i'll rip out it's internals except for the speakers and add my own amplifier, one that doesn't CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK...CLICK.........

George P May 30, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

I purchased my original unit in July 2018. I selected the AB40 due to room limitations. It sounded superb and exceeded my expectations. About a month or so ago it started shutting down after being on for only 20 minutes or so. It progressively got worse until it would shutoff after only 3 minutes of being on. Finally, I sent it back to Fluance for repairs as its warranty is a full 2 years which is great. The returned unit didn't work at all and that was returned for a brand new unit which works perfectly. I would like to thank Whitney in customer service for all her work expediting the whole process. It was much appreciated. I have recommended Fluance to all my friends and associates.

Zach May 13, 2019

I purchased this product nine months ago, and the first nine months were bliss. As you've probably read in other reviews, sound quality is quite good for a fairly priced product from a brand you've probably never heard of. Clean and clear, and has nice bass response despite the lack of dedicated subwoofer. Bluetooth streaming sounds fantastic with aptX. 3D adds a nice effect to both movies and music. I was quite pleased with it.Until it broke. One day it made an awful sound, and then cut out. Over the next week it started to turn itself off, in growing frequency. I checked all wiring and remote, and nothing. Something with no moving parts should not fail like this, but I understand that quality control is not perfect and sometimes you get a bad example of an otherwise great product. So I contacted customer support for warranty assistance.Customer support delivered me the final rub that took this from a good product with a little hiccup to an overall bad experience. Per their policy, if their product fails under warranty, they require the customer to pay the return shipping. As you might expect with a large speaker, this is not cheap to ship. It will cost me $60+ for UPS ground to return for a fix or replacement. This is atop the $250 I already spent, a premium over the usual $100-200 soundbars I had originally been considering. I find it unacceptable that Fluance will not stand behind their product enough to assume these costs, especially when others will. This product failed in less than a year, has no moving parts, and my total cost of ownership will increase 25% because of this policy.While a functional unit sounds fantastic, the potential for a dud and associated cost ruins it. Based on the other customer reviews I've seen on Amazon and their company website, my experience is not isolated. I cannot recommend this product or any Fluance product until they improve their quality control or adjust their warranty policy to make up for it.Update 6/26- Because of this review, Fluance reached out to me to make it right. They covered the shipping and returned to me a brand new product that appears to be an updated version of the AB40. They were very responsive all steps along the way. I'm hoping this new version of the AB40 has fixed the issues of the last.

Daniel .R May 1, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Je recherchais une barre de son simple et pas compliquer avec un son acceptable, des que j'ai recue le ab40, je l'installe la met en marche et voila que fut le son alors wow quel surprise , un son clair et nette pas besoin de sub, pour le prix wow une belle surprise.J'aurais aimé voire affiché le volume du son sur la base mais se nais pas le cas. Bravo Fluance belle réussite. moins pas de manuel en Français.

Charles S. April 29, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

Great sound while it worked. Started randomly shutting down, now it quits every 45 seconds or less. Checked all wiring and remote settings, but it's toast.

jnandidl April 19, 2019

This Sound system really fills the room and it seems to be easier to understand people talking.

Leslie L April 16, 2019

purchased this June '18 . in the last month it has developed a background buzzing sound. Extremely annoying. It will have to be replaced

ray April 12, 2019

Only a universal remote can replace product remote. Sound is good. Base is very impressive

Bill T March 23, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Bought this for our RV because its difficult to hear the TV with the AC on and sound bars are even more expensive. We set it up in our Master bedroom to check it out until the weather breaks. Excellent sound including the base. It is going to be perfect in our RV.

Paul March 19, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

Ive tried a few sondbars in the past, but the AB40 was the best overall soundbar that ive tried in that price range.

Michael S February 23, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

The AB40 sound bar is awesome the sound is impeccable. Who needs surround sound? This lil gem has base and sound that fill my 20 x 16 room easily. Give this piece some serious consideration before spending $1000's

Joseph January 7, 2019 Audiophile - 1 Year Pennsylvania, United States

Excellent sound base. Fully satisfied. I do not miss the sub woofer. My grand son and I watched the Polar Express and we could feel the rumbling of the train. It fills the room with warm sound and I'm completely satisfied.
Fluance offers excellent products at an excellent price.

