Ai61 Powered 6.5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Ai61 Powered 6.5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

with 120W Amplifier, Bluetooth 5, RCA, Optical, USB and Subwoofer Out

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$299.99 USD

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Jeff T January 19, 2023 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

Very pleased with both the turntable and 4 speakers. Shippers screwed up one box of speakers which Fluance quickly corrected. Excellent products and customer service. Many thanks.

Den January 14, 2023 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Mexico, United States

High quality book shelf speakers with a deep rich sound. Set up was easy.

David January 12, 2023 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Incredible speakers, easy purchase and delivery, extremely functional with included cable and remote and Bluetooth capability - most importantly sound is noticeably improved from previous Mission speakers. Thank you!

Joe W. January 12, 2023 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Michigan, United States

I'm so happy I ordered these speakers. They look and sound incredible! I love the connection options and the sound that they produce (connected to my RT84 and PA10 preamp. They have given great sound from Coltrane to Soundgarden and more. The remote and connection options sold me. I love being able to connect via bluetooth, RCA, optical, or USB.

RobF December 31, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Oregon, United States

Purchased to be used as iMac stereo speakers (thanks to USB-C.) I let them break in a while before really judging. I'm no pro, but these sound very high quality for the price. The sound is rich and well-balanced. Thanks for a solid product with options other than Black!

Ward C December 30, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Bought a pair of Ai61 along with the RT82, and the pre-amp. Sounded really good, but was lacking bottom end. Didn't like the looks of the subs that Fluance sells, so I looked at another Canadian company, Kanto. Have to say that the Sub8 doesn't overpower the Ai61s, they compliment each other well.

Jason December 12, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Im not an audiophile. These aren't geared towards audiophiles, so it was a fair start. They aren't even broken in yet and i love them. The sound is great, has a sub out, a remote. Also my primary concern was space then sound then everything else [small apartment], and while these are a bit bigger than i thought, their size to sound is unbelievable. Finally was price, and these are probably the best sounding powered speakers you can get for the price

Mario C November 12, 2022

I got them for my turntable and the ay are clear brassy and loud, I feel sorry sometimes for my neighbors.

J. K October 22, 2022

Almost immediately I experienced some crosstalk issues when connecting to both RCA and USB inputs. Wasn't a huge dealbreaker because the quality of the speakers and sound was excellent for the cost, so I would simply manually unplug the inputs to avoid this issue. After a couple of months I experienced more serious issues but was beyond the Amazon return period, so I reached out to Fluance customer support. The process starts with run-of-the-mill tips (unplug everything, switch cables, etc). After about 6 to 7 interactions where I posted videos and emails to support, I was issued a RMA to resend the speakers for a refund.Unfortunately you must pay for the packing and freight to return the product, but MORE IMPORTANTLY Fluance will decide what to do when they receive the return. So the final decision rests on them to either provide you with a new product or return the defective one right back to you.Because of their terms and conditions, I opted to throw them out. I had already invested 3 to 4 hours of time back and forth with their customer service team, purchase $30 to $40 of different cables, but I was not going to invest another $60 to ship these back to them only to have them "potentially" replace their defective product. I purchased another powered speaker system instead.

Rebecca October 14, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

My A161 speakers are amazing!! Also super easy to set up. I have the white with walnut finish and they look so nice. I don't think you can find a better price for this kind of sound!

Amazon Customer October 8, 2022

I have been looking for a stereo system that is moderately priced and sounds good. These speakers are easy to set up and sound like you are in a music hall. I love them.

Kris October 4, 2022

it seems like they sent me a defective product. sound clips so I cant really enjoy them after a specific volume. very disappointed because I am on the hook for hefty return shipping fees. it is a big and heavy box. I wish Amazon and or the seller can disclose in the heading somewhere. I am an Amazon Prime member. Very disappointing purchase.

