RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Record Player with Audio Technica AT95E Cartridge, Belt Drive, Built-in Preamp, High Mass MDF Wood Plinth

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Overall Rating:

MJ Basco December 31, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Louisiana, United States

went own from Thorns td165, but this Fluance will hold it's own in quality and sound. Not a Thorns, but nice for the price. A quality product.

Nonna December 29, 2022

When assembled (not very difficult), I tried playing my Lab Cut LP (Donald Fagen's Nightfly) and he sounded more like Alvin of "The Chipmunks". After doing a speed test it showed the 33 1/3 speed was actually playing above 45 RPM and the 45 speed was almost 60! I set out to perform a speed adjustment (with a jewelers screw driver set) only to discover that the adjustment nuts on the rheostat of the speed controller were such cheap plastic that one had broken off at the first attempt. The whole unit itself looks gorgeous but unfortunately the internal components are very cheap. Don't waste your time or money. Look for a direct drive with a built in strobe and speed controller right next to the platter so each speed can be easily and accurately adjusted.

Danyal W December 29, 2022

I grew up with a record player but was always too scared to learn to use it. Now in my 30s I wanted to have my own. Did research and pulled the trigger on this one. Christmas morning I bring it over and my 64 yr old dad is happily teaching me all the part names and such. First he rips the ribbon holding the belt so we struggle a little to install that (oops) and when we get to balancing the tone arm we fight with the thing for almost half an hour listening to the opening of Ghost's Impera album god knows how many times. We achieve music and I take it home. I FINALLY read the instructions all the way and figure out where we went wrong. It's a nice solid and heavy player so far I love it! If I had one complaint and this is minor the power plug feels a bit on the cheaper side and it's a little bulky but that's seriously my ONLY complaint. Definitely recommend!

FJ December 25, 2022

The variable speed controls are extremely tiny screws that can only be accessed underneath the plinth while the platter is spinning, so precise speed adjustments have to be made with an optical disk or an awkward rpm app while the turntable is up on some kind of risers that allow access to the bottom. This is a very difficult adjustment to make, and since the factory speed settings on mine were off enough to notice, I effectively ruined the tuning screws and guides while blindly (due to design) poking around trying to fit and fine tune speed. Maybe the assumption is that someone buying this model doesn't need fine speed/pitch control, but that doesn't comport with the other premium positioning, components, etc. It's a frustrating inconsistency, as I like the turntable in all other respects. Buyer beware.

Lexi December 24, 2022

I absolutely love this! The quality is absolutely amazing for the price and is seriously worth every penny. I haven't had a single issue and I've had her for a few months now. It's also very easy to put together (directions are included thankfully!).

Steven F December 21, 2022

love it

Jen December 20, 2022

Bought this for a gift for myself back to using my LPs. I love it had a little bit of difficulty pairing speakers together because you need to make sure the preamp is on the right spot other than that love it

Jack M December 17, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Georgia, United States

At the price (and especially the $50 off sale price I recently got mine for) I think there's few if any other tables that can compete. Build quality is exceptional and the feet have it perfectly level. There are just a few caveats though. First i wish the power/speed knob had a better grip like perhaps a diamond pattern instead of the concentric grooves that make it kind of slippery to turn. Also can't believe nobody noticed but the little clip that holds the arm in place on the rest....when it's flipped out it kind of gets in the way of the cueing lever. This is not the case on my other Fluance an RT83. And lastly WHY are they not putting the newer version of the AT cartridge on these, the AT-VM95e?? It replaced the AT95e about four years ago!! My best guess is they got a deal to buy up the old stock from Audio Technica and are still using what they have. But what comes on it is perfectly fine and for the $$ this is still a great turntable.

Rick December 16, 2022

Had the rt85, and returned it.Rt82 I less prone to rumble due to the less sensitive needle.It sounds amazing throught my HK 730 and Klipsch rf620's.Highs are crisp, and the lows really dip.This reciever is rated at4hz to 35k hz., so the room for the wide range is there.Great buy at this price for a vintage nut like me.

Michael S December 13, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Texas, United States

Great turntable

David W December 13, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arkansas, United States

Love it. Looks preformence and ease of use. I noticed one review stated the tonearm would not return in auto off mode. Unit shuts off and isn't supposed to return, that is clearly stated in instructions and is normal and not a malfunction. Had a couple of occasions to call tech support just to make sure I understood something and they were great very helpful. No regrets with my RT 81. I have four other brands and this is my favorite.

Collin W December 11, 2022

Sound quality is great when paired with a proper stereo system! Lots of ways to upgrade this turntable.My one and only gripe is the auto stop function seems to have stopped working about 6 months in

Gary C December 10, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Initially we bought Rt81 and set of AI60 powered speakers for Daughter for Christmas we Like them so well we bought a set for ourselves .

sw December 9, 2022

Bought this as a gift. Was expecting that it can play vinyl records on its own. Didn't expect that will need to buy a lot of complements like extra speakers, wires, etc. for it to play something. Though it's a high quality vinyl player

Germs December 5, 2022

Just started getting into this hobby. I started with a suitcase player and did not like it one bit.. did a bit of research and found the RT81. It came with very clear directions, setting the counter weight was the trickiest part and that only took a few minutes. Everything else was super easy and really smooth. We are just using some powered bookshelf speakers and it sounds awesome. Way better than the suitcase players.. it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but records are expensive.. if your looking for a place to start, save up and get this instead of a suitcase.

Amazon Customer December 5, 2022

This is much more than a starter turntable, I use it more than my Vintage Pioneer turntable.

Robster149 December 2, 2022

Love this turntable, straight forward easy to use, all about turntable only, no pre amps or Bluetooth.

Amazon Customer November 30, 2022


Brian M November 30, 2022

Amazing quality, easy set-up and best value under $300 or even $500 for the sound and design! Simple yet elegant (I purchased the piano black to match my components) very basic controls. Better sound than previous turntables like Marantz, Music Hall, Audio Technica and Technics. Lucked out and got this Fluance Beauty brand new for only $211.90 with free shipping. Amazing deal!

David C November 27, 2022

It looks great and sounds great.What more could you ask for?

SJL November 27, 2022

Highly recommended! Easy setup.

kristen November 23, 2022

I originally bought a 6-in-1 Victrola because of the aesthetic and I liked all the capabilities. It was cheaply made and I wasn't super impressed, so I returned it and bought the Fluance instead. It was a jump in price, especially given you need to buy speakers as well to be able to listen to your records. But it was 100% worth it! I combined with Edifer speakers which you can also purchase on Amazon. It was easy to put together, and the quality is very apparent right out the box.

terry November 18, 2022

I liked the walnut wood and the sound

scott b November 16, 2022

The looks and they weight of the turntable are good. It sounded good but the sound fill out once the cartridge breaks in. It works well for a secondary system.

Adrian M November 14, 2022

Bought a refurbished. Came with the wrong belt and was VERY quickly replaced! Thank you. Might upgrade the cartridge if I cared more. Great value for the casual record listener.

Paul November 11, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Arizona, United States

I was looking for a vintage turntable for a long time but it was very hard to find a decent one in good shape and for a good price that wasn't a scam. Finally went for the RT81 and I'm extremely happy with the quality of this turntable and the fact that it looks like a vintage unit, yet one that is brand new and will last for years and years. Superb quality and value for the money!

Michael S November 9, 2022

I would highly recommend this item (turntable). Great quality and craftmanship. Great cartridge.

Alfonso G. November 6, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Arizona, United States

Best product by far, after a lot of research came with this turn table and I have never regret it, the quality of the wood and materials make it an amazing thing to look at, the sound quality is amazing and the customer service when I needed a repair (It was my fault) was the best experience I have ever had, Brent immediately knew what I needed and he even set up a case with the repair part number that then Julie took over when I called and she even filled out everything for me, all I had to do was to provide my address! that easy! she even followed up a few days later to make sure all worked out and my turntable was working, so just by that I think the product is even more worth it and I couldn't recommend it enough.

David R October 29, 2022

This is the first turntable I've purchased in over 30 years. I didn't want to spend a lot, but I didn't want to buy a disposable "almost" product. Fluance makes a solid, quality turntable. Easy to set up, terrific sound quality. I don't know how long I'll have this turntable, but I already know that my next one will be a Fluance.

Steven G October 29, 2022

I have searched far and wide for turntables in the $200-$300 price range with auto-return. The Fluance RT-80 and 81 both at least have auto-stop. The 81 is well worth the additional $50 over the 80, making it the best choice I've found in the past 5 years.I received this message a while back from the very nice folks at the Fluance Customer Experience Team:"The RT80 only comes in Piano Black and the 8 1 has 3 color options (Walnut, Black, and White).There RT80 Plinth is built with engineered wood and is hollow, and the RT81 is constructed with Solid High Mass MDF Wood.The RT80 comes with a felt mat, the 81 comes with a rubber mat.They are both belt driven with a precision DC motor.The tone arm specifications are the same in both.You are correct that one of the main differences is the cartridge/ stylus combination that comes pre mounted. There are many differences between the Audio Technica AT91 Cartridge and Audio Technica AT95E Cartridge, such as sensitivity and output."So I put down 4 stars "for beginners", as maybe the less expensive 80 is better for that customer, but the 81 is a darn nice turntable at a very reasonable price.

Sylgal October 29, 2022

So far so good. Only thing is the stylus alignment. It's almost perfect - according to the protractor provided with the instructions book. Can't do better. But for a basic turntable, the sound is pretty good. Upgrading the stylus or the cartridge would not be big difference for me since my vinyls are old - some are from the early 1950's. One bought in the 1980's is a Manitas de Plata' guitar vinyl. Today I hear sounds I never heard before on any of my turntables (last one a great Akai). Now I hope this Fluance RT81 is always the good turntable I am singing the praise of.

Physman October 27, 2022

Great turntable for the vinyl revival. Easy to put together. Hinged cover works well. Tracks well at 2grams. Has a preamp! Solidly built.

John / October 24, 2022

went together well, works well

Earl T October 24, 2022

Easy setup , great looking and sound. I bought the white by mistake but Actually Like it!

Jeffery M October 22, 2022

it's for my own enjoyment and overall so far it's been very good

Steve S October 17, 2022

Very nice looking and components appear to be high quality.

Rick Q October 15, 2022

I like everything about this turntable, the quality is exceptional for the price. The supplied entry level cartridge is adequate and easily upgraded if you choose to pair this with a higher end system as I did.

Phillip A. October 10, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Florida, United States

Wow! This turntable is amazing. Especially for the price. Came well packaged. Setup was straight forward. Looks and sounds amazing. I have it pared with powered speakers and a Bluetooth transmitter for headphone listening. Amazing detail, and superb sound. First run, the speed fluctuates a bit, but I'm sure the 24 hour motor break-in process will rectify that. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank You Fluance.

Amazon Customer October 8, 2022

I have been looking for a moderate priced turntable. This turntable looks great, is easy to set up, and sounds amazing. I love it!

Deb October 7, 2022

Very sleek looking. Great sound quality for a beginner turntable. My dust cover was missing a rubber bumper and customer service had a replacement out to me within a few days. Very happy with my purchase.

Luiz G October 4, 2022

Fast delivery and good price.

jotaefe September 24, 2022

My first purchased turntable. No regrets so far and I must admit, it was a pleasure to unpack, assemble and setup. But the best moment is when I put on a vinyl and felt the warmth of the sound. Amazing looking product and great sound. Thank you.

David September 24, 2022

Its my first quality turntable and i love it

Lance A September 20, 2022

Generally a good phono but the auto stop feature works sometimes and not others. It sometimes lets the needle go all the way past the end of the recording to the center spindle, on the paper center....I would have gone for a true auto return table if I purchased one now.

David H. September 16, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

I haven’t had a chance to set up the turntable yet because I bought it for my cabin. It was very well packaged though and everything seems high quality and very well made

David September 16, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Oregon, United States

I like the turntable, it is amazing how good the stylus' are now compared to what I had in the 70's. One problem, the autostop feature does not work. Sometimes the platter will stop rotating when done with the side, but the arm never returns to the stand.

Edward G September 12, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

two items the 1st is I wish you had a place to put the 45 little disk inside the phono the 2nd wish you would provide a upgrade to the needle , if you would like to make it better send me th upgraded needle

Das S September 9, 2022

This RT81 is a great bang for your buck.Solid performer with decent parts and a built in amplifier. The auto stop feature is a nice touch a works well with 12" LPs.I love the wood finish on this colour, it looks very nice. The simplicity of the design is also appreciated, it makes it look modern with a hint of vintage.The Audio Technical AT95e cartridge is a nice midrange moving magnet needle combo which yields in good sound quality.The only gripe with this is the tone arm mechanism. It feels a little cheaper and flimsier than my Audio Technica LP120. Also, and this is more of a personal preference, the lowering mechanism is very slow.Other than that it does it's job and works well.This is a good beginner to mid range turn table. Ingot this for my wife. I personally prefer direct drive tables, but there is nothing wrong with this belt driven RT81. It has all the features you want and yields in good sound performance.

William D September 9, 2022

Looks fantastic, built in preamp works great with Fluance active speakers. Leaps & bounds better than my Crosley Cruiser lol

Calihotspur September 8, 2022

Sound is great! Just got this and the basic Edifier speakers and man it is awesome. We are cranking it up every evening just so happy with it. Solid delivery, packaging was perfect no issues. Quality company and product. Can't do better for a beginning to intermediate setup.

timothy p September 8, 2022

Great quality and great price. Highly recommend!

Erik September 2, 2022

I have tried setting up the arm multiple times. No matter what I do, all I get is distorted sound. Checked and rechecked all wires, and ground.

William P September 1, 2022

I was surprised at how deep and rich the walnut finish on this turntable is. It comes with a preamp which is a bonus and it sounds nice with Anthem amp and Ascend Acoustic speakers. Very happy.

Zac September 1, 2022

Overall great record player. Balance is good as well the auto off function. Love it!

Drew M August 26, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Jersey, United States

This is a really great turntable. I had been itching to go back to vinyl for a while, so I did A LOT of research before I bought. Having read about 100 reviews, it came down to the Audio Technica and the Fluance. In the end, I pulled the trigger on the Flunace - the reviews on the RT81 are almost universally great for a reason. I also wanted to make sure I had something sturdy - and the MDF design is great - it looks spectacular and it plays even better. I took advantage of the anniversary sale and paired it with the Fluance bookshelf speakers (signature HiFi 2 way ) as well. I have to say, it's been really great to have vinyl again, and they sound spectacular in this system.

Gary H August 23, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Georgia, United States

Turntable arrived as scheduled. Set up took maybe 15 minutes. The unit works and sounds great. I use the built in pre amp. Very smooth operation and nice appearance. Walnut finish. This was a excellent purchase.

James August 22, 2022

Sound quality and woodworking is awesome

JF1971 August 22, 2022

The cheap plastic cased needle broke, no surprise, and the replacement is $46. It's a cheap 1/2 inch piece of plastic with a needle. If I knew this ahead of time I would have never purchased it. Waste of money.

leftheartinpittsburgh August 21, 2022

your search is over for turntable This RT81 is it folks!!! this thing sounds nothing short of amazing the fact that when it arrives it is going to take about an hour just getting everything out of the packaging that tells you a lot about this company from Canada. BUY IT!!!! this table sounds better than i've heard costing 3-4 times more!!!

Christian August 21, 2022

Love the quality and craftsmanship of this turntable but I highly suggest upgrading to a better stylus asap. The Atn95e is what is provided and it is quite frankly mid as possible. Cheap stylus on a 300 dollar turntable doesn't sit right with me. I suggest buying this if you are at an intermediate level of vinyl knowledge and are looking to make an upgrade from beginner style turntables. Some fine tuning is necessary and you'll need to buy a stylus scale to get the sound and balance you want with this. 8/10 with the stylus it comes with but just upgraded to the AudioTechnica VMN95sh and wow what a difference. 10/10 with the right stylus and cartridge. If you wish to upgrade you will have to buy a new cartridge in addition to your preferred stylus but many come packaged together.

Jahrid O August 21, 2022

Needed a proper turntable to replace my old one. Love it.

Giovanny G August 20, 2022

Estéticamente muy lindo el equipo. Una gran calidad de sonido. Lo compre luego de utilizar un audio technica y thecnis. Satisfecho con la compra.

Jeremy L. August 19, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

My first player and I don't regret the purchase at all! Definitely Going to be using this thing all day.

SJH August 11, 2022

Great sound. Easy to setup. It has a beautiful finish and blends with my console.

Greg K August 10, 2022

It was sent back

Chad C August 10, 2022

This is my second Fluance table that I have purchased, the first one being the RT 80. I will say both tables are simply amazing. The build quality and the glossy white or black finish alone would sell some people on it. The attention to simplicity and detail is so perfect. The RT 81 comes with an upgraded cartridge from the 80, which is a bit of a difference. It is semi-automatic, meaning it doesn't return the tonearm at the end of the record, it nearly stops spinning after about 30 seconds. When you first get it out of the box, it requires some assembly of the tonearm, counter weight, platter and the dust cover. Instructions are pretty straight forward, but if you have questions, customer service is fantastic! I've been buying different turntables for years, Fluance is the absolute best at their price point. You will get years of enjoyment out your Fluance. Highly recommend!!

Lisa W August 8, 2022

Great looking turntable with rich sound

Brooklyn K August 7, 2022

This turntable is top notch! It was easy to set up and offers excellent sound quality! I am very happy with my purchase!

Mike E August 7, 2022

good quality, easy nset up, good price

John p August 3, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Beauty, style, and sounds great. Very easy to install. I recommend Fluance to all my friends.

Jeremy N. July 29, 2022 Advanced Listener - 17 Years Virginia, United States

Good record player.

Chris H July 27, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Minnesota, United States

Looks great sounds great

Clink July 24, 2022

It should first be noted that I am new to vinyl. That being said, I did my research before ending up on this turntable, and I am glad that this is my first. The turntable is manual, so you will have to learn how to set the stylus manually, but honestly, that took all about 2 minutes. The instruction manual walks you through step-by-step on set up and was easy to understand. I also really like the dark brown look of the Turntable. For $250 this thing is super premium looking and feeling. Well worth the investment.

Mike P July 18, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 8 Years Massachusetts, United States

I was looking to upgrade from a somewhat novice turntable to something a bit nicer on a limited budget, and the RT81 has been a perfect fit. The setup was straightforward, construction and quality seem great, and it's simple design make for an easy and enjoyable experience.

E. C July 17, 2022

Good quality turntable for anyone. Beginners to seasoned audiophilles

BearWithTrident July 17, 2022

For the price point you can't go wrong with the customizable options and quality.It sounds and looks lovely, and was very easy to assemble in 20 minutes.My family and I throw down with records from time to time so this was perfect for my budget. I'm also now using it to upload MP4s to YouChoobe to share with friends and family.

Andy July 16, 2022

Directions for setting up tonearm & preamp with existing system were a challenge. However, the Amazon rep in Seattle was amazing and connected us to the tech guy at the manufacturer who solved the issues. Highly recommend this product just based solely on customer service from both parties.

Mike July 11, 2022

Perfect turntable looks great plays great. I highly recommend

MiataZoom July 9, 2022

Great turntable. Sounds phoneminal...w/ a couple of bookshelf speakers. There is a little patience required setting up properly so it's not for beginners. It is definitely not giftable unless they are a little techy. I'm very pleased.

Martin B July 6, 2022

Great product the only reason I didn't give 5 stars for gift is that some people might not want to set up the tone arm.

Jerry D July 5, 2022

Bought this for my daughter who is new to records. Easy to setup. Sounds amazing. The sound is so good it makes me sad that I spent way more on my table

Camille D. July 5, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year Quebec, Canada

My first ever turntable and I couldn't be happier! Decent price, easy to assemble, great sound & nice to look at.

Vincent July 4, 2022 Novice Listener - 5 Years Quebec, Canada

Look amazing, sound perfect, simple

Meredith W June 30, 2022


Lian A June 30, 2022

Im not an audiophile, but this turntable sounds perfect to me.It's relatively cheap, looks amazing, sounds amazing and surprisingly easy to setup.Would easily recommend this to anyone.

Thomas June 25, 2022

Great quality, excellent sound. Beautiful finish

Dean M June 21, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

This is a fantastic turntable. Even my 40 year old records came to life. Love the built-in preamp that lets us use powered speakers without additional components cluttering up our living room. Just buy it if you are considering this model. To my 44-year-old ears, the sound is crystal clear and beautifully rendered with this machine. Don’t bother with a cheap all-in-one…we did, and I bought the Fluance less than a month later because the cheap player was so bad. The RT81 just oozes quality when you see it and use it. Thank you for creating a beautiful turntable that plays well above its price!

Alastair D June 20, 2022

This was a solid and affordable turntable while it worked. Unfortunately, a component in the tonearm failed a few months after the two-year warranty expired. The only way to replace this component is to replace the whole tonearm. I contacted Fluance customer support to see about purchasing a replacement. After a couple months of waiting and them "losing" my support ticket a couple times, they got back with a simple "we don't have the part". So now I'm left with this large paper weight on my shelf as I shop for another turntable. Sadly, I won't be purchasing from Fluance again. And I thought we had such a good thing going...

sarah m June 18, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year Florida, United States

needs speakers

John M June 16, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

I don’t think you can do much better for the priceHOWEVER I believe my order requested the black model while I received the wood grain.

Mike M June 16, 2022

The unit arrived earlier than expected. The assembly instructions were easy to follow. It was a breeze to assemble. The sound quality is superb for my 70 years old ears. For more than 20 years I had not played vinil records and was longing to listen to some old ones. It was my decision, that for the price I could not go wrong. I have records that are over 50 years old, and they sound great. During my life I have owned several record players, Garrard, Dual, Technics, this unit can go toe to toe with any of them.

Eric June 16, 2022

I have bought three turntables in the last 6-7 years. I've given two away. This is a keeper. It's the most I've spent on a turntable by 2x+... and I was concerned I would be disappointed that I should have gone for the $100 and down model. I'm REALLY pleased. I'm a tactile person. This is solid. Heavy in the best of ways. Metal where you want metal instead of plastic. Fit and finish are on point. Sound quality - definitely improved over the $70 suitcase model I had before (not sure what I was thinking). A joy to assemble and the directions are perfect. I've just purchased my last turntable... super psyched.

Victor F June 16, 2022

excellent turntable, very well made

Glenn A June 10, 2022

Sounds great Well made

jet June 8, 2022

Balancing the tone arm took a little patience but still easy enough to do. Sounds great. Love playing my 30 - 50 year old LP's.

Mitchell R June 8, 2022

love this turntable. looks great, plays beautifully

Jettech June 8, 2022

Have been pleased with this unit. Appears to be a good choice between entry level and high end.

John H June 7, 2022

Looks like a Pro-Ject. Sounds like a Pro-Ject. Half the price of a Pro-Ject.

Andrew T May 31, 2022

I'm not the type of audiophile to play things at any speed other than the standard, so a lot of the complaints on the speeds on Amazon didn't really affect me.The sound of this player is above and beyond my last record player (the Victrola that looks like a vintage radio). Sound is great HOWEVER...The setup guide is incredibly unhelpful. This thing comes in PIECES. You have to determine yourself where the counterweight should rest because if you don't, you risk the arm going rogue and scratching your record. The arm is surprisingly flimsy. I'd recommend using this the first time with a record you don't care about because the chance it will scratch your record is high.Another MAJOR design flaw is that it doesn't stop when the end of a record is reached, so if you don't lift it as soon as it ends, you can wear out the needle over time.

Richard B May 22, 2022

Very impressed with the value of this Turntable. It is absolutely beautiful and looks more expensive than what it is. I originally purchased an Audio-Technica Turntable for $50 less than this Fluace TT and it looked and felt cheap. Sent it back and picked this one up and WOW. If you are new, a beginner, or getting back into Vinyl Records this is a must have Turntable. For the money it looks and sounds great too.

Gotopchedda May 18, 2022

The term elite is a bit misleading. This is not a trrrible table by any means. However, it is flawed at its price point. You are met with a metal plinth, subpar very entry level cartridge, a cheap motor and highly resonant platter. Regardless of the quality of your amplifier, speakers and wiring, you will have rather significant booming coming from your platter. To upgrade this model is futile because you can simply purchase a higher grade model from several manufacturers that will provide you with more value for your money. The factory installed preamp is atrocious. You will need an aftermarket phono amp to provide at least decent volume.The best feature for non-enthusiasts is the auto stop feature that prevents your tone arm from scratching the vinyl once a side has finished. Although most high end tables lack this feature. You can easily select between 33.5 and 45 with one switch flip.Reaching out to customer service only provides you with a laundry list of ways that you can spend more money to attempt to create an isolated situation where your platter won't create a bass like boom when touched, walked by. So don't even breathe on it!All the solutions suggested, I had already tried to no avail. It's not worth putting more money into this system to chase better sound. Avoid this turntable if you are looking to purchase one and never upgrade.Cs basically told me this happens all the time while there are several units out there that do not experience tonal distortion from the platter or walking by it.One ludicrous suggestion was to remove the dust cover upon every play. Not only is this unreasonable, but it would lead to the pivot arms cracking the dust cover rendering it worthless.Fluance please be honest about this entry level TT. Please remove the "elite" moniker. It's not an elite product. You are tempting people with unfair bias. I suggest staying away from this TT altogether!

Jason T May 14, 2022

Stylus was already assembled, the counter balance was very easy to set and overall simple for someone that doesn't know much about turntables. Just be careful to turn off the preamp feature if you are using an external amp eg stereo receiver. Sounds better than the Audio Technica that cost almost double the price new.

Penny C May 14, 2022

Excellent sound

Perry L May 11, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

Replacing my Phillips 212 with the RT81. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Does everything it should easily. Very similar to the 212, belt drive, auto shut off. Just what I wanted. Plus it has a phono amp!

Brock Y May 11, 2022

I like this guy! Works well, sounds great! More of a mid range option than a starter table. The pre amp is fine if it's all you have. My receiver had a better one so I use that (it has a bypass). But if you are just starting and you don't have one, you're fine. I bought some extra needles so I'm good for like the next decade of tunes. The only thing that isn't automatic on it is the arm doesn't go back home when a record ends. But it stops spinning. It stops turning if you pick up the arm, which is nice. It had a 33 and 45 option. It comes disassembled but it's easy to set up. I recommend watching a video on balancing the arm (not too tricky). The needle itself was properly positioned from the get go. If you want an economical turntable with a good sound, this one works!