Benjamin J. January 1, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years Pennsylvania, United States

Tremendous soundbar at a great price.

JD December 30, 2018

Best speaker I have ever bought. It’s amazing how much sound it puts out. Great sounding bass and surround sound.

Colin G. December 27, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Illinois, United States

I gifted this to my fiance for Christmas. I originally planned to purchase an entire home theater speaker system but due to the small size of the room, I decided to go with this soundbase only. Needless to say, she and I have both been incredibly impressed and happy with the product.

Highly recommend this to anybody who wants to improve their TV or gaming experience with fuller, deeper audio. The improved sound quality is immediately noticeable vs. the TV speaker alone.

We have also been loving the Bluetooth feature. While we mainly use this for TV and gaming, we have also used it to play music and it puts out an incredibly pleasing sound for music, too.

The build on this product is sturdy--it is made to sit beneath a large flat-screen TV after all--and it the black finish is visually pleasing as well. It looks great in our living room.

I'd highly recommend this product to anybody interested in a sound bar/sound base solution, especially at this price. It is a complete steal.

Raul Caguioa December 26, 2018 Audiophile - 2 Years Ontario, Canada

this is amazing sounds awesome i recommend this product

Hayley C December 12, 2018

I learned the hard way that I could not use my standard remote. Spent several hours, researching, buying, setting up.... I called tech support, they said it will only work with the high end remotes that you can 'program/learn'. This is a show stopper for me, I have a hard enough time keeping track of one remote.

ConscientiousConsumer December 11, 2018

It took me a while to get my expectations in check for my 'soundbar' hunt. I have an aged and bulky 5.1 system and didn't enjoy the wires and was looking to streamline the AV in the living room. Weak center channel presence plagued my surround sound enjoyment in the past.A strong vocal emphasis and clarity were important deciding factors for this unit over other bars/bases--in that regard, it hasn't disappointed. However listening for bright highs/realistic surround sound queues does cause some anxiety but I invariably find myself just enjoying the movie watching experience.To clarify expectations:This unit is not a surround sound unit. Don't expect that level of immersion. If that's what you're after, short of a dedicated home theater, don't stop for anything short of a bar + sub + rear speaker combo.This unit is not a soundbar + external sub setup. If you want bright highs and booming lows this unit is not for you.What to expect with the low-end: It lacks the boom (audibly and felt) in the low range of a lot of explosion type scenes that an external sub can produce. It does get low and will satisfy and impress in a lot of ways (low end bass included) but there will be scenes (1 or 2 per movie) where you wish this unit had an external sub. That said, I plan to use an rca to stereo jack from a blueray player as an input for an external sub with its own amp and crossover as an add-on sub for dvd watching. I'm not sure why this wasn't mentioned in other reviews (perhaps because it's source specific). However, if a dedicated home theater rig isn't your reference point/expectation, this will delight you as is and rarely miss an external sub.In regards to sound quality, sonically, I can't imagine your typical wall mount soundbar sounding as present/full across the dynamic range. Dialog is excellent and clear...too much so if you're expecting a surround sound experience....which is to say that it's not as bright and boomy as I've been accustomed too....I suspect this is why other reviewers wished (rightly?) for a basic treble/bass eq on the remote. The music I played sounded crystal clear w/ satisfactory low end for music like Bastille and Ed Sheeran but was really lacking /absent for the Drake a buddy was streaming (possibly a source material issue) and even some of the rap music that played in movie soundtracks.If you would at all benefit from this form factor (under the tv)/14' deep soundbase to put somewhere -- i.e. never a wall mount contender....this soundbase is for you. I have a contemporary entertainment center that can house a 65' tv. The soundbase form factor wasn't a problem for this setup...in fact, my 55' tv viewing angle/picture quality improved dramatically with the 4' height boost.Nitpicking/Other observations: [Watching a 2006 dvd Casino Royale had a strange ribbon printer noise all throughout and had trouble with some of the higher french horn sounds...and watching The Last Warrior from the redbox had a consistent high frequency static noise that sounded like a faulty tweeter. I can only assume it had to do with the source material recordings because listening to other movies/music in the past few days has been consistently flawless.In full disclosure, I was considering both this unit and the JBL Bar 3.1 for Black Friday. Despite the JBL going from $600 to $400 and this unit only going from $250 to $200 (I believe this is correct)...I chose and pulled the trigger on the Fluance. My dad had called and I explained that my moral dilemma was over (with hours left in Black Friday). An audio enthusiast himself, he consoled me with the proposition: 'Get both and I'll take the one you don't want'. The JBL Bar 3.1 is sitting at work. I'll update once I've had a chance to audition it as well.

