Reference High Performance 2-Way Bookshelf and Surround Speakers

Reference High Performance 2-Way Bookshelf and Surround Speakers

For a 2-Channel Stereo or Home Theater System - Natural Walnut/Pair (XL8SW)

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$242.99 CAD

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Overall Rating:

Karl S April 26, 2023 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

The build and sound quality are amazing along with crisp highs and plenty of lows. Very reasonable price too. I highly recommend.

Tim S. March 27, 2023 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

So far I'm really enjoying speakers. I had a bit of a problem connecting to an older receiver but I finally got it working and they sounds great. The build quality is excellent and I love the walnut wood finish. So far I'm very happy.

edmund b. March 5, 2023 Advanced Listener - 6 Years New Jersey, United States

at first i wasn't sure i wound up using as surrounds instead of sssc5 speakers with retro sansui sp-6 4 channel . the combo is beautiful. i bought another pair used from flaunce and wasn't disappointed. used second pair in 2 channel setup as b speakers or in conjunction with with kef 150 a speakers again sounds great. i'm hooked on flaunce sound

Stanley W January 4, 2023 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

I purchased these after reading a recommendation on an audiophile board. I am using them with two Tinysine 50W amplified bluetooth boards for true wireless stereo. I installed Equalizer APO on my computer to adjust the sound the way I wanted it. I get amazing bass for the size of the speakers. Frequencies below 63hz are boosted 20db in the software. The EQ boost eliminated the need for a subwoofer in my case. Bluetooth does not give true audiophile quality sound, but it is good enough for my purposes. Everything I had hoped for from a bookshelf size speaker. If you want to shake the walls, you will still need a subwoofer.

RIGOBERTO J December 25, 2022

Excelentes monitores de entrada para audiofilos. Gran nitidez de agudos y graves con gran potencia. Muy buena manufactura. Después de 2 aos los sigo disfrutando, lo mismo en rock que en clasica

skd December 20, 2022

Don't do months of research like I did. Save yourself the time and buy these bad boys.

Corn F December 6, 2022

Fluance seems to know what they're doing. These speakers sound good, nothing like Triangle Borea BR02 good, but ok for background music. The XL8S's do, however, sound much better than Polk ES15's. The good enough XL8S sound is a definite "Win." Took a chance on an open box set direct from Fluance. Like new condition for a bit of a discount. Another "Win." The speakers deliver a broad and full sound stage even if they're a bit bass light. Suits my "kitchen system" just fine. Give them a try. You might like them too.

Robert G December 2, 2022

These sound great. You will not be disappointed.Bob

Dave P November 23, 2022 some Debussy, orchestrated 24 preludes, terrific sound for the price.

Boyd B. November 15, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

This is my second pair of Reference bookshelf’s. My first pair I’m using as my front left and right and they perform fantastically, and the second pair I’m using as my Atmos height speakers. Adding the second pair has brought Atmos effects up to another level. I can’t recommend Fluance enough. High quality speakers at an extremely affordable price!

Sean October 11, 2022

Replaced some old speakers (they were $350 each retail) with these Fluance speakers. I have an amp pumping 50W to each and they sound great. They definitely need a subwoofer though.

H.N. September 24, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Virginia, United States

Outstanding speakers right out of the box. Can’t wait for them to get broken in. These sound and look better than more expensive speakers I have owned. The walnut finish with the black glossy class up my mostly black components.