Jose m May 24, 2022

I like the sound

Aisha C May 23, 2022

We bought this for our record player and it makes playing the music awesome. Would reccomend

Dave W May 5, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

The AI61 Active Speaker's Bluetooth has a defect. When transitioning songs using AIMP music player or Spotify steaming app, the first couple seconds on the new song is NOT audible (intermittantly). This occurs using Bluetooth 4.1 AND 5. I worked around the problem by purchasing my own Bluetooth Receiver using Optical connector. Fluance would not reimburse me for my work-around purchase.

max May 4, 2022

The major disappointment is that the AI61 Active Speaker Bluetooth has an annoying defect. When transitioning from one song to the next using AIMP music player or Spotify, the first couple seconds of the new song are NOT audible (intermittently). This has been reproduced using Bluetooth 4.1 & 5.0 on a Samsung J7 & Iphone 8+. I worked around the issue by purchasing a new external Bluetooth Receiver to connect to the AI61 Optical Connection.In the end, I kept the speakers. If not for the defect, I would assign a 4 star for "sound quality" or possibly even a 5 star for "sound quality & functionality (built in amp, connection options)" for the price paid.

Vincenzo S April 25, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New York, United States

I bought these just before the holidays. I used them, and loved them .... for a couple of months. In February they started turning off. Just for a sec, but they did turn off. At first, I wasn't sure that it was actually happening because the light didn't go off. All I heard was a "click" and then the sound dropped and picked up immediately. It is now April and the speakers won't even stay on for more than 30 secs. I hear the "click" of what I assume is the ampli going into protection mode and then they turn completely off (even the stand-by red light). This happens even if disconnected from everything, and plugged into different outlets. I had just invested in a new cartridge, have a ton of new records but cannot enjoy my music. I am very disappointed and hoping to hear from customer service soon.

Billy F. April 21, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

great sound and value for the price, excellent delivery and packaging

Unit April 20, 2022

The quality of the box the speaker comes in is great. For the most part the unit for the money plays fine for what you pay. The quality inside the unit bothers me. I received the A61 and the volume is fine for the unit the quality of the box is great. The dac, well fluance goes over board with there algorithms so if your cranking these you will notice slight drop offs even at lower volume. They say to protect speaker. I call bull crap! I feel this is because the speaker can't take it. I understand internal dacs waveforms rms etc. but you have a unit that has preprogrammed algorithms in there to just flip back n forth while the music is playing at different volumes but it also limits the speaker. It's overkill. My sub has DSP guess what they have switch to shut it off. Fluance where is the off button. I even said to the speaker why are you doing this. It answered I'm sorry Dave I can't open the pid doors !!!

Ivan April 20, 2022 Intermediate Listener Texas, United States

I'm intermediate listener, and this speakers has very impressive sound. But for me a bass is not enough a little (not "boomy"-like, just simply soft bass).
I listen all kind of music (from classical to hard rock) and mostly bass not enough in jazz, hip-hop music e.g. (obviously).
So I just added subwoofer (not Fluence, a little cheaper, because Fluence was available only on May) to make 2.1 system.
This speakers are good if you don't want bother youself with choosing amplifiers, passive speakers e.t.c. Under 400$ you can earn clear sound, bluetooth 5.0 and even beginner's home theater system (don't forget to add a subwoofer).

Hailey S April 6, 2022

I like the Ai61 speakers. They look and sound very good. I don't like the fact that the treble and bass controls don't seem to effect the output from the Ai61 speakers in discernible fashion. I have the speakers connected to my Mac mini with a A to C USB cable. I also have a camera/microphone/speaker unit connected to my Mini with an A USB cable. I much like the fact that sound emits from the camera/microphone/speaker unit when I don't have the Ai61 speakers powered, but sound does emit from the Ai61 speakers when I power them, without me having to throw any switches. I recommend the Ai61 speakers.

Robert April 5, 2022

Have had these for about 2 weeks. Had to lower the bass a little right out of the gate, but for the money and for a low cost HiFi upgrade these are Great! I like it for ease of setup, ease of use, and sound quality. Did I mention the price! I paired them with the Fluance RT80 turntable, another cost effective purchase. Great buy, hope this help you in your search for a cost effective but quality HiFi system.