G. L November 25, 2018

My brother and I set this up for our older mother to be able to stream music as well as use to be a better speaker for her TV. It does get the job done, but...Inputs:Remote - The input sources do not auto-sense being activated and we haven't found a multi-function remote yet that works for the soundbase as well as the TV. It would make life SO much easier if it would sense the TV's input and switch to it. So for now, it's cumbersome to walk around with two remotes.Bluetooth - It took a while to get used to using. Note the Bluetooth function is a separate button from the Input button - odd to me. The base will only broadcast its existence if in Bluetooth mode as well. (so much for connecting to it from the other room). There also doesn't seem to be a wake funtion where you can allow it to go to sleep and wake it by connecting with your phone.Sound quality:Overall, it does send sound directly out. This is preferred over the TV speakers. Do not expect Bose or Klipsch performance. I found the dynamic range lacking, with the cabinet size, I was expecting better base. It may have been what we played, but the soundstage imaging seemed to be lacking as well. It just didn't fill the room the way I expected it would.Klipsch Threes go on sale for the same price and I feel you get twice the sound and functionality. If space-wise, it needs to be a base and not a bar or separate unit, then this is adequate. Way better than tablet or TV speakers, just do not expect to be wow'd with features.

Amazon Customer November 19, 2018

Purchased the Cambridge Audio TV2(v2) and the Fluance AB 40. Cambridge device produced a sound that, well much better than tv speakers, was distant and hollow. The Fluance AB 40 is by far the better sounding speaker system. Also sounds better than a Sony sound plate I tried. And its not just great for movies and tv shows but also music. Put on Pandora, Spotify or whatever may be your preference, and pipe it to the Fluance AB 40 by optical cable or Bluetooth. Either way sounds great.

Bernie November 16, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Alberta, Canada

Husband was happy with this got rid of all his other equipment since we downsized.

Travis E November 2, 2018

This speaker was great.. for a year. Now it shuts off randomly while in use. It doesn't matter if it's bluetooth or optical, it will just shut off. Sometimes its once a day. Sometimes it's every five minutes. Disappointing.

Brenna O October 16, 2018

I have been using my Fluance AB40 for about a month now. It was super easy to set up and begin using and I have had zero issue so far. toggling between modes is simple and I have never had an issue with Blu-tooth connection. The sound is great and I love the look. My review lacks a star even though I consider this a 5 star purchase because there is no auto-shut off or sleep type timer so at night it stays on all night. Often I find myself waking up and the lights from the Fluance illuminate my room and I have to turn it off manually to get back to sleep. I would've liked to have an option to set a timer or have an auto shut down mode. That is the one small complaint I have about the Fluance, otherwise I love it and will probably get another one for an additional TV I have upstairs!

Jason C October 10, 2018 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Georgia, United States

I was looking for a soundbar replacement and was planning on purchasing the Sonos system. I decided to see if fluance had soundbars since I had purchased from them previously and was very pleased. After brief online reviews I decided to purchase the AB40 and I can once again say I am not disappointed. It is clean, crisp and when bass boost or 3D sound is activated, I am blown by the overall dynamics of the system. For the price I think it would be practically impossible to find as comparable system.

Jamie E September 21, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

The only thing. I wish there was indication somewhere in the gas or the remote that displays that bass boost or 3 D sound was selected... it can be difficult to determine depending if it’s TV, movie or music

Tucson C September 18, 2018

Easy to set up, sounds nice. Remote control power button too small and poorly located.