Matthew W May 10, 2022

I bought this turntable for a small listening space to be used primarily for listening to records with headphones. I have a Fiio K5 Pro Headphone Amp paired with the turntable. When using the built in preamp, the sound was thin and tinny. I had an old Pro-Ject Phono Box MM preamp that I put in my stack and the sound quality was immediately improved when I bypassed the built-in preamp. Outside of this not inconsiderable issue, the turntable is a nice sounding turntable. It does have auto-stop, but the record merely stops spinning it does not lift the needle off of the record. The build quality and assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. I plan to get many years of use out of this turntable and would highly recommend it with the caveat that you supply your own preamp.

Gerry S May 10, 2022

Great starter turntable

R.B May 9, 2022

Sounds pretty good. I like alot

Ronald E May 9, 2022

Very good quality and sound very pleased with my purchase

john j May 9, 2022


Wendy S May 8, 2022

Great turntable, has a good weight and the cartridge sounds incredible off the top and is pre aligned. Paired with a decent set of powered speakers and the music is as crispy as when it was recorded

J. C May 5, 2022

Very clear sound even with my old records some of them 40 years old. Fantastic. I strongly recomend this turntable.

Michael D May 1, 2022

Incredibly happy with the record player. This is my first brand new record player and I found the Installation and set up was very simple. I was worried I would need to spend way more to get a quality player, and that is not the case here. The sound is incredible.

Infected O April 30, 2022

This turntable sounds great.

Anne M April 27, 2022

Son asked for this specific turntable for Christmas. He was very pleased and happy with this gift - it shipped well to his home. Very happy with sound quality.

GregV April 27, 2022

Looking to get back into collecting vinyl after 30yrs and found out my old turntable died, I had a tough decision to choose what turntable to buy. After doing a lot of turntable research, I decided on the Fluance mainly because the base is made out of mdf and I know it's a very solid material. Installation was a breeze. Cables were a perfect length. Even though I had a preamp, having the option for internal preamp is great. Never had to burnin a product before but I guess it's better than waiting for better sound. Great unit so far after a month.

John H April 26, 2022

Wish I had purchased this turntable last time. The sound is incredibly better than my old A T turntable. Sound is crisp and clear! I know their are better turntables available but this works wonderfully for me.

Skot t April 21, 2022

High quality. Absolutely beautiful both in sound and design. I recommend switching out the cartridge for an Ortofon 2m red and that will provide the cherry on top. Enjoy folks.

Alan P April 19, 2022

I didn't like that the liquid dampened cue lever liquid leaked out and it's not fully automatic also now it needs repair and it's too late to return.All in all a bad investment.Also it tracks to a weight of 2 grams which wears out the records too quick.Other old turntables didn't track that heavy.Don't buy it!

donahue478 April 19, 2022

Nice for beginners.

Kemosabe April 18, 2022

This turntable is very well-made and absolutely stunning to look at. The sound quality that it delivers is of very high quality. I simply love this turntable!!!!

randyterry April 16, 2022

After massive stroke I had problems playing vinyl, let side problems. Got my vinyl out and started cleaning after many years of recovery.Started looking for new tables, always came back to this one after many great views. I'm not new with tables, just wanted a new one. We received in perfect condition and very easy setup.Had some feedback at first, solved by relocating center speaker on our Bose Acoustimass Surround System, perfect sound and quality.The wife suggested we play our Leonard Cohen album, what a great sound. At my age 69 I have lost some hearing but this is a 5 star table for us, meets our needs.

DVAB April 13, 2022

Bought this for my son to replace a $100 turntable and he absolutely loves it. Much cleaner sound and he loves the aesthetics.

Amazon Customer April 12, 2022

This Fluance RT-81 seems to be pretty decent. Hard to compare when so few others have turntables. Major complaint: It tends to pick up a lot of low rumble and vibration. I had a speaker with good bass near it and it set off a runaway low roar feedback event. I had a set of Audio Technica isolation / leveling feet on hand and used those. Helped a lot. Keep the cover down to keep it from picking up shelf or cabinet rumble. My previous turntable was a Dual with the platter and drive on a floating, spring mounted chassis. Cuts WAY back on rumble. Need to bring those back? The AT95e cartridge also decent. I put a little too much pressure on it during cleaning it and bent the stylus. Had to order a new one. Don't remember them being that fragile decades ago.The RT-81 built-in preamp for line level seems decent. My Carver receiver from 1987 has a phono input and internal preamp and it seems to have a slight edge on the RT-81 but close. WARNING: If using a receiver or amp with both line and phono input, be VERY careful if you switch inputs - especially with the record playing. If the RT-81 is set to "Line" and you plug into "Phono", get ready for a massive overload. I made that mistake with the volume up and, along with the runaway rumble event, led to two blown woofers. I would also suggest upgrading the supplied RCA red / white cables for a better build. Also, when I use "Phono" level signal, hooking up the ground wire actually created MORE 60 / 120 cycle hum. I left it off and it sounds fine. Using line level avoids that issue.

Hiedi M April 12, 2022

Sound quality is great!

Jordan C April 11, 2022

Arrived a little worse for wear, which worried me. Once opened up everything seemed okay.Directions easy to follow to setup, had a record on in less than 25 minutes. SOUNDS AMAZING!!For the person just testing the waters of the vinyl hobby, this unit is perfect!Very glad I went with Fluance over the other brands I was researching.BEAUTIFUL finish on it too...will look great in the basement!

Braden C April 10, 2022

I'm in love with this record player! Just got it today and it sounds fantastic and was maybe a 10 minute setup. If you're a beginner when it comes to turntables and need something that's great this is it! Built in preamp sounds fantastic and the sound quality is really really nice. Great job to fluance!

Rob M April 10, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Maryland, United States

Absolutely beautiful turntable, well made, and incredible sound for the price. Couldn't be happier!

Eclectic D April 9, 2022

I have only had systems which included a turntable before, so that I was a little nervous to set it up. The directions were clear and easy to follow. It plays my records perfectly and with great sound quality. Couldn't love it more!

PK April 7, 2022

Product arrived with a bent stylus, it has now been over 3 weeks and I still haven't received the replacement. Customer service for Fluance has been shockingly slow, it's taken about 8 emails back and forth, and each response has a lag time of 3-4 days.Will update review once the product is working but I would advise against using fluance based on customer service alone.

Laverne April 7, 2022

The sound quality is very good. The wood used on the turntable is absolutely beautiful. It was very easy to set up with the directions enclosed and it integrated perfectly into my stereo system.

Kyle, B April 5, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year Washington, United States

First record player I’ve purchased.

Jaime R March 31, 2022

Great sound

Tom72543 March 29, 2022

It worked well with my existing receiver and speakers. It was easy to assemble.

Kindle Customer March 26, 2022

I'm not an audiophile, so I won't get into the nitty gritty of the specs on this. I haven't had a turntable for years and years but I accumulated many records over the years. I love this player. It sounds great and it's pretty easy to calibrate the stylus and arm. The packaging is suburb. Everything about this turntable is quality. I got the wooden finish and it goes well with my black stereo components. Sounds great with my bookshelf speakers (Klipsch). Clear highs and clear lows. I feel it's very worth the price. If you are looking for a quality turntable with a nice needle to get into playing vinyl, I'd seriously consider this player. I'm very satisfied. Good bang for your buck. I would buy another product from Fluance and recommend this to anyone. Hope this little "review' helps anyone looking to make the purchase.

Carl S March 25, 2022

I bought this to play may small, and not expanding old collection of LPs. The supplied cartridge, Audio Technica AT95E, brings out great sound quality on my old records, some of which I've had for over 50 years.A lot of bang for my buck!

Linda D March 23, 2022

Bought this as a gift and she loved it!!

Tyson, V March 23, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

This is my first intro to vinyl so I don't have much to compare this to. However, I am very satisfied with the RT81, the sound is crystal clear from it. It was also set up perfectly out of the box and super easy to set up. Shipping was also very fast, and packaging was well put together. Fantastic purchase. For reference I am running the turntable through a Denon AVR, with Polk bookshelves

Jim R March 19, 2022

I recently moved and in the process ran across a fair trove of vinyl that I had collected over the years. Mostly classical with well-known labels... London, Deutsche Grammophon... mostly have not seen the light of day for well over 35 years.So, what turntable to buy that will not break the bank while still performing well. I went with the Fluance RT-81. This is their entry level model but it has a cartridge not usually found on turntables in this price range.Setup was a breeze. Could not have been easier. The built in phono preamp is decent. Might upgrade to a separate preamp down the road as the turntable has a switch to send signal to a separate preamp. Using a phone app, my turntable spins at 33.6 RPM when in the 33.3 setting. That is adjustable at the bottom of the unit but 33.6 is close enough for me. The tonearm was easy to balance and then set the suggested 2 grams weight for the stylus.Those who spend thousands on a turntable will likely scoff at a 250.00 USD turntable but the way I look at it is this - one can spend a few hundred dollars and get a turntable that will get you 95% to perfection. To move from 95% to 99.5% would take thousands and thousands. The returns on investment diminish quickly. I am a trained musician so my ears are pretty good. I like this turntable.

Ron S March 19, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Very happy with RT81, it is well built, has weight and easy to follow instructions to get it setup. It is a beautiful turntable that operates perfectly. I have used it everyday the first week. listened to 4 or 5 albums a day. It is so great to hear my old vinyl albums. It is a good choice for the beginner or seasoned audiophile. one of the only manual turntables at this price with Auto-Stop!!!

Lance B March 17, 2022

I finally unboxed my vintage albums and discovered my Kenwood direct drive linear tracking turntable didn't work. After reading review after review on various manufacturers I decided on Fluance. It was nicely packed and is quite nice. Setup was straight forward and had an album playing in 20 minutes. I highly recommend watching the video setup for the tone arm. I'm a casual listener and this exceeds my expectations.

Wendy K March 17, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Missouri, United States

First of all, let me start out by saying that the RT81 turntable is absolutely stunning! Sleek in design, the latest technology with a bit of a retro vibe. It came very well packaged and was super simple to set up - and this is from a very non-tech person. If I can do it, anyone can. I love this turntable and am sure I will get many years of play out of it!

Mariano, M. March 13, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Texas, United States

The RT81 is a great record player for the vinyl enthusiast looking to get a solid first step into the vinyl world. The turntable has a very sophisticated look to it with the dark Natural Walnut finish. I did do some prior research to setting up turntables prior to its arrival so that did help setting it up a breeze.

steve a March 13, 2022

Shipping was way faster than they said ,,Out of the box this thing looks impressive ! I had it set up in about 5 minutes and was playing first album in 10 , The sound is incredible , Tons of bass and Highs ,,the mids are way more pronounced than my old Technic

juroq65 March 12, 2022

This is a beautiful record player for someone trying to start in vinyl record playing. This unit is easy to set up, just follow the instructional video of Fluance on YouTube. The materials used are exceptional and it seems like it would last for years; the plinth is heavy and the other parts such as the tone arm is exceptionally rigid. The sound is warm, but it seems kind of on the low end for the volume, need to raise the volume of my receiver. The included audio cable and ground wire is too short, so I have to replace it. All in all, I am quite satisfied with this player and would recommend to others to buy it. In the future I would upgrade the stylus to a nude elliptical one for a more definite sound.

SP March 11, 2022

Bought this for the tracking ability, had a couple of disks that needed more counterbalance. Terrific sound and beautiful finish were an added bonus.

michael b March 10, 2022

Great looking and functioning turntable as advertised. Great for beginners, or, in my opinion, even serious audiophiles by simply upgrading to a better performing cartridge than the the stock AT 95 it comes with (not a bad cart but when I installed my AT 440 mlb on this record player, the sound quality was astounding!) highly recommend the RT81 especially for such an affordable price!

Bryan H March 9, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Minnesota, United States

Hard to believe that my 40 year old vinyl collection sounds better than it did back when I bought it. Love this turntable!

Nancy L March 6, 2022

I am new to records so take my review with that in mind. I live the look and ease of use of this player. The sounds on certain albums is muddy, which could be my speakers.

Amazon Customer March 6, 2022

This player sounds great. Smooth mechanics. Easy setup.

sean March 5, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

this is your turntable!!!! i'm not kidding this sounds as good as 2k dollar tables i've heard this is a serious piece of audiophile equipment. There is nothing basic or introductory about this turntable this thing rivals some heavy hitters costing x5

Amazon Customer March 3, 2022

Don't believe the negative reviews. This turntable was sooo worth the price. I had an all in one before I upgraded to the Fluance and I would have done it sooner if I knew that this was what I was missing out on. Having a counter balanced tonearm and an anti skate feature as well as a quality stylus cartridge makes a world of difference in my listening experience. Records sound fuller and warmer and I don't have any random skipping like I did with my old all in one set up. The needle drops so softly when you release the cue lever due to the counter balance. With my old all in one I felt like I was punishing my records every time I dropped the needle. It was awful. I bought this table used from Fluance and it was in excellent condition. I definitely recommend this turntable for anyone looking to upgrade from a lesser set up.

Kenneth B March 2, 2022

Sounds great, quality product.

Daniel March 1, 2022

It brings me so much joy. I love this turntable. I play all of my dad's vinyls on it. I bought the sonos Five to go along with it and it's awesome. I plan on getting a pre-amp to bypass the one in this turntable - and get a second Sonos Five - but for now it makes me ultra happy.

Marc V March 1, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Very honnest product sound fantastic. You can tell the People at fluance love music ! I highly recommand.

cabin j February 26, 2022

Sounds terrific, very solid.Looks and has a feel of quality hi fi equipment.Isn't really for beginners, as it's not automatic control, previous knowledge of turntables is of benefit.Used to have an old school Dual belt drive turntable from eay 80s, solid wood plinth etc etc.. THIS looks better and sounds better..

Jim B February 24, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

Lives up to all the hype and great reviews! Outstanding value…would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Gregory G February 24, 2022

Nothing but a waste of my time. Thanks a lot

Amazon Customer February 21, 2022

Got this for my husband for Christmas and it is a beautiful player and sounds great! He has really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it!

John H February 21, 2022

Solidly built, excellent sound, this is a wonderful turntable. Highly recommended.

Josh P February 20, 2022

Great sound quality, high quality parts, easy to use

GraceSeekerGraceSeeker February 19, 2022

This was an upgrade to my all in one udreamer phonographJust getting back into records after a 38 year CD or streaming break.This TT was easy to setup and use I paired it with the Edifier 1280T speakers and it sounds greatI may move up to the fancy RT85 if I really get OCD and audiophile bug :)Great value IMHO wood plinth is high quality

C. D February 19, 2022

I purchased this turntable as a family gift and we are extremely happy with it. Great quality, easy set up, and looks really cool. Highly recommended.

Richard February 18, 2022

belle table tournante

JeffJeff February 18, 2022

This is such a quality turntable. It is well built and looks absolutely gorgeous. The set up is easy with clear directions, and most importantly, the sound is fantastic. I'm pairing it with Edifier R1280DBs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. The turntable doesn't have Bluetooth, but connects easily with RCA cable. It's only been a week, but I am thrilled with my purchase and so happy to be playing my albums again!

Ken B February 18, 2022

The Fluance Turntable was easy to set up, has very good audio and looks great. I followed the recommended 24 hour break-in and am looking forward to many hours of quality music listening.

Jose February 16, 2022

Very sturdy. Extremely well made!! Classy look! Great sound, but don't forget sound gets better with good equipment besides just the turntable alone!!

Peter February 16, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

great product for the price.

Brian February 15, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

I got this as a gift for Christmas but never opened until today, unfortunately for me having not inspecting when it came, the shipper had damaged the box and upon opening discovered the plith was badly damaged. But what a great sounding TT for the price. I have owned many tables from tecniques rega and many in between, this exceptional value.

Snider February 12, 2022

Nice looking and good sounding. Easy to assemble and change needle, if/when needed. Music sounds and feels better than radio or streaming. Even better than cds. Mood changer, for the better!

Phillip, D February 12, 2022 Advanced Listener - 4 Years California, United States

Excellent turntable with an amazing sound!

Frank February 11, 2022 Ontario, Canada

Recently purchased this turntable and I must say that I'm impressed with the quality and ease to assemble. I'm using Ai41 Powered Speakers and I initially had issues with not hearing any audio from the speakers. I did contact support and they were helpful with trouble shooting however I ended up figuring it out by chance. Once I turned off Standby mode (solid red light) on the speakers then the audio started to come through. Not sure if any else had the same issues. I would highly recommend this set-up. I may purchase a Fluance sub-woofer to further enhance the over all experience.

BSO February 10, 2022

Purchased this and Fluance Ai41 Bookshelf speakers. Whole deal was over $500. The sound from the turn-table is SO low, hard to hear. However, the speakers are Bluetooth compatible, so when I connect my phone to them and stream music, they are very loud / good sound quality. Trying to get assistance from Fluance is an exercise in frustration.

n.o February 10, 2022

Ive had this for a little over 3 years at the time of this review and I still use this daily. I just get a new belt every 6 months and upgraded my cartridge to a Nagaoka MP-110 and Schiit Mani preamp. Sounds great with my setup.

Gramma R February 10, 2022

Easy set up. Had to buy power speakers to go with the turntable. Looks good and sounds good. Had pre amp already inside.

aimee r February 10, 2022

LOVE THIS!!! i bought edison shelf speakers to go along with this and it sounds incredible and i love the look of this

Ross L February 10, 2022

Absolutely love this record player. I feel that this is one of the best starter record players but can also be the last one you buy. It arrived un-damaged, was easy to set-up, tracked at a perfect 33.3 rpm, and sounds awesome. Don't skimp out on a new/first record player, get this one at the very minimum.

Rodney February 9, 2022


Mikhail N February 9, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Great purchase, fine sound!

mark a February 7, 2022

The turntable works well and I like it very much. What sucks is the customer service as I've contacted them through Amazon multiple times and not received any answer. All I wanted to know was what the warranty was on this item but no response. Otherwise it would have been five stars.

Clahalle7 February 7, 2022

If you are spending the extra money for a quality record player, spend a little extra for good set of speakers as well. Totally worth the investment. Set up easy, be sure to read instructions about calibrating the tone arm for beginners, to avoid scratching/damaging your records. Proper set up leads to smooth sailing for your listening experience.

Ms. G February 7, 2022

The sound quality is very good. It makes my regular stereo System sound better than I expected.

Gordon February 5, 2022

This item was purchased as a wedding gift and delivered to the newly wed residence. I have not seen it or talked with the recipient.

SoderlundSoderlund February 5, 2022

Setup will be easier if you're already experienced in concepts like tone arm balancing.But even if you're new to vinyl have no fear, instructions and YouTube unboxing will help!

Joe P February 4, 2022

Really liked the built in phono preamp & the Auto Shutoff feature, at the end of the Record.

Cheri February 3, 2022

I bought this for my adult daughter for Christmas. She loves it! It's so beautiful and easy to assemble with the straight-forward set-up instructions. I was confused in thinking that the built-in preamp meant that speakers wouldn't be needed. I was wrong. Once we got this hooked up to my stereo system to test, it was awesome. It sounds great - crisp and clear! (Although, I don't think it sounds like my old school record player, which I was hoping it would, which might be due to the vinyl, itself.)

Client d February 1, 2022


Marcus B February 1, 2022

Wonderful build quality and pretty simple to set up. Grab some good speakers, good music and get ready for good times!

James B January 31, 2022

Good bang for the buck on this. I'm pleased.

Tania T January 31, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year Connecticut, United States

Gorgeous turntable! The packaging was great and the manual made for a very setup. Acquired a large collection of vinyl and at 60 years old, it was time to purchase a "real" turntable.

JC January 30, 2022

Love this turntable, in particular that it has the built in amp. Easy to use!!!

Hidefguru January 29, 2022

Excellent quality Fluance RT81 turntable. Easy to set up and sounds amazing! Highly recommended!

Richard D January 29, 2022

Listen to all my old vinyls with great sound

Thomas K January 28, 2022

Incredible turntable, i never leave reviews for anything, but this is totally worth it, if you're upgrading from a very cheap starter turntable i couldn't recommend this more, I'm using the built in preamp and running it into my Yamaha RN-303D amp and it sounds absolutely amazing, i was sceptical with purchasing this thinking it might be another cheap player but thats not that case at all, cant fault it

KEVIN K January 25, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Georgia, United States


Terry G January 24, 2022

I liked evey thing about product..

Caroline T January 24, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year California, United States

Great look, easy set up, and great sound. It looks amazing in my room and sounds even better! This is my first turntable and is the perfect entry turntable to getting into vinyl listening. Only note is to play around with the counterweight a little more than they recommend in the instructions since on my table, the suggested weight was a touch too heavy.

Daniel H January 24, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years New Hampshire, United States

Great documentation, easy setup, sounds fantastic with my home theatre system

Ken E January 23, 2022

I really like the look and how easy it was to put together with the instructions. The only problem I had was my Onkyo receiver didn't have a phono preamp built into it. Because of the preamp built into the Fluance turntable, I could barely hear the music, but I could understand what was being played. It was disappointing. A few weeks later I ordered a Pyle phono preamp; hooked it up to the turntable and the Onkyo receiver and now I hear everything crystal clear. It's been years since I had a turntable and it brings joy and the memories of painful times when I listen to my albums. Summing it up, all things work together for the good.

KenH January 23, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

Excellent in the small room I have with the Fluance RT81 turntable and Ai41 speakers.

Jim C January 22, 2022

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and sound that was generated by this beautiful turntable with my old 40 year old LPs. The turntable is beautiful, well crafted. Knowing what I now know, I wish I would have upgraded to the direct drive. The belt looks flimsy, but works perfectly, so no complaints. I'm sure i can get another belt if the original wears out.

Christine R January 22, 2022

I bought this for my husband but once he started to unpack this I fell in love. Started from the professional packaging to set up to sound quality. Definitely

Robin W January 21, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Love the sound and sleek design, especially for the price. My only concern is the curing lever. It is to close to the tonearm lock and very hard to operate and find in low light situations. My suggestion would be and very small light at the end or even a small white glow in the dark dot or groove.

it's a January 19, 2022

Easy to assemble. Looks fantastic. Great for beginners.

Chris S January 19, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Couldn't be happier. Purchased the RT81. The sound quality is great. The set up was simple. The price was right on.

Renato January 17, 2022

Takes a longntime to ship. Same item diff color is overpriced. Not a fan.

O. M January 16, 2022

Husband is super happy. The sound is great (as long as you have good speakers and the right cable). It's beautiful too. Have had them for 4 months and they are working great

Michael S January 16, 2022

I like the appearance of the Fluance 81. Seems to be made well.

michael t January 15, 2022

Easy to set up and great quality.

Ian T January 15, 2022

Spent hours comparing other turntables and wasn't prepared to spend too much on a high end unit. I was eventually taken by the Fluance, but went for the slight better model from the base unit because of the stylus. Amazed how good it sounded and how well built it is. This definitely punches above its weight

William P January 15, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years New York, United States

ok so I purchased this unit for my 8 year old daughter who is getting into music and loves vinyl. the turntable is great for her and sturdy enough. for the price there are very few turntables out there that I would suggest. Also the cart/table shouldnt ruin your vinyl for when/if you eventually upgrade.

Ima S January 14, 2022

Very high quality. Delivers as promised. Love it.

M January 14, 2022

Great Turntable.

Amazon Customer January 13, 2022

Getting used a record again. Static electricity is a serious thing so beware of it and be prepared to deal with it. Would have been nice for some recommendations for items to deal with this. Otherwise it's amazing.

Chris R January 13, 2022

Easy to put together. Sound quality is exceptional for the price.

Alex M January 10, 2022

Fantastic sounding record player. Only downside is no volume control

Jim P January 10, 2022

I decided to do some research on entry level turntables after receiving an all in one as a Christmas gift and decided on this one. So far, so good. Set-up was relatively easy and to my ears at least, it sounds great. It's currently hooked up to my AV receiver for the time being. At some point, I'll most likely switch to a couple of powered speakers and maybe an external preamp down the road.

Antonio O January 9, 2022

This is an amazing turntable. I am a beginner and very satisfied.

Michael B January 8, 2022

I'm far from an audiophile, but I still demand crisp sound. This product doesn't break the bank, plays my records well, and looks absolutely beautiful. The high gloss wood finish is stunning. You won't find anything better for the price. This company ensures you're getting your money's worth in terms of features while also adding beauty to it's product.I spent an ungodly amount of time watching YouTube videos and other online research before pulling the trigger on this product (with hesitation). Unless this is above/too far below your budget, save yourself the time and hassle and choose Fluance!Hope this proves helpful - blessings and good health during these tough times

philip s January 8, 2022

Nice looking turntable, easy to assemble if you follow instructions. sound is excellent.

Rhonda H January 8, 2022

This gift was the best I have ever bought from Amazon. The sound is perfect and crisp like when I was child.

Angel G January 8, 2022

One, if not, the best entry level turntable if you're trying to get into the more advanced / expensive side of turntables.

Dave January 6, 2022

Failed out of the box. Support staff as helpful as possible, but finally ordered a new head for the tonearm, Installed and works as expected. One piece of usless advice from one tech "the needle has to be broken in" after explaining that the head transmits static but no recognizable other sound.

Amazon Customer January 6, 2022

My husband loved dor his cigar lounge . Very happy with the purchase.

Amazon Customer January 5, 2022

We love this record player. Has a sleek design, a nice quality record player. Sound is great. Purchased new speakers to go a long with it, very pleased.

Kindle Customer January 5, 2022

nice turntable ,& easy to set up

Ricardo B January 4, 2022

It looks great. Sounds great. Best price. Much better then other more expensive options. I love it.

Terri B. January 3, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

It was given as a Christmas gift to my husband. He was absolutely amazed at the quality of the work put into the making of the stereo and how easy it was to set up.

Sathya R January 2, 2022

I ordered this for the new year. But they had just sent an used one in such a poor packaging, I returned it immediately. If they can't take effort to pack the wonderful product, it is useless.The second time, when I ordered I got a beautiful turntable which is a great addition to my living room

Jim January 1, 2022

For years I wanted to order a turn table so we could listen to our old 33rpm records. A Christmas gift mainly for my wife but I too am enjoying listening to good music. The turn table is very sturdy and was accompanied by good instructions. Thank you. We both are enjoying your product.

Ryan M January 1, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

One of the best products on the market. Phenomenal customer service.

Aaron W December 31, 2021

Excellent sound quality. Fine craftsmanship.

Ter b December 31, 2021

Love the look sound , everything!!!!!Not Bluetooth compatible so you get the true sound not the digital version-which is perfect!!!

Roger B December 28, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years Ontario, Canada

Perfect blend of quality and value!

Eric R December 26, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Set up instructions were clear and easy to understand. Solid construction. Sounds great!

Casey December 16, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Oregon, United States

I ordered this for a Christmas present, and who ever delivered the package rang the doorbell and ruined the gift surprise. Because the box has the turntables on the box and the name of the brand and company on it. Not happy about that. But all in all excellent record player.