Chris March 31, 2022

I was anxious to receive these, after the reviews I read. I hooked them up and it was like, wait a minute...something is missing. They forgot to send the bass! Highs and mids are crisp and clear, but you'll definitely need to add a sub. I'm in my mid 50's and listen to everything from Andreas Vollenweider to Rob Zombie. I may not "officially" be an audiophile but am as close as you can get.Are these worth the money? Definitely, but just be aware you'll need to spend an additional $150+ for a sub.

Greg S. March 29, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Big, bright, bold sound. Easy to install and use.

Joseph C March 28, 2022

Great speakers, very crisp sound,worth the money!

Kindle Customer March 13, 2022

Very clear sound. I can listen to music at night very low and it sounds great, not just a hum. Regular volume can hear things in songs that I've never heard before. Listen to all types of music and all sound great. I'm big on bass and they are great. Never a problem with the bluetooth connection. These are probably one of the best things I've purchased. Easily worth the money.

Ralph T March 9, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Tennessee, United States

Great speakers......a super value

Carlos M March 6, 2022

After my negative experience with two different pairs of Edifier speakers (quality control issues-great sound)I read a very positive review of these Fluance speakes in Sound and Vision magazine and decided to give them a try. This is a company that knows what it's doing. Packaged beautifully quality construction well written manual and most importantly great sound after break in. I have owned a pair of AudioEngine A2+ connected to a martin Logan Subwoofer and there is no comparison the A2+ are great for their size, but size does matter. Lastly unlike the Edifiers everything works beautifully right out of box including bluetooth. If you are used to smaller speakers you will notice that you have to set the volume on your computer a bit higher than your used to. Highly recommended

Classic c March 1, 2022

I haven't gotten them out of the box as of yet. But i expect them to be excellent from all the YouTube videos i have see...... okay an update... these speakers are great, they are not loud speakers but they are very easy listening speakers. i am very happy with the purchase and would recommend them to a friend. i have several of their products now.. Thank you Fluance

Sheldon H February 15, 2022

It was a gift for my daughter's family and they have really enjoyed them, so that's the best part!

Thomas D February 10, 2022

Had to purchase separate phono precamp

LACHLAN S February 9, 2022

I am not a fanatic audiophile, and this was a big upgrade for me, fyi. But tired of the under $100 options as i like my music. Bookshelf size suits me.But the sound is great, they connect to all my devices via bluetooth, and offer me very good sound for the price. I'm hearing my songs like they need to be heard. I have not yet connected them via rca connection, and at least one reviewer says they are better this way. *Booming* bass? You may need to upgrade, but I'm not trying to shake the house.

Carlos I February 5, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years South Carolina, United States

Easy setup, sounds awesome and looks great. Primarily used on my TV and can't be any happier.

Moisés February 4, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years other

Cuando entra un sonido grave de golpe se baja el volumen, y después regresa, parece que la bocina se protege, eso es muy molesto. He mirado que muchos compradores han reportado esto. y parece que se incrementa cuando tocas viniles.
El sonido en general es muy bueno, pero no debería pasar ese bajón de volumen.

Steven L January 31, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

These speakers are a joke, particularly the DSP/compression feature integrated in them. It will manifest as subtle changes in volume mostly when the vocals are clashing with bassy instrumentals, like a punchy kick drum or if the bass has a large presence. The speakers will either subdue the volume of the bass or the vocals, it will fluctuate. It's more apparent when playing vinyl. It helps to have a subwoofer but it's still there. What blows my mind is that they advertise these as "allowing you to experience audio the way the artist intended". This can't possibly be true with this feature that you can't turn off. You're bound to be disappointed especially if you use these with analog. I wish I could return them.

Hydro-Flo January 27, 2022

I heard about this product a year ago on a TWIT show and they were out of stock,now I installed them and it sounds great, the Bluetooth to my cell also works great.

Tom M January 24, 2022

Currently using these speakers as a TV sound bar replacement. They sound noticeably much better than the TV sound bar. Although they perform well with background music listening in a home office or workshop, they are not quite at an audiophile level for serious music listening due to their V-shaped output signature. The available bass and treble adjustments can help to improve this somewhat.