Greg Burleigh j September 7, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Needs to have more treble options find it has two much bass

Bruce w August 23, 2018

Really makes a big difference.when watching a movie. Your can here so many more sounds. Really brings you into the movie. Sound just fills the room. I’m watching all my old movies again as it make the experience brand new, really enjoying it. Voice is clear also

chaoslimits August 20, 2018

I have two minor complaints about this item:1. The remote can be a little finicky and doesn't work. I think the issue is with the receiver. However, this is rare and not a major concern.2. There is no visual indicator of the volume. It would have been nice to have something like that. Again, this isn't the biggest deal in the world since you have to adjust the volume to actually see it on competitor's units (Zvox).3. It doesn't appear that I can control the volume with the TV/cable remote.4. The bluetooth range is poor to average. Zvox units are much better at maintaining the connection.However, all in all, it's a pretty good product for the price. I may relegate it to the bed room and put the Zvox unit in the living room as it doesn't have the same issues. I wanted a different company's unit since Zvox and iOS don't let you rename speakers and it's difficult to know which one you're connecting to over BT.Update: 6 months later the unit now shuts off on its own. It happens on either input (especially when the optical connection is plugged in). They will make you pay to ship the non-functional unit back to them. Will never do business with Fluance again. Lesson learned.Update 2: Received a replacement unit that failed again in 6 months. 2/2 failed in 6 months. I won’t won’t be paying to ship it back again. I’m done with Fluance.

Lance S August 20, 2018

Really good sound but not equal to the Bose I had before.

Kim D August 12, 2018 Washington, United States

I bought this for my son for his B-day. I have not heard it myself but according to him comment "it sounds amazing!" I knew it would as I personally own Fluance Tower speakers which have been amazing. I will always look to Fluance for amazing sound!

Mike M August 3, 2018 New Jersey, United States

Perfect. Well constructed, solid wood. Simple setup easy to use. I listen to music on it everyday. Looking forward to adding a RT81 to complement it. Thanks Sean for the follow up call

Steven D. Eib October 22, 2017 Virginia, United States

I am hearing impaired. My days of rock and roll are behind me but I do enjoy good movies. The problem is NOT volume, it is clarity. I wear high quality hearing aids but they are an imperfect fix. Standard TV speakers are absolutely worthless, so subtitles were my only option. The Fluance AB40 has solved the problem. I now can watch movies/TV and understand the dialog. My wife (normal hearing) loves it too. No high volume, just clear voices. The AB40 should be sold by the same people that sell hearing aids. They both connect me to the outside world.

JTA October 12, 2017

Sounds great, perfect for my bedroom PC/TV. - Verified Store

Alan September 17, 2017

I purchased the AB40 to replace a Bose Solo. The AB40 is in a completely different league sonically. It is a true high fidelity system capable of delivering clean, undistorted sound across the audio spectrum without any obvious colouration. Bass response is solid without boominess or resonance. The system sounds great with music, TV, and movie sources alike, even at high volumes. Fluance have really raised the bar for sound bases with the AB40.

Kindle C September 17, 2017

This is a must buy. The difference between this and standard tv speakers is insane. I have a Sony 930D 65in and its fit is just perfect. I can hear the dialog! And dang that bass is sweet!Best $250 you will spend - Verified Store

BRUCE E August 28, 2017

The AB40 overall is a great piece of equipment - I am really enjoying it ! I haven't experienced any problems to date. The only thing that I don't like that much is the remote control - a little sluggish turning the sound base on at times. - Verified Store

Rick August 25, 2017

This is a winner. The sound is incredible.So glad we bought it.And Fluence tech suport is knowledgeable and responsive - Verified Store

Tony August 11, 2017


Rich R August 6, 2017

First the tremendous good - the sound. Luxurious and clear. This would be my first choice for sound quality.But...I had to use the aux analog input and had a huge hum at any volume. Its looks like a ground loop even though its on the same power strip.No problem w iPhone on aux input.No problem outputting the TV to Yamaha monitors.Returning it.Green light would have been staring me in the face and driven me crazy in the bedroom at night.Digital input not an option, and I would not be willing to have a second remote just for volume.However if your using the digital input and don't mind a second remote for volume, I highly recommend it for the sound quality. - Verified Store

