Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

with aptX Enhanced Audio - Black Ash (Fi50)

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Overall Rating:

Andrew L December 9, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Georgia, United States

The Fi50 is One of the most versatile speakers I’ve ever used. The ability to have a fully powered Bluetooth speaker with this much output is just amazing.

Joe P November 28, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Easy to setup and sounds fills a 1200 sq ft room with rich tones and tremendous base. Real value for money

Russell M August 28, 2019 Novice Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Quickly becomes unusable. The bluetooth connection is not stable -- I have tried multiple devices (e.g., Google Home) from less than 10 feet away and while it will work for a short time, I'll wake up in the middle of the night to hear "CONNECTED!"..... "CONNECTED!" ..... "CONNECTED!" as the bluetooth drops and reconnects repeatedly. It is now just a piece of garbage that is collecting dust on the bookshelf -- I'm hesitating to toss it because there was about a week-long period when it worked and produced pretty decent sound. Unfortunately, it's more nuisance than useful.

David H July 29, 2019 Audiophile - 15 Years Pennsylvania, United States

Two Issues:

1. If you use the auxiliary jack, the system will automatically switch back to Bluetooth within seconds if no signal comes through the chord. Then when you resume playback, it jumps back to Bluetooth with a very unpleasant *POP*
2. The "CONNECTED!" and "DISCONNECTED!" voice prompt that comes on every time you pair with Bluetooth. This is especially inconvenient in quieter environments and there should be a way to turn it off.

Lee A April 30, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 5 Years Colorado, United States

The sound on these is incredible however they seem to stop working after a few months. First one quit connecting via bluetooth after 9 months then the auxiliary quit working about a month later. Sent for replacement under warranty which went smoothly but the second unit quit in the same fashion after 5 months of use. When the Fi50 works, it sounds great but isn't worth the frustration of continual breakdowns.

Des April 27, 2019 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Michigan, United States

It just needs a battery and a remote

Tony February 16, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 2 Years New Brunswick, Canada

Do disappointed sounds amazing but high volume its for a really loud popping noise and distorts so bad

Jason February 8, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Arizona, United States

This is a great little speaker system and at the price they have it right know you cannot beat it. Fast shipping and the speaker was packaged very well, attention to detail. Speaker appears to be very good build quality and has some weight to it. Only one day in but so far am very happy, sounds good over all and can easily fill a large room with sound. Bluetooth connection is solid and no drop outs so far. This will make a nice system for my game room.

Malcolm MacPhee January 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

I've been looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for a while to use around the house but was never impressed with the sound. I have many Fluance products and have always been impressed with the quality for such a low price.
When this came on sale I decided to buy myself a Christmas present. WOW! I am very impressed. This thing is great! Sounds wonderful. I stream FLAC files through my phone via USB key and the quality sound is much better than I would of thought.
Only one picky comment would be an app control of some kind but just for convenience.
If your in this market, buy it!!! It's really that good and beats anything below 500$ I listened to!

Timothy V December 19, 2018 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

One day into owning it and we are considering buying a second. I think that is all that really needs to be said. It sounds fantastic, but I didn't think it wouldn't after how good our other products have been. I can't wait until they are broken in.

Ryan T. December 18, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Was looking for kitchen radio/music source while cooking and that could be used for small dinner parties. Had it connected and running within seconds . Haven't run it the 20hour burn-in I've read the speakers need, but it already sounds full and enough to fill the space. Its not audiophile level but you can't really get that in this semi-portable bluetooth format from any product out there, but it meets all the requirements we were looking for has good full sound with enough bass for electronic/reggaeton music. Plus its from a Canadian company (designed by, not manufactured)!