Darin K January 24, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Maryland, United States

Arrived quickly. Easy set-up and the sound is impressive! Great value and my son LOVES them for his apartment.

Handyman January 12, 2022

I purchased a Fluance TR83 Turntable along with a set of Fluance Ai61 powered speakers. The system is fabulous. Initially, I also purchased the Fluance PA10 Hi-Fi Phono Preamp. However, I could not listen to my vinyl records occasionally through headphones. The Dynasty Proaudio UA2D Preamp is a perfect choice. The Dynasty has a monitor level/volume control and headphone jack. I highly recommend it if you want to listen to your music through the speakers, headphones, and control the input gain, mix and volume. It adds powered volume to my Fluance Ai61 speakers. One important note: If you want more bass, I highly recommend getting the sub woofer. After buying the Ai61 speakers, I added the Fluance sub woofer and the difference is ideal. This system is in my den, which is the size of an average bedroom. I connect the speakers to my laptop via USB Type-C cable. So whether I'm spinning my 50-year old vinyl or MP3 via my iPhone or laptop, the sound is fantastic. Ships quickly and packaged to protect the product.

charles s January 11, 2022

Hello Fluance Audio!I understand and that is quite alright. I received the Ai61 speakers and I am COMPLETELY surprised and estatic with the product. I am still in the break-in period. I have not heard music this clear in a very long time. I can clearly hear each separate instrument being played on its individual level. I just put on some classical music to confirm what I was hearing to be true and am blown away. I cannot wait to add the sub-woofer and speaker stands ( just on a table right now about 3 feet apart from each other) for even more clarity, but I am already satisfied. I will certainly let you know if something changes.Thank you for the excellent product!!!

Gregoire January 10, 2022

Purely amazing, very satisfied with the purchase

Moto800 January 9, 2022

I have a small room, so I've frequently used headphones in my audio journey (Bose, Sony 1000m4, ATHM50, Sennheiser 800S) and the only speakers I had to reduce clutter were Bose Companion 5's I used for vinyl and TV. While they sounded ok (bass was felt, trebles were clean, very V shape), they lacked lower lows and mids (no fullness). Also, the bass module was resonating like crazy regardless of placement. I've also listened to some Klipsch, Polk, Bose cinema series and they weren't for me (overkill and muddy in their setups)These Ai61's display a full audio spectrum brilliantly! Plenty of bass for music watching. I even tried the 10in sub at one point but it rattled the walls way too much for the neighbour's liking. :) A few weeks later I did go with another brand 10in sub, 150w rms but it's overkill for these speakers. The fluance speakers are warm. Clear, pleasant, but unmistakably warmer. Too warm for my liking when playing blues vinyls where guitar is the most important part.Overall, Fluance makes some great products, you can see they care. Would buy these again in a heartbeat.

Amazon Customer January 8, 2022

Sounds amazing and clear and wicked bass

Luc B January 7, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Very happy with my Ai61s and love supporting a Canadian company! Wonderful sound to fill my studio room and connected to Fluance's RT82 turntable with pre-amp(USB Phone Plus) - review coming later for TT combination. Very well packaged and arrived in mint shape. Speakers are easy to set-up and the LED controls are simple to use. Their quite large if used on a desk as monitors. Bluetooth connects so quickly to my Galaxy Note 9 for streaming it's amazing. Stream Serius XM and play Flac files with no issues from soft folk Wilderness of Manitoba, upbeat and smooth Jimmy Smith's Home Cookin to progressive base pounding metal from Gojira. Recommended purchase indeed!

Trent, B January 4, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Kansas, United States

Excellent speakers. Attractive and very full sound.

Eric December 30, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

It has all the features I wanted. However, they do try a bit hard to do too much. For this reason, they sound good but can fall flat if you turn up the bass and volume. The loss is with the vocals and anything else midrange, so they are good but not necessarily audiophile quality. They are reasonable at their price range and good for low volume in smaller spaces.