Edward B December 11, 2021

I hated giving up my 30-year-old technichis turntable but it was time. This is sounds as good as it looks. I'd recommend it and give it five stars

B L December 11, 2021

This turntable replaced an older (30+years old) Pioneer PL 510 direct drive turntable. I was gifted a new amp and speaker but there was no phono input with built in pre-amp. Decided to buy a new turntable instead of just getting a preamp.The key feature that drew me to this turntable was its feature to turn off at the end of the record. I am not always around when then record ends. This feature works great. I wish it did it faster when it reached the end of the record but this is not a big deal.My only "complaint" is that the control to lower the tone arm does not feels as solid compared to my older turntable. It works fine just a feel.Would definitely recommend this turntable.

Suzanne B December 9, 2021

for many of us with vinyl from our youth that is not always "pristine", it is a perfect companion for a trip down memory lane

Rick B December 8, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arkansas, United States

I love this turntable. I am getting new cables and grounding cable. Wondering if the Fluance PA10 pre will impove it even more. Loving the clearer sound and better tracking them my old Pyle pro tt

Sammy S December 7, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I installed this tunrtable for my mother with the speakers and I'm impressed with the quality of the materials and sound.

Amy,g December 7, 2021 Novice Listener - 4 Years New Hampshire, United States

Great sound, great modern look, easy instructions for weight setup, best price for the value

Jens P November 30, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Looks beautiful, and it plays .. omg *chef's kiss* ... it plays so nice I can't stop listening. I would absolutely buy it again.

Ryan M November 9, 2021

Easy set up. Amazing sound. Best turntable for the lower-middle range price

Amanda N November 1, 2021 California, United States

This player is exactly what you are looking for! The price point on this beautiful product is a steal. From attention to detail, to quality, to how well protected it is in transit - the Fluance RT81 is a phenomenal product that won't disappoint.

Virinder B November 1, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Ontario, Canada

Purchased RT 81 Turntable and took it to England as a gift for my sister. Set up and works good. Only caveat, upon setting up, the cover on the power/speed selector knob, came off in my hand, I would have thought Fluance would use a solid metal or aluminium knob screwed to the shaft. Otherwise after set up the TT works fine.

Tom October 21, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Connection cable could be longer

Yie Yan October 16, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I like this product very much and I am proud of having such a brand in Canada.

Adam B October 11, 2021

What an amazing turntable. I have owned many in my years collecting and listening to vinyl, and this is one of the best I have ever owned at it's price. From the cartridge, to the platter this is an amazingly built product. While I have only had it for a short period of time, I have used it a lot. It is easy to assemble and connected to my receiver and floor standing speakers the sound is out of this world. It also is beautiful to look at and I have gotten many complements on it as well.

Michael October 5, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Great turntable for the price. Well made and easy to set up.

CreativeEscapeWithAngela September 28, 2021

This is the best record player we have gotten yet. The sound is amazing and it performs beautifully.

Amazon Customer September 28, 2021

nice set up from factory

Amazon Customer September 25, 2021

Works perfectly for me.

Todd Grove September 25, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

RT-81 Turntable...an excellent value.

Like it's simplicity and appearance. Dislike the fact that after record is played, it stops with stylus down.

Punkbirdr September 24, 2021

Very nice and good value for money. SUPPORT Canadian companies!

Brian M September 22, 2021

I'm very happy with my purchase. The assembly was a little difficult, but okay as long as you read the directions first. Price is good for someone who is just starting with vinyl and doesn't need a high end system, and is much much better than cheaper versions(this was a replacement for the original $50 turntable I bought and hated).

David K September 22, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Washington, United States

Easy to set up and adjust. Sounds incredible. Much better than all of my previous turntables. Has a great look to it as well. It feels very well built.

Biggyiggy September 21, 2021

I bought this unit as someone fairly new to vinyl but very much into sound quality. I was sold on vinyl after trying a Target Heyday turntable and decided to invest in an upgrade, so this review will focus on comparing the two in the hopes of aiding newcomers to the world of vinyl. First, there is a definitive difference in tone and clarity with notable differences in the mid and base levels. Base levels are much louder and mid tones are warmer and more filled out. The built-in preamp outperforms the one in my Yamaha RX-V685 receiver, which produced too much base. The built-in preamp is better rounded and keeps the levels evened out. The overall volume on either preamp is louder on the Fluance than the Heyday. Starting the vinyls is significantly easier on the Fluance as the tone arm stays in place fairly well as it is lowered and has a slow drop feature which were issues with the Heyday. The Heyday arm wiggled all over and had no aid in slowing the drop. Often starting the Heyday took multiple attempts to find the starting groove, the Fluance on the other hand has yet to disappoint and has found the groove every time. The Fluance comes with a rubber mat to line the platter, a welcome difference over the felt mat that came with the Heyday as after playing a vinyl the felt would stick to the back of the record and had to be peeled off every time. The rubber mat of the Fluance stays perfectly in place every time. The Heyday is capable of Bluetooth connection, something the Fluance is lacking but I feel is more of a gimmick as the sound clarity suffers heavily when compared to a quality analog cord and I was fine to lose the option. The belt drive on the Fluance seems rather powerful. During cleanings of the vinyls with an anti static brush, the Heyday would slow almost to a stop but the Fluance keeps muscling through. The only feature missing on the Fluance that the Heyday has is that the platter on the Heyday automatically comes to a stop at the end of the side of the vinyl, whereas the Fluance will keep spinning. This isn't a giant loss and is a mere inconvenience that has no overall impact on the performance of the unit. I am overall very pleased with the sound quality and performance of the unit and it has exceeded all my expectations. The piano finish adds a nice level of classiness!

John C September 20, 2021

Very nice turntable. The walnut plinth is very handsome.

Ryan September 13, 2021

I upgraded from a lp60x it's an amazing turntable for its price

S C September 13, 2021

This is the first review I have ever written on Amazon, but felt inspired to do so! I have conducted SO MUCH research into trying to find a turntable that was true quality but also halfway affordable. There are so many things to spend this money on in trying to make ends meet in our crazy world today, but it was time I treated myself. Music is excellent personal therapy for day to day dealing with what ails our culture. Treat yourself!

Nate H September 11, 2021 Advanced Listener - 11 Years Washington, United States

Upon unboxing and setup the speed was spot on and the stylus was dialed in too, sounds very beautiful.

Steven R September 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Missouri, United States

Great product. It came pre set and after double checking was happy to happy to see everything was set perfectly.

Riza G September 4, 2021

I was comparing other turntables and watching reviews on the RT81. And for my purposes and what I was looking for, fit the bill. Yes the higher models have better motors and stylus, but I'm not knit picky like some audiophiles out there.I've heard people say to upgrade the stylus, but listening to my records the sound was excellent! Also I heard people complain about the rpms being too fast but it seemed perfect to my ears.I was gonna download and app on my phone to check the rpm speed, but that was overkill especially if the music sounded fine.Also I read about buying a preamp because normally built-in preamps on turntables are supposedly crap. So I did purchase a behringer pp400. I compared the sound with both and behringer did not improve the sound quality at all. What I did notice was that the behringer pp400 actually lowered the volume to my speakers. I thought it was supposed to increase the volume, but this was not the case so I returned the preamp. If you are worried about the built-in preamp, don't worry it's fine trust me.What I did invest in are a good set of RCA audio cables. The ones it comes with are pretty cheap and when I hooked it up to my speakers, there was a slight hum from electrical feedback. But that wasn't a real issue as once the music start playing, all you hear is the great sounding music.Overall, I can't say anything bad about it. It's a great turntable especially if you are just starting out. The quality and build of the RT81 is outstanding and I can say enough about how sleek and elegant it looks. Every one who sees and hears this turntable say they love it and are going to get one.You can't go wrong with the Fluance RT81 or any of their line of turntables...and it's built in Canada!!!

jojo September 1, 2021

We've had our stack of vinyls & moved them around from home to home over the years without a turntable, however, 40 years later, we bought this turntable. Wish we'd of done it sooner as the hook up was easy & the sound is just amazing. We love it!

Jeanne N September 1, 2021

It's simplicity is great. I have a lot old albums. I researched this turntable. It's great. I wake up every morning and play an album. Nice addition to my day!

L.L J August 27, 2021

I got it for my husband's birthday it was easy to set up and love the quality of the sound. Of course he loved it

James August 24, 2021

I've spent a couple months with this table. I was given a handful of vinyl by family and have not been disappointed! This meets my needs perfectly, and has incredible value, especially if you plan to upgrade components around it.

Paul S August 20, 2021

Installation of the platter, drive belt, and tonearm counterweight and anti skate adjustments were quick and easy & instructions were clear. I did have an issue when connecting the turntable to an Dayton Audio HTA100BT amp using the "phono" input and bypassing the internal preamp of the TT. Had a lot of hum and the left channel cut out. All worked fine after switching to AUX input and enabling the preamp. There is still a slight hum when the turntable is on but that is easily drowned out when an LP is playing. I have 10-12 hours of operation on the unit and no problems. Nice to be playing vinyl again after 30 something years.

D. M August 18, 2021

Love the sound but the instructions on assembling the cartridge are very poor

Amazon Customer August 13, 2021

Love this beautiful turntable. Easy to assemble. Sounds great!

Louie S August 12, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Fantastic sounding turntable listened to differnet genras of music from clasic rock to more modern hip-hop all sounds great. Had a great experience with customer service agent Dawn, had an issue the weight stabilizer that whould not fit the spinal on the Turntable at all. Sent an email to customer service. Sent all pictures they requested and received a new weight within a week. Other than the price of the RT81 went down a couple weeks after I bought it. All is ex excellent.

Tyler H August 12, 2021

Got this turn table with what you could say a cheap pair of speakers and it still sounds amazing! I bought it because it was on Vinyl Eyezz's top 5 best beginner turntables.

Richard M August 10, 2021

I should have purchased the next model up that provides arm return to position when the album is complete. This model is semi-automatic.

KJW August 9, 2021

Well worth the price. For a run of the mill audiophile like me this turntable looks and sounds great. Researched a lot on lower cost players and am happy with my choice.

Daniel August 7, 2021

If you're an audiophile this probably wont impress you but i would still highly recommend for a beginner or someone on a budget. Great option for under $500.

Jeff S August 6, 2021

I am more than satisfied with this turn table. It has an even better sound than I had anticipated. I hooked it up with my 70's JVC equipment with excellent results. I recommend it.

Paul August 6, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years other

Shipped to NZ without a hassle and arrived in excellent condition. Excellent packaging inside the box and easy to assemble. For the exchange rate plus shipping, I could have bought another brand in NZ but I wanted a Fluance : )

Not a purist or aficionado on turntables so not sure what to expect but sounds good to me !

Kevin K August 4, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

After numerous attempts following instructions exactly I am unable to correctly adjust tonearm & use turntable.

Andrew P August 3, 2021

At first I thought I would be overwhelmed with the set-up but after a few minutes I was able to get it set up. I bought some $100 speakers and the sound coming out was amazing.

Joseph M July 28, 2021

I got this one for my bedroom and the 82 for my living room which is much bigger. I mainly got this one for the wallet color which was sold out in the 82 and I figured I'd compare them this way. Slightly different rigs. This one has a Sony amp with old Pioneer 3 way speakers vs an onkyo with polk towers downstairs. Both rigs are excellent but slight advantage downstairs and I'd say the om10 is a slightly better cart vs the at95 but all in all these turntables are amazing. I played the first 2 sides of deloused in the comatorium on both tables. Sounds are Bouncing around the room. Om10 slightly prettier at95 slightly livelier. Both of these tables are amazing. One of my favorite albums really coming to life right out of the box. I've heard the at95 needs burn in time too so this really is a great cart. Both are beautiful tables and solid af. The walnut is definitely my favorite but the black is very classic and looks great. I'm switching from project rpm and technics which were also nice tables but I honestly think these are the best sounding tables I've ever had. Also upgraded both to acrylic mats. You will not be disappointed. I'd say go with the om10 but really both sound amazing.

William A July 28, 2021

Excellent investment and sound quality I am enjoying my music

Nick July 26, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Jersey, United States

Once I got the ground loop humming issue solved (I had to wire the ground to a cold water pipe) it worked perfectly. Easy set up, spins perfectly. Solid turntable!!!

Tracy P July 25, 2021

My first turntable in 30 years. Couldn't be happier. I was worried about the setup, but the instructions were easy.

anonymous July 24, 2021

love this turntable. very sharp looking and it plays great. it does everything i need it to do. set-up was simple and i would highly recommend!

Gary G July 23, 2021

So much better sound than what I remember from college in the mid 70's. Playing thru a Denon AVR 790 and Klipsch KG4 speakers.

Edwin S July 23, 2021

Love the quality & sound of Fluance RT81

Sandra c July 23, 2021

Just what I was looking for. Haven't had a turntable in years and it is very nice to listen to good vinyl again.

B4R July 22, 2021

This is great after 5 years of using a $100 Sony turn table. I'm getting better performance and I can change the cartridge. Setup took some time but the tactile feeling of playing a record and trac selection is excellent.

Shurochka July 20, 2021

Be careful when auto-stop is on, the disc stops at the end of recording, but the tonearm does not rise.

Angel D July 14, 2021


Richard July 12, 2021

The vinyl record player added a special touch to my vintage home stereo system. The sound quality is amazing and the overall appearance look is a real head turn and great conversation piece.

Doug S July 11, 2021

We do not claim to be audiophiles by any means, but as newcomers to the whole vinyl revival, the simplicity of this turntable is perfect and the sound quality is impressive even playing through our old Panasonic receiver. It's nice that the turntable has a pre-amp. Easy to set up and easy to play, we were ready to go in a half hour. Please make sure you have the turntable cover snapped all the way into the holders or it will pop out when you are trying to close it. You could scratch your records this way. It has been fun finding old vinyl that is still in good shape and turns out to be very playable on this device. Thank you for a fine product.

Kjlang127 July 11, 2021

This turntable looks good in the pics, but it's even better in person. Easy to setup and good quality components. Solid!

AR July 10, 2021

Purchased this for my daughter and she loves it! Very nice entry level turntable works well and is good looking. I started buying albums again and may purchase another for myself.

Charlie M July 10, 2021

Build quality is excellent.

JC July 4, 2021

Does notnl work

Wallace H. July 2, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Georgia, United States

My first real Turntable and I love it. The look, the quality and sound without breaking the bank. What is not to love

kiko2020 June 27, 2021

White piano color simply beautiful,this RT 81 sounds pretty good ,I'm using ortofon blue ,a better audio cables makes all the difference, acrylic mat,and record weight,the price is right and this color is new for fluance line up,I'm pretty happy,thanks Fluance keep doing the good job!!!

Carlos B. June 16, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year California, United States

RT81 sounded good and looks beautiful but there's a few concerns.
*Cueing lever feels so flimsy and will probably will not last
*RCA cables are cheap, WTH Fluance!
*Speed was way off! I mean not expecting 33.3 but 33.78!
*Provision for the 45 adapter should have been thought out..

Richard June 14, 2021

Looks great and is super easy to assemble. Beautiful sound quality.

Harry J June 11, 2021

I like it.

Trey P June 5, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year Wisconsin, United States

I'm a newcomer to the vinyl turntable experience, but can't imagine a better turntable. The build quality is excellent, and so is the audio quality. Having a built in preamp and auto-stop are great for me, but knowing that I can bypass the built in pre-amp down the road and upgrade to a separate one is awesome.

Amazon Customer June 2, 2021

I like this turntable. It is well built and looks nice. The setup process was nice and smooth. The auto on/off feature is nice. I am not an expert in turn tables, so I can't make a lot of comparisons. After more research I wish I had spent just a little more money on an upgraded model, but I still think this is a really good value for my needs just starting out.

David V June 2, 2021

Sounds fantastic, I purchased the the turntable to listen to Vinyl LPs.

Shane May 31, 2021 New Jersey, United States

What an outstanding turntable! It's a gorgeous piece and the build quality is terrific. Not one aspect of it feels cheap or like it was neglected during design & production. Setup is a breeze and after the recommended 24 hour burn-in I'm thrilled with the quality of every record (new & old) I've played on it. This is an absolute steal for $250.

Larissa H May 29, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

Sound is great! First record player purchase in decades.

TIm May 29, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Nebraska, United States

I'm very happy with my RT 81. Looks vintage and classy and it really sounds great!

Jorge M May 27, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Great sound and easy to use.

EMR May 26, 2021

Excellent set up and good directions. Really great sound! Can’t recommend enough.

M. V May 26, 2021

First of all very well packaged. I’m dusting off my old vinyl collection and diving back in. I looked at a lot of turntables before pulling the trigger on the RT81. I am by no means an expert, but I did a lot of research before buying. I like the look of the piano black so I actually opted to buy the ‘used’ option from Fluance as the black was back ordered and $50 more than the Walnut finish when I ordered. Looks brand new and was packaged like it was brand new. Thought I would throw that in for anyone considering going that route. Saved me $70. No regrets from me going that route.I chose the RT81 because of the built in preamp and the option to override that if I ever expand my set up in the future. I plan on hooking up a pair of Sonos Five, but those are back ordered so right now rolling with some old speakers I had laying around. Still sounds outstanding. I’m heavily invested in a Sonos setup so I felt it was natural to hook this up to Sonos speakers.I also chose this as I am using in my bar area at home. I don’t have a ton of space so the ability to hook up directly to speakers with out a receiver, external preamp, etc was appealing.Set up was a breeze. Will likely upgrade the stylus at some point, but very impressed twitch the standard stylus. Tested the speed and it was about perfect, so didn’t even mess with it.I have no complaints. I would like if this was fully automatic, but the auto stop works as expected. I would like it if it returned the arm, but that’s not big deal. Had a few questions when purchasing and Fluance was outstanding in responding. 5/5 for me considering the price is very reasonable.

Peter A. May 25, 2021 Novice Listener - 5 Years New Jersey, United States

I did a fair amount of research, and then a good bit of hesitating on pulling the trigger on an all-in-one turntable option for the office at my new job. Finally pulled the trigger on at RT81 and couldn't be happier. Super easy setup via the printed directions and worked perfectly the first spin. The sound is wonderful and the build is very solid. Would highly recommend to an other!

Martin M May 24, 2021


Mike C May 20, 2021

I've enjoyed my RT81 with walnut plinth for over two years now - it is a quality, well-made turntable with a ton of good features. It can switch from 33 to 45 RPM with a turn of a knob (I have a few double LPs that were remastered at 45), and the auto-stop is, to me, a great addition. Initially, I was using the built-in preamp and the sound quality was very good. I now have it paired with a vintage Yamaha receiver (and they look amazing together), which is connected to my Sonos system. It's great to listen to records throughout the house. Two years in, using it virtually every day, I couldn't be any happier. One of my favorite purchases ever on Amazon. Highly, highly recommended.

Andrew K. May 18, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Florida, United States

I wanted to step up from the cheap all in one turn table I got a few years ago, but didn't want to break the bank. The RT81 was perfect. Built in pre-amp works great with my powered speakers. Pulling the turntable out of the box I could tell it was a solid build. Easy to set up (I am a novice at balancing a tone arm), I had it playing in just a few minutes. It sounds awesome, clear, good bass... well rounded. I've got a mix of older records and newer stuff and it all sounds wonderful. Some folks might find not having an automatic start as a draw back, but I'm ok with it, happy to save a bit on the cost but not sacrifice the sound. I do like the auto stop feature. I love playing records and I think the RT81 will serve me for quite a few years to come.

Nicole H May 16, 2021 Novice Listener - 9 Years British Columbia, Canada

It’s very clean looking works really well and produces great sound, such an upgrade from my hand me down player

Rob H May 15, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

I bought this to digitize records. I only rip about 1 or 2 records per month. Started getting channel drop outs during playback. Tried different amps, cables, etc. The problem is the internal amp bypass switch in the back. Flick it back & forth a few times and the problem is gone......at least for a while.

Will S. May 14, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year West Virginia, United States

So far, the Fluance RT81 has exceeded expectations. Assembly and calibration was very simple, even for a newbie to vinyl. For the price, I feel like this is exactly what I wanted. I am actually bypassing the preamp and using a vintage receiver and speakers. The sound is amazing.

Tim M. May 12, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years South Carolina, United States

Very pleased! This was an upgrade from my "getting back into vinyl" turntable. Easy set up. Walnut finish was out of stock when I originally went to order - definitely worth the wait - not only performs well, but gorgeous looking. Also, shipped and received two weeks earlier than originally expected - thank you Fluance!

Roger G May 12, 2021

What I like most is the sound reproduction is excellent however there is way too much feedback from the preamp so I had to turn that feature off. Overall I do like the turntable.

John May 11, 2021

I made the mistake of buying a janky victrola a couple of years ago pre pandemic because I had a few boxes of yard sale 45 singles I wanted to play. Well we all know what happens then, so I found myself with a few nice records and a junky record player! This fluance is perfect for me, auto stop, preamp, rpm selector, queue lever, and a decent cartridge. All those other player options like automatic queuing and return are just fluff. If you can't handle moving the tonearm by yourself records aren't for you.I think it uses a lower class motor like the inexpensive turntables do, but the speed seems consistent, I haven't measured it yet. It is a nice looking player with some serious hardware where it counts. I wish you could upgrade the platter to acrylic like you can with the rt83, but it sounds very good as is.My only complaint is the included silicone rubber mat creates a lot of static, I've been trying to figure out how to reduce that without a lot of expense. I've only seen a couple of options. I am thinking grounding the player might be a good place to start, otherwise it's either a different platter mat or one of the anti static gizmos.

Robert E May 10, 2021

I think for the price I should not have to work so hard balancing the arm seeing if u need a preamp make sure of this ect. Just to much Robert

Andrew T May 9, 2021

Looks good, sounds good. What more can you ask for?

Jeff c May 9, 2021

Very satisfied with my new turntable the only thing I don’t like is you have to cue the record to start it and it does stop on it’s own but does not lift the needle and return the arm to the arm rest automatically you have to do it yourself

David J May 7, 2021

Was having a problem with a turntable in my living room due to skipping every time I walked by. Tried a number of remedies and finally decided to buy this one due to reviews that indicated it handled footsteps very well. Shipping was quick and packaging was very secure. Instructions very detailed and easy to follow. Looks great, no more skipping. Felt that with the included preamp it was a bit underwhelming. Bought the Pro-Ject Phono Box E preamp, bypassed the included preamp, and it really opened up and made it more dynamic. Fabulous sound!

Darren, G, L May 3, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

I love my Fluance turntable! I did my research for the budget I was working with and Fluance was coming up in the top positions over and over. Gorgeous design and the quality is amazing. The set up was easy and the directions were spot on. My system sounds beautiful. Five stars all the way.

James B April 28, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years New York, United States

Just got my RT81 set up and holly hell it is beautiful, not only is the table it's self stunning but the sound is beautiful and warm. I'm in love with my new Turntable.

Amazon Customer April 26, 2021

It’s a smooth turntable, but you need to read the instructions all the way through though to make it work correctly. Highly recommended Dubai.

D. P April 24, 2021

Great turn table

Amazon Customer April 23, 2021

An amazing record player for the price!

Josh P April 23, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

Extremely happy with the Fluance RT81 as my first turntable. Setup was pretty quick, only had the usual issues with the tonearm. It sounds magnificent & I love the way it looks. Great purchase for the price

Jordan W April 21, 2021

I'd spent years trying to decide which turntable was right for me. I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on something that I knew at this phase of life wouldn't get used as often as I'd like. I also wanted something that not only sounded great, but looked great. This fit the bill. It was very easy to set up after watching the tutorial videos, and I've enjoyed both new vinyl and ones I've collected over the past few decades. I really appreciate the sound quality of both LP's and 45's. I would highly recommend.

Garry M April 19, 2021

Deliberated for a while what turntable to buy in the £200 - £300 range and eventually chose the Fluance. A little bit different, minimalist, but a touch of quality about it. Easy to put together. Nice solid plinth, absolutely no motor noise. The turntable revolves with no hint of friction whatsoever. Very good value for money

TREVOR April 18, 2021

Such an incredible record player. Sounds is amazing and the craftsmanship is stellar. Takes a little bit to set up but if you read the instructions and follow them it’s not bad. This is definitely a step up from the two other players I’ve owned from Audiotechnica I’ve owned.

Joseph C April 16, 2021

10/10 would recommend

Chris B April 16, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Colorado, United States

Solidly made, easy to operate

Amazon Customer April 11, 2021

Great sound, easy to set up, rich looking. Would be good for a beginner or as a replacement. GreT gift with resurgence of LP’s

BKD April 9, 2021

Beautiful product and great sound!!!

Tucker April 9, 2021

Absolutely love this turntable! It looks beautiful. I enjoy seeing my vinyl turn on it. Sounds great too! Warm, rich tones with plenty of bass. Currently using the built in preamp, connected to a pair of powered Edifier speakers. It has plenty of power for my needs, and oh, did I mention it sounds amazing? Setup was easy and went smoothly. I let the turntable run freely for 24 hours to allow for "burn in", as recommended in the manual. I've not had any issues with speed as some others have mentioned. Looking forward to growing my vinyl collection and enjoying music on this for years to come!

Jean-Philippe M April 7, 2021

good quality for the price dont be affraid beginners

rickert April 7, 2021

Great sound quality for the price. Although Some of my records are about 40 years old, the sound quality through this turntable is excellent.

Hayley April 7, 2021

Absolutely love it, would highly recommend if you’re looking for a record player!

Steven g April 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years Michigan, United States

Love the player! Its quiet, and love the antiskip on it

Richard D April 3, 2021 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Washington, United States

I just setup my RT 81 and couldn’t be happier. It was fast and easy and worked completely as advertised. It sounds great, looks amazing and for the money can’t be beat.

Brian G April 2, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years Colorado, United States

This is my first turntable, so I wanted quality at a reasonable price. The RT81 nails it at this price point. I wasn’t ready to dive into high end cartridges and preamps so the RT81 is perfect. The next level turntable is $50 more plus you then need a $100 or more preamp, so the RT81 is a no brainer. I love the sleek design, very classy. The setup was no problem. The packaging is first rate. The sound is great, I couldn’t be happier. I waited 3 months to get this and I’m glad I did.

David H April 2, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years South Carolina, United States

Great quality. Solid, great look and feel. Excellent value. I did a lot of research, landed on the RT81. I didn’t want to pay for extras I didn’t need, such as automatic functions. The preamp works well and there is no ground loop issue.

Rebecca L April 1, 2021

This turntable sounds and looks amazing! For the price I did not expect this great of quality. It has a great weight to it and a beautiful gloss finish that I love. I went with the black finish because it goes with my receiver and cd/cassette deck. It was super easy to set up and a great turntable for beginners. The only bad this I have to say about this turntable is the fact that I have to clean it constantly, but I knew that I would have to do that when I ordered it in black. If you don’t want to worry about this you can opt for the wood finish which is also a lovely look.