Titus Tucan December 11, 2018 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Don't believe what the other reviews say until you listen yourself, and test it. Some people say there is too much base. Wrong, there is enough base, and the base strength is adjustable anyway. Sound is excellent, tight base (not a boombox) I believe it's missing a little bit in the mid range life, but this is minor. The unit is nicely built, on the heavy & big side, good finishing furniture. Some people complained about loud announcements Connected, Disconnected. Not true. Yes there is an announcement, but it's at a decent audio level, nothing bothering. Although the BT is an old version it seems to connect easily at 33 feet without disconnection. One thing I noticed that bother me, they say when you connect it through the AUX cable it completely disconnect the BT. It's true, but if there is no sound coming through the AUX cable for a few seconds, it starts immediately to look for a BT connection, so when the sound comes back through the AUX cable, you miss a few seconds. This is very bad for connecting the unit to Alexa Echo devices through a cable. This is the reason I give 4 Stars

Dominic Poitras November 30, 2018 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Excellent systeme, j’ecoute de la musique classique et l’équilibre est parfait. Les haut-parleurs tiennent tres bien les jeux de 16 pieds des orgues à tuyaux. Le systeme est vraiment hi-fi et remplit tres bien mon condo de 1500 pieds carrés.

Patrick, S. October 21, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

The volume, when the unit is turned on, automatically comes on at 20, which is too loud for my needs. This is very annoying.
A disappointing feature is that the USB does not have the ability to playback the music on my USB flash drive.
I am undecided if I should return the Fi50, while I still can.

William M. September 21, 2018 Intermediate Listener South Carolina, United States

It has a five-star sound, but the loud "Connected" and "Disconnected" announcements with the bluetooth device sending the music costs it a star. I wish there were some way to disconnect the announcements.

William M. September 21, 2018 Intermediate Listener South Carolina, United States

It has a five-star sound, but the loud "Connected" and "Disconnected" announcements with the bluetooth device sending the music costs it a star. I wish there were some way to disconnect the announcements.

Brian Crowell November 11, 2017 Nova Scotia, Canada

I am an home theatre enthusiast who looks at room setups not Bluetooth set ups however, for mothers day my mother was looking for Bluetooth speakers for the cottage. Most of the Bluetooth speakers I have listened to I have trouble with the sound quality. However, with the Fi50 i was shockingly very surprised. The Fi50 delivers great vocals powerful mid range and tremendous bass for its size. This Bluetooth speaker sound like a pair of bookshelf's. For this price range i would defiantly recommend this speaker due to its atheistic value and supreme sound quality. My friends who are into home audio who have heard this speaker were also quite surprised by the audio it delivers. Therefore i recommend this speaker to who wants a crystal clear sound at and affordably price.

Samson1776 October 14, 2017

I have an fi30, ab40 and now an fi50 and this is the best one yet. The ab40 sounds great and puts off a huge sound stage but when the bass boost is on the distorted bass is very off putting. The fi30 sounds great for its size but doesn't have enough oomph for my liking. The fi50 has none of the problems of the other two. Crystal clear, gets loud and has more than enough great sounding bass with no distortion and it looks awesome to boot. The only problem I'm having with it is the USB charging port isn't charging my phone, but it's not really a big deal. For less than 200 bucks this thing can't be beat. This won't be my last Fluance purchase.

Amazon Customer October 12, 2017

I sent the speaker back for two reasons: At fifteen feet line-of-sight, the Bluetooth signal was constantly fading in and out, making the music I tried out unlistenable. That factor was compounded by the female voice announcing loudly through the speaker that the signal was 'Connected' or 'Disconnected.' I had seen other reviews complaining about that voice, but I thought I could live with it. I could not. - Verified Store

Alexey September 21, 2017

I wanted to have something relatively compact but with decent sound so I have got it.Pros:Size, sound quality, phone charger, designCons:Needs electrical outletNote: it provides better sound (no overload) if it's volume 20+ and you reduce Bluetooth volume on your phone (in contrast to common belief to keep transmitter's volume maximum and adjust the sound level by the speakers volume) - Verified Store

Lyudmila Pakamohova August 24, 2017

WOW - This think really cooks! It's in our kitchen on top of the cupboards. We set the volume to MAX and connect to it on Bluetooth with our phones to control the tunes and the volume! Cooking now rocks!!!!! I've got the moves like bacon!