TERRY B December 28, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Georgia, United States


Mike M December 19, 2021 Novice Listener - 3 Years California, United States

Great quality

John S December 14, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 16 Years California, United States

I am very happy with this purchase. The sound is excellent and very convenient. My only request is that Fluance sells stands with these that can be screwed. They are not baby friendly. Also, a cover would have been nice.

Joseph December 14, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

Needed some powered bookshelves for my office, that sounded excellent with good build quality. Never heard of Fluance, but after TONS of research the Ai61's fit the bill. These are now about 6 months old, broken in great, and WOW! Awesome speakers. Just picked up the 10" sub I expect no less. Thanks Fluance!

Ivan Z December 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

These speakers are incredible, the build quality alone is superb. When you first get them out of the box you can just feel the quality of the speakers themselves. When you connect them to a turntable, or your phone, you will notice just amazing sound quality. At the end of the day it is about the sound, and I can not rave enough about the sound. I can not imagine finding better quality speakers at this price point, or one much higher.

Ryan M November 20, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

One of the finest products on the market. Their customer service is honestly the best I’ve ever dealt with. Absolutely fantastic employees, especially Julie. She followed up on her fantastic service to make sure all is good. Very impressive.

Yan C November 10, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Extremely impressed and satisfied with the quality of this product (build/design and sound quality). Highly recommended by someone who normally buys Paradigm. Well done Fluance!

Edward I October 13, 2021 Advanced Listener - 3 Years California, United States

My experience is very similar to Jason G's review. During playback there is highly noticeable audio compression happening. To elaborate, as soon as a song gets to a quiet point, the volume slightly increases and then during a very high point, the volume suddenly adjusts itself lower. Why is this happening? I can only suspect that the controller inside these speakers is very poorly designed and is drastically compressing the dynamic range before playback.

Frederick SD October 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I wasn't going to post a review, but I think this piece of information is really important for future buyers: BE PATIENT.

At first I was really disappointed because the speakers had very little bass (I even thought they were broken at one point) but I decided to keep trying them for a few more days and oh boy was that a good call. They say the break-in period is 10-12 hours but from my experience it was more like 20+ (I guess it depends on how loud you put your music). After that break-in period though the sound is simply amazing! Also other random things: the Bluetooth works perfectly (never fails to connect, isn't disturbed by a microwave running and has really high quality), the remote is really good and the speakers look really cool (I took the ones that were all black). Very happy about my purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for speakers in this price range - I now notice instruments and percussions that I previously didn't in songs.

David, B October 2, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Outstanding pair of speakers! Added the Fluance powered subwoofer (10 inch) DB10, and the sound is incredible. Good highs, midrange, and lows. Well worth the cost.

I'm t September 26, 2021

Excellent all the way around.

Real B September 23, 2021

This is the second set of fluance speakers I own. The last pair were passive speakers and the quality from them was also excellent. I was looking for an active pair of speakers that had multiple inputs and these fit my needs perfectly. I haven't used the USB input, but the Bluetooth, optical, and RCA inputs work great. Glad they included BT5.0.I'm not used to having DSP built in, but from what I can tell, the DSP really enhaces the speakers. The DSP filters almost all of the bass out when you plug in a sub. Somewhere around 110hz. Also, the sub out only sends 110hz and below. Definitely a plus. They do sound great even the sub unplugged, just don't expect them to add more bass if you have a sub that's lacking in performance. Big rooms need big subwoofers.***Edit: I just watched a movie and the surround sound system hooked up to it had some of those like 4" full range speakers that mount on the ceiling.... Let me tell you.... They just don't cut it compared to these fluance bookshelf speakers. You won't believe how awful everything sounds with generic speakers, sound bars, and TV integrated speakers. If you enjoy good audio whether from a movie or from music, buy fluance. Either passive or active. Get a subwoofer too. You'll be amazed how much better everything sounds when you let the subwoofer handle the sub frequencies, the midwoofer handle the mids, and the tweeter handle the highs.***

D Z September 12, 2021 Advanced Listener - 2 Years Oregon, United States

I had the i40, which I really loved for the ease of bluetooth and quality of sound, but wanted a bit more on the low end so purchased the 60. I absolutely love these! They sound amazing with vinyl and the bluetooth connection is incredible. Sound is top notch, couldn't be happier!