J. E July 27, 2017

Far exceeded my expectations, the sound is incredible. Only 1 point off for because the bluetooth reception is very spotty; you get a lot of dropped music gaps unless your phone has an absolute clear line of sight to the unit and you do not move around much. This is annoying when using the speaker while dancing with your phone in your hand. If you move behind your couch or into another room, forget it; your bluetooth music will stop. - Verified Store

Wayne T July 21, 2017

Good sound base for the money. Bass response in the Bass Boost mode is significantly boosted. I was surprised there are so much perceived low end response from drivers as small as the ones used. 3D mode works. I would not say it's close to a full 5.1 or 7.1 HT setup. But it does a decent job trying to mimic 3D effects compared to regular stereo mode. Sound quality is good. I stream music to it via Bluetooth. Sound was clear and decent even though it's playing a lossy source. In my subjective opinion, there are some minor sibilence and the mids can sound slightly harsh depending on the particular song. I also think stereo imaging and separation is more concentrated in the middle vs. a typical stereo speaker set up that is properly distanced and toe'd in. But sound perception is very subjective. It may just be me so others may not 'imagine' such an effect in their heads.I would say it's a good sound base for the $200 bucks I'd paid for it. - Verified Store

RV July 9, 2017

Love the AB40. Had it for a week and it sounds great. My living room is not laid out to install a 5.1 system but this makes my living room TV sound like it has surround sound system.
Sounds so good I ordered the Signature series Hi-Fi 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System for the Home Theater I'm building in my basement adding on Signature series Hi-Fi Book Shelf Surround Speakers making it a 7.1 with the Free DB12 SubWoofer offer. Can't wait to get it finished.

Jack July 8, 2017

Only had it for about two weeks but so far has been everything I expected. Still getting accustomed to the controls. The only problem I have experienced is that I can't control it with my Directv remote -- they have no code for it. - Verified Store

David webster July 7, 2017

I purchased the Sound base for my bedroom to improve the sound from standard TV speakers. I did much online research and decided on the Fluance AB40,
After a couple of months of listening to this speaker I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade from standard TV speakers. Rich clean sound fills the room and has smooth deep base surprising you when you discover it has no subwoofer.
Great speaker I would consider more purchases from Fluance in the future
Well Done
Happy Customer Ottawa, Canada

Amazon Customer June 27, 2017

Works fine but can not sync with TV audio - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 18, 2017

I've had this for only a few hours and i still can't believe my ears. I've only heard good things about the AB40 but i am amazed at the clarity and bass the thing produces. - Verified Store

chris June 15, 2017

not knowing much about this company i had read lots of reviews. I decided to take a chance. i had previously and still own a Bose Cine mate 15 and a Yamaha YAS 203 soundbar and wanted to add the Fluance AB40 to my collection i wasn't expecting much out of this but man was i wrong this AB40 blows away both my cinemate and the YAS. the sound field on the Ab40 is incredible the dialog is so clear and the bass is something else, its got a good punch to it specially after the break in time period this system really shines. i am eager to see where fluance goes with the soundbars/base. if i had any complaints i would say the Toslink needs to be a bit longer not everyone will be able to fit their tv on top depending on the stand. and i would of liked to see RCA jacks as an alternative to optical. other then that, this sounds like a $800 unite and any future modules i wont hesitate to buy.

Al H. June 7, 2017

Great speaker system for my TV. I can actually turn off my tv close captioning and understand what is being said on my tv.Would recommend the AB40 to everyone.