WoodWolfe August 1, 2017

Great sound, nice look. Works very well with my Echo Dot. - Verified Store

Graham July 16, 2017

On paper this looks very promising. However I find that the device is confined to the garage. The very heavy bass is offputting and of course, being bluetooth every notification, etc., produces an annoying overlay to the music.

I also found that swapping from one device (e.g. our multiple family phones) is hard, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to determine what device is connected.

A nice, gorgeous looking, try but not practical as is. I added a Roon music terminator and it fixes some of the problems.

Bob June 23, 2017

Great value. Excellent beefy build quality and robust sound. Highly recommend! - Verified Store

Jack June 18, 2017

It's not that loud and bassy, but very good quality for the money... I'm very happy with it. - Verified Store

BCzzz June 16, 2017

What most have said is true. The speakers are excellent in both build and sound quality. I just wanted to clear up something I had read in the questions when I was trying to decide whether to buy these speakers. Several said that the audio jack overrides the BT when plugged in. That is true only when the device on the sending end is turned 'on'. I have the a TV plugged into the speakers with audio cable, but when I turn the TV off, the speakers automatically go to BT, which is was exactly what I wanted. I almost didn't get these speakers because of the questions, but I was dubious of the answer, and I'm glad I turned out to be right. - Verified Store

Roberto June 5, 2017

Really enjoying this speaker. Combined with an Amazon Dot and Spotify it's really brought amazing sound to our bedroom. I initially had it on the window sill which made it a little bass heavy but after moving it to a better location the sound is very balanced. - Verified Store

Edward May 29, 2017

Impressive sound. Paired with an Ecco dot effortlessly. Now it is my main living room sound system.

Fahad K May 19, 2017

Speakers are beautiful, really nice design. Sound is VERY intense. I returned these because they weren't a good fit for my bedroom. The sound was overpowering, not necessary in volume but in the intensity. Even when playing a soft song, it's tough to just relax and let the music play in the background. The sound from these speakers demands attention! I tried the speakers in my living room (three times the size of my bedroom), and that was a much better fit... although still too intense for me. Also I did not like the high notes out of this speaker. Something like Jason Mraz sounded great, but something like Grimes didn't sound great. Finally, the touch buttons on the top were a bit finicky. Had to press them several times sometimes before they registered. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 15, 2017

Well built speaker. The great reviews are legit - Verified Store

Paul May 6, 2017

Beware these speakers have an extremely annoying announcement
that blares out whenever you turn on your bluetooth connecting device "Now connected" and then "Unconnected" happens every time you turn them on and if your bluetooth device is moved around and the signal gets interrupted again it blares out "unconnected or connected." I would not have bought them had I known this. ANd there isn't anyway to turn the announcement off.

Eferm April 26, 2017

excellent speaker system that delivers every note and vocal your music has to offer.You will hear detail and clarity most blue tooth speakers miss,especially at higher volume.This speaker easily out performs my other portable blue tooth speakers and has better fidelity than my shelf system,it may be the best value for high end audio at a modest price.A must buy for music enthusiast.

Patrick April 14, 2017

Excellent product and excellent customer service! Great to see an efficient Canadian company

Brian April 13, 2017

Good sound for the size and price. It's for sure not a portable bluetooth system, but it is one of the best sounding (tested both with AUX and bluetooth) in its price range. Typical Fluance hitting well above it's price range. Because it is all one piece, you don't get soundstage like you do with a set of speakers separated by a reasonable distance, pretty much have to be directly infront of it. I managed to get it on sale but even at regular price you'd pretty much have to double the price to exceed it's sound quality and appearance.
(a little muted out of the box, within a couple of hours is had broken in enough to compare to the over 1 year old Fluance SX-6's I have, just finishing the recommended 10 hours before moving them to their final location in the house)

amy g April 13, 2017

I love this speaker! I've struggled with Bluetooth speakers for years, the have frustrated me with not pairing and sounded crummy. This speaker pairs immediately, even when switching between sources. It has excellent range and sounds fantastic. It's also beautiful. Highly recommend. - Verified Store

A.N. April 6, 2017

Have had this speaker for well over a year and it's got great sound quality.