Amazon Customer September 9, 2021

I set these up as my living room speakers and they're perfect! Obviously if you want to shake your neighbors windows you should get a separate amp & speaker/sub setup. But these sound amazing (having the tone controls is awesome) and deliver everything I need in a home theatre setup.

John R August 21, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Indiana, United States

Bought these to replace my long gone and out of production Bose Companion Series 5, which also had a USB connection. I cannot recall the Bose ever sounding close to these Beauties. Simply the BEST I've ever heard!

Jose R August 18, 2021

Excelente speakers muy buena definicion del sonido y material de muy buena calidad

Amazon Customer August 15, 2021

I ordered these speakers and they arrived in three days. They were well packed and protected in the shipping carton. They are extremely solid and the set up took all of about five minutes. I have them in a living room/dining room combo area about 35' X 20' and if I turn them to full volume they absolutely fill the room with sound. Functionality is great. Bluetooth is seamless. The bass is great. Just a great product for the price. I am not an audio expert but I've had some nice systems in the past (large Marantz speakers pushed by a good size amp) and these Fluance speakers more than measure right up to them. Highly recommend especially for the price. My next purchase will be a Fluance turntable so I can dig out the old vinyl. Can't wait to hear what they sound like on these speakers. And no, I was not paid by anyone for this review.

Cereal K August 11, 2021

Build Quality- ExcellentAppearance- ExcellentEase of Use - ExcellentValue - Seriously, you would have to be delusional to think that you should expect more than these speakers deliver for the price. You could not have bought this quality 20 years ago for 3X the price. Perfect? Of course not. This world is full of products that cost 20X this that are not perfect. Absolutely excellent compromise is the result of this product, and from our friends and neighbors to the north is a beautiful bonus and what sealed the deal for me.

Daniel C August 11, 2021

I received my speakers today. Super fast delivery. Fit and finish is terrific. They sound outstanding. Much more bass than I was expecting. The Bluetooth connected quickly and was stable. I couldn't be happier with these speakers.

Lyle August 11, 2021

I've been trying out different bluetooth speakers while reading reviews for several months. And nothing I tried came close to the Fluance speakers clarity, depth, and build quality!I've only had them 2 days so the speakers haven't had time to break into their fullness, even so they are amazing book shelf speakers, they built them right!Will definitely purchase more of their amazing products!!!

Anthony M August 9, 2021

These speaker are much larger than I expected. The selling price made me wonder if they would be any good but it turns out they are way undervalued in my opinion. They really look nice and the wood finish is exquisite. I sat them up on a desk next to my painting easel and connected with my iPad via Bluetooth in less than a minute. I cranked up my favorite rap artist, Tom MacDonald, and it sounded nearly as good as my set of LS50s, at about a tenth of the price. I would never consider putting those in the area where I paint and tend to gent paint on everything but it would not freak me out if a little paint were to get splattered on these. There is nothing more than an on/off and volume knob on the right speaker but it has a nice remote that even allows attenuation of bass and treble, which is a nice feature that if often missing from even much more expensive models. The overall feel of these speakers screams quality from the very nice speaker wire terminals to the cloth maple leaf flag attached to the rear panel note the country of manufacture. This is certainly a nice setup for an office, bedroom, workshop, or anywhere you want to listen while you work, or play. I certainly recommend it and again you will get more than you pay for.

Cheryl B August 5, 2021

If you are looking for well-put-together BT Powered Speakers, look no further! I have paired these speakers with a Fluance 10 inch sub, and these work flawlessly. Package very well, shipped to home in 3 days from Canada. Bluetooth, and computer connections are solid. Enjoy!!!

GHJ August 4, 2021

Very happy with the purchase. Set up was a breeze and the sound quality blew away my old pair of Edifier's.

Steve July 24, 2021

Great for the garage. It's nice they have the subwoofer output and Bluetooth. I only wish they were a little more powerful but they work just fine.