Fredericka M March 20, 2021

I love the way it looks it looks expensive and it really wasnt and the sound is great it only took a few minutes to setup very happy with this purchase

spore March 18, 2021

Beautiful looking turntable. Sound quality is excellent . highly upgradable plug and play cartridge. Built in Texas Instruments pre-amp can be shut off for use with an external one. Very easy set up. The Audio Technica At95E comes alighned and ready to install which i did in minutes.

Russell G March 12, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 12 Years Wisconsin, United States

Five star turntable with a few downs.
1. The labels for the tonearm weight are in grey, makes it very hard to see and set up.
2. The actual tonearm is plastic. A bit disappointing.

On to the positives, which are amazing...
1. Great stylus/needle and cartridge. You don't need to buy an extra stylus to get great sound.
2. Solid plinth/base. The base is outright heavy, it won't be budged or help with nasty vibrations.
3. The detail. From the tonearm's downward and upward automatic motion to the simplicity of the power buttons, this thing has fewer things because fewer things can go wrong with it.
4. The sound and feel. While the sound of what it gives you from clean records is amazing, there is something to be said for the overall feel of records that are pretty good in fidelity. You feel the sounds from even cheap 100 dollar powered speakers in detail.
5. The price is pretty competitive. You can buy a 100 dollar suitcase system and end up with next to nothing. Instead, you can use this table to work towards a literal 350 dollar system that sounds amazing.

Nearly Highly Recommended. I just wish they would make the labels in bright white contrast instead of grey. This is an amazing turntable with a really crisp and deep sound coming from a great mechanism.

Samira p March 11, 2021

Muy bueno el producto

EvilBast March 10, 2021

I bought this turntable Aug 2017. It plays today every bit as good as it did the day I unboxed it. Its beautiful, sounds great and super simple to use.

Rob March 10, 2021

Easy to set up, and very happy with quality. Looking forward to years of use.

catherine w March 9, 2021

The best turntable for the money. Couldn't be more pleased with it. Great job Fluance.

PETE W March 7, 2021

Ever so slight rumble from motor when nothing being played. Think it may be traveling up tone arm.

Rex B March 4, 2021

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the turntable and the overall sound quality was amazing. Excellent product.

tg March 3, 2021

Easy to assemble, just follow the directions. If you don’t have the patience for that, you probably shouldn’t be buying a record player.Great sound, solid feel, great isolation feet.Ella Fitzgerald sounds terrific!

Matt C. March 2, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

I just got back into the vinyl world after many years out. My old TT didn't survive the years of inactivity and had bought a ATLP60 to get me by. Well that was NOT enough! Did my research and found the RT81 had excellent reviews and right in the price range I wanted to spend. BESY money I ever spent. Best TT ever. Amazing looks and sound. I upgraded the stylus to the ATN95EX and it has opened up so much more sound. Not the the one that came with it was a slouch by any means, I just wanted a little more fidelity out of it and I got it. I cannot recommend this TT enough. Stop reading and get this! Now!!

Brian B February 23, 2021

Replaced my unrepairable turntable. It was easy to assemble and performs very well. High quality design and exceeds my expectations.

Chris b February 23, 2021

Perfect turntable for getting back into vinyl after a long absence.

Zachary W February 21, 2021

It is a great starter turntable it has everything you need

PamE February 19, 2021

I was raised back in the day when all we had were vinyl records. I wanted to go back to that time and start collecting albums from my childhood. This turntable is fantastic! I paired it with a Sony receiver and Yamaha speakers. Could not be happier. I was also a little nervous about putting the turntable together with the belt. The instructions were fantastic and I had no trouble at all. I watched a You Tube video on balancing the tone arm and coupled with the instructions from Fluance have a very nice sounding turntable. I'm having a blast reliving my youth and I highly recommend this turntable!

Eric S February 19, 2021 New Jersey, United States

This turntable is great! I got this as a gift for my friends 30th birthday and he loves it. Shipping was super fast too, once this model was back in stock I ordered and had it in days.

Tom K February 18, 2021

Solid construction, excellent value, high quality.My only suggestion is to ditch the "standard" RCA cable that is supplied, and instead get a heavy duty RCA cable for connection - it should cost less than $15 to get a solid RCA cable.Apart from that minor quibble of only a "standard" RCA cable supplied, the turntable itself is great. Dead simple to set up, sturdy, hefty build, looks wonderful, and the auto shutoff feature is great for night listening.Side note, I added additional damping pads under the feet of the turntable, which are not needed for most users. But my floor is wood, and adding some extra damping against low frequency rumble was just a precaution. The white damping pads in the photo are not included with the turntable.

Amazon Customer February 15, 2021

I've had this turntable for a month now, and I really have nothing bad to say about it. It's stunningly beautiful and plays well. I cannot comment on the built-in preamp, as I have bypassed it due to plugging it into an amplifier. I haven't had any problems with the speed, as other reviewers have stated. The arm lowering lever is slow enough to close the lid before the needle lands on the record, which is a plus. Reliving my teenage years in the 70s all due to this purchase. I'd definitely buy this again.

Nastaran February 14, 2021

Gorgeous, and well made

Dead J February 13, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Arizona, United States

fast shipping I got exactly what i wanted, work great, thank you.

Matt s February 13, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Looks great . Easy to set up. Sounds good!

Amazon Customer February 12, 2021

Fairly easy to set up and once it truly "burnt in” the sound was amazing!!

Roger B. February 10, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year New Jersey, United States

Amazing quality, great looks, great sound. I love the wood on it, it’s really beautiful. I just wished it was fully upgradable to RT85 specs. (For example the tone arm weight required to put an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge doesn’t fit the tonearm of an RT81)

Eric, j February 9, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Pennsylvania, United States

Very nice looking record player. Seems to be put together nicely. Seems sturdy. Plays well. Quick turn around on my order. Less than 5 business days I believe.

Doug L. February 9, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Colorado, United States

After purchasing an Rt85 for myself, I told my brother who researched and thought it was a great choice. He has an ancient Dual turntable that no longer worked. I surprised him with an RT81 as a gift. We've spoken and he absolutely loves it. Only drawback is he regrets selling so much of his vinyl years ago for CDs. He now is spending money he didn't plan for new replacement albums.

Neal D February 9, 2021 California, United States

Great turntable! Easy to hookup and fantastic sound. Highly recommend.

Joshua L February 7, 2021 Advanced Listener - 5 Years Ohio, United States

Impeccable all around! After ample research and deliberation, I decided on this RT81 turntable. From the packaging down to the sleek design, I love it all! The experience that I have playing my vinyl on this turntable is awesome! Great job Fluance!

Manny H February 6, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year Texas, United States

Looks beautiful in my setup and sounds great with new and old records alike. I like that I can upgrade the cartridge in the future and bypass the internal amp if needed.

Clay B February 5, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Great Service, great support when needed to ask questions, great product. I did a lot of research for turntables and Fluance had the best information and best knowledge. Brent was great from sales to support. Very high quality product. Couldn't imagine buying from anywhere else

Dave S February 4, 2021 Advanced Listener - 10 Years California, United States

Really great from its sturdy and sleek construction to the quality it turns out. The onboard preamp is surprisingly good, and paired with the PA10 preamp, it is even better! It's an exception value.

Theresa D February 1, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year Washington, United States

Beautiful, works so well, good directions for set up.

Ahmad January 31, 2021

Worth for money.

Trev S January 30, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

High quality, Great sounding player. Highly recommended

Tyler B January 30, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Nova Scotia, Canada

This table looks and sounds amazing. It came to me much sooner than expected which was great! Would recommend this unit highly

Rachel D January 30, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I treated myself to this turntable for my birthday. I was replacing my crumby Crossley. The sound is great and it looks fabulous too. Great value!

Nikki January 29, 2021 Novice Listener - 5 Years Rhode Island, United States

I love this turntable! It's so great that it has a preamp already with it and if you decide to upgrade to an external amp you have the option to do so! The set up is also really easy and straight forward! I would definitely recommend this for anybody looking for a nice, dependable turntable! I did a lot of research before deciding on this one but I'm glad it was this one!

Chris C January 29, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Washington, United States

Love the rt81, my first real turntable. It sounds and looks great! Now I just need to get myself a good speaker set-up.

TJ F. January 29, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Idaho, United States

Perfect for someone just getting into vinyl...it is easy to set up, looks great and sounds fantastic. I would recommend a higher end model once you make a commitment to records. But this model is a good starting point. Highly recommend!

CurtisB January 28, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Bought a cheap 150.00 turntable for my son for Christmas. All plastic garbage. It even started getting a click after 20 minutes. He was excited, but then disappointed shortly thereafter.
I returned it as broken, and bought your turntable which I knew would be much better because I have your surround speakers that are awesome.
It arrived at around 25lbs. We opened it together, and everything was heavy duty metal. Put it all together and he loves it. He is 19, and is showing it to all of his friends.
Thank you. Love your products.

Josh D January 28, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Ohio, United States

Awesome turntable
For beginners like myself . This is a great turntable for someone who just wants a basic setup to casually enjoy their records . You essentially are ready to go with this turntable aside from a set of proper speakers for it. It also came close to exactly when they said it was going to come , and I preordered it .

Tyler January 20, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Nova Scotia, Canada

The RT81 looks and sounds great! Very pleased with it so far, would recommend this turntable to anyone who's starting out with vinyl and avoid some other cheap brand.

Matthew January 12, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 8 Years Idaho, United States

Received this for Christmas and absolutely love it! Outstanding quality and amazing sound. Customer for life!

FABI HM January 7, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year California, United States

I am a newbie to turntables. I did extensive research and this one came up in multiple lists. It took about a month from date of purchase to arrive, so the excitement built up. The turntable was easy to set up with the manual and YouTube videos. Since I am a newbie, the turntable audio was good enough for me. Super excited to use it more. Turntable looks beautiful and classy.

Greg B. January 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

I've had a lot of turntables over the years. Outside of the really old behemoth, this is the best. It sounds great and as a nice bonus isn't as easily disturbed as my last three. I don't have to worry so much about it picking up vibrations from the cat tree or the speakers or my limping across the room.

Ashley d. January 6, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

This is a great sounding system for a remarkable price. I did tons of research before choosing Fluance and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

John C. January 6, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Connecticut, United States

Arrived early - could not be happier

Jason A January 5, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

Was looking to get my brother a quality turntable for Christmas, and was leaning towards an AT like I have. I hopped on and started researching to see if anything new was out there, or any improvements to the table I already have. I stumbled on Fluance (a brand I LOVE for guitar gear) and saw this was on preorder. I immediately jumped on it and was excited to see what they’d offer.

I am in *love* with it. The quality is obviously there, the wood looks stunning, and above all, the sound quality is way above the price paid. I sort of felt going into this that it’s an intro price to hook some folk, and I feel confident in that after setting it up and playing. At this point, I want to sell mine and buy this one.

Jocelyn M December 25, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

I bought this for my boyfriend and he really likes it! He thinks that the design is beautiful.

Kristie J December 25, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Texas, United States

This turntable is a great value for amazing quality! If you want to upgrade, this is the turntable for you! After a ton of research, Fluance was our choice, and we weren’t disappointed.

Jim December 21, 2020 Advanced Listener - 11 Years Indiana, United States

Crap Sound

John M December 21, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

If you shop for turntable[ used] they are expensive and most off the time need service, parts . I was facing this dilemmas .Two finish, all types of models for you budget and performance and brand new with warranty . I pic Fluance rt81 and after reviewing on line and videos you will find Fluance turntable for you. Just pic you model and options an you are set!!!!

Marcus G December 18, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Arizona, United States

Sounds much better than my old turntable and looks way better. Recommending this product to all my friends and the level of ease it takes to upgrade it makes it even better

Roger R December 17, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Florida, United States

Received this product a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with it. I ordered the black piano finish and looks very fancy. I originally wanted the wood finish but it was out of stock. I was so excited to get it that I did not have the patient to wait. So I settled for the black piano finish. If I would still have the chance I would go for the wood finish. I am enjoying the RT 81. It was very easy to put together. Very well put together. It is evident that your company takes pride in
making this product It is I did a lot of research before getting this. You Tube was my friend. I found Creg on YouTube he has the Vinyl Channel and with his review of the RT 81 was sold. I recoment this product to any one who wants to get into vinyl.

Brian B. December 16, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Texas, United States

This thing is night and day compared to my last turntable. Set up was simple. The built in pre amp sounds wonderful. The counterbalance and overall setup was simple. It looks beautiful and I'm happy to show it off! Great purchase, well worth it.

Susan H December 15, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

My husband loves this player. He's a music snob
Says it's the best gift ever!

Frank T December 15, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years New Jersey, United States

It's been way too long since I've owned a turntable. After much research and reading reviews, I decided on the RT-81. And I am so not disappointed. Elegant, easy to set up, easy to use, and sound is gorgeous. I've got it setup with my 35 yr old Kenwood rack system that I brought back to life with some TLC, and I am so happy with my Fluance!

Scott L December 12, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

Delivery, setup, documentation, operation are all great. Only minor complaint is the length of time it takes for the album to stop turning at the end with the auto stop enabled.

Michael December 10, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Nice looking turntable

Martin W. December 7, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Simply the best. Sounds and looks great. Order it directly from Fluance and save some money. Fluance, you are a great Canadian company.

Chris T. December 4, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Florida, United States

Great turntable. Looks very high-end for a reasonable price. It comes with a decent Audio-Technica AT-VMN95E which sounds good but it is easy to upgrade the stylus within the Audio-Technica line without switching the cartridge or rebalancing the tonearm. After installing the upgraded Audio-Technica AT-VMN95ML stylus, the sound is spectacular - all much less a similar quality tunable.

Zach H. December 4, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Alabama, United States

Ease of assembly out of the box and quality was amazing. coming from the cheap Crosby suite case which was very low budget but had been given quite a vinyl collection so wanted to take care of my family memories. very happy with purchase. Sounds great.

Steven B December 3, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

I love the sound of this turntable.

Gerald W December 1, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

Out of the box, dollar for dollar, the best turntable you can buy for the price. Others at this price point are far less sturdy, have cheaper components, and don’t look as well put-together.

Tyler H. November 25, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Illinois, United States

I bought this as my first turntable and the experience has been great. I wanted something that required little setup and ease of use. So far, Fluance has met my expectations and I'm very pleased with the sound and the look of the turntable.

Jean D November 16, 2020 Novice Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Tres bonne qualite

BRENT November 14, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

The solid yet elegant build of this turntable was my first impression. The sound quality is very, very good. I spent a few weeks researching other brands - glad that I ended up selecting this unit. My old record collection has been given new life.

BRENT B. November 12, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I researched other turntables and decided on the RT81. I definitely made a good decision. It is far superior to the turntables I owned back in the day. Great looks and sound quality. My old albums have never sounded so good and new albums - wow. I also love the solid build of the unit. You can't go wrong with a Fluance turntable.

Robert E. F. November 4, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Nevada, United States

Never contacted prior to delivery of turntable.Never received the promo code discount of $10.00(FLX-KUUS).The product is good but the other issues not so much.

Michael P. October 28, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

The RT81 Turntable is one of the best purchases of my life! I have and will continue to recommend Fluance to all my family and friends. Many thanks to Deepak and the team at Fluance for their great products.

Warren N. October 27, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Hampshire, United States

I bought this turntable in 2017 and have used it VERY infrequently. Total use since I purchased it is probably around a dozen or so times. When I have used it, I have had ongoing issues with vibration and feedback even though I have it solidly mounted on the wall and don't play it at excessive volume.

Some months ago I noticed the platter seemed to be turning slightly slower so I ordered a new belt for it. When I got the belt it seemed maybe a little bit better, but then I haven't used it since putting the new belt on and the other day I tried to use it and the platter just flat out didn't spin.

I checked it thoroughly before calling support and I was doing everything right. Support took some time to go through what I had done again with me on the phone but to no avail...still doesn't work.

NOW they tell me that the turntable cannot be fixed because it is no longer under warranty! That's right...once your warranty expires after 2 years, they will not take it back and fix it. They are sending me a new 12volt power cord to see if that's the problem, but even that they charged me $20 for! If it doesn't work, they did say I could return it, but if it doesn't work I spent $249 to use a turntable that always had feedback issues a dozen times.

Very dissatisfied with this turntable and with Fluance support policy. This turntable is a piece-o-crap!!! And their post warranty support is nonexistent!!!

Joanna H October 19, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I purchased the RT81 turntable and cork platter mat in October 2020 and could not be happier with my purchase. I did a lot of research on turntables before my purchase; the RT81 met my requirements and more. Set up at home was easy -- I appreciate their YouTube videos The sound is great. As a bonus, this turntable looks beautiful, too. The shipping was fast and customer service was always there to answer my questions, even after purchase. Shout-out to Brent!

I'm very happy I went with Fluance.

Herb R. October 12, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Beautiful appearance and excellent performance-
Great packaging,quick shipping and perfect calibration-I am very pleased!

Tyrene B. October 6, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Oregon, United States

This is an exceptional product, expertly made, and carefully packed. The presentation of the turntable is even more impressive than the photos.

I specifically chose this model for the built-in preamp and the rubber mat. I compared the features of this model with similar models of other brands, and I found the most value and quality with Fluance. I am delighted with my purchase.

I experienced some minor cosmetic issues, but BRENT from the Customer Service Team was exceptionally responsive. He generously resolved my concerns to my satisfaction and with my gratitude!

Frank K. October 3, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Maryland, United States

Received this product for Christmas. I took awhile to get around to it. When I first tried it the Stylus was defective. I contacted Flaunce Customer Service, and Dawn took care of me.She exchanged my Stylus with a New Replacement under the Warranty, and everything is fine. The Rt81 is a fine product that works well. Dawn & Customer Service also get High Marks for excellent service. Thank You, Frank K.

Benoit B September 29, 2020

First turntable I own. Did my research, read tons of reviews and for the price I paid, I am 100% satisfied with it!

Daniel K September 29, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Colorado, United States

I am very happy with this. Great cost to quality ratio. Easy to assemble, easy to use, easy on the eye.

Amazon Customer September 28, 2020

Exelente sonido

Cam K. September 23, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Arizona, United States

Amazing product.

Bryan L September 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Maryland, United States

This turntable has everything an intro audiophile needs and nothing it doesn't. Its clean look and solid performance are great value. The plinth is solid and heavy. Set up was easy.

Lsweep September 21, 2020

This is a phenomenal deal on a great turntable that is easy to get to start working soon out of the box.Great sound, surprisingly good stylus for the price. You will not be sorry. I am playing new and old vinyl on this and all sound good....do not hesitate!

David September 20, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Nevada, United States

Purchased an RT 81, very pleased with this Quality Turn Table, Not only is it a beautiful unit, it tracks very well and easy to Setup!!! Thank You Very Much!!! I used To own a Garrard, what a waste of money, used it for target practice, although I did keep the Cartridge and Stylus>>>!!!!

David E. September 20, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Nevada, United States

I purchased a new RT 81 Turn Table, best turntable I have ever purchased!!! Service was GREAT!!! Excellent and this unit is very beautiful!!! 5 Stars I give this Turn Table and Customer Service also scores 5 Stars!!! I am now considering some Book Self Speakers to compliment my Stereo System as it will drive 12 Speakers!!! Thank You Very Much Fluance for 5 Star Service!!!

Wolf S September 17, 2020

And absolute beast. Best purchase ever!!!

Cielle T September 16, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Washington, United States

I purchased this turntable as an apartment warming gift for my partner, and it couldn't have been more perfect. This is a well made turntable that sounds great, and is a steal at this price. If you're looking to get something a little nicer for your first, or even second record player, this is the one for you. The wood finish looks even better in person as well.

Angelo M September 16, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Florida, United States

Being an Amazon customer i rely on their opinion when it came to purchase a Fluance RT80. The manual doesn't say that you need an amplified and speakers and which one is adaptable and requested for the RT80 . In additional to that what wires you need to connect the all system. I was trying to call the 1-888-617 6863 but no answer. No good service at all. If you are just a beginner make sure you buying from reliable source.

Joel N September 15, 2020 Novice Listener - 2 Years California, United States

First off, the product arrived extremely well-packaged so you can be assured this item will ship to your door safely. Overall good experience so far! Very simple setup, clean appearance, and sounds awesome. We're having some issues with our speaker system and the bass isn't firing correctly (not Fluance related) but even with those issues the sound was far better than our prior turntable on the same setup.

Mr A September 12, 2020

Excellent sounding turntable

Tim L September 12, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

The internal preamp of the RT81 is flawed; interference can be heard at even moderately low volume levels. I believe this is universal for all RT81 units- the same was found in the replacement Fluance sent. It was easier (and less expensive) to purchase an external preamp, rather than send the unit in for an upgrade to a higher model or refund. Do not purchase this model if you intend to use its preamp.

bruno c September 8, 2020

Perfect turntable cost-effective !

Ryan M September 2, 2020

Now that I have had this turntable for over a year I feel as though I can write a proper review. The turntable is everything I could/would expect from something a couple hundred dollars more. Setup took minutes and I am by no means proficient in assembling turntables. The instructions were spot-on for a novice. The sound is amazingly crisp and the look/finish are outstanding. I would highly recommend this turntable to someone who wishes to have a piece of art that performs up to its looks.

Daniel, M August 31, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Wisconsin, United States

I bought this as my first turntable and I am loving it! I didn't want to spend an absurd price for an entry-level system, so I found out about the RT81 through some professional reviews online and decided to order one. I have had it for several weeks so far and love how it sounds, plus it was super easy to setup. I look forward to happily use my RT81 for years to come, or at least until I decide to upgrade to a better system.

Singh, A. August 29, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Great product and very happy with the Canadian choice.

Amazon Customer August 28, 2020

We have absolutely loved this record player. It was easy to set up and it’s great for learning how to work a vinyl player. We’ve had this for a year now and have not had any issues. It has a decent weight to it and is very easy to clean.

Evaristo S August 23, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 18 Years California, United States

My turntable (rt81) came beautifully packaged and had no damage, the assembly was a easy and fast process and im loving the cartridge sound quality. Would definitely recommend.

JB August 23, 2020

Good clean sound especially at this price point. The black gloss finish and smoke cover is aesthetic icing on the cake. Looks great in my living room. Paired with good RCA jacks (SKW), a good amplifier (Denon), and decent bookshelf speakers (Klipsch). Really easy setup.

Sarah G August 22, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Maryland, United States

This is a beautiful turn table! The wood finish is stylish and feels expensive. I did a lot of research on what should be my first introduction to vinyl and this was definitely worth the investment!

Wj3bass August 20, 2020

Great turntable for anyone! Sounds great, package came undamaged, and early! Very satisfied.

Ethan P August 18, 2020

Great Product! Easy to set up and is a quality Turntable.

Steven N August 18, 2020

The sound is so good it caused goose bumps. I played an original Beatles Sergeant Pepper's and heard voices and sounds I thought only possible in a live concert. The turntable can stand alone with it's internal amplifier or as I did run through receiver. There is a little set-up with the platter and tonearm, easy if you follow the direction.

Zena1893 August 17, 2020

Solid built, tracks well, better cartridge than most - if not all - turntables in this price range. For now I have it connected to two small Tascam active reference monitors and, within the volume limitation of the speakers, the sound is well balanced and separated. Customer service is very responsive. I somehow managed to lose one of the small rubber bumpers that prevent the dust cover to make contact with the plinth and Fluance shipped a replacement part to me at no charge. For most the RT81 will make a great turntable.

Esmé August 16, 2020

I got this for my dad for his birthday to replace his turntable that he had had for over 25 years, I knew nothing about turn tables and the only person I could ask was him.. so my Mom and I just researched it and this one was 1 on a few lists and it's great. It looks sleek, my dad loves it and says the sound quality is great and anyone we have over agrees. My personal favorite touch is the fact that the needle lowers itself because with my dads old record player I was ALWAYS messing that part up...A great record player and easy to set up!

Andrea August 11, 2020

Not only does it look good, it sounds beyond good! Definitely worth spending a few extra dollars!

Chris H August 9, 2020

Let me preface this by saying that the 4 Stars is for the shipping and handling of a $300 product. It arrived with a large hole in the side of the box, the label on the bottom, and the box upside down. I was very worried that I would have to return it, but Fluance did an immaculate job at packing the turntable and nothing inside the box was damaged.This turntable is priced WAY below the quality that you get. It is very easy to assemble and setup using their video. The stylus was perfectly balanced and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. I was hoping I would not regret not getting the newer design, and so far I am not. I have not had to adjust the belt speed, so that may change. The base is very heavy and classy with a high sheen. The cover (actually the hardest thing to assemble) has GREAT springs. You can tell that these will last the lifetime of the unit and they work flawlessly. The counter weight and skating are also of high quality. My only complaint on that would be a larger font (but I do have bad eyes).I would highly recommend this turntable, but you may want to buy direct from Fluance. Maybe yours will arrive without holes and in the upright position.

Alan S August 9, 2020

Please allow me to join the chorus of reviewers to sing the praises of the Fluance RT81. Full disclosure: This is my first foray into the turntable market and I am, by no means, an audiophile or an expert. I decided to go with the Fluance RT81 primarily because it had a built in preamp (I fully understand the drawbacks of such a configuration but I wanted to keep things simple...for now!). Further, I decided to pair the turntable with Edifier active speakers in order to, once again, avoid the need for an amplifier. I did have trouble leveling the turntable, however, once I did, I feel very comfortable in saying that the sound quality from the combination will satisfy 90% of potential buyers in this price range.

Sav August 9, 2020

Lovely looking kit. Comes with a cracking head shell already set up. For the cost I can’t complain

Lilith August 8, 2020

This review is for Amazon Warehouse not the product itself.I was excited to receive my Amazon warehouse order of this turntable in original package (although repacked). Everything looked nice and unused so I assembled all parts, balanced the tonearm, plugged in power and ready to connect to my speaker. Only to find out that the included RCA cable (according to the manual) isn't included.Now I have this fully assembled, functional turntable spinning in my living room but couldn't hear a sound.I'm extremely disappointed with Amazon Warehouse. This is the second time I ordered electronic devices from them and both times there were missing parts. Last time I ordered a 55inch TV and there were no remote inside the box (and the screen 1/3 dead with weird pixels) and went through a lot of trouble returning it.PLEASE DO YOU INSPECTIONS THOROUGHLY.