Dr. Bob Solomon April 6, 2017

If the speakers were 10 or 12 cm farther apart, wow. As they are not, it's merely the best single unit B'Tooth ever at the price, and on sale, it's a Best purchase. Ise 3 Fluance speakers already, btw, and am very pleased (and have 2 Quad Electrostats, too. I love clean sound).

Jim March 23, 2017

Serious Pro Sound. You won't be disappointed

Adeptus March 20, 2017

I'm lovin it. Good sound and Bluetooth doesn't drop connectivity with the Echo Dot I have it hooked up to. Has a rich sound to it with deep bass for what I listen to and is able to hit the highs well enough. I'd say well balanced is the word. - Verified Store

Bill March 11, 2017

Fantastic speaker, great sound and overall an outstanding value. Very pleased with it, I use it all the time. It has become my "go to" speaker.

ken March 8, 2017

decent speaker but seems to be missing some midrange and highs, i guess you could say it sounds a little flat - Verified Store

David March 3, 2017

Sounds and looks great. Occasional breakup on bluethooth. Not sure if it is my phone or the Fluance. - Verified Store

Daniel M February 6, 2017

Impressive sound on the Fi150. I have the Fi30 as well. The sound quality was good. I passed that along to someone who could appreciate it. The Fi50 is light years better. The sound is fantastic. The louder you go the better it sounds. I played Dire Straits Money For Nothing and as expected. Crisp clear highs and smooth even mids. The bass is good. I like to keep this unit in the corner. It helps with the lo end. The only thing I would change. Grills on the speakers. Looks like an accident waiting to happen. Over all. Great quality for a mid size room. - Verified Store

cbenson January 26, 2017

Very good speaker. Very nice sound. Can crank it up pretty loud for a table top speaker. I have always had stereo systems that have large speakers where you could get a lot of bass through them. While not as good as the old school stuff, for the price and size and being able to run my phone thru it, I think it does a great job. Would have given it 5 stars if the on/off button would have been placed on top of the speaker instead of the back of it, strange set up. - Verified Store

Keith G January 20, 2017

Good sound! But short on convenience features. E.g., it'd be nice to able to remotely control volume, like from an app. Bluetooth is spotty. I use it better as an AirPlay speaker, but loses stream during quiet passages, then annoyingly 'pops' when volume threshold is reached again.So, far from perfect as a device, but excellent sound. - Verified Store

Adam Auer January 13, 2017

... Also, I have had none of the said Bluetooth issues noted elsewhere. I get a solid connection. The AUX works great too. While I'm here, might I suggest that Fluance consider adding the time to its display ... seeing the volume level as the default display is kinda unhelpful, though I usually just turn the LED display off altogether.

Adam January 13, 2017

So even though this is often compared with portable speakers like the Bose Soundlink III, it's not. If you want something to cart around to the beach etc. look elsewhere. If you want the best audiophile bluetooth experience for the $$, look here. This thing streams music from my iPhone with the clarity and depth I would expect from bookshelf speakers 3x or 4x the price. Beautiful design. Simple interface. Incredible sound. I can't recommend it enough.

Brian January 7, 2017

Awesome sound and awesome solid construction. This is not some cheap plastic toy like other products out there. Bluetooth performance has had no issues (all paired devices being used in-range), and of course no issue using the auxiliary input. The unit even came with two different feet options, the best being the metal spike feet. I bought this unit after listening to several different Bose units and not fully being impressed with the sound (couple being more expensive than this unit), just could not justify the purchase for those units. I bought this unit after reading reviews online, decided to risk it. As soon as I fired this up, I knew it was a keeper! Sound is 'full' and sounds 'natural', volume capabilities are more than adequate (I have not yet had to go past 30 on the volume, which was plenty loud). Fluance is a great company with great products, definitely give them a try! - Verified Store