Amazon Customer July 17, 2021

SET-UPBe careful unboxing them, as they have no speaker grilles, and you might accidentally grab the tweeter pulling them out of their box. They have four rubber feet on the base to protect surfaces. The right speaker gets plugged into the wall via a power cable, and you have to run a speaker wire from it to the left speaker, which is a passive speaker. Getting started is pretty intuitive: for first use, I plugged an analog source into the powered (R) speaker via the RCA cables, then using the remote, I pressed the Source button on the remote until I heard the music playing.IN USE, SOUND Since they're rear ported, I placed them on stands about 18" from the rear wall. ON first listen, they sound very good, with nice, full bass, though maybe a tad bright (bass & treble are adjustable to +5/-5; the LED flashes twice when you return them to zero). After a little break-in (per the manual), I hooked them to my main turntable/preamp and put on an audiophile record. Again, the overall sound was quite good, though a tad "forward." More break-in might improve their overall balance.Connecting them via bluetooth to my laptop was quick & easy. When you press the Source button on the remote, the LED on the right speaker turns blue/green/white depending on your input source (blue for bluetooth). I played some FLACs with VLC, and again the sound was very good, though on the bright side.LOOKS, BUILD QUALITYThey look terrific in the black finish. The build quality seems very good, time will tell how they hold up. I'll update this review if I have any problems with them by leaving a comment in the comments section. The tweeter isn't protected, which worries me somewhat, though they are silk tweeters, so they should bounce back from most bumps. CONCLUSION: This is a lot of product at the current price ($299). You get a good-sounding pair of speakers, a 60w/ch amp, and bluetooth connectivity. The warranty, from the Fluance website: "Powered Speakers: Two Year Warranty"

Jason G July 15, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years California, United States

Just bought these with an RT85 and A10 preamp, I like the turntable, but the remote control for the speakers showed up broken, and the speakers drop volume to almost nothing every time there is the slightest pop on the record. It then slowly returns to normal volume the drops back down at next pop. Does NOT do this on Bluetooth or any other setting, ONLY on RCA. It feels like some sort of dynamic range compressor trying to "save" the speakers but the pops are NOT loud, and you can't turn this "setting" off. I can't control my own speakers, AND they have this ridiculous setting? I think I will be returning these, makes listening to records impossible.

Darren N July 12, 2021

Blows Edifier Blue tooth speakers away. Amazing sound for a small packageand with a sub hooked up amazing for my gym.

Ed T July 2, 2021

I've been using the Fluance RT85 turntable for a couple years. I bought some Ai41 powered speakers 18 months ago and watched them directly make their way into my kid's room. They sound great in there- good bass, nice full sound. When looking to add speakers for my RT85 in late 2020, I knew I wanted the Fluance powered speakers. The Ai61 was out of stock pending a refresh, and I chose to wait rather than settle somewhere else. So glad I waited. These speakers are stupid easy to set up. Sound quality is excellent. Added bonus is bluetooth pairing- I have them paired to my Apple TV in addition to the wired phono connection. Speakers are great with the tv- no lag whatsoever. There's also a USB input on the back that I have not used yet, but at some point I may plug in my computer/dac setup into them and I would expect great quality. The speakers are well made, sound great, and are highly recommended.

Kerry B June 3, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Minnesota, United States

Top quality build and sound great connection selection.

Tony H May 31, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Colorado, United States

I initially purchased a different passive bookshelf set with one of those small class D amps along with a nice sub....and it got simply annoying trying to adjust everything to make it sound balanced and whatnot, so I returned everything and thankfully found these. We've had these in a large living room for about a week now and, given I'm no experienced audiophile, they sound really great regardless of what type or volume of music I'm playing. And since they have such a low frequency response, I no longer need a sub. They don't have bone-shaking bass, at least in our space, but it is plenty for normal use. My favorite thing about them is the simplicity of the system - two pieces and done - without compromising on quality, power, inputs, or frequency response. These definitely seem to be the best deal at a very reasonable price point, that plus their wife-approved design, and we have a clear winner on our hands.