Matthias B August 6, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years New Jersey, United States

Shipped fast, sounds good, feels solid. I've had a small collection of records that I used to play, but haven't had a turntable in a long time, purchased this turntable as an entry turntable

Glenn T August 5, 2020

Very good turntable overall. Easy to assemble. I miss my old turntable's ability to automatically start and return the stylus. Also, the cover isn't practical with an installation that is on a middle shelf. I miss the kinds of turntables that used to have more features and were far less expensive. However, playing your albums is what is most important, and this one plays them well.

hogefam August 3, 2020

Easy to assemble. Great sound. Bring your old albums alive.

Frank M August 3, 2020

Great product for the money.

Northwest S August 2, 2020

I have wanted a record player for the last several years, but I was never willing to spend the money to buy one, because my husband and I both agreed that if we were going to get a record player, we wanted it to be a good one and I am reluctant to spend money on myself. My husband decided that since I wouldn’t buy the record player for myself, that he would buy it for me for a combined Mother’s Day and Birthday gift. I am so glad that he did so much research and bought this one. There was many different reviews that talk about getting one with a better needle, but this one sounds amazing as is! It plugs into our surround sound system and the sound is AMAZING. I would highly recommend this player to anyone considering it.

Freeformer August 2, 2020

I've been enjoying this turntable completely. It's beautiful to look at, and the sound quality is out of this world. I put a Hudson acrylic turntable mat on it, and my lps, most of which are over fifty years old, sound as good as they did on the day I bought them.

Dave August 2, 2020

Very well made, easy to set up, and excellent sound as well as beautiful to look at. The plinth is heavy and mechanical operation is very smooth from the platter to the tonearm. Very pleased with this turntable!

Ethan N August 1, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

This was an excellent purchase. High quality product that performs really well, and comes with an easy to follow manual. Also provides room for some upgrades which is really exciting.

Jerome Triplett July 31, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alabama, United States

Like others it's been a long time since I bought a turntable and was unsure about what was out there. After doing a fair amount of research and seeing positive reviews I decided to go with Fluance. I'm happy to say that was the correct decision. The turntable looks, works and sounds beautifully. To anyone wanting to enjoy vinyl again and is on the fence about what to buy - go with Fluance and spend the extra money you would have spent on other turntables to upgrade your speakers a notch and on some new records.

Derek W July 30, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Performs well beyond price point.

Angel R July 30, 2020

I purchased my turntable, directly from Fluance (less $), and because of poor speed stability, after few hours of use, undamaged, clean, perfectly re-packed, and after a painful week of calling and reaching got to send it back. Then no refund... I am in my 2nd week of dispute over a perfectly executed return, waiting on my refund. They even dare to ask me twice to close my claim/dispute. If you make a return, and end up opening a case/claim, DO NOT CLOSE IT until you get your money. If you do, you will lose the right to force a refund.

Derek W July 30, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Beautiful machine. Easy setup. Performs beyond its price point. Only issue was a blister on the platter mat.

Robert H. July 25, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Missouri, United States

The RT81 turntable was exactly what I was looking for. With my budget around $250 this hit the sweet spot especially when it came with an Audio-Technica AT95E Cartridge with Elliptical Stylus. I’ve been listening to vinyl since the 1960’s and it was time to retire my (2nd) older turntable. The sound from my Infinity floor speakers are clean, crisp and the bass is solid but not boomy in thanks to the cartridge and engineering that went into developing this model. The unit is built solid, the belt drive (my preference vs direct drive) is very quiet, the tone arm was easy to balance and vinyl lays tight against the platter. The black finish looks great combined with my other components and it was a breeze to set up. I’ve listened to 30 plus LP’s with no issues and I am looking forward to listening to them on this unit for many years to come. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars (I grade hard on items I purchase) was there was a shipping issue but in all fairness, the representative at Fluance (thank you Dawn) stayed on top of everything and it all turned out great. I do consider customer service when determining if I will purchase from a company a second time and I can tell you for a fact that I will be purchasing a set of Fluance Bookshelf Speakers to replace my older floor models in the very near future. Thanks again Fluance. Special Note : I am not a paid representative.

Amazon Customer July 22, 2020

I love the sound of it but I'm giving it a four star rating for the auto stop feature. It only seems to stop on its own about half the time. I move around a lot while listening and listening to the weird static at the end of the record really ruins the experience. My old cheap player did a much better job at this.

Scott S. July 21, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Connecticut, United States

Awesome. Turntable is fabulous. Haven't played records in decades, but decided to give this one a try and I'm hooked. Easy set up. Easy to use. Love the sound. Coupled with Fluance powered speakers, I'm ready to sell my Audio Research tube gear and Vandersteen speakers, and spend my time listening to music! Woth every penny.

bandokid July 16, 2020

I had a Gemini turntable before getting this turntable. My Dad helped me with setting it up (vinyl's heyday was before my time) and even bought a Shure M97xE for it. The tonearm wouldn't set. The player constantly skipped, no matter what we did, the dang thing never played right. Then we found this little gem of a turntable. Set up was lightning fast. It sounds great with the Shure cartridge and AV system. The walnut grain looks vintage without being hokey. For this price point, you really can't beat listening to some of those old records again. Or, become a hipster and buy only vinyl. Either way, this little turntable will be a good investment.

Damien L July 15, 2020

Easy set up, clean and elegant turntable with very nice quality looks and parts. Love this turntable for the price and is playing the albums perfect.

Christopher Gunya July 11, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Awesome! Love it!

Charles K July 11, 2020

Easy to set up and it appears to be very well constructed. Great sound. With a vinyl collection that is constantly growing this turntable with get a workout.

Amazon Customer July 11, 2020

Balancing the tone arm has been a feat. Had to buy a tuner for measurement. Haven't been able to use the TT just yet.

Charles K July 11, 2020

Easy to set up and it appears to be very well constructed. Great sound. With a vinyl collection that is constantly growing this turntable with get a workout.

Amazon Customer July 11, 2020

Balancing the tone arm has been a feat. Had to buy a tuner for measurement. Haven't been able to use the TT just yet.

Charles K July 11, 2020

Easy to set up and it appears to be very well constructed. Great sound. With a vinyl collection that is constantly growing this turntable with get a workout.

Amazon Customer July 11, 2020

Balancing the tone arm has been a feat. Had to buy a tuner for measurement. Haven't been able to use the TT just yet.

Alex D July 11, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

The build quality and value is excellent. The only thing I would like better is auto return of the tonal arm.

H.E. T July 10, 2020

This is an excellent featured turntable (if all the features work when you receive it and use it) for the price. The RT 81 sound is wonderful and warm. The internal amplifier is excellent but can cause a popping sound through your system if your placement is bad. I'm using an external Pro-Ject Amp to eliminate the problem, however I don't think that it is as good as RT 81's internal amp.The cons: Fluance customer service is terrible. They DO NOT answer or return calls. Many Reviewers including myself have had or are experiencing various problems with their Fluance turntables including speed fluctuations, auto stopping features not working and/ or the inability to set the correct speed. These Fluance RT owners including myself have had terrible experiences or no experience with Fluance customer service. There is a good chance you will need customer service when you buy audio equipment online. Fluance probably won't be there for you.

Howard T July 10, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years West Virginia, United States

I performed a great deal of research befor I purchased the RT81. I don’t have many regrets. I have it connected to a Pro-hect preamp (although I think the turntable’s built in amp sounds better I just get to much feedback), Yamaha R-N 303 Receiver and Wharfedale diamond 25 speakers. This setup sounds great with a rich warm sound.
The downside: the auto stop mechanics do not work on my turntable and you can’t get through to customer service for any help. The cheesy excuse they give you is now long in the tooth. When you call Customer service they put you hold then hangs up...hmmmm. One feature I was looking for in a turntable was either an auto return or auto stop.
I Would like some assistance in this matter. Now I wonder if this is the great Canadian Fluance Service I should expect going forward.

Terry K July 9, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

I turn on the. Turntable,, and the platter doesn’t spin!!!!!!

CK July 9, 2020

I'm happy with this purchase!

patsakorn July 9, 2020

Have a lot of scratches On the surface but overall i like it .

Amazon Customer July 8, 2020

I haven't had a turn table in years & decided to get back into vinyl again. "Starting over" I narrowed it down between this Fluance & a Sony record player. The Sony had a few more features, however, so glad I chose this turntable. It's features/looks(!) seem to be geared more towards the beginning audiophile hobbiest. I.e. it's meant to be more tactile, hands on; the cartridge is interchangeable, the arm needs to be replaced when the record ends, etc. Comes with easy to follow set up instructions. Also a simple/helpful guide on YouTube.

Brent C July 7, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Arizona, United States

I had previously listened to this unit at my son's home and was very impressed. When my Pioneer PL600 packed it in, I elected to look at Fluance. The RT81T is a good solid unit and the AV stylus is satisfactory for my needs. I did find that once I started to play older vinyls on the RT81T, I was hearing tiny nicks much more obviously in between song tracks, so I guess that's a good thing (although now it frustrates me). I wanted an internal pre-amp so went with the 81. It tracks very well - no issues there and the sound reproduction is excellent. The auto off is a good feature and works very well so far. The only negative I have to relay is that the legs DO NOT have leveling capabilities. When I purchased this unit on June 20, 2020 there was nothing in the technical literature about the legs being static. To note there was nothing, zero, nill on the Fluance website in any article or posting that referenced turntable leveling "period". I sent an email in on June 26th and then called support on July 2nd after no response. The support group told me the legs do level and they are turnable (not). When they researched further, support realized that a NEW notice had been added to the website on June 30 regarding TT leveling. So in all the years they have been selling Fluance TTs noone ever thought of adding in leveling instructions (you would think that would be important). The notice now states that the RT80/81 series does not have leveling legs, while RT82 and above does. A good leveling pad costs $70 so if I returned the 81 for an 82 with leveling legs, I'd pay an extra $50 for the upgrade and then need to also purchase a decent external pre-amp another $50+. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Still deciding.

Lewis I July 5, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Very impressed with this turntable, classic look, works flawlessly, easy set up, like the video instructions on the site

Mockingbird July 3, 2020

This is an entry level quality turntable. (Keep in mind that turntables can cost as much has $20,000.00. But if that is your price range, you are not reading this review. ) The base is solid wood which is acoustically neutral, this is a good thing. The cartridge ("needle" to some) is a good entry-level quality cartridge. You see the pattern-good entry-level high end. This is a simple turntable that just happens to play vinyl records excellently. If you want you can put in a more costly cartridge later. A key element is that this turntable offers three interesting features. The first is that it will stop turning when the needle reaches the blank part near the center of the disk after the music stops. The second, is that it gives you the option to flip a switch and let you connect it directly into a system that does not have a phono (short for phonograph) input. The third is that you can NOT flip that switch and plug it into a receiver using the receiver's phono input. This last option is always preferred. The equalizer in the table itself is OK at best.A better option, if your sound system receiver does not have a phono input, is to buy an outboard phono-to-line-out device that properly adjusts the vinyl EQ to normal (Vinyl is always adjusted to fit the disk size). Remember the output of this turntable is analog because the vinyl record is analog.If you want to plug a USB into a turntable and record the digitized output from the vinyl, either get a different turntable with that built in, or get an outboard ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). (Search on Phono DAC/ADC on Amazon - or look at the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB Audio System with Phono Preamp. I have one of those and lets me bypass the turntable's internal phono equalizer and plug it directly as a photo output in to the unit. I get a nicely digitized output to record. Works as a decent DAC as well.

Chris S July 3, 2020

Sounds great. It was easy to setup. This is a great turntable.

c d July 2, 2020

I've been limping along with my 70's era ELAC turntable and spent more on repairs than it's worth. A friend had purchased the Audio Technica LP120 and I really liked that turntable and was ready to pull the trigger on buying one. But, then I found a review on the Fluance RT81. The AT really had a lot of features I liked, such as the USB, but the Fluance just looks better.When I unpacked the turntable and set it up, it even looks better in real life. The instructions were easy to follow for the minor assembly you need to do. I also watched a video on their website on how to balance the tone armThe sound quality is night and day compared to the ELAC. There's something about the tonal quality of a snare drum on a record when played through a quality turntable. The RT81 has that tone!The auto stop is a nice feature although it doesn't always work. That is about the only negative I can say. The looks, the tone, I can't imagine there is a better buy for the price point.

Jake, M July 1, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

Bought this after moving in to a new apartment and so far it totally lives up to my high expectations. Sounds great, looks great. Easy to assemble. Has every feature I need as a relative novice.

Rene A June 28, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years California, United States

Got this on a Father's Day Sale and was absolutely impressed! I was suppose to buy the Rt 80 but when I saw the reviews on YouTube and CNet I was convinced this was the turntable for me. Great design and the sound rich highs and vivid lows. At this price point you can't go wrong plus you could easily upgrade the cartridge and enjoy your Music. Definitely a great Buy!

Mark, W June 27, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years British Columbia, Canada

Easy setup and well packaged. The shipping box had a huge dent on one corner that I was worried about, but the turntable was well packed and had no damage. It sounds amazing too!

DB June 26, 2020

Great sound quality, easy to assemble.HOWEVER, after only a handful of listens the sound deteriorated significantly. Something was wrong with the stylus. I contacted the seller through Amazon and tried to reach out directly to Fluance. NO RESPONSE from either. So now i have to buy a replacement cartridge after 35 days and after listening to 5 records. Very Poor customer service not standing behind their product.

Mark L June 24, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Virginia, United States

My old turntable of 40 plus years was in drastic need of replacement. The Fluance RT81 saved the day. It sounds great and I once again enjoy listening to my vinyl collection. It's a great value for the price.

Noah M June 24, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years New Hampshire, United States

This is an excellent turntable and performs very well for its price. It was very easy to install and was quickly able to play my records, which sounded great. This turntable has an outstanding build and is heavy, built of high-quality parts, no part of it feels or looks cheap. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Steve W June 24, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year North Carolina, United States

Looks beautiful and no problems in set up or use.

Jonathan S June 23, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Absolutely love this turntable! I spent a lot of time researching and finally landed on the RT81. If you are looking for a turntable in this price range, you should buy it because of the benefits you will enjoy! The number one benefit is the super high-quality sound it produces, which I would describe as distinct and warm! The second benefit is that it built exceptionally well using high-quality parts, and I know it will last for many years to come. Finally, the RT81 scores a 10 out of 10 in Style! Yes, I highly recommend this Record Player!

Mark L June 22, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Virginia, United States

After struggling with my 41 year old turntable I decided to invest in a Fluance R81. Immediately my ears were rewarded with a high quality listening experience. Even my wife's poorly cared for vinyl records sound great. I'm only sorry I didn't do this years ago. A great value for the price.

Jeremy F June 22, 2020 Intermediate Listener Massachusetts, United States

I love the record player so far. Setup was fairly easy, the only difficult part being balancing the tonearm, but Fluance's videos were very helpful in setup. The sound is great and the base is very solid. I debated this vs. the uturn or audio technica models at the same price, but for the price this beat both of them by far, and has a lot of features that seemed associated with higher priced systems. Make sure you push the headshell all the way in during setup!!

Kevin F June 20, 2020 Advanced Listener - 17 Years Nova Scotia, Canada

Used daily for a week now, love it. Every component feels solidly built, satisfying switch and lever action. Wonderful sound, heard new things in old vinyl

Jason S. June 19, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Tennessee, United States

Really high quality turntable for the price. I was looking for a new turntable in 200-500 range and couldn't pass up the features on this turntable for the $250 price tag. The ability to change tracking force and anti-skate is rare on a turntable in this price range as well as the removable head shell.

Upon receiving this product I was blown away at the quality. The glossy walnut plinth looks classy and the heft tells me this is a substantial item. Setup was simple even for my first go round and it sounds great. The speed has also been consistent.

Jessi June 19, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years California, United States

When my friend posted a picture of his Rt80 - I was smitten with the beautiful design. He had done a ton of research on which turntable to purchase without spending an egregious amount. By the end of the conversation. I was convinced. I went with the Rt81 in Walnut, and it's soooo gorgeous. The sound makes me fall in love with my vinyl collection all over again.

Tyler , D June 19, 2020 Advanced Listener - 9 Years Maryland, United States

Great performance , sounds amazing

Teresa S June 19, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Illinois, United States

Came quickly, packaged well. Beautiful set up! This is my first turntable and I'm very excited about the RT81!

John E June 18, 2020

First bought a cheap player with built in speakers. Somehow, it got great reviews making the decision to purchase easy. Problem is, it would skip on every used record and some new ones. Returned it, worrying I was going to ruin records with it, and ordered this one. I'm so glad I spent the extra money because this plays through used records that have scratches on them, and sounds fantastic. The built in pre amp allowed me to hook up my powered speakers without having to buy anything else, it was plug and play, and it sounds more like a sound studio. Very easy to use, very solid build.

Alex D June 18, 2020

It's been 8 or so years since I bought a new record player. It was time.I had an Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB, which was barely a step up from my previous player, a similar lower-level Audio-Technica model. It was fine for my level of interest, played my records well (so I thought!!!), and was durable enough to make it through a few moves.Fast-forward to a few months ago, when I was absent-mindedly scanning a Discogs Forum post about record players. Apparently, my record player (the AT-LP60-USB) was pretty frowned on. As a matter of fact, AT players were generally not recommended, despite their popularity and low price. I jumped over to Amazon and started researching different players. This time, I had a bit more cash to spend on a player. After all, over the past few years I've invested (yes, if done right, it's an investment) a lot of money into my record collection-- shouldn't I have a nice player too? And besides, what was I missing in sound?? To be fair, though I love music-- and can appreciate a nice sounding stereo setup-- I'm no expert. My eyes gloss over when the serious audiophiles go on and on. But maybe there was more to it after all?It came down to the Fluance RT81 Elite and AT-LP120XUSB-SV in my desired price range (both 249$). Reviews were generally great for both. Similar specs. Finally, a combination of a few people's comments on Discogs disparaging AT turntables and a few questions comparing the two on Amazon in favor of the Fluance, I pulled the trigger.In literally three days, it was in my hallway.Setup is not for beginners, nor those without a bit of patience. I wouldn't say it's hard, but you don't just take it out of the box and plug it in like the fore-mentioned AT models. You have to balance the arm, among other things, which takes a bit of finesse. Beyond setup, I've noticed all the parts are heavy and well made; the arm/weight/levers are nice; the turntable itself is very sleek. Beautiful all around.But once it was set up, with the phono switch on and grounding cables attached (I have an older receiver with four passive speakers-- next on the upgrade list!!), and I first *delicately* placed the needle on a High-Fidelity, 200 Gram, 45RPM Stevie Ray Vaughan record... Holy. Crap. It was like hearing SRV for the first time... But maybe this was the record itself (well worth the 50$ I paid for it)? ...Next, I pulled out an original 70's pressing of Neil Young's Decade (the original and best N. Young Greatest Hits imo); maybe I'd wouldn't hear a difference from a record not designed to make me hear a difference? Having recently cleaned it, I fired it up... Sounds brand new. Amazing.I'm looking forward to re-discovering my collection with this beautiful and well-made player.Tldr: This player is amazing. Highly recommended, especially for the price.

Roy R June 18, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

A wonderful sound and beautiful design .

Charles D June 18, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Second turntable purchase from Fluance. Like my RT85, the set-up was smooth and non-complicated. After a break in period, I did have to adjust the speed slightly. Not a big deal. Cartridge tracks fine, and the preamp is better than expected. Good purchase.

maurice r June 17, 2020

This turntable is very twitchy and high maintenance. I am no stranger to stereo set up. I have been using mid to high end systems for years. Could not get tonearm balanced, even with use of protractor. Even after setting weight to the recommended grams it would have trouble making a good connection to the record. There was also too much play in the arm. It would float and bounce as it was held over the record. Line level buzz was loud. The turntable I had before, A B&O Beogram 1600 had no buzz. It isn't the speakers ( Polk Audio). Nor is it too close to the speakers receiving feedback. Fluance also recommends a 24 hour burn in. I never was a proponent of this. I believe you burn in as you play. Had it for two days and returned it. Very disappointed to say the least. Would not recommend. I had high expectations for this turntable.

Austin H June 17, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Oregon, United States

This table is incredible. It was super easy to set up and sounded fantastic straight out of the box (after the 24 hour burn in, of course). Highly recommended for anyone looking to get the most out of their records and to do it in high style.

Fred H. June 14, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years West Virginia, United States

I’ve been using my RT81 turntable after the recommended 24-hr burn-in. l have no problems with speed stability as some users and reviewers have reported. I think the burn-in is essential for optimum performance. The built-in phono preamp and supplied Audio-Technica cartridge are a great match. So far, I hear no need for a stand alone phono pre, except the gain from a separate phono pre may be greater. I tried the RT81 with a variety of rock, jazz, and classical music. It is a great all-round performer and an exceptional value. I selected this unit based on it’s review by CNET’s Audiophiliac. Mr. Guttenberg was right on! My only (mild) issue is that the labeling on the phono preamp bypass switch and its operational explanation in the manual are confusing. I got it wrong on the first try. But, the error is immediately apparent, and no harm was done. This table gets my hearty recommendation.

Daniel, Q June 13, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Rhode Island, United States

Very happy with the build quality and clean design. The performance of the turntable is fantastic as well. Great sound combined with the beautiful look has confirmed I made the right choice with the RT81.

Kindle C June 13, 2020

the speed adjustment is broken and they will not even sell me the part to fix it. $250.00 wasted.

Mark H June 13, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Colorado, United States

This was my first turntable, so I was obviously nervous about making the wrong decision. But I also had to be very aware of my overall budget. I am so pleased that I finally went with purchasing the RT81. When I first received the turntable I was immediately impressed with the quality and overall look. After unpacking everything. It only took about 15 very excited minutes to get it all assembled and setup properly. It has been a week now and I have been playing records everyday. The sound is incredible. I would buy the RT81 again without hesitation. Now I just need more records.

js June 13, 2020 Novice Listener California, United States

Sounds great! Set up was easy enough

Judith A June 12, 2020

This was easy to set up and looks so classy!

R G June 10, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Montana, United States

This is a beautiful piece of equipment that works well, looks and sounds great. I'm using the onboard premap through a consumer-level Onkyo AV receiver/amp and a pair of Polk bookshelf-sized speakers. Appreciated the care in the setup instructions, am planning to buy another one for my daughter.

Angela F June 9, 2020 California, United States

This is a great record player! I have a little Crosley for the past few years and wanted to upgrade my record player now that my vinyl collection is growing. After reading several reviews I decided to go with this one and I love it! When I received and opened the box I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! It’s definitely an upgrade! It’s easy to get going and to use! Love the sleek but traditional look. Doesn’t look a piece of Dj equipment like some other record players at this price point. Have to say I’m truly pleased with the overall look and functionality!

Steve G June 3, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Pennsylvania, United States

I researched turntables for weeks (Fluance, Audio Technica, Denon, U-Turn, Pro-Ject, and Sony) before I bought the RT81 in piano black. Although there are features I like from other brands, this is a solid buy for $250. I ordered on a Friday and received on Tuesday. I set it up and was playing a record within 15 minutes. Installing the hinges on the dust cover was the toughest part. Pros: the cueing lever does a great job at gently lowering the needle on the record. The turntable has a good weight to it, nothing seems cheaply made. I got the Signature Series HiFi bookshelf speakers and am very pleased with the sound. The yellow accents look cool too. The cons: I wish it came in a different choice of colors or finish. I'm not a fan of the brown and the black blends in with the black tone arm and black rubber platter mat. I wish there was some contrast somewhere which is why I considered the U-Turn for the color plinth. But when you consider all the RT81 has, you can't go wrong with the choice. Like I said, a solid turntable for a great price. Very pleased.

Thomas G June 3, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years New York, United States

This is a real step up from budget turntables. I originally bought it for a project i was doing, basically recreating a custom built stereo console from the 60' that my wife's aunt had gifted me. The custom built cabinet needed work but i was able to reinforce it and put some new components in it. I originally had purchased an Audio technica turntable and it was just a mess. I read some Fluance reviews and decided to give it a try. WOW, was i impressed with the build quality, the sound quality and the vibration isolation provided by the pre-existing feet that came with the unit. The price point is really low for such a great product. My kids and wife enjoy using it and its a perfect fit in the cabinet i restored. I find myself using even more than my reference system turntable A Dual Cs5000 with a denon MC cartridge. It delivers on all its promises.

Alisdair E. June 3, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year New Brunswick, Canada

This is my first turntable in 20 years and it is amazing. Quick and easy setup. Even has it’s own pre-amp.

Joe M June 2, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Minnesota, United States

I've enjoyed the ease of use, features and the sound quality of my Fluance RT81!

Tim G. May 29, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Missouri, United States

I am really happy with my purchase! After doing my research on the internet I decided to go with the Fluance RT81 and have been enjoying it everyday since. No complaints at all.

Daniel S May 29, 2020

Excellent quality and good price. After receiving a dud Audio Technica LP60 that didn't work out of the box, I decided to spend a bit more on something more sturdy and reliable. This is an awesome turntable!!Excellent sound, clear instructions during setup. It just feels more professional. Very satisfied and highly recommend!

Sarah May 29, 2020

My husband loves it!