Khristoff June 2, 2017

This product is ridiculously amazing for its price. - Verified Store

Robert W May 24, 2017

This did not work. It cost me $59.15 to get it out of my home via UPS. Free Shipping? - Verified Store

Bruce S. May 20, 2017

Darn it! If I'd been able to wait a bit longer, could have saved another $25. At $199, it's almost like stealing. I've had the AB40 for about six weeks—enough time for it to break in, which it has. It sounds great, is sturdy, and looks good. I have it connected via optical out from a Sony TV. OK, so what exactly about the sound? Well, it's very "full"-sounding...rich if you will. The bass Boost feature works well and supplies an adequate, not overwhelming amount of bass. The Virtual Surround feature also works quite well. Just last night I heard a phone ring off to the [stereo] right of the AB40. It was indeed a TV sound, not the phone, but the placement was superb. Be aware that the AB40 uses a system of light blinks and colors for all adjustments, such as Volume, On/Off, and so forth. In other words, there isn't numbered scale for sound or a display to see what modes you're in. Also, the remote is fairly basic and its controls are just a bit fiddly. All in all, a lot of bang for your buck, especially if, like me, you tend to be the "set it and forget it" type. In closing, I'd like to note that the AB40 replaced a highly regarded Sharp sound unit. There's no going back! And oh yeah, the customer support is responsive.

B. C May 3, 2017

This is a nice idea, but it fails all round in design.Quality Control is nil. Both inputs (optical, phono) functionless.Optical never worked (tried on 3 different SMART TVs - LG, Samsung, Sony). Failed on all three. Tried three different optical cables (nothing).Phono-jack worked for 24 hours along with loud buzz (not grounded properly and no way to ground to plastic chassis). Random loud pops and clicks. Obviously, connections not secured, nor soldered correctly.While packaging seems solid, doesn’t really matter when the device arrives broken. Without proper care at factory origin or testing, this product will forever remain a failure.When it was playing, sound was a disappointment. I’ve heard $20 computer USB speakers produce better sound. In short, a good-looking product that does nothing relevant. Serious internal design issues and poor sound performance.My suggestion (and I mean this sincerely) the company needs to hire engineers that know what they are doing. The owner(s) need to monitor QC (Quality Control) which seems entirely absent. You can check this by the number of returns on any product. More than 5% fails on any product, should tell the company owner that serious issues are occurring on the product line. And need qualified management to correct.I don’t think this is purposeful obsolescence where a company (e.g. Logitech) makes money by building equipment the purposefully fails after 6 months, so you are forced to purchase again. I think this is just oversight to quality control. May keep package delivery people in a job, but frustrating for the end-user. - Verified Store

Walter J April 12, 2017

I have a large surround sound system but needed something for my tv in a smaller room. This AB40 really is ' high performance ' and doubles as a pretty awesome Bluetooth stereo. Turned up high it over powers the room. - Verified Store

Paul D April 4, 2017

The sound is great. I have 2 issues. 1 is your height dimensions are not accurate. They state the unit is 3.9 inches tall, however with the rubber feet it is more like 4.1. I built a shelf exactly 4 inches below my Tv and the unit did not fit. I had to take my TV off the wall and adjust the TV bracket so the unit would fit on the shelf. 2 is you should add a HDMI audio out because some TV's IE: Panasonic do not stream audio from the optical audio out. - Verified Store

itsmewallyz April 1, 2017

After owning this product for about six weeks, I can easily recommend it. For the price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better soundbar/soundbase on the market. It really does sound spectacular, with room-filling sound and excellent bass. I'm knocking off a star (actually, I'd only knock off half a star if you could) due to the remote, which I feel was poorly designed. Other than that, this soundbase delivers in spades. 4.5 stars. - Verified Store

Cory Fink March 30, 2017

This is an awesome speaker system. We use this in our Living Room that is 18x18 and we are blown away by how much sound comes out. Not only sound, but wonderfully tuned sound. Warm mids, bass, bass and crisp highs. Would recommend to anyone wanting a simple and stellar performing system.