DMG December 27, 2016

Well built (solid) and gorgeous in White + Lucky Bamboo finish.What about the sound though? I don't consider myself a true die-hard audiophile, though do rock a decent Klipsch KLF-20 setup with Paradigm 15' sub-woofer as my main setup, and a HiFi Man HE-500 headset running off a Schiit Lyr 2 amp, so those are my higher end comparisons. For day to day computer use, a Logitech setup with 8' sub and good old plastic box speakers. So nothing terribly expensive, just comparison points.What I would call this is a well above average Bluetooth speaker, and one that has been tuned to provide a fairly casual, non-aggressive sound (i.e., treble rolls off, and not much bite, blat, or razz in the mid-range, but...) the but part is that 1.) You can adjust treble and bass with the built-in controls if you desire a more aggressive high-end, and 2.) That's okay for what this is.It's okay because you never will get amazing stereo separation or instrument placement with any box that has the speakers this close together, but that's not what this is. This is more of a laid back, background kind of speaker, that can get reasonably loud, but again, it's really not meant to shake the rafters, or overwhelm you. Also there is a LOT to be said for a less aggressive treble. It's an easy relaxing listen for long periods of time with no fatigue.It sounds better than any tiny hand carry type of Bluetooth speaker because of the larger drivers, larger cabinet, and stiffer enclosure, so you get a nice clean sound that can fill an average size room with a comfortable level of music. Also if used over Bluetooth, especially if your source doesn't support Aptx, but even if does, while Bluetooth is convenient, it's also far from best possible quality.PROS -Works with Amazon's Echo Dot - easily paired.The touch sensitive buttons, while arguably not in the best place for everyone, are very responsive. A light touch is all that is needed. You can adjust display brightness (off, bright, dim), volume, and bass and treble are adjustable. Note that once a volume is set, you can also adjust volume at the Bluetooth source, so think of the speaker volume as a multiplier of the source.AUX in cable is an option, and the speaker comes with the needed cable.There is a RESET button to pair with another device.There is a USB charge port (charge only), so if you are using this with a phone or tablet, this can be used as both charger and speaker.For $200, while more than many plastic speaker options, it's a decent price for what you get in terms of build quality. - Verified Store

Cathy December 21, 2016

Outstanding speaker. Have the Fi30 and have been pleased with it, but this Fi50 is at another level. Basically everything I felt could use improvement in the Fi30 has been engineered into the Fi50. Really easy to use and love the onboard controls to fine tune the sound. Easily fills our living room with great sound. 5 stars.... - Verified Store

Tyson P December 8, 2016

Phenomenal system for kitchen or bedroom. Clean design, solid structure, and easy to use. - Verified Store

ToeKnee0126 December 5, 2016

For it's size I expected more out of this speaker. If you're worried about it's lack of subwoofers, steer clear. The bass response on this guy is disappointing. Not bad, but lacking. Where this guy performs is in the mids and highs. But even still, it's not capable of the same volume as my SB ROAR 2, which is a fraction of the size.It also helps to keep in mind that this is a set of near field drivers so it sounds better when you're closer to it. This is good for some spaces but not mine. Especially since this speaker needa to be plugged in. - Verified Store

john p December 4, 2016

Love it! The sound from it is simply fantastic. I use it as my home stereo. My floor plan is quite open and it fills the entire first floor with sound. It has a great range of sound, does not sound at all like most of the blue tooth speakers I've listened to. I am very happy with these speakers. - Verified Store

Jan M December 2, 2016

It wasn't what I would call a bad speaker, but it had definite limitations. For me the biggest limitation was on the high end. Even when the treble was turned up all the way, it didn't provide me with the sound that suits my taste. I'm primarily talking about jazz and popular vocals, the lack of treble made the vocals sound rather muddy. The speaker has good volume and strong bass, so I think it would be best suited for newer music. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 26, 2016

I always pull out instructions for everything. Even cordless drills. Had a song I really wanted to hear right now so unpacked, plugged in, powered up, paired and voila! 10 seconds after plugging in I have tunes. Sounds great and love the little touch controls on top. Read somewhere in my Bluetooth research about breaking in speakers? BS. Have always just hooked stuff up and cranked it. This time, for some unknown reason, I dragged out the documentation and there it was. 10 hours. Who knew? - Verified Store