Jeffrey G May 28, 2020

Or...why would you buy new? I purchased the Fluance RT81 as a Like New open box thru Amazon from Fluance themselves. I am a know cheapskate and lover of expensive things. If its on sale and I've always wanted one I'm interested. If I don't NEED it and its full price I often PASS. That all said the Turntable:This Turntable sells for 250 bucks prime. Just about anywhere. I recently purchased a turntable for my teen daughter the Crosley C6 at 149 prime. Great little table and I thought she'd bring it out to the living room once and a while, NOPE. OK So Dad wants to spin some tunes. I didn't want to spend 250. I almost bought another C6. But started looking at Open Box and used. The day I bought this it was 220$ free shipping not prime. Was supposed to take a week. Actually shipped from Canada to Carolina in 3 days. When arrived it looked like it was brand new. I suspect this was a repackage at Fluance as the box was not Fluance nor RT81 specific like a consumer package would have to be. BUT look at the pics. Not a single finger print on that beautiful lacquered wood. a 3 min youtube vid showed how to setup and after a few wires it was ready. One note on install, make sure your belt is all the way on the brass groove mine wasn't at first and was playing WAY too FAST. Thought it broke, after a minute of checking I saw that I didn't install it correctly, quick fix. Checked RPM with a free app 33.29 RPMs, didn't check 45.....Been playing vinyl all afternoon and it just sounds wonderful. I will add to this review as I get more time on it. So maybe for some 30 bucks isnt worth risking open box, but with full 2 year warranty plus the fact that Fluance PROBABLY went over it with a fine tooth comb before shipping it out again makes me fell like it may have gotten a little more attention. I mean the packaging was PERFECT and looks machine wrapped.Update 1. The old receiver/amp (30 yo old Denon DRA-325r) I was planning on using is failing. Weak left channel, And the Pots are janky. SOOO, yesterday I bought the cheapest 2 channel Sony receiver with 100watts per channel, built in Phono pre-amp, that had good reviews and was placed I. At least 2 respectable lists for budget audio I could find. The Sony STR-DH190 @ $129. And Wow what a difference over the 40watts of the 325r. That all said now my new Sony SSCS5 bookshelf's I got for 5 dollars last week new from BB, (50% off the $150, and a 75$ gift card from ATT) 5$ tax are being properly driven. At least for a budget system. The RT81 really starts to make me happy. The beginning for Rush's Tom Sawyer just expands and fill the room. I am borrowing a sub but that will be the next addition. I did get to doing the RT81 a full 24 hours as the manual suggests and retested and it right on 33.29-33.32. I've ripped a couple of songs for mobile playback and it just is more dynamic. Yes some pops typical of records but still makes me smile.

jon f May 26, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Michigan, United States

Works awesome I bought a cheap turn table and I took it back sounded like garbage and order turn table from Fluance sounds awesome

Rob G. May 26, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years Ohio, United States

I’m no audiophile but I’ve collected vinyl for years. I can honestly say I’m very happy with my recently purchased RT80. I still use my u-turn obit but moved it up to the bedroom. I have the same amp and similar speakers on both setups. I can honestly say I can tell a difference in the quality and my Fluance blows away my old setup. I bought the Fluance for its vintage inspired looks and they don’t disappoint either. A+

Jeremy May 26, 2020

This turntable rocks. It sounds great, was easy to set up, and has a dust cover, a very under appreciated feature that can drastically improve sound quality, as a big problem with my first turntable was that the mat would gather dust and while I played side A of a record side B would gather all of the dust. This turntable made me not give up on vinyl and realize just how fascinating vinyl is. Since getting this I've actually noticed with some albums I prefer the record over the digital because the sound quality is on point.

Phillip T May 23, 2020

Disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile so keep that in mind.I originally found out about this TT while reading different reviews of in 2019. Fluance RT81 kept coming up and the more I looked at it the more it looked like a great choice. The unit looked beautiful in pics, the reviews were great, and the price point was exactly what I was looking for. And I'm hear (see what I did there? didn't use "here") to tell you I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on this unit. My expectations have been exceeded.After unpacking the RT81 I was truly wowed by the "faux" wood finish. If it didn't mention MDF I would say, by the weight and color, that it was definitely real wood. All markings were crisp and clean as one would expect from a top notch product. Nothing looks plastic. Truly professional.The TT was packed safely and everything clearly labeled. The set-up instructions were simple enough and allowed the TT to be assembled in about 15 min. I strongly suggest you take your time and follow all of the instructions in the manual. In the end you will have a fine TT set up quickly.My home set-up is simple: RT81 : Outlaw Audio Pre-Pro : Outlaw Audio Amp : M&K speakers/sub. I'm proud of my set-up which has given me years of heart pounding sound. The RT81 fit perfectly. As I played my small collection (yes, I know I still need to do the burn-in), I was listening for highs, lows, and mids. Remember my "not an audiophile" comment earlier? Anyway, sound is in the ear of the beholder but I can say I was super pleased with what I was hearing. Tones were crisp and ranges were complete. My sub was thumping exactly at the expected level. The volume of sound matched closely with my streaming levels. When going from Prime to the RT81 no volume changes were required. A great listening experience all around.I noticed all of the reviews mentioning speed issues. Honestly, who would buy a belt drive and not expect some need for adjustment? Indeed the RT81 was off: 33.9/45.8. Not much but I thought, "I could do better". I went to Youtube and found an easy guide for adjusting the speed. Through the little port holes on the bottom, I managed to get the speed to 33.4/44.9. If anyone can tell the difference between a 0.1 and 0 then I hope you are getting paid for your super discernible hearing. I honestly couldn't tell. Out of the box, I could sense a difference but now it sounds perfect.I happened to have a Behringer PP400 phono amp laying around the house from previous TT adventures. It had served me well so I thought I would try it out against the RT's internal amp. Both work. Both had distinctive lows but that was where the similarity ended. For mids and highs the sound of the PP400 was muddled. Not alot. Honestly I don't think I would have even noticed if I didn't compare the two but there it was - muddle. They both sound good but the RT's internal amp seemed more crisp and loud. Maybe later I will try a more expensive phono amp than the $50 PP400 but for now, the internal amp is perfect solo. Oh, and one quick PSA: Don't try to play a record with the RT81 switched to Internal and the cables going through an external amp. I almost had to change my underwear.An upgrade I plan on making after I've spent more time with the AT95e cartridge is to swap it for an Ortofon 2M Blue: the same one in the RT85. I have read too many good things about the Blue. Rumor is that it makes a significant improvement.Now to start the burn-in. An important part of the set-up process and not skippable. Just need to decide: the stated 24 hour burn-in or an extended 36/48 hour burn-in? Guess while that's going on I'll shop for more vinyl.

Amazon Customer May 20, 2020

Purchased in December 2017 and the RCA input has already failed. It's a beautiful unit and sounded nice, but definitely disappointed it didn't hold up longer. It's now outside of its warranty so no help from Fluance and the repair is likely to be as much as a new unit so I'll probably just replace it.

Darianna F May 18, 2020 Novice Listener - 2 Years Puerto Rico, United States

Effortless to assemble, slick look. I'm delighted with my purchase.

Ang May 15, 2020

I loved this as my starter turntable. I didn't need a converter and it's simple and sleek in my office and very easy to connect.

Paul B May 13, 2020 Novice Listener - 5 Years California, United States

After a lot of research decided on the RT81 turntable and Ai60 speakers. I am very happy I made this decision. The best part of this purchase is my daughter now wants to start collecting vinyl and has taken a liking to my music!-

Chris P May 12, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

Sounds great!

Eugene S. May 9, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Alabama, United States

I have had the RT81 for a couple weeks now, and so far, I am extremely happy. Shipping was very fast, and customer service quite helpful. I originally hooked the turntable to my Music Hall a15.3 amplifier and really liked the overall sound. Bass was good, especially low end, vocals centered and open, and the soundstage was wide and deep.

I then switched to the turntable preamp, and I have to say, I like it better. Not only does the bass have a little more "thump", but the midrange is really nice and open. Again, soundstage is wide and deep.

I listen to alot of jazz and progrock, and the RT81 is definitely working well for me. I love the heft of the turntable, and the fit and finish are excellent. I have the piano black laquer. I'm officially a Fluance fan and look to buy more of your products in the future.

Keith C May 8, 2020

After 3 frustrating weeks...a bad stylus...a replacement stylus...calibrations...I finally figured out the problem...had to replace the RCA cords...all good now...great sound...so glad it all worked out...

Eugene S. May 8, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Alabama, United States

I had my RT81 delivered to my house in record time. It was a breeze to set up. I first tried it using the phono preamp in my Music Hall a15.3 amplifier, then used the built in preamp on the turntable. The sound was really nice using both, but the RT81 preamp had a little better bass (which is really good, solid bass) and the vocals were more forward in the soundstage. Overall, I really like the sound. The finish of the piano black laquer is extremely nice for a turntable that only cost $239.99. The quality of manufacture and solid build were a nice surprise. I have not found anything to complain about at this point. I'm very happy with my purchase and extremely happy with Fluance solid packing and fast shipping. I WILL be purchasing from Fluance again!

scott s May 7, 2020

I've owned a Rega table for ages and loved every minute of it. However, with the price of albums compared to the price of discs, it was used less and less. Finally, it quit working. I have over 1000 albums, so I need a table. I took a chance on this one and I'm glad I did. I looked around and tried another (returned it) before I bought this one. No regret whatsoever. If you are in the market, give this table a try.

Alexis B May 7, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year North Carolina, United States

Easy to set up, clear directions, secure packaging. Overall great product. Love the color too!

Ronald G May 5, 2020 Advanced Listener - 5 Years Kentucky, United States

This is one great turn table great sound better than anything that I have got before looking forward to getting the RT 84 will be my next turn table would recommend this to anyone that's looking for there first record player for the money it's a great package

Andy M May 1, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Love it - it was easy to put together and it sounds great. I had an external pre-amp but the built-in one sounds great.

a s April 29, 2020

easy set up well packaged. buy it!!!!!!! it makes my older turntables seem like amateur hour!!!!!! sounds divine!!!!!!

Joshua H. April 28, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Illinois, United States

This is my first record player and I absolutely love it! The finish is a stunner and I have it proudly displayed. Sound is excellent. I can’t wait to order the Fluance speakers to match!

Judy S. April 28, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

I couldn't be happier with my new Fluance turntable! I had to replace my 35+ year old Technics turntable and wanted something classic that would perform well with my stereo system (also 'vintage' now)... From some research I saw CNet gave a recommendation, then I found the Vinyl TV channel on You Tube - Craig's demo and recommendation sold me on it. Ordering was easy and my turntable arrived in less than a week. Great packaging, and instructions for setting up. This turntable itself is beautiful with its wood base, and I can't believe the high quality of the materials -even the lid is really nice. I couldn't be happier. The stylus that comes with the turntable is excellent - I was worried I would need to upgrade, but no need. The tonearm was very easy to calibrate using the instructions.

Joe F April 28, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Very impressed with build quality, performance, appearance, and ease of setup. The RT-81 is an excellent product with supporting documentation and even a protractor to align any other cartridges you may have. The cartridge that came with the unit was aligned perfectly! The unit has excellent weight and is completely silent and without any vibration whatsoever. Tested speed and it came in perfectly at 33.3rpm right out of the box. For me the RT-81 is all I'll need (for a long while); this is a long term equipment purchase that will last for years and years!

S. C April 25, 2020

Love the outer materials.It does have auto stop when a record finishes, but shame it doesn't also have auto needle reset/loop like many record players back in the 70s and 80s had.Also, the internal AMP is total crud. It amplifies the little pops and hisses while lowering the actual music. True with hard rock, indie, blues, classical music, etc. Turn off the internal amp by way of the rear switch for a great experience :)

Bob G April 25, 2020

I love this turntable. Sound quality is excellent, the price is nice. Great turntable.I had a question and the people at FLUANCE replied very promptly and were great to deal with

Arthur S April 25, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Rhode Island, United States

it's funny, I've been looking for a reason to return the item but I haven't found one. As for the price it was very good. As for the sound it's also very good although I use my own cartridge. I'm still torn between the mechanism that works the tonearm. It seems very light and plastic. However that too also works very well it's just not made of any metal anymore I guess. So I really can't fault that mechanism either. I originally purchased this turntable to use as my secondary set up however for the in-home home trial course I've been using it as my primary which I have hooked up to my own preamp and again I use my own cartridges I just needed another setup then I could use with my own parts to get a very clear sound. Thank you Fluance. Did I mention the turntable is also Gorgeous looking!!!

Gordon P April 24, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Purchased the RT81 to replace a lesser quality Audio Technica. Previously purchase A160 Speakers and the DB10 sub. The RT81 is a quality turntable, well built and delivers beyond my expectation. Fluance is a quality company with a great product range.

Scott C April 24, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Ontario, Canada

Fantastic turntable, sounds great, easy set up. High end value for close to starter price.

John C. April 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Colorado, United States

I am floored what you get for your money with this unit. The sound quality is fantastic. Lots of depth and detail with more bass than I was expecting to boot. I tested with the built in phono stage to start out and it was more than passable. A bit muddy and lacking on the top end, but better than any built in phono stage i have heard in a long time. I then switched the bypass on and ran it through the phono stage on my PS Audio Sprout100, and the table really came to life. Using the built in phono stage to get by would be fine but this table really shines when you get a decent external one. Overall it is a great unit. That said there are some minor issues. If you are sensitive to wow and flutter there is definitely some that can be noticed but it's not terrible by any stretch. The other issue is the speed adjustment being on the bottom. I feel like this is an odd choice, but the table has maintained consistent speed without adjusting it yet so maybe it's not that much of an issue, but just be aware of it. Seriously though, I don't know how they can sell a table this nice for so little. if you are in the market for a nice entry level turntable I'm not sure you could do much better.

Will, H April 23, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

Received the RT81 in a very timely manner, and was incredibly impressed with the sound quality. The sound is extremely accurate and precise. I borrowed my friend's Ai40 speakers, and hope to buy a pair someday.

Morgan, L April 23, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year District of Columbia, United States

This is my first turntable purchase. Previously had been listening on my roommates audio-technica AT-LP60. This is much nicer looking, bit heavier, but feels and sounds great. So far very happy with my purchase.

Andrew K April 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Missouri, United States

This is the first turntable I have ever owned. I reviewed and did research heavily before making my decision. I am very happy with my decision. My wife and I have both enjoyed using it. Setup was easy and the sound is great.

Travis April 21, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Ohio, United States

Quick delivery, rather easy setup (although I enjoyed learning about the turntable and how it functions), lovely sound & pure enjoyment. Overall, great value for my money. I'd buy it again.

J S April 21, 2020

I was looking for a well built turntable with a rich warm wood grain, but unfortunately the wood grain did not look like the photos. The actual wood was much darker, almost black in most places, so it did not match our home layout. It was however very solidly constructed all around with nice solid base, well balanced tone arm and high quality workmanship.

Max R April 21, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years California, United States

I am in love with my new record player! It’s like hearing all of my favorite albums for the first time again.

Cat April 20, 2020

This is my first record player and I could not be more pleased. I did a lot of research and this is the product I felt had everything I was looking for at the right price. Shipping was quick and everything was well packaged so I did not have any issues with damages. The user manual is very easy to understand and they even have some videos to help with set up as well (I had to watch the one explaining how to balance the tone arm and it was very helpful). I also purchased the Edifier S350DB Bookshelf Speaker and Subwoofer 2.1 to try and match the color of this turntable and again I could not be more pleased with the look and the sound quality. Overall I would highly recommend this record player to beginners or to give as a gift because this is such a quality product for the price.

Derick, J April 18, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Alabama, United States

Finally decided to upgrade my turntable after a year of using a smaller lesser known brand and WOW I can tell a difference! First few seconds of the first track played and I knew I had something so much better! It sounds great! It’s even easier to set up. I can’t see myself using anything other than Fluance turntables when I get ready for the next upgrade! Not that I’ll need to go from the RT81 ;)

Omar S. April 14, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Washington, United States

Easy set up. Clear sound and it looks slick! I’m glad I did my research

Nathaneal April 13, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Nebraska, United States

Solid packaging and everything worked properly out of the box. Setup was quick and easy. I would purchase from Fluance again in the future, thank you very much!

Tim H April 8, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

Love the turntable! Great price, awesome sound, easy to set-up, well made. Was skeptical about the stop and not return feature and it works great. Not a concern given the value of this turntable.

richard t April 5, 2020

Great looks, easy set up. The speed was spot on.

Michael G. March 31, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

Great product. Have the rt80 as well. Brings back to life my old records. Looking at your shelf speakers soon.Mic

Mallory F March 24, 2020

I had a basic record player that was like $40 that I really liked and got the job done but after a couple of years I was ready to take the next step. There's a lot of different directions you can go (from where I was then) and I have to say picking this record player has been a dream. It's got the pre amp built in so that's covered. Then the overall apearnace of the player is very nice. The finish is super sleek. I got some dark brown powered edifier speakers to go with this and now the whole thing has come together. Highly recommend this player, my records sounds so good.

Max March 22, 2020

Great beginner turntable. Very easy to use and set-up.

big h March 14, 2020

This is one of the best purchases I have made. Me and my family have already spent time listening and for the price, I can't imagine a better value!

James L March 13, 2020

Such a great turntable at a great price.Sound & quality is top notch.

Ramadi M March 11, 2020

Beautiful and good sounding but stopped working on the 5th record turned. The turn-table simply stopped working.

Big36Kid March 10, 2020

Upgraded from a AT-LP60X. This turntable is smooth, solid, and beautiful . Yes there are some things I would change but that would change the price in turn. Whether you need a solid base to add on to over time or just a great player from the start, it's great either way. No frills just a sturdy and classic design.

David C March 8, 2020

Very nice, easy to set up even for beginners if they follow the instructions, the sound quality is very good, the only thing I would say is that for the 45's a slot or knob should have been placed somewhere to keep it from getting lost, other than that perfect!

Sheetij March 1, 2020

It's a good product

Alex R February 28, 2020

Young people are getting back into serious analog. I took a chance on this turntable for my daughter and was pleasantly rewarded. It's a very well built deck and very difficult to best at this price.

Ericka February 25, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year North Carolina, United States

Sleek design

Steven February 22, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

Very happy owner, getting into playing vinyl. I've got some older albums (the 2 speeds don't allow play of some of those) But either old albums or new reissues- this player has been singing. Good customer support, price point and performance will have me keeping tabs on some future upgrades as well.

Bart February 22, 2020

Only complaint is the box has the player advertised on it. Not great for security purposes

Murph February 18, 2020

I'd like to start off by saying this is my third turn table in the same price range. I co-owned two others with previous roommates. This one hands down knocks any of them out of the water. There are two key features that attracted me to this turntable.1.) The weight of the plinth. This turntable has some serious weight to it compared to it's competitors. You WANT that in a turntable. It has four legs on the bottom that wiggle at the stem to adjust to it's surface and also absorbs some vibration. I threw on a record and just drummed with my hands all around the turntable and not a single noticable change in audio. I can not say that about it's competitors that I could easily hold with one hand. This is a sturdy turn table.2.) Lack of features is a feature. This has everything you need with no bells and whistles. No LSD RGB LED light show, no variable speed knobs to communicate with Satan on your favorite Zeppelin record. Simply pick 33 or 45 rpm lift the needle arm, drop the queuing lever and listen. The one little neat feature I do enjoy is the auto stop that can be toggled on and off in the back. After 10 revolutions after an album is finished, the queuing lever goes back up lifting the needle off the record. No automatically swinging the arm off the record and back to it's home where 100 tiny little parts are working together likely to break for a small unnecessary feature.Lastly setup was relatively easy. Parts that snapped on did with ease, the cartridge needle was perfectly aligned, first time I've ever seen that. My only advice is to watch the YouTube video they make on balancing the tone arm. I was a little unclear on how to do it with the instruction manual and made a mistake until I watched the video.All in all, would recommend this to anyone that wants to drop a little bit of money on a good turn table.

LN1 February 18, 2020

Very good sound quality and seems like a worth while investment for the long hall.

J r February 17, 2020

Got for Christmas and purchased with a pair of speakers. Thought the speaker jack was bad so returned only to discover it was the jack on the back of the record player but by then it was too late to return the record player. Now I can only use one speaker instead of 2. Bummed!!!

Kathy February 16, 2020

We gave this to our 13 year old granddaughter for Christmas. I just love to see their faces light up, especially when it's a present they really wanted.

Amazon Customer February 14, 2020

Very nice turntable. It's my first!! I have had it now for 6 months or so. Recently upgraded to a 2m blue cartridge and acrylic plater. So basically it's a R-85. So many pros on this model. Nice solid piece of audio equipment.

Bill D February 14, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years North Carolina, United States

The RT81 Is very well made and attractive turntable. I was upgrading from a used Sony that I picked up about 8 years ago. There is no comparison to sound a build quality, the T81 blows the Sony away. I also noticed that Fluance offers a two year warranty vs the other brands that only offer a one year warranty. The built in pre-amp and auto stop where a couple of features that where a bonus on this particular model. i like the fact I can upgrade the stylus and cartridge when I get ready to move up and not buy another turntable.

Mark L February 12, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

I grew up with a nice quality turntable in my house that I loved listening to. I did a lot of homework to find a high quality turntable without spending a fortune. My research kept leading back to Fluance. I ordered the RT81 with a pair of SX6 speakers. I love it. It's a nice heavy turntable that doesn't absorb external vibrations. The black looks modern with a simple nostalgic look to it and it sounds awsome. I never heard of Fluance until recently but they make great stuff for what you pay.

Ralph T February 12, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Mississippi, United States

I tried a Fluance turntable after reading dozens of reviews with mostly favorable opinions, but immediately the issues started.
My biggest complaint is mine doesn't work properly. It turns itself off after playing only 3/4 of the LP, no matter what LP I use.
I called tech support to report the problem, gave them the serial number and received a case number and was told they would reach back out to me and that it was under warranty.
I waited, waited and waited but no call. So I called them and was told they had a large list to work through (is that a sign) and was asked what my case number was. After being placed on hold I was asked if I could email a video of the issue, which I did. After a couple of days I email back asking if the video was received- but no reply. I emailed several more times just asking if my information was received and still no reply. So "I the customer" called them again and I reached the same support person. He again apologized for the no response and he looked up my email and confirmed it was received. He stated I would be moved to priority status and that I will be contacted- well that still hasn't happened.
So today I called THEM again and the same tech person answered. He again confirmed that after watching the video I supplied they had no reason to give for the product malfunction and that a return authorization would be issued, but now I would have to provide full original purchase details, a copy of the original receipt and order number. OK I don't mind following company return policies but to me, in my humble opinion as a customer, I have already done all the work and I did not see that requirement as part of there customer support- not saying it isn't there, I just couldn't find it.
Lesson learned, maybe. I am still trying to decide if i should just move on and purchase another trusted brand or not.

Tyler M February 11, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years New York, United States

I research relentlessly before committing to a purchase like this. While I was pretty confident that I was making the right decision, I was absolutely thrilled with the quality of this very affordable instrument. It’s very well constructed with a classic inspiration that doesn’t offend contemporary sensibility. The quality of the internal preamp is excellent, and the ability to bypass if you desire an upgrade is wonderful. There’s a lot of room for expansion, which only optimizes an already tremendous value. RPM after burn-in was spot on and the cartridge was perfectly aligned out of the box. The silly plastic 45 adapter with no home is a little odd, but in no way detracts from this excellent product.

amf February 11, 2020

Great sounding turntable. RPM is spot on!

Mark H February 9, 2020

I couldn't be happier with the product. Looks good, sounds good. great value in a moderately priced turntable.

canon, c February 5, 2020 Oregon, United States

The Fluance RT81 is an awesome product with a great sound. I would 100% recommend purchasing this item.

Mr. S February 3, 2020

Incredible little turntable. Works flawlessly and sounds great. Well crafted and looks stunning. Only wish is that it was able to connect via blue tooth to my stereo.

Marek, K February 2, 2020 Advanced Listener - 4 Years Ontario, Canada

Amazing for the price. It looks beautiful. Solid plinth provides excellent bass and mids, solid stylus. I have zero complaints with this record player. It is perfect for someone looking to go above an introductory player but has budget considerations. It was an excellent investment and I would gladly do business with Fluance again.

Deann C February 2, 2020

I have been looking for a sleek vinyl record player for my husband for a while. I love the look of the wood, it was easy to set up. Love the option to hook up to our phones too. This player does not have speakers built in, but that is what we wanted. Extremely happy with this buy! Fantastic quality, classic yet modern, and the wood looks even better in person! Phots do not do justice!!

Curt T February 1, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 8 Years Virginia, United States

Our RT81 arrived in a damaged box from shipping and showed cracks in the turntable body as well as cover when we opened it. While we recognize this is no fault of Fluance, we filed a claim immediately and took pictures of the damage for a replacement. After two weeks of calls, emails, and a lack of responses from their customer service we are leaving a review in order to get their attention. All we need is a return shipping label from them and despite multiple emails and voice messages we have not heard back. I’m sure the product will sound great when we can use it but unfortunately the customer service has proved lacking.

Kirk February 1, 2020

This is an upgrade from my at lp60. Great sound to my ears and with my setup. Its elegant, and makes my low money set up look a bit more high end. Not an audiophile by any means but it sounds good and looks good. The thing is, dont worry about what other people hear, enjoy what you enjoy.

Rocketboy January 31, 2020

Beautiful, solid, smooth. I feel like a real music hipster now! I bought this to put into my vintage console since I couldn't find a replacement for the original. Unfortunately it's a bit too powerful for the old speakers, so I hooked it up to some edifies speakers and it sounds so good! Only drawback is it's so pretty, I hate to hide it in the console. I had a much cheaper Audi tech turntable but the preamp broke so I sent it back, and it generally felt low quality. This baby purrs and feels very high quality! Nice instructions written in normal English without the cheesy errors you get in some cheap imported products. Teaches you how to balance the phonoarm and set the drag....cool! Love it!

Devin M January 30, 2020 Novice Listener - 2 Years Idaho, United States

Sounds great and easy to use. I had some issues with wow/flutter but I rebalanced the tonearm and that seems to have fixed it.

Courtney January 30, 2020

I am not real tech savvy, but my husband had a turn table years ago that he got rid of and decided that he would like to have another one. I read the review on a number of different ones and decided to purchased this as a surprise for him for Christmas. The reviews were spot on! Set up was a breeze and the sound quality amazing! A definite must have.

Greg M. January 29, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

33 and 45 play at same speed. Customer service is terrible.

Herb January 27, 2020

Upgraded my Audio Techinca LP60 with this after a ton of research. If you are in the 250-400 price range you can go wrong with this in my opinion. Sounds awesome as hell and looks just as sharp. Quality addition to my system.

Anastasia January 27, 2020


Lisa N January 25, 2020

Got for my husband for Christmas and he loves it. He is a huge music buff and he was thrilled.

Daryl January 23, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years Florida, United States

As a relative newbie to vinyl/turntables/sound equipment, but a lifelong music lover and musician, I wanted to replace an old AT-LP50 with something with a little more quality. I could tell immediately from how the RT81 was shipped that it would be well worth the price tag. Out of the box, the fit and finish is beautiful and the plinth is solid and looks great. As a rookie, i was a bit concerned with setting up a new TT. It took less than 10 mins and was super easy. Upon first listen, the first thing i noticed was the volume difference. The player attains insane levels of volume while remaining crisp and un-muddled. I then began to pay attention to the highs, mids, lows of the records i put on. I was extremely impressed with the detail heard in every instrument and how well the stylus tracked the record compared to my cheapie I was used to. All in all, for what I was trying to accomplish, this when well beyond my expectations and the quality at the price point. I am a Fluance man for life.

Brent F January 23, 2020

After many years of not owning albums, we have started collecting and listening to them again. We purchased a low level turntable which wad good to start, but need to up the game a bit. This turntable is excellent. Connected to our home surround sound system this turntable really makes a huge difference.Pretty easy to set up, and definitely a solid system. We would definitely recommend this, and have already gotten a few friends to buy one.

Pat S. January 22, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Indiana, United States

I am pleased to the point of tears! Listening to my old LPs (heavy on the 60s and 70s) I am amazed at what a quality turntable and matching speakers can do. The artists I heard on my low dollar phono and computer speakers are still recognizable. But what else I hear! Its's as if I was only listening to half the rerecording. Bravo Fluance!