Michael M September 7, 2022

I wanted tower speakers to go in our 20 X 24 great room but I compromised and for the WAF these are a great option. I honestly can not crank these over half volume and for music they are superb! I paired with the Elite series bipolars and watching Movies is fantastic. Of course you'll want a good sub, the one we got is the Jamo c910 which pairs great with this set. Now to get that 75 inch TV

Eddie K August 25, 2022

For the price I don't think the speakers can be beat. I replaced my old rear channel LG speakers & these are noticeably better. Louder....clearer...more immersive.

maria a July 20, 2022

The parcel was shipped before time, pristine condition and ratio sound quality/price hard to beat.

justin h June 30, 2022

These are classy looking. I'm not an audiophile by any means but they really sound clear and crisp. Bass is good. Everything I wanted from a budget speaker

josh g June 19, 2022

To all the reviews saying these lack bass or bottom end....well you don't say huh????? There 5.25" bookshelf speakers....what else do you expect?? They do absolutely soo much more then can be expected and they do it well....very well!! People just need to get there expectations in check......if u want bigger louder output??? Then buy bigger speakers!!! Don't buy bookshelfs' and expect stadium type output and then complain about....."I bought this tractor but can't keep up with the Lamborghini's"............what happened to common sense??????

Lschwartz May 23, 2022

I use these every night with my receiver using it's sleep timer. Also makes the "doors" sound great.

Mac M January 29, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I've had these reference bookshelf speakers for a few days now and I'm very impressed indeed. I have a small listening room, so these are my prime L/R fronts for both music and 5.1. For $200ca on sale they cannot be beaten. I returned a set of polks to amazon and replaced them with these. The difference is night and day.
Build quality is exceptional. Sound quality is more focused on mid and high frequencies and, while others have criticized bass response, I was pleasantly surprised. However, they are definitely improved by my sub.

Highly recommended.

Ryan M October 20, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

I am extremely impressed with Fluance and their fantastic team of professionals. Julie in customer service is one of the nicest and beyond helpful people I've ever dealt with. The Fluance products are amazing, flawless, and I've never looked back after getting one of their products. I am a customer for life.

David T September 18, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Sound amazing as surround backs, highly recommend

john W September 2, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Andrew Robinson's review of the Fluance Reference speakers prompted me to make my purchase and man, they do sound as what Andrew described: "Detail, detail, detail". These little guys are pleasing to both the eye and the ear, and to top it all, it's a Canadian brand.

Simon H August 29, 2021

Des excellents speakers !

Darren A August 9, 2021

These are great bookshelf speakers. I don't think you could find any better for the money. Let them have their 10 hours to break in and they get even better. I've already ordered a second pair, my Marantz SR6015 loves them!!!

Asaph B July 30, 2021

Arrived quickly. Been using them for 2 months now. Excellent sound - don't let any "audiophile" weird language fool you. Clear, crisp sound - and they look very attractive. Solid build.

WBF June 23, 2021

I bought the matching centre speaker about a month before buying these guys. I’ve had two sets of Polk’s that I’ve been pleased with over the past 23 years but was so impressed with the clarity/quality of the centre channel in this series by Fluance that I wanted to compliment it with L and R fronts. This is best used in a 5.1 and up system, let your sub do it’s job and these guys will focus on clean mid and treble ranges. I’ve picked up tiny details in movies I’ve watched twice before but didn’t know were there until making the switch. Great styling, solid construction and easily mounted to the wall for clean lines.

Luke S June 17, 2021

Maybe it's cause I'm upgrading from a meh sound-bar for the last 3 years, but these bookshelf speakers are perfect for a solid, budget, apartment-friendly set-up.Build quality is superb, they feel very substantial and solid with some distinct hints of good engineering, the magnetic dust-cover is a high-end touch that makes me know these will last longer than the old plastic peg ones. They also look beautiful on the media console as a part of the room.Sound quality is beautiful, very good through the range with clear dialogue when watching TV and movies but still solid top range for acoustic music. While I know these are typically used as surround or additional speakers, they're a great option for an apartment-friendly 2.1 setup.Bonus that it's made in Canada :)

joe April 23, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Was not that impressed when I first connected, but after a few hours break in, they sounded great. They just keep getting better. I will be ordering the reference towers to add and use the bookshelves for surround. I did call customer service and they were extremely helpfull. I originally wanted the signature series, but based on room size the recommended ref. Series. Boy am I glad I listened. Very pleased all around.