Trevor, D May 19, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 8 Years Ontario, Canada

These were an upgrade over the much smaller bookshelves I've used for the past several years. I live in a smaller apartment and use a pair of these connected to my media centre for movies, gaming, and listening to music over Bluetooth.

These. Are. Excellent. Using my speakers for so much different media means I really wanted a versatile, balanced sound that could fill my apartment, but also work for more intimate movie-watching or gaming. The frequency response is impressive, and the mids and highs are very clean. The bass is punchier and more powerful than I was expecting, but in a good way. If I did ever want to tune the lows, the remote is well built, responsive, and makes it easy to do soas well as change inputs and adjust volume. It's a small touch, but I really appreciate the ability to turn the input light brightness down too.

Overall, I'm thrilled with these. I've listened to much less impressive speakers that cost more. If you want great looking, well built, intuitively controlled and great sounding speakers, I cannot recommend these enough.

KayG April 10, 2021

Exceeded my expectations! Very happy I finally purchased these!

Teruo F March 9, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years other

1. The Recovering Audiophile with Andrew Robinson
2. Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac
I am huge fan from them guys!
My family and I to be all about music and Fluance is a cup of tea for us.

Javier R February 11, 2021

I bought these s a gift for someone who'd rather not have a complicated, wire-filled living room. I chose Fluance because I already owned some of their products, so I know they have quality at an affordable price.The speakers are beautiful. I wish they came with grills to at least give the owner an option to display them with or without them, but that's a small gripe.Setup was easy. I did replace the speaker wires that come with the unit with a longer strand of 16 gauge speaker cables terminated with pin connectors, for a better install. Once that was done, connecting the speakers to the tv using an optical cable was dead simple, and we also paired the speakers to a phone for wireless streaming.Even though these speakers need time to break in, they sound relatively good out of the box, though I know they will get better with time. I am not an audiophile, so for what it's worth, these speakers run miles around any sound bar. We have not paired them to a subwoofer (yet). I am waiting to see how they perform in that small room for a few months, but in case we need one, these speakers have a sub out connector, if we end up deciding we need a bit more low end oomph.All in all, they are (to me), great sounding speakers.

N. C February 10, 2021

These sound amazing, look great, have good build quality, and the overall value is there. I will be returning these though due to one small issue that just keeps me from enjoying them to the fullest. I primarily bought these powered pair to be hooked up to a vinyl record player. It turns out that these have a built in protection that cuts power at the amp if a frequency is detected that could damage the speakers. So, what that means is if your vinyls are not perfect (and none really are) you will be going along and have cuts in power. I would say on average one or two per side on LP. I so wanted to keep these and if I only did bluetooth with them, I would be keeping these. As it is, I am getting a set of passive bookshelf speakers and a separate amp.Also, I was already shopping a sub to go with them. The bass is almost there and great for the size, but I like me some room shaking bass and am accustomed to that with my 5.1 setup in the living room. These are in the man cave/office.Customer service was top notch! Very responsive and informative. They investigated the problem, checked out my whole setup (I sent info and pictures) to have me try a few things and were forthright with how the speakers work. Biggest thing is to clean your records and clean them all the time. If you are maybe more experienced than I being a newbie to vinyl and can change cartridges or work around it, maybe these can work out for you.

James January 10, 2021

I wasn't sure what I was expecting with powered speakers in this price range. After hooking them up and playing some tunes I thought to myself "I got what I paid for." The bass was overpowering the drivers and muddying the rest of the details in the rest of the sound signature. Hardly what I would call Hi-Fidelty. However I was delighted to discover a bass and treble control on the remote. I turned the bass as far down as it would go and now they sound wonderful. The soundstage is fantastic. Details clear and crisp and the bass is just right. I love my bass don't get me wrong, I have gone through many a subwoofer. My previous system was a pair of b and w cm2 s and a svs pb 12 nsd subwoofer hooked up to an sony str dn 1030 receiver. I have to say that the fluance speakers do a hell of a job with midbass and even a little lower. That is incredibly impressive for a speaker this size. Especially since it doesn't have a large external amp.

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