Pete W November 23, 2016

Tried the Anker, then the Bose Soundlink Mini, for a few extra bucks the sound quality is light-years ahead of the others. Plus it doesn't timeout and turn off by itself. So if that's a requierement for you or if you just want the very best quality in your non-portable bluetooth speaker, this is the ticket. - Verified Store

Adamg November 22, 2016

I bought this Bluetooth speaker based on a Review posted by Audioholics. Their reviews and recommendations are normally spot on. So I jumped on this product based on that.I have been using this Speaker in my Bathroom. Lots of tile and reflective surfaces. It sits in a corner in a cross-section positon. Imagine the letter A. /-\. This speaker is simply put. Amazing. I am an Audiophile. I spend enormous amounts of money on Audio gear. Always striving to attain Nirvana in sound reproduction. The sound quality, clarity and depth of reproduced bass on this little speaker is beyond my best expectations.The Speaker is SOLID. With nicely rounded edges (reduced internal boundary gain). It is made out of Wood not cheap plastic (that has poor acoustic qualities) It may be MDF or some other type of manufactured wood but it is dense and heavy. All good things when talking about sound reproduction. Its Heavy and feels of Quality. It has Dual rear facing bass air ports. These allow for deeper octaves, deeper tuning frequency and greater system efficiency. What des that mean? Greater performance without distortion.I have arguably more than 40K into my main sound system. And yet I want to stay in the bathroom and listen to this little Bluetooth Speaker?This product from Fluance is most definitely a Homerun ! The sound is pure magic, clear, bright and yet deep and soothing. - Verified Store

Shawn F November 22, 2016

Wife loves we have it in the kitchen she uses it every day with her iPad watching videos while she cooking or whatever. - Verified Store

Customer November 5, 2016

Excellent sound and highly consistent connection with each bluetooth device I've used. Looks great and the quality construction is apparent. My only non-positive comment is that it does not have a standard line-in port for older i-pods. Only connection to any device is bluetooth. - Verified Store

oleg November 5, 2016

This speaker didn't impress me. The sound quality is ok, but nothing spectacular and I definitely expected a clearer sound. Overall the speaker is fine for the price, but I think for similar money a smaller speaker with more portability and features makes more sense. The slightly better sound quality simply does not make up for its shortcomings. Here's what I didn't like about it:- Touch controls are not well designed.- The metal feet are too sharp and will leave marks on a surface like wood.- LCD display is blurry at all distances, don't know if that's just mine or all- At this size, the power supply should be built in, not be a separate brick. - Verified Store

Great S October 28, 2016

I love the sound, the connectivity, and the ease of use. Perfect for my kitchen while cooking and cleaning up. My only complaint, and I asked the company about it, is that it says "CONNECTED" when the bluetooth device connects and it is loud. "CONNECTED" is not attached to the volume (you can't quiet it) and there is no way to disable it. If I want to listen to quiet music in the morning, it first wakes the house with "CONNECTED".
Minor issue but annoying. Who thought that could possibly be a good idea? -Verified Store

4.0 o October 18, 2016

Great sound, rather large and heavy piece if you plan on moving it around a lot. Bass and Treble control but no remote. -Verified Store

Decent s October 14, 2016

Sounds great, about what I expect from a setup at this price. I got a dud so it would short out somewhere on the inside and hiss real loudly so am sending it back. Bluetooth connected quickly so that was never an issue. It comes with some metal feet that screw into the bottom, but when they were all screwed in the speaker wouldn't sit flat so I switched to the rubber feet. Not very portable so that's a downer. -Verified Store

I c October 7, 2016

I couldn't be more disappointed. The sound production is muffled at best. The full volume barely fills a medium sized room when using Bluetooth or using an AUX cable. That's with the source /my Nexus 6 turned completely up. -Verified Store

Dave September 29, 2016

Works great! -Verified Store

DCam September 15, 2016

Amazing sound! Wish it had a remote tho! -Verified Store

David M September 9, 2016

After listening to many portable and non-portable bluetooth speakers I was very pleased with Fluance Fi50 sound. Bass, midrange and treble sound nicely balanced when compared to the B&O S3s (I had two paired wirelessly for stereo sound and the treble frequencies was to boosted for my liking) or the JBL Extreme (very boomy bass). The Fluance Fi50 can produce frequencies at high decibels without distortion.
If you want to boost treble or bass frequencies Fluance provides controls for doing so. Both the bass and treble controls range from -5 to +5 and changing these settings produces and dramatic effect on the respective frequencies. I like this option. The B&O S3, as an example, do not offer any treble or bass adjustment on the speaker.