Reptile March 22, 2021

These have a quality of sound that must be hard to beat for around $200. They look quality, too. The sound is balanced, not harsh or boomy. Work great as a bookshelf speaker in a small room. If you need more bass, add a subwoofer.

William P February 18, 2021

Looks very nice on stands, with or without the grills

Amazon Customer February 15, 2021

Great product for a budget price. I have fluance reference bipols for side surround and the reference bookshelves for rears.

Amazon Customer February 2, 2021

The lack of bass on these bookshelf speakers is why I would not recommend them for a 2 channel system. I happen to use them with a subwoofer that is more for a 2 channel system and that produces a much improved lower end along with better soundstage and depth. I would say if you have a small room and an amp with tone controls then you can adjust the bass and get okay results, but in medium to large rooms these speakers in my opinion will not be sufficient.

David K February 1, 2021

Crisp, clear sound for a small speaker.

Brandon T December 29, 2020

I can fully appreciate my vinyl with these! The perfect amount of bass and clarity!

Kristin, JO December 27, 2020 Texas, United States

Bought this along with the RT81 turntable for my husband for Christmas. The sound quality is great and he loved putting it together. Will definitely check out more of Fluance's products.

Paul T December 26, 2020

If you're looking for a budget speaker these are the ones to try out . I was surprised on how much bass comes out them considering there small size, so far very happy with the purchase

John T December 21, 2020

superior quality construction and great sound for the money

Ed December 8, 2020

I love these speakers. I got them used (like new) and couldn't be happier. They're pretty soft sounding and the bass isn't aggressive at all.I live in an apartment and I can easily get them to sound good without being loud, which is great when you don't want to bother your neighbors.This doesn't mean they can't be loud though; they get pretty intense when I go over 10% volume on my old Technics Class F+ reciever. I just like the fact that they sound good even when they've at low volume.I think it's a good pair if you want big sounding speakers that can also be soft and relaxed when turned down.

Phillip November 4, 2020

These are speakers you want to have! The sound quality is very good, especially for the price!

Joe October 20, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

I’d never heard of Fluance even thought they have been going for 20 years until I decided to change from my Cambridge Satellite speakers to bookshelf speakers I looked at the usual Polk Yamaha Klipsch Bose on internet in Electronic Shops that when I noticed Fluance the first thing to catch my eye was how good they looked the second was the price now don’t get me wrong the price wasn’t the reason I eventually got them in my 68 years I’ve been stung before by buying cheap but after checking numerous web site and review on YouTube you will always get at least a couple of bad ones no matter what you look for but since there was only a few not so good one’s but plenty of great reviews I decided to get them they look good and are well built I bought 5 speakers after hooking them up and turning on my system I had to turn it down from my usual listen volume they are so powerful and clear I was surprised and after listening to them for awhile I decided to keep them as you get a 30 day Free Return and am going to order 2 more to finish of my 7.1 system I have been that happy with Fluance I decided to buy the RT85 turntable but that’s for another review I would recommend them to everyone and you have nothing to lose since there’s a 30 day Free Return Policy.

Sam B October 17, 2020

Dope, sound great and haven't had a single issue with these new bad boys. Bigger than I was expecting but not a problem for the current setup.I live in a tiny studio and my setup is pretty modest but I can't tell that these speakers would be able to stretch their legs if I had the space to let them.Not gonna bore everyone with jargon, certainly a bang for your buck I'd say.Only gripe is I wish fluance didn't slap their logo/name on everything, your logo/name is ugly and kills what could be a great minimalist look. Even google only puts a G on their devices. Is this not design 101 in 2020?

Jim October 16, 2020

tied in with a Fluance turntable, and still in the break in periodsound great at lower volumes, but needs more bass with certain albumsI run them with a second set, of pioneer that always sounded muffled. now I have the crisp highs and midrange with the bass from the pioneer. After a lot of research, I am very happy with purchase

Amazon Customer October 14, 2020

Installation was easy and quick. Plus it arrived way sooner than I was expecting

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