RAS March 28, 2017

Very happy with this purchase. I had another soundbase and wanted something better. I wanted a self-contained system. I did not want a soundbar with a separate sub woofer. I came upon this while searching online. Every review I read raved(Cnet, for example). Well, as an owner I can see why. It's fantastic. I have used it for sound for video games, movies, and with Google Audiocast. It has great sound for the price. I'm now looking into the other products Fluance makes. It is high quality, with great sound at a very reasonable price. - Verified Store

David M March 27, 2017

I purchased this model based on decent reviews for both TV and Bluetooth audio quality, as I use it connected to an Echo Dot. While I make no windy claims to being a 'golden ear' audiophile, I've dabbled in decent quality audio equipment since before CDs. This is not a life-changing piece of gear by any means, but for this price it's unfair to expect that, and it performs both tasks quite admirably.Modern TV speakers almost by definition are very poor, with insufficient space to move enough air and awkward directional placement. Stringing a 5.1 system across your living room is not an aesthetic choice I'm happy with, and not even all that useful unless you principally use your TV as a display for Blu-Ray or DVD content. Hence soundbars/soundbases. Since I prefer to look directly at a screen at home rather than look up at a wall-mounted TV, the latter made more sense with my setup.Sonos' new base then? Good reputation, fancy innards, but a persistent refusal to use Bluetooth even by offering an auxiliary port for a receiver killed them from consideration. I'm often streaming local content not just Spotify et al. ZVox in various sizes? Like the volume-leveling and dialog features but music playback quality is far from the greatest and reputation is...variable. This then competed for my business with the usual variety of Yamaha, Sony, Bose equivalents. It was the music playback reviews and relatively modest price that swung the deal.Everyone wants to justify their choice retroactively but I am trying to be objective. This I feel is a very good match for my needs. The audio quality is just fine in the upper consumer range with nice tonal separation, a fairly good soundstage for a combo unit, and more than ample power for anyone not trying to rattle their neighbors' windows. In the current bass-obsessed zeitgeist I should mention that it has a solid even hefty low end given the lack of dedicated subwoofer, especially with bass boost selected, although I personally prefer the cleaner and less needlessly boomy standard EQ setting. Again likely not enough for the folks who like to shake their black Escalades to bits with garbage-can sized subwoofers, but more than enough for anyone who actually likes music, even in percussion-heavy genres. On the TV side of things it provides a huge improvement to the TV speakers. Admittedly this is not difficult, and soundbases or bars at half the price can make the same claim, but the discount versions are often either muddy or weak or both. No such problems here as we get good response and clarity across the frequency range, with much more distinct volume in the all-important spoken registers all too often lost in the mushy middle with TV audio.Physical setup is childishly simple as is operation of the unit itself. You may need to fiddle with your TV's settings however, especially to get the audio from external HDMI connected devices like DVD or Blu-Ray passed through the optical connections here. Be sure to check the dimensions of your TV base or feet of course, as this is likely too tall to sit between the wide-set TV feet of most models. Luckily mine can be moved from the edges to only a couple of feet apart.It's not perfect, admittedly. The lack of feedback from control settings is a bit of a niggle. What volume level am I on? (It will likely need to be higher for Bluetooth than TV by the way, as the former was initially barely audible even with the Dot turned up to 10 until I pressed the Fluance's volume up button a whole but unguessable bunch of times, but luckily switching from Bluetooth to optical inputs remembers the relevant audio settings and my feared deafening on return to TV listening never happened). There is no indication either on the screen, on the unit or on the remote. Same for 3D or Bass Boost settings. The latter is immediately apparent most of the time but the former seems to vary in how much difference it achieves so often hard to know current setting. The switching from various Bluetooth sources is a bit fiddly, and I'd prefer an option to eliminate the initially slightly distracting LED source indicator light altogether or at least make it turn off a few seconds after any change.. I'm pretty sure I can tell which input the sound is coming from without Fluance's help.All in all though a good choice if you want to combine very respectable Bluetooth music streaming audio quality with a solid mid-level TV audio upgrade in one easy cost-effective package which is handsome and well constructed. - Verified Store

LLoz378 March 26, 2017

great sound after the 10hr break-in period.. well balanced. I just had the speaker for about 2 weeks and so far I am satisfied with the purchase. - Verified Store

Steven Tsimtsos March 20, 2017

I love the sound off the unit and has a great built quality as well. I do wish for a front display of settings and volume on the unit. A backlighted remote would also be helpful. Whitney was also very pleasant to speak with !