Personally I like the look of this speaker. I received mine in bamboo white . Some people are not fans of the digital volume display (very minimal digital display) or the touch sensitive controls but I find them to be very responsive and easy to use. Very different then the controls on the Marshall bluetooth models but of course Marshall is going for their signature retro look.

I would highly recommend you take Fluance up on their 30 day trial offer. If, within the 30 day period, you are not completely satisfied with this speaker they will take it back and pay for the return shipping.

If possible compare this speaker to another bluetooth speaker you like and I think you will be blown away with the quality of the Fluance, I know I was -Verified Store

Jesse September 9, 2016

I did a lot of research before I purchased this unit. As a former professional musician, I place a lot of importance on sound quality. The Fluance Fi50 delivers. The box is very sturdy which assists in bass response and the overall sound is true to original. Great buy -Verified Store

Max Viger September 5, 2016

Sounds loud, moves crowds.

Marco August 23, 2016

Excellent speaker I wish it had more 3d sound

Brad August 22, 2016

This is an amazing speaker for the money. Sounds amazing. Right up there with the best of them (that cost a ton more). -Verified Store

JoeSixPack August 16, 2016

I really wanted to like this bluetooth speaker unit - and did a ton of research to find one that has clean loud sound and thought I had it. Unfortunately the bluetooth connectivity is pretty weak. In my house/porch it's at best 10 feet - and sometimes less. Basically I found that I really had to leave the phone almost right next to the speaker to prevent songs from continuously going in and out - which of course defeats the purpose of a bluetooth speaker entirely since I have to walk over to the speaker to change a song

Technically this might be one of the better sounding units with a built in 40 watt amplifier - but that means little if the music keeps coming and going.

Although the company boasts about their warranty, return shipping on defective items is NOT free and it will cost a minimum of $25 - so factor that into the purchase price (those things always make me wonder about a company when they effectively say "we stand by our product but we're not confident in our quality enough to cover the cost of shipping for you!"

Although the look on the top is sleek with no buttons, be aware that it's very easy to touch the non-buttons and mess up volume or the treble and bass by mistake -Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 14, 2016

In less than 30 days it suddenly wouldn't turn on, instead is only making a constant clicking noise. I checked out the Fluance website and they wanted me to pay the shipping to sent the item to them for repair, thankfully Amazon is amazing and took care of me. Sound was fine while it worked, but didn't even want to replace for a new one if it is so unreliable. -Verified Store

Stephen M August 4, 2016

I absolutely love this item and am ecstatic that I bought it! The sound is crisp and clear. It's also great to be able to hear the bass clearly and without that muddy type sound you hear on most speakers. Also, it's certainly loud enough. I have a medium sized ranch and I am able to hear music throughout the house without turning the unit up to top volume. . It's also a nice touch and certainly helpful to charge my phone while using the unit. My only minor criticism are the buttons on top. It seems like I can't center my fingers to easily change the bass, treble and volume. Without hesitation, I would buy this unit again!!! -Verified Store

Scott Espenshade August 3, 2016

This unit does everything advertised and does it well.