Amazon Customer January 21, 2020

Super sleek looking. I did some research before buying this version. It is amazing sound and simple setup if you read the directions, which are straightforward. Removable stylus that can be upgraded and the option to have an additional amp or use the built in one. Over all good quality for the price.

Jenny W January 17, 2020

I bought this as a gift for my husband. Neither of us know much about record players, but he was able to set it up quickly and it works great. The sound is perfect! Just make sure to "burn" it for 24 hours per the instructions as the sound gets better after it plays for a bit.

Jeremy B January 16, 2020

Zero complaintsLove itEasy setupLooks cool afSounds great with my edifier bookshelf speakers

John J January 12, 2020

I put a new system together to primarily listen to vinyl. I couldn't be happier with the Fluance RT-81. It was packaged very well, and the instructions for set-up were very complete and easy. The sound is great.

Henry D January 10, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Iowa, United States

This thing sounds as good as it looks. It is extremely easy to set up and use. I’m really new to vinyl but have had an extremely positive experience so far!

Christopher F January 10, 2020

Been trying for 2 days to hook up turntable. Doesn't work. Called 10+ times before getting agent- they made me run out and but RCA cord and rubbing alcohol to trouble shoot- didn't work. Now I have to wait until next week and don;t have a working turntable for this weekend's party.

Kenneth L January 8, 2020 Novice Listener - 4 Years Texas, United States

Great sound, easy set up. Remarkably different than

Tim B January 8, 2020

This is the turntable I settled on in the sub $300 range that met my criteria for great sound, high build quality, and classy retro styling. I haven't compared it to other turntable for audio quality, but it sounds great to my muso ears (pro musician for Over 15 years). I recommend reading the instructions. They suggest 'burning in' the turntable by running it when new for 24 hours. Using the RPM app, it began out the box at 33.8, and got down to 33.38 after the 24 hours, which is good enough for me! Highly recommend this turntable.

DPATRICK_00 January 8, 2020

Perfect. Simple, yet above average quality and sound. I looked a long time for a contemporary, no frills turntable. This is aces.

Gianna, M January 5, 2020 Novice Listener - 1 Year Florida, United States

After receiving a Crosely as a Christmas present that broke down after (not kidding) 5 uses years ago, I figured vinyl just wasn't for me. However, after recently doing quite a bit of research I found out that the best affordable (and aesthetically pleasing) record player for me would be the Fluance RT-81. I was very impressed with the level of quality the product had for the price point and It sounds as amazing as it looks. I would highly recommend this player above all other entry level players for anyone starting out like me.

Craig M January 4, 2020

This record player is hands down the best I have owned. I had 2 Audio Techinics, this player is the best! You need to follow the burn in period of 24 hours, it will be fine after that. No hum, beautiful base, and thick rubber slip mat. Gave listing to my collection a whole new experience!

Jake P January 3, 2020 Advanced Listener - 8 Years Pennsylvania, United States

For the price, really a solid and accurate player.

Hannah K. January 3, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years California, United States

Beautiful look and sound paired with professional quality. The RT81 is a great choice for someone who is wanting a turntable that will last and be handed down to future generations of music lovers!

Peter A January 3, 2020

The stylus was bent upon receipt which necessitated replacement. Very disappointing for a new product.

Mike January 3, 2020

I'm loving this turntable. I upgraded from a beginner table and it was well worth the money. Plays nice set-up is easy for someone who is familiar with collecting vinyl plays great.

Amazon Customer January 2, 2020

The built in pre amp was making a terrible noise from the right speaker as soon as I hooked the TT up. Everything else seemed to work fine.

JulianEscobar January 1, 2020

I love it

Amazon Customer January 1, 2020

Looks fantastic, sounds great, easy to use. Will do proper justice to your vinyl collection and look classy doing it.

Brian M. December 31, 2019 Tennessee, United States

My wife and I have been planning on buying a turntable for some time. Ignorantly, we thought we'd just pick up one of those generic all-in-one units from a big box store. Thankfully, I did some research prior to making the purchase. While the R81 is certainly more money than we were planning on spending, it is well worth the price. We couldn't be happier with the quality. The only thing we're bummed about is that the 20th Anniversary model was sold out!

Debbie A December 31, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years New Jersey, United States

An excellent starter option. We love it so much we are upgrading to a higher end one already!

Ben B December 26, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Oregon, United States

I did a lot of research into "intro level" TT's. What sold me on the RT81 was the auto stop and build quality. I bought this as an xmas gift for my partner and we are not disappointed on either note. The auto stop has already come in handy.

We started off with Bill Callahan's "Apocalypse". And while I haven't had vinyl as my primary music source since the late 80's I know how to listen. We were blown away by the texture and space of the music. The experience instantly turned us into pretentious audiophile douchebags. Going record shopping today.

My friend has a P*****t TT. It is fiddley and over engineered. Who wants to play with weights on strings anyway? The Fluance was easy to set up, easy to balance and sounded great even though HK computer speakers. The cueing lever is included (unlike some other brands) and easy to use. And the wood finish (worth the extra $) is beautiful. The weight of the unit is great. It is substantial and well made.

What I really like is that the TT can grow with us. We can upgrade the cartridge and plater and turn off the preamp. Very very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend.

david p December 20, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Kentucky, United States

Very nice smooth operation. Good sound and quality build for the money.

Chris M. December 18, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

After many years of not having record player, I have decided to get one again. I've done quite a bit of research and was comparing between different brands. In the end Fluance RT81 won. I've listened to may records in my life on different equipment, as even though there are better turntables, I believe this one is one of the best if not The Best at this price range.
I had it now for few weeks and every time I listen to a record I am genuinely impressed.
Great job Fluance... highly recommended.

Nathan D. December 18, 2019 Ontario, Canada

First turntable purchase after much deliberation between other competitors. I do not regret my purchase at all. Sound quality is great and the heavy plinth and other materials are quality. Speed wasn't perfect right out of the box but it was an easy enough fix with the adjustment screws at the bottom.

Nathan D. December 18, 2019 Ontario, Canada

First turntable purchase after much debate amongst other competitors. Very happy with it. Speed wasn't perfectly accurate right out of the box but was easy enough to fix. Heavy plinth and everything feels quality.

Paul B December 18, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

Love the turntable. Wanted the natural wood color, got the black and it is actually really sharp looking in person. Easier to fit with your other decor as well.

So far, it sounds great. Prefer the internal phono preamp to the one built into my power speakers as well. Nice that this deck can grow as you like, replacing parts along the way to notch up as needed.

Paul K December 7, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

Happy day when the RT81arrived. The shipping was prompt. The protective packing was very well done. The enclosed instructions are superb. Made setting up a breeze. A lot thoughtful care went into this product. The Quality makes a very favorable impression. Frist time using it also added to that feeling. The turntable speed test was right on at 33.4. Wow and flutter at very low level. The only thing that concerned me was, I was hearing some what might be a slight inter groove distortion on clean records that didn't have that problem when played on an old Fisher TT with a decent Shure cartridge and stylus. I am no expert on what this fuzziness is I am hearing. The Rt81is supposed to be realigned but it did not match any protractor I have. Although it came close to the Loefgren 70.29/116.60 from vinylengine. com. I have not changed the factory alignment yet. I am assuming they got it right. I need more information. Prehaps Fluance can give me some guidance here. Like I said I'm no expert.

Werner J. December 3, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Just what I was looking for. Beautifuly designed. added a Ortfon Red 2M cart. Made it even better, just had to get the heavier counter weight. Sounds great and is a quality turntable.

David November 29, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years New Jersey, United States

I absolutely love this turntable. I now had it for 2 years and upgraded to the Ortofon OM5E cartridge. Sounds great and will eventually upgrade to the RT85 from the RT81.

Anne B November 16, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

Top notch quality. Period

Brent S October 2, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Missouri, United States

My first impression was this is a really nice looking turntable for the money. Was easy to set up thanks to the quality instructions and sounds great. This is my first turntable and I’m really happy with the bang for the buck.

Darin S September 25, 2019

This TT is a great addition to my vintage system. I have it paired up with my recently restored Pioneer SX-1050 and TANNOY HPD-385. It is simplistic in its form and function and well built. Afew things though. Make sure you watch on how you install your belt as it is very easy to install it with a 'twist' in it. I did a 36 hour burn in instead of the factories 12 hour and I feel that is very important. Get yourself a good digital scale for setting tracking force (NOTE PICTURE). I followed factory setup precisely and tracking force was way off. The cartridge is OK but would benefit from an upgraded cartridge. Some reviews say the speed is off but mine wasn't. I think a lot of the speed issues has to do with the burn in period. With that said I am very happy with it and I think you would be to.

Dallin, J September 24, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Idaho, United States

Great turntable looks nice and was super easy to set up for a novice like myself. I think it sounds great I am using the built in preamp and sound coming out my speakers is great. I like that it is upgradable if I choose to change out cartridges or ad a external preamp down the road. All in all this is nice for someone getting into vinyl like myself.

Happ10 September 22, 2019

Great turntable. Sounds great on my system.

Kember V September 21, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years Connecticut, United States

We love this record player. Its elegant and sound is superb. Would recommend.

Mason R September 16, 2019

A good player. Sound quality is average, not much better than my $100 audio technica.We are most dissatisfied with the durability of the player. After about a year of use we started having issues. Contacted Fluance and they recommended that we contact Amazon. I would not purchase this player again.

J I September 16, 2019

A solid performer and upgrade from a beginner turntable. Easy to assembly the few parts required to get it going. Build quality is top notch. For a complete manual turntable the learning curve might be a tad high for a beginner, but a few youtube videos and it quickly usable.

Sebastien September 10, 2019

I'm an audiophile. If you care about sound and build quality in a simple and good looking package, this is it. Other tables might be rated higher on sound (and usually more expensive) but if you want beautiful, effective, no nonsense equipment, this Fluance does it all very well. Same stylus as the LT Audio Technica without all the bells and whistles but way better looking in my opinion.I have it paired with a Yamaha SS receiver and KEF speakers. Take your time setting it up properly. It's not difficult but requires accuracy.

Kelly K September 10, 2019

Easy to put together, use, and sounds very good for the price.

Michael B September 8, 2019

Love the sound of records

Karl H September 7, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I purchased the walnut finish version of this turntable. It is one solid good looking turntable. The walnut finish has a real nice vintage feel to it, and is a nice match to my old vintage (70’s) Yamaha receiver, which for me was one of it’s selling points. The first thing you’ll notice when unpacking this is how heavy it is. A very solid build, although not all real wood, it’s heavy duty !

Set up was very easy, and the instructions provided are clear and concise. After setting the tonearm balance and tracking force to 2 grams using the counterweight scale as per the instructions, I checked it with a stylus force gauge which measured 2.5 grams. I backed it off a little closer to 2 grams using the gauge as my final reference. Stylus alignment for me was bang on out of the box. This turntable does not feature a built-in strobe for checking speed, but using a turntable RPM app on my my phone, the 45 and 33-1/3 speeds were bang on, right out of the box. Speed adjustments are on the bottom, which is a little inconvenient. A built in strobe with topside adjustment would have been nice for when I might need to adjust it. I have an old turntable where the platter strobe scale is on the bottom side of the platter with a small window on the topside of the turntable. A mirror in the turntable body below the window allows for viewing, which is a very elegant non-intrusive design.

Using the phono out to a receiver, this turntable sounds great with the provided Audio Technica ATN95E stylus cartridge. Upgrading to another stylus (or whole cartridge) would be an easy option for down the road if you wanted to try and improve on the sound for your personal taste. One reason I got this was for a high quality product to transfer some vinyl into my computer. I used the internal pre-amp output to the computer's audio-in, and noticed when sampling that the waveform showed a sort of dampened/limited amplitude effect for the negative swing of the waveform. Using the phono out to a receiver pre-amp, then into the computer didn't exhibit this. So perhaps the pre-amp could be better, as others have suggested. Although I couldn't really hear the difference (with my aging ears), it just seemed odd. In the end I got a proper sound device for sampling - an ART USB Phono Plus Audiophile Computer Interface. Using the turntable phono out and this interface, the results with sampling into a computer were fantastic - cleaner than the computer sound card. As for using the turntable with a receiver, I would use the receiver pre-amp anyway. The phono interface cable is pretty cheap, but it's the same kind of stuff you get with every stereo device. A thicker gauge wire, heavier shielded cable is an easy upgrade.

The S-shaped tonearm is real nice. I much prefer the look of it to a straight one. The 3-way selector switch for 33-OFF-45 is nice and solid, but I probably would have configured it to an OFF-33-45 design. That way you're not cycling the power every time you change speed - which for me was quite a bit for sampling a number of different records. There is nowhere to really 'store' the 45 adapter, a small circular indent and/or a bit of a spindle like shaft at the back of the turntable body would have been nice. The smoked turntable cover is a nice touch, as opposed to a clear one. The tonearm lever is a bit tight to the tonearm - if you look at other models you can see they have addressed that, so maybe later versions of this one that are produced might incorporate that slight design change?

This turntable does not have any automatic cueing features. Although it would have been nice, it at least has an auto shutoff feature so when the stylus reaches the end of the vinyl lead out groove it won't run on forever. The stylus will sit in the groove with the record not spinning until you lift the tonearm to park it, at which time the turntable will come back to life and spin, unless you turn the power switch off first. The auto shutoff only stops the platter from spinning, the rest of the turntable is still powered, so there is an active audio signal out.

All in all, I am very happy with this turntable. It is solidly built, nothing seems cheap or clunky about the mechanisms. The walnut finish is very nice, and it sounds great. I noticed the price is the same no matter where you look to purchase, so I chose to order directly from the Fluance website to support the company directly, and also where you get free shipping and a $10 discount code pops up. Great value for the money - Highly recomended.

Kitty M September 7, 2019

Its was what I expected !

Amazon Customer September 4, 2019

I love, love, love this turntable!

James J September 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Purchased on Fluance's 20th anniversary celebration. The turntable arrived on time and was exceptionally easy and quick to set up. Love the prealligned cartridge. Ran tests on both speeds and passed with flying colours. This is an excellent entry turntable if you're on a budget. Attached to a Peachtree amp attached to Axiom speakers. Love it the sound.

Skater September 3, 2019

I just can't believe Fluance thought it was a good idea to have the tone arm just stop and sit there on the stylus at the end of the record instead of returning to the cradle like every other player in the world????

KKean August 31, 2019

I highly recommend this turntable. I don't have the funds to get into true audiophile products, but I like to think I have a pretty good setup. I run my Fluance through an Onkyo A-9010 amplifier and Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones speakers. Great overall sound to the point where you can really hear the difference between albums with great production and mixing and those without. Set up was very easy and I was listening to my records in no time. If you're on a budget, but enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl, this is perfect.

Derek S August 30, 2019

This is the first new turntable I've owned, and I have to say it has been a massive disappointment. I've been listening to records pretty much everyday for 8 months, and the RPM fluctuations are getting unbearable, especially on 45's. At the beginning I convinced myself I was just hearing things, but over time it has become more pronounced, even after adjustments. Piano recordings are physically painful to listen on this. Don't get me wrong, the sound quality is incredible; However, the slurring and fluctuations ruin the experience for me. This was a very expensive mistake, as I no longer own my old Technics tank. I may have to take a step back in this price range, but its worth it to actually play at the correct RPM. To sum things up, don't give these people your money, and let them fix this flawed product. They should change their company name to 'Fluctuate'.

Lauren, P August 30, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Kentucky, United States

Looks and sounds amazing, I did a lot of research and fluance gave the best quality product for the price. Also the shipping was amazingly fast, no joke!

Joseph J August 29, 2019

I'm still keeping an eye out for the speed issues that reviews from a few months ago mentioned, but everything has been working perfectly out of the box. I have not done the recommended 24 hour burn-in yet and have still not had problems.I have some problematic warped records that caused weaker turntables to lose control of their speed, and the RT81 has been handling them without issues.Packaging was neat, setup instructions were easy to follow, and the wood finish looks pretty (is still a fingerprint magnet though).

David M August 29, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

Great overall turntable. Make sure it’s on solid fitting to help eliminate vibration and feedback. Overall look and sound is impressive for the price.

Kayleigh K August 29, 2019 Novice Listener - 3 Years Minnesota, United States

I wasn’t really in the market for a new turntable. I received a really cheap one as a gift a few years back and never really got into the hobby enough to justify upgrading. Then, I bought a $3 record at my local flea market with no visible major defects. After cleaning it, I popped it on my old turntable only to have both of my favorite songs on the record skip horribly. I decided then and there it was time for a serious upgrade. After doing some research, I decided on this Fluance model. It is GORGEOUS in person. I love the wood veneer finish and it blends in with my other decor seamlessly. The first thing I did after putting my table together and adjusting all the necessary parts was play that $3 record. And you know what? It played flawlessly, along with every other record I own. I am more than pleased with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking to up their vinyl game.

Jeff B August 28, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 7 Years Ontario, Canada

I was upgrading from an entry level ATLP60. I researched many other brands before settling on the Fluance RT81.
The setup was a cinch, thanks to the very easy to follow guide that Fluance provided.
Once set up, I was completely blown away! The sound was spectacular! I couldn't believe what an upgrade I had made!
I'm still in the middle of my 30 day trial period, but barring some unforeseen event, I doubt I'll return turntable.
Thanks for such a quality, Canadian made product Fluance!

Ron F August 23, 2019

The first unit I got had to be replaced due to a non functioning cueing mechanism. The replacement is a charm. It looks and functions like a higher end component; an excellent value. I highly recommend this turntable for a beginner to vinyl or someone with an unused vintage collection of LPs. It’s amazing how good vintage LPs sound on the RT81. While not a negative, I wish it had adjustable feet for balancing.

Teresa D August 22, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years Maryland, United States

Beautiful and well made!

Yakmx August 22, 2019

Nothing to dislike. Sound upgrade for my shop.

C. B August 19, 2019

I researched a lot of turntables before purchasing, and I was not disappointed with Fluance. The only issue was that my initial order had a chip in the walnut finish in a visible area. I was glad that I ordered through Amazon because they got a replacement to me in a few days, and we have a Kohl’s close by that made returning the damaged player a breeze. I love the auto stop feature because I don’t always change my records as soon as they end, so I don’t need to worry about extra wear on the stylus when the record ends.

Anthony F August 18, 2019

Love the turn table, has great sound and a great wood finish look!

Amazon Customer August 16, 2019

Excellent product. No problems at all.

Thumpfinger August 15, 2019

Freaking dope

Charles, J August 13, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Professional quality and design at reasonable cost. Excellence service .

Charles J August 13, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Professional turntable that is attractive and functional. Needle said to last 1000 hours "approximately two years" with relatively inexpensive replacement.

Charles J August 13, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

A professional quality turntable at a bargain price. Attractive looks. Easy setup. Needle said to last for 1000 hours with "inexpensive" replacement. Great customer service.

Tyler A August 8, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years North Carolina, United States

I have had the RT81 for 3 weeks now and I am so happy I made the purchase. It looks great and sounds great! I really like the sound of the AT cartridge that comes with it. For the price its a no brainer!

Maria c August 6, 2019

I love everything about this turntable it has a great vintage look and the sound quality is excellent

Steve S August 6, 2019

Just setup this tt. Took about 30minutes. Super easy just follow the directions. Sounds awesome. Checked the speed using an app on my phone 33.4 out of the box. Still running the 24hr burn in which was recommended in the instructions. Good bargain for 250 bucks. My 30 year old Technics is now in retirement.

L. J August 5, 2019

Fabulous phonograph— so easy to set up and use! The sound is great!

Anonymous August 5, 2019

Bought this to connect a turntable to my Sonos system. It works great— the sound is awesome. I did have to increase the line-in power, which Sonos help boards advised. It arrived with a crack in the dust cover but Fluance customer service was awesome and sent a new one right away.

carson m August 5, 2019 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Colorado, United States

it was a great tt well above price. considering the atlp120? i would go for this one. super! performance i thought could never be achieved at this price but it has! fluance has blessed the vinyl community truly!!!

Bill T. August 5, 2019 Audiophile - 18 Years Wisconsin, United States

great tt for the price especially if you can even upgrade the cartridge to the likes of nagaoka and a seperate phono stage like the schiit mani the result is stunning! very low motor noise nice build hinged cover. The sound has substantial bass not the most nuanced but good on the more bassy side... midrange and treble: the midrange is quite good considering the price.the midrange /treble/vocals are occasionally sibilant but for the price overall...excellent. highly recommended.

Álvaro B. August 3, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

I’ve got mine three days ago, and I absolutely love it! It’s beautiful; well crafted, it got quality parts, and the most important thing: it sounds stunning! The only thing that bothers me a bit is the cue lever: it’s too close to the tonearm. It’s easy to hit it accidentally. But this is a minor issue. It’s worth every penny.

KellyZ August 1, 2019 Novice Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Could not be happier with my re-introduction into vinyl. The Fluance community through their site and on youtube made set up a breeze, and I was enjoying my old LPs within 30mins of unboxing.

Zeeshan S July 31, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

This is my first record player and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an extremely well constructed product and comes with a lot of features that are found in players that are far more expensive (eg auto stop, built in pre-amp). And to top it off the RT81 comes in a beautiful polished walnut veneer (also available in black) that will make you want to proudly display it, a real conversation starter.

Ian C July 31, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

It's my first turntable and bought it based on reviews which are true. It looks very nice and sounds good and clean. The only missing feature is the arm does not return to resting position automatically when it's done.

Quentin F July 31, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Beautiful turntable! It sound great. It's better to see the video for the first tuning. Extremely fast shipping. Perfect overall experience!

J.P. C July 30, 2019

This turntable sounds great. But I received a defective unit that only spins at 33 RPM even when the speed selector switch is set to 45, and so far Fluance has done nothing to remedy this situation besides ask me if I've performed the burn-in. So until they send me a new functional unit they get one star.

Amazon Customer July 27, 2019

Most stoked with my purchase. Now, I'm new to the experience but, this is way better than the Sony record player I had before this honey dip.

Dissapointed July 26, 2019

Player worked for one side of an Eagles record then would not rotate. Ended up wasting a good half a day set up, testing, sorting out returns, that's after waiting two weeks for it to arrive in New Zealand. I learnt the lesson that it's better to buy local.

Amazon Customer July 26, 2019

Easy to use... Sounds wonderful.Would buy again.

Ivan, B July 25, 2019 Advanced Listener - 9 Years Florida, United States

This was my first time buying a turntable. I really wanted to start collecting vinyl not just as a hobby, but also as a way to have a physical love for my music, which in my opinion, makes it more special. The RT-81 is a REALLY good starting turntable. In fact I likely won't ever upgrade to another one because it's just that good. The cartridge/stylus and turntable mat are upgradable and interchangeable. It will be awesome to pass this down to my kids one day.

Amazon Customer July 25, 2019

I own two audio techs to DJ with but i wanted something to keep in my record room and this fit the bill i love it looks great , sounds great! get one!

Greg B July 23, 2019

OMG! I was going crazy researching a new turntable! I tend to go to the negative reviews and it seems all the products have many. If you're like me and just can't seem to pull the trigger on one then let me say you won't be disappointed with this turntable. It's a beautiful piece and works great. I had an Ion I received as a gift years ago and it finally gave up the ghost. This one sounds twice as good. I'm sure the cartridge is way better. I'm no audiophile but I know my old rock and blues albums sound way better. I know enough to compare frequency ranges and the Fluance is way better. Don't let the fact that it's not fully automatic scare you off. When you select Auto Off the arm stops and you simply return it. Just follow the easy set up instructions (do the 24 hour burn in) and you won't be disappointed. I read one review that said the RPMs were slightly off. I have not experienced this. I bought the Walnut model and it's perfect. If you aren't happy with the sound of this unit I would respectfully suggest a better receiver or better speakers. I run mine through a Yamaha receiver into Polk Audio speakers and it sounds awesome.

jon July 18, 2019

turntable is easy to setup. like the operation, record stops at end of if left unattended,record stops when tone arm is returned to the tone arm rest. sound quality, chn. separation,wide soundstage plus good tight bass.

Amazon Customer July 11, 2019

Works great for a beginner. Sound quality is very good

nichoulas c July 9, 2019

First venture into the turntable market so I don’t know what’s what but this thing is very beautiful to look at for sure. I’m a novice when it comes to the vinyl world but this was pretty easy to set up. The directions were very clear and easy to follow for a first time. I didn’t quit do the 24 hour burn in as suggested, maybe 16 hours but no issues and sounds great. I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before on my favorite albums!

Jason B July 8, 2019

Original quality was strong but the preamp quality is poor at best. In less than a year, the sound quality when plugged into powered bookshelf speakers begin to produce a terrible 'puff' sound that repeated as if a record was spinning on the platter. Reached out to Fluance directly and they are willing to take a look at the model after I recorded a video of the sound and my troubleshooting the problem. That said, shipping to Fluance is the responsibility of the customer, as is packaging a delicate record player and returning it. The fine print in the return details says damaging as a result of shipping is the purchaser's fault. Generally speaking and from my experience, this is poor customer service for a model that isn't for beginners. Boo Fluance!

Amazon Customer July 2, 2019

Haven’t had a record player in 35 years. So glad to have purchased a Fluance. Set up is a breeze and sound is great.

Edward E June 29, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Maryland, United States

I bought the RT81 to replace my '82 Technics SL/D2 turntable. Wow! What a turntable! You cant beat it, especially for the price. If I didnt know any better? I would think this turntable is in the $400- $500 range. It's beautiful, clean sharp lines and walnut finish is very pleasing to the eye. There is no noise whatsoever, no matter how loud or quiet you play it. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into vinyl and on a budget. Thanks Fluance for all the great products you offer.

JayRo June 27, 2019

This is a great turntable. Required a little tweaking to set up the counterbalance but plays great and looks beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for. I've got it running through a Yamaha receiver and some killer Bowers and Wilkins speakers, so that also makes a difference. But I'm super happy with my purchase and would recommend this turntable to anyone looking for a well built, great sounding, good looking turntable that didn't break the bank.

Patrick M June 26, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year California, United States

I haven't owned a turntable since I had a crummy plastic one as a kid. I spent my formative music years listening to CDs, but about 10 years ago I went digital and eliminated all physical music from our house. Lately I've been feeling the itch to have something tangible I can hold in my hands again, so my wife got me the RT81 for Father's Day. I've only had it up and running for a short time, but so far I'm very pleased.
The instructions for set up are very detailed, and I was able to get everything set up pretty easily. I really like the fact this unit has an internal preamp, because I'm running it through a Sonos Play 5. I'll likely get a different set up as I move forward, but for now not having to buy an additional component is a big plus. Within 15 minutes I had the turntable up and running, and it sounds/works great. It also looks fantastic - it's definitely something you want to showcase rather than hiding it behind something. I only have a handful of records so far, but I'm really looking forward to diving headlong into the world of vinyl over the coming years.
From everything I've seen so far, I'd definitely recommend the RT81 to anyone who asks, particularly if they're someone like me who's new to this world.