Richard J March 17, 2017

Yes! Perfect, just what we need to enhance our viewing and listening experience, thanks! - Verified Store

J.P. March 12, 2017

I've owned the ab40 for over 2 weeks now and I'm impressed with it. I've only had experience with soundbars so I can't compare the ab40 to any other soundbase. When it's compared to the other soundbars though it's much better and offers much better bass and clarity than any other soundbar I've owned. Couple the soundbar with a good 8' subwoofer than things change a bit. The ab40 has terrific mids and highs and the bass sounds great with movies and TV. The bass sounds much bigger than it should out of this little box with movies. Music is a different story though. The mids and highs still sound great but if you're listening to a very bass heavy song with the bass boost enabled on the ab40 then things turn to a muddy, distorted mess. I've had to turn the ab40s bass boost to standard and turn the volume down to clear it up. The little 3in drivers can only fake it for so long. It just can't compete with a good subwoofer. While listening to music I would suggest listening to it on standard mode. Movies should be watched using bass boost mode. I have a cheap 5.1 system too and the ab40 doesn't come close to competing with it like fluance says it can. The 3D mode is more of a gimmick then anything. In closing though the ab40 is pretty sweet sounding system that's confined to sitting under your TV. - Verified Store

AL March 5, 2017

The second best to none. All at the perfection: Design, Audio, quality.

Dave Beaudoin March 5, 2017

Very pleased with my purchase of the ab40. Great sound at a great price. Superb quality construction and materials. Remote response could be better. Proud to see the flag attached.

dsmdavid March 5, 2017

This is an amazing product. Deep and rich sound. No need for a subwoofer. Clarity and separation of sound is terrific. This is an amazing value! - Verified Store

Samson March 3, 2017

I recently purchased the ab40 and after a few days of use I am prepared to recommend this system to anybody that wants to liven up their living room. I only have experience with sound bars and not sound bases, so I was excited to have an all in one box. After initially setting it up I wasn't impressed and almost packaged it back up to return it. It sounded harsh and boomy, but decided to continue with the break in period. When Fluance says there's a break in period there most certainly is. After 2 days of TV and music this bad boy really started to clear up. It really fills the room with nice sound and sounds better with every play. It doesn't have any fancy inputs or outputs or decoding methods like dolby just a single optical line you plug into your TV and away you go. It's nice looking and hefty. I really like the wood finish and my 55in fits perfectly on top of it. I also own a Vizio s5451w-c2 soundbar the ab40 doesn't get as loud as that or have as tight of bass but the ab40 has better highs and mids. The Vizio is also a 5.1 so you get a more all encompassing sound but there's more stuff cluttering up my living room and it was more than twice the price. My only gripes with the ab40 would be the bass can get a little boomy for my taste and I didn't notice a big difference with the 3D effect enabled other than that it's really awesome and I have no regrets especially for $200 bucks.

Ric March 3, 2017

Truly an amazing product.Highs are surperb,lows are spot on! No need for a subwoofer.Fluance has certainly outdone themselves on this one!! A++

Ric March 3, 2017

This has to be the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR! Truly amazing sound.For a soundbase it puts other soundbars and bases on notice.The highs are crisp,the lows are amazing.No need to have a subwoofer (unless you want to experience the thrust of a Saturn 5 rocket)...what FLUANCE has done here is beyond expectations.Awesome purchase!! - Verified Store

David Eberle February 25, 2017

I spent hours reviewing sound bars and sound bases. I read an excellent review on CNET which prompted me to make this purchase. I am disappointed that the system will not link to my Dish Network remote. Beyond that I am thrilled with the quality of sound of this system. I own Paradigm speakers and my new Samsung TV did not have inputs to accommodate these speakers. I tried a LG soundbar and while it did link to my Dish Remote, the sound quality was fair at best. After a month it failed to function. This AB40 has amazing quality sound and deep bass. No need for a subwoofer. Please consider buying this model as it is a tremendous product for a reasonable price.

GREG PALMER September 18, 2016

Great sound. Worth 5 stars but for the lousy remote/remote response in the unit.