David T July 30, 2016

Excellent sound. Easy to set-up. -Verified Store

chupacobara June 29, 2016

Got it yesterday, bass is deep and the highs are awesome, the only reason I gave it 4 stars and not five is because no remote is provided -Verified Store

John M June 25, 2016

Full sound and incredible bass. This is a steal at the price purchased. -Verified Store

Janet June 5, 2016

Recently purchased the Fi50 speaker system and hooked it up today. It is all that the professional reviews and YouTube videos said it is !! I wanted a way to play my iPod in my apartment and not only in my car. The sound is very rich and clear. It sounds like I'm at a live concert ! It takes less than 5 minutes to hook up (w/out Bluetooth) and the packaging is done very well with a box inside a box. I can't be happier I found a tool to play my iPod tunes. I recommend this item to anyone ! The price is very affordable for such a great product.

kittlen May 26, 2016

Sounds great, looks great, what's not to love? I only wish the speakers were protected from my toddler's exploring hands -Verified Store

RegionAire May 22, 2016

This thing sounds amazing at all volumes. Very easily paired. I just wish it came with a remote and a battery power option. -Verified Store

Carlos May 21, 2016

Wow am I lucky? So I got the lucky bamboo, it looks gorgeous to look at. The sound is amazing at reasonable volumes with great detail in the highs and mids.

PALMITER May 21, 2016

I am not an audiophile. I really am not tech savvy about the "inner-workings" of a speaker system. I just like music that sounds good. (My mom and dad said I "cried a lot as a baby", and the ONLY things that calmed me down was turning on the record player and playing the "Flying Eagle Polka". Instant smile, and soon thereafter, dreamland.) Now, after owning the BOSE MINIii which I love, considering it's size and performance, I still wanted something that had a little more "punch" to it, in the same price range. Tried out several top brands and finally came across THIS one. Search over. SMILE....again! As a side note, I contacted customer service regarding a question I had. They were quick to respond and very helpful. Doesn't get any better than that! -Verified Store

Nick D May 20, 2016

Sounds very good. I am happy with the performance at this price point. Well worth it. -Verified Store

Stephen J May 16, 2016

Good sound quality, but there's a bad design problem: the loud "CONNECTED!" and "DISCONNECTED!" sounds. This means I can't fall asleep with my laptop paired to the speakers or it will shout DISCONNECTED! at me when my laptop powers down -Verified Store

BWK May 13, 2016

This thing is phenomenal. Sound quality is incredible. I haven't had the speaker at max volume yet because it's already too damn loud at about 80% volume. Great bass, the mids are full and rich and highs are crisp and clear. Love the treble and bass controls. Not a fan of the touch controls, very finicky. Needs a remote too. Other than that...BUY IT. You won't be disappointed -Verified Store

FloridaMan1962 April 27, 2016

Superb sounding speaker. This speaker rocks and sounds like a CD. This is a high end speaker for little money. I don't know how they do it at this price point. The only thing I did have to do is by pass the "internal" bluetooth using the aux in option. The internal bluetooth's range is not good, I'm being honest. It kept breaking up, so I had to come up with a solution. What I did was connect a powerful AptX certified receiver with my AptX certified bluetooth transmitter and it works flawless and the connection is completely stable. Never breaks up.

anonymous April 13, 2016

This speaker kicks butt. It's great for thumping dance music as well as sensitive enough for classical. Very good sounding and no problems with Bluetooth at all. Loud and Clean with super highs and lows. I would love to try their larger speakers as well with a little more power but this is small enough to put under a couch or table and sounds fantastic! -Verified Store

Tom March 24, 2016

This is for those who want to get the highest quality audio bang for the buck and who will use it as it was designed to be used-- primarily for controlling through a blue tooth connected device. It's offers little frills (no remote, for example) but that's really so that what you do get is better sound than you would get from any similarly priced speaker out there. And it delivers that sound crisply and cleanly all the way to max volume (with plenty of bass). Love it.
I understand why the on/off switch is in the rear (aesthetics), but, depending on where you locate the speaker, it can make it inconvenient to power on and off... a minor issue.

John B March 10, 2016

Our non-profit organization needed a speaker that we could use with our presentations to moderate sized audiences. After investigating several possibilities we decided to go with the Fluance Fi50. It met our criteria of relatively low price and great sound. The Bluetooth connection was an added bonus. We will normally use the system with a plug in male to male stereo audio cable because our laptop does not have Bluetooth built into it