Joey F June 26, 2019

Great turntable. Extremely easy to set up with great sound quality.

Chelsea S June 25, 2019

It's so nice. I'm glad I bought it. It was my first time setting up a record player though, so it did take a couple tries to get the arm properly balanced.

Zach D June 25, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 7 Years Arizona, United States

Love this turntable. Looks and feels like it is made with high quality components. Love the optional built in preamp. Packaging was very nice with all parts secure to prevent damage. Would buy more Fluance equipment.

Barb K June 22, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Ohio, United States

Beautiful sound quality and a beautiful looking record player.

Christopher R June 21, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Tennessee, United States

I cannot be more pleased. It seems that Fluance is a relatively new company, but they sure know what they are doing. It is quiet and solidly built. If I ever see a reason to upgrade, it will be to another Fluance.

Michael Corp June 18, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

Picked the RT 81 as a replacement for my old Technics and it works like a champ. Plays well and looks great.

Hank D June 6, 2019

Would recommend highly.

Mr. M June 5, 2019

Really great looking unit, it also works great. No problems with set up or balancing, just follow directions. Note that you can have the player auto-stop at the end of the record, but the arm does not return (no big deal to me). The wood-look finish is first rate, looks great and makes for a nice looking piece of equipment to showcase.

Amazon Customer June 3, 2019

Adjusting the rpm’s was a headache. I finally took a flashlight to the screws that you adjust only to find that a piece was broken. The look is beautiful but the structural design doesn’t seem solid.

Richard S June 3, 2019

Very happy with the purchase. Install, set-up, tonearm balancing was straight forward. Tracks well, love the auto stop feature which was a must-have for our entertaining habits. Not many turntables with the auto stop feature to select from. Pre-amp provides good clean sound with the Technica cartridge. Would prefer a larger tonearm lift lever and adjustable feet on the bottom of the unit.

Margaret Bryant June 1, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Oklahoma, United States

Excellent turntable. Met all my expectations and more

P4! May 30, 2019

amazing sound! just wish i could get rid of the hum in the builtin preamp

Darayus I May 24, 2019

Sounds great, consider on the higher level of entry level players. Love the sound

Robert F May 23, 2019

Solid phonograph, worth the money if you want something well built. Happy I bought this one.But I do not understand why there is not a automatic return. When I was a kid all turntables had a return. No matter what you paid.This has a shut off of the turntable after 30 secs. That is 30 sec too long.

erichensley1 May 23, 2019

I've given it a few months and am very happy with my decision. Fully auto would have been nice, but I'm content without it. Very attractive and easy to operate.

Craig W May 22, 2019

Ease of setup and very good sound for the $$. Very good choice for the beginner vinyl enthusiast.

londonwolfe May 21, 2019

This is an excellent turntable. Great value. Sound quality is very good. Can't beat the price.Are there better turntables that sound better? Yes.However, without emptying the bank account this gets the job done and done well.Very happy.

John A May 20, 2019

This is truly a beautiful record player !!! The pictures your looking at on Amazon do not do it justice !!!! Set up was very easy and the sound quality is great !! Thank you Fluance for making a great great record player

Vinz K May 18, 2019

Bought this to replace an old AT-120 turntable. The unit skips and skips often. Doesn't matter what I do. I've changed the needle, adjusted the anti-skating, the tone-arm/counter-weight--everything possible other than changing the tonearm. Makes listening to vinyl a frustrating and impossible task. The exact opposite of what you want from your vinyl experience. While it's a nice looking unit I can not recommend this item to anyone.

johned May 17, 2019

Great Turntable

Erick A May 15, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Quebec, Canada

Build quality of this turntable is excellent. Definitely worth the price.

Linda D May 14, 2019

Balancing the tone arm et al. requires the eyesight of an eagle. Even with a magnifying glass, I had a time trying to read the teeny-tiny numbers that are crucial to set for the arm to balance. With help from a daughter, I got it! This is a reallynicely-designed turntable and I am once again enjoying my beloved old LP's.

Ja W May 12, 2019

This is an amazing record player! It has amazing sound qaulity. Looks great too. Upgraded to this from a cheaper turntable. Every thing about this is great. It also very simple to use. Assembly is easy with very clear directions, takes only a few minutes to do. This make all my record sound awesome. Hooked this up to a pioneer 5.1 system. I hope the neighbors like it too.... I definitely recommend this turntable! Works great for newcomers and experiencened users. I really enjoy my viynl now!!! Lynyrd Skynyrd sounds great on it! The Pre amp seems to be very good. Very good bass! The sub woofer definitely gets a work out! So this is a great record player. I totally recommend!

Matt S May 12, 2019

It is fluid. It is nice.

Erick A May 11, 2019 Novice Listener - 18 Years Quebec, Canada

Build quality of this turntable is excellent. Definitely worth the price.

David L May 9, 2019

I was so worried about this be shipped to me but it was for nothing. Packaging was great and did not take long to set it up. Sounds great, easy to use and looks terrific. This is a quality turntable.

J N May 5, 2019

The Fluance Rt 81 replaced my Technics Sl-1800 that I have had for 30+ years....Easy to hook up, and the sound...Fantastic!!!!! Probably will upgrade the stylus....but that is my choice...the Audio Technica stylus is fine...but I prefer the Ortofon brand...still, I highly recommend this turntable...and the price, you cannot beat it..

B May 2, 2019

So far I am really loving this turntable. The sound is great. Comes with a built in preamp that you can use, or bypass it to use an external preamp. I ended up really liking the sound of the built in preamp compared to the preamp in my sansui 5000 receiver, much less noise and tighter sound.Comes with a good sounding cartridge, and looks easy to replace if I choose to upgrade. My cartridge was slightly off and I had to set it to the right angle which was very easy to do. In the back of the manual there are protractors that you can cut out and use to properly set the cartridge angle, so there is no need to buy one.Setting the arm up was made easier with the purchase of a digital scale, to get the right tracking weight. So I would highly recommend buying one of those. All the instructions for setup are highly detailed and easy to understand.The only complaint I have is that they provide you with a 45 adaptor but there is no where to store it on the turntable, but this doesn’t matter to me since I don’t play 45’s. Just thought it was worth mentioning Incase someone out there really likes playing 45’s.The finish is beautiful. The wood is great and the dust cover has a classic look to it.

Charles K May 2, 2019

Most importantly, the turntable produces significantly better sound than I can recall from my LP collection, effectively eliminating (or at least minimizing) the years' long wear and tear heard on vintage LP's. And, contrary to at least one review criticizing the stability of speed produced, I have yet to note any deviation of sound due to unsteady speed, and I have a pretty good ear for such. Plus, it's a very attractive, professional looking piece of equipmentDislikes - minimal hassle with the automatic stop. It does stop tuning at the end of the record after a short period but I would have preferred that it would at least return the tonearm to its cradle - it's a little annoying to have to manually tend this minor chore in preserving the LP's and the equipment when also doing something else while enjoying the music. Also, I was looking initially for a 3 speed unit, as I also have a minor collection of 78 rpm discs, but couldn't find a comparably rated unit at the time of purchase that included this feature. Ultimately decided I would go ahead and invest in a inexpensive separate 78 rpm player to have that capability. A minor complaint, more than offset by my pleasure at the result when listening to the seemingly revived 33's I own.

Scott B May 1, 2019 Novice Listener - 5 Years New Jersey, United States

When it comes to turntables, I'm a novice. I've only owned "all-in-one" systems in the past, and never experienced vinyl the way it should truly be heard. A few months ago I decided I needed to change that. I needed a turntable that would give me the full, rich sound of vinyl without breaking my bank in the process. After weeks of research, watching various YouTube videos, debating between vintage and new, I found what I was looking for. I heard rave reviews for the Fluance line of turntables. Most notably, the RT81 High Fidelity. With a price tag of $250 and tons of good reviews, how could I not take a chance? I'm so glad I did! From the easy setup, warm, full sounds and beautiful walnut finish, the RT81 is everything I need and more in a turntable. If you're in the market for a premium listening experience at a budget price, stop reading this review and go buy the RT81 now. You won't regret it!

Cole C May 1, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Indiana, United States

After doing lots of research trying to find the best entry-level turntable, I'm glad I chose this one. For the price I can't find another turntable with all these features. Had it for about a month now and have not had any issues!

Caleb F April 30, 2019

I've had this record player for a couple of months and I've used it just about every day. No speed issues, no sound issues, it's literally perfect. The quality of the sound is superb for someone who can't afford a more expensive one. The table looks great, buttons feel nice, the counterweight is flawless, and the que lever works perfectly. Just don't forget to leave it running for 24 hours straight to burn it in when you get it, and it should run perfectly. Highly recommend this to anyone, you can't find a turntable this high quality in this price range from anyone else!

Lovethatfeedback April 27, 2019

For many years, I have bought and sold vintage audio equipment. It's a fun hobby for a semi techie-type like me, but when it comes to turntables, vintage gear can be frustrating.There are lots of mechanical things that can stop working or need lubrication and adjustment. There were so many great, affordable TTs built in the 1970s-80s and there are still some good deals out there, but they are getting harder and harder to find. Often, even if the mechanical condition is good, the cosmetics are just so-so. These days, you are lucky to get a dust cover, and often it is cracked or gouged. If it is pristine, expect to pay a lot more.So I have been shopping for a new TT for some time. The entry level models are not that appealing, spec- and sound-wise, because they cut so many corners. Above that, in the $200-$300 range, things get interesting. So, why Fluance, and why the RT-81?First, Fluance's designs are really good-looking. I know, this has nothing to do with performance, but for me it is the first criteria. A TT is the showpiece of an audio system, and because it is such a tactile product in everyday operation, looks and feel are important to me.Second, it has to do the job and not require constant adjustment. I have always liked direct-drive designs, given their reliability and constant-speed capability. But not many modern offerings offer direct drive. The argument is that belt-drive TTs better isolate the platter from audible vibrations. Sure, but with a good direct-drive TT, few of us are going to hear that difference. (That's another conversation, however.)So I was hesitant to buy a belt-drive design like the RT-81 because I did not want to fiddle around with periodic speed adjustments, due to belt stretching, etc. But I have owned some belt-drives, and was willing to give it a try again.On that last point, savvy readers of Fluance reviews will have noted speed variability issues. Lately though, this problem has not been reported much. On top of that, Fluance has excellent customer service, a dying business art form these days. Even before I bought this TT, I queried their customer service several times and the responses were always immediate and complete.The RT-81 has received a lot of good reviews since its introduction. Feature-wise, having auto-stop is SOOO great and most mid-priced TTs do not have this. (Many vintage TTs had it, or even auto-return of the tonearm.)It's also nice that the Fluance RT-81 has a built in pre-amp, in case your amp or receiver does not. You can switch it off if you don't need it. Some audiophiles complain that having that extra circuitry on-board somehow degrades the analog audio signal, even when not in operation. I find this to be a specious argument when you consider your TT's analog audio signal eventually has to go through a pre-amp at some point before being routed to your speakers.With Fluance's recent introduction of the higher-line RT82-85 models, I knew it was just a matter of time before the price of the RT-81 dropped. And it did, to $210 on Amazon, if only for a couple of weeks. I am always value conscious, so the price drop was my trigger to purchase.I've had this TT for a few weeks now. The packaging was excellent, and set-up was easy. I use the RPM smart phone app to set the speed, which was slightly fast (33.6 rpm out of the box), and I found the recommended adjustment procedure straight-forward. I also have a vertical tracking force gauge, and used it to check the factory VTF. It was spot on, kudos to Fluance.The sound quality is really wonderful, and this is a fun TT to operate. So far I have had no issues whatsoever. If I do, I will amend this review.I see today the price is back up to $250. But it will likely drop again, so keep checking. Also, I think the RT-80 is a good value, currently at $170 on Amazon, though I prefer the phono cartridge that is supplied with the RT-81.That's about it. I have titled this review 'Why did I wait so long?' because I typically buy everything used to get the best value I can. But when it comes to turntables, getting a new piece of equipment at the right price feels pretty good too.

Brian C. April 26, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

My new Fluance rt81 turntable has completely revitalized my sound system. Why did I wait so long?? The eye candy appeal, superb and sturdy construction, excellent price point, silky smooth mechanical features, and that gorgeous Audio-Technica ATN95E stylus, plus free shipping really sealed the deal for this hippy from the 1960's. Now my hundreds of LP's from last century are in for a serious workout. Set-up was easy peasy with SO SIMPLE operation. Now my wife can't get me away from the music room. More than well done, Fluance .

Amazon Customer April 25, 2019

The product arrived within four day. It was easy to set up and balance. Only had the turntable for a few weeks but it works well and sounds good . Have recorded several albums to cd and I am very happy with the results.

Edward H April 24, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

Terrific Turntable! The RT81 offers beautiful looks, easy setup, and most important, great sound. Compared to the competition at this price, the RT81 is the winner hands down.....

steve April 24, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Georgia, United States

Upgraded from Audio Techinca LP60 with RT81. Great value for the price and it sounds great!

Glen M April 23, 2019

Before ever purchasing a turntable, I investigated for several weeks which ones were the best. Quality, price, sound, beauty, and durability were my top requirements. Fluance kept showing up in my searches and so I took a chance on their product, even though I had not previously heard of them. This product is truly amazing! Super easy to put together, very sexy & simple looking, beautiful & crisp sound (get yourself a good speaker), easy to use, solidly built, top notch parts, and so enjoyable to play my lp's!I am a 54 year old 60's, 70's & 80's rock album lover who owns hundreds of these vinyls! After buying this product more than a year ago, I am convinced that I bought the right product. The only downside, which I knew before my purchase is it doesn't have bluetooth. Regardless, I am so thrilled to have this amazingly beautiful and crisp sounding turntable! You will love yours too!

Riley M April 23, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Idaho, United States

Classic look and vibe, sounds great!

HD_Dude April 22, 2019

This is the real deal. I'm hearing better tone from this TT than any other I've had. Setup was super easy. I use the phono input setting, bypassing the preamp. The included cables are 3 foot. I needed more. So, I ordered a six-foot set from Amazon, which bundles L/R and ground, and all is perfect. As for the sound, I had been using a Marantz TT42, and this unit gives me better, fatter bass, and an overall better SQ. The Marantz is awesome, but it will go to another place - and the Fluance will be my number one. Finally, it's beautiful. Deep, glossy, rich wood look, and that s-curved tone arm. Gorgeous. Makes me glad I installed a Philips Hue Play light above the turntable, which casts a dim-able light on the TT as its playing. All that at a great price. Thank you!

Chico D April 20, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Georgia, United States

Build quality of this turntable is excellent. Definitely worth the price.

Michelle B April 16, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years British Columbia, Canada

I am blown away by this table! Every time I drop the stylus my heart melts. The color is stunning and the setup was super easy. Amazing table! I will be sticking with Fluance for a long time!

Kenner April 16, 2019

Wow! Slowly getting more involved in this hobby and building my vinyl collection. Actually took time trying to buy a sturdy entry level turntable and settled on this. Completely thrilled! The wood finish is beautiful. The instructions for putting everything together and balancing the tone arm was easy to understand. In general everything seems solid and I am 100% satisfied. Keep in mind you will need to purchase speakers as there are none built in or a Bluetooth function.

Steve D April 16, 2019

Great turntable for the price. I upgraded to the rt81 from an audio Technica lp60. Get the cork matt as well.

Brian Bullock April 14, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

My old Dual turntable finally bit the dust..
Very happy with my RT81 turntable purchase. The sound is great!
Arrived well packaged and setup was straight forward.

Ryan S April 13, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years Alberta, Canada

Awesome sounding turntable! It tracks great and it's very well thought out. There's something to be said about a company that cares about product quality

ram733 April 12, 2019

it would be much better if it has auto return...

David G. April 11, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years New York, United States

Recently purchased a small condo as a second home and I desperately needed a turntable to satisfy my vinyl cravings. I already had an RT 85 and an RT 81 here at home. Yes, I’m a big Fluance fan so, naturally, I purchased another RT 81 for the condo only this time I went for the glossy piano black finish. I have the walnut finish at home. I wanted the internal preamp to go with my Ai 40 speakers. Needless to say, the table is magnificent in all respects. For the price, there is no better turntable out there when it comes to beauty and sound. When it comes to high quality speakers and turntables at affordable prices, Fluance is the way to go.

James D April 11, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

Can’t beat this turntable for $249! Very good overall performance, fit and finish! Looks good! Easy to set up and play! Pre alignment was spot on! Only issues are, at times, I detect wow and flutter (piano, guitar). All else is top notch so fair!

OkRandom April 9, 2019

Setup is easy...read the instructions or watch the YouTube video. There is not a component on this player that feels cheap to me...it’s heavy...it is beautiful...and it sounds fantastic. Truly I was expecting that I would need to adapt to a lo-fi vinyl sound....I was not prepared,however, to be blown away by the clarity of my records. There is no other way that I would prefer to listen to my music at this point. I purchased the RT-81 with a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5 monitors....the pairing is a true winner I would highly recommend this duo. I have zero complaints and I anticipate that this player will be a part of my life for a long time. Worth every penny and more.Update:I am now 3 months into it if this player and have put numerous hours in. It still sounds fantastic and I have zero issues with it.One noteworthy item...be careful if you stack items around the record player. I have found that if you have the speakers within 5 feet of the turntable and you have the turntable sitting between two objects like books...or a record holder...those objects will resonate with the output of the speakers and transfer that vibration to the turntable causing feedback at higher volumes. If you experience this reposition objects that may be surrounding or touching the record player until the feedback goes away.

Sean E. April 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arizona, United States

This is a really nice turntable. After researching on various websites, watching and reading a lot of reviews, I chose the Fluance RT81. My records sound great and the turntable is solid and looks great. Really pleased.

David March 31, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Oregon, United States

Turntable is very beautiful. Very easy to set up and add different cartridges. Everything is very high quality.

William A March 29, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years West Virginia, United States

Great turntable Excellent Quality Plays Great Highly Recommend 5 Stars all the way!!!!!!

Amazon Customer March 20, 2019

We love this turntable for our house. It was easy to set up because of the detailed instructions and supplemental videos on the website we could watch. The finish is beautiful and it looks great on display in our home! Sound quality is amazing and we hope to have it for years to come. Would definitely recommend this product!

Jim S March 19, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Purchased recently. Well packaged and intact delivery. Easy set-up. Appealing to the ear and eye. Quality and price!

Owen J March 18, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Utah, United States

Fast easy setup. Sounds great. Looks beautiful. Very happy with the turntable.

mike hottle March 18, 2019 South Carolina, United States

excellent sound quality,spacious sound field,good separation in the crossover,good tight bass.

Evan M March 18, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Illinois, United States

Such a beautiful turntable, sounds great, relatively easy to assemble. A true pleasure to use. Looking forward to diving in to vinyl.

Jim L March 13, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

Quality design for the money, resists skipping even when jostled a bit. I love the tonearm, easy to adjust. Great instruction manual.

Brian H March 12, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 6 Years District of Columbia, United States

The RT-81 turntable has been fantastic. I love that it has a pre-amp and the balanced tone-arm is super nice and very high quality

Mina, I March 12, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

Great product

Behnam March 11, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Massachusetts, United States

I am satisfied with the quality compared to the price I paid for this. It's been only a week since I got this and so far I'm happy with it.

Chuck M. March 11, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

Amazing turntable beginning with the build quality, all the way through to the listening experience. It was shipped promptly with great communication from Fluance. Even if it didn't work, it's still something you can stare at and appreciate. Excellent buy!!!!

Luis Rivadeneira March 10, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Beautiful turntable, excellent finish. Everything looks alright, except the plastic 45 RPM adapter (there is no specific place for it too), and the cheap RCA cables which catch any furniture or contact and get amplified (had to keep the cables away of the furniture to improve the problem, I will replace them). After everything was setup, I couldn't get a good sound out of my Fleetwood Mac LP... Sounds like a bad aligned cartridge or something... I will check later...

Drew H March 8, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

The turntable is beautiful and easy to set up. Very happy!

Ger S. March 8, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Amazing turntable. Looks fantastic, and sounds even better. Solid build, great quality materials. The built in phono sounded good with powered speakers. It was easy to disable the built in phono (just flick the switch), and go directly into my vintage receiver's phono stage. Beautiful warm sound, full detail and response. I can't wait to try this RT-81 with the new phono preamp I just ordered. This was a nice upgrade in build, looks, and sound quality from the LP-60 I was using. Shipping was fast, and the unit was very well packed. Great job Fluance!

Rivadeneira L March 7, 2019

I just received my turntable and installed it right away. I, however, did all the necessary and proper steps prior to put it to spin. I spend about one hour trying to get a good sound out of it but not satisfied with results. Will give it a new try tonight. First impressions: excellente presentation, the plinth is gorgeous and heavy, the S-shaped tonearm is mate black and looks adequate, however the dial numbers on the counterweight are almost impossible to read. RCA cables are very simple and thin and produced some hum noise when touched. Feet are not adjustable (or I couldn't adjust them), so I had to use paper shims to level the turntable. Not able to make the provided AudioTechnica cartridge to sound good, sounds like the needle is not getting into the groove 100%, some scratch sound always present. I also miss a place to put the 45 RPM adapter (plastic by the way) and a place to put a spare headshell with cartridge (like my old Tehnics SL-B2 do). Will update when things improve.

JR March 6, 2019

I just upgraded to the RT-81. It sounds really good. I am no audio expert, but coming from the Victrola, this is a huge improvement. It's so good, I wish I would have got the RT-85 just to see how much better it is. Someday I will upgrade to an Ortofon stylus just to see how much better that makes it. Excellent turntable for the price. I paid $299, and a couple days later they were $250, so definitely buy one at that price!! Follow the instructions, which are pretty easy. It was my first time and I had no issues. Other reviews spoke of speed problems, but I had none. I downloaded a RPM app and it showed 33.42 and 45.02.

Erica B March 6, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year New York, United States

First time record owner and love how easily it was to get into a new hobby.

Devin B March 5, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Great record player! The audio is amazing, but on the next model please make it easier to change the rpm speed.

Evan, S March 3, 2019 Audiophile - 1 Year Vermont, United States

Great sound quality. It feels like you're in the studio with the artists and the product is super sturdy. Ships very quickly at no extra charge!

Ric M February 28, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Excellent build quality and performance for this price range. Really solid. AT95 cartridge produces rich sound, unlike others that can be thin on the bottom end. Only real gripe is the lack of an auto-return, for which I'd have given a 4.5 rating if there was one. Auto shut-off works, but seems completely goofy on an otherwise really nice turntable.

David February 27, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Connecticut, United States

The RT81 is a great value and looks as good as it performs. Very easy setup and sounds good with the included Audio Technica cartridge. I did install my vintage Shure V15 type iv cartridge and the sound is outstanding. I would be hard pressed to justify paying more for a turntable.

Sean February 26, 2019

I'll break this up into a few areas.Looks: I know it's made of MDF board with a veneer, but this turntable is gorgeous. They style is minimal, and straightforward. The dust cover is solid, and allows you to keep all the components protected from dust. You can leave the dust cover on while playing records as well.Features: One knob powers on/off the player (just select 33 or 45 RPM, and it will start spinning automatically when the tonearm is lifted off of the rest. I bypassed the preamp via a switch on the back, ran the turntable into my Go Groove preamp, and into my Onkyo receiver. The preamp is grounded to the back of the turntable. The rubber mat is a nice feature, as well as the aluminum plate. I toggled auto-stop to ON, which is great for when I put on a record to have in the background while I'm in a different room. The table stops spinning shortly after the last song finishes. Just return the tonearm to the rest yourself. The hook keeps the tonearm secure until you disengage it to play. The 'cueing lever' is a fantastic feature. It slowly, gently lowers the cartridge onto the vinyl, and can be used as a 'Pause' if needed- the album will pick up right where you left off when you lower it back down. Additionally, this is a heavy, substantial unit. The rubber feet are nice, and give the player a nice, sturdy base.Setup: I followed the guide for balancing the tonearm, and anti-skating. The tonearm took a little tweaking, but it wasn't a burden. If you want to open a box and have everything ready to go, you might want to look elsewhere. It really isn't difficult to set this up, as the instructions are clear and concise. The belt is incredibly easy to set up as well. I previewed a few songs once set up was complete, and the sound was clear and even. However, I still followed the instructions for a 24 hour burn-in for the belt.Sound: Incredible dynamics. The audio is clear, and the sound is remarkably full. You can hear the littlest details if you listen for them. I keep hearing/noticing new things in songs that I've listened to hundreds of times before. This player makes my favorite artists shine (and I listen to everything: folk, classic rock, electronic, indie, progressive death metal, etc). Listening to Origin's furious blast beats and bass/guitar shredding is an absolute treat with this turntable (the bass is mixed wonderfully, and you can actually hear the ridiculous things the bassist is doing).Bottom Line: I upgraded to this player after spending countless hours reading reviews of similar turntables. I wanted to get more serious about collecting and enjoying music on vinyl, and investing a few hundred in this turntable has absolutely been worth every penny. I am by no means a pro or snob about vinyl, merely a long-time music enthusiast in pursuit of what I find interesting/enjoy hearing. This turntable has been an excellent investment for that pursuit.

Ed W February 26, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

Fantastic, Able to play my old collection of albums with sounds better than when my prior stereo system cost me a whole lot more money and needed extra equipment to silence the pop and clicks that are ever present when playing albums.

Yun February 24, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

As a newbie of turn table world, I think I am so lucky to have this turntable. It looks gorgeous and its sound is great. Of course, another beauty of this is, I can manage my desk simple, since I don't need to add receiver and preamp to play my records.
Actually, this turntable satisfied me enough, so I already bought Ai40 speakers. Its combination is perfect!

Ben M February 21, 2019 Advanced Listener - 6 Years Florida, United States

As of writing this I have used the RT81 for nearly 40 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I need to find a solution to better isolate it from my speakers, but otherwise everything is wonderful! Absolutely a wonderful piece of gear to have that will be used extensively for a long time to come.

Kade B February 20, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Texas, United States

Very sturdy and great sounding turntable! Looking forward to purchasing more items from Fluance.

M. M February 20, 2019

I did a fair amount of research before purchasing. A stunning finish very quiet motor and plays very well. I chose to upgrade the cartridge to a Nagunka 110 which gives tremendous musicality above the standard cartridge.. now the company offers several models with upgraded cartridge options

Don C February 20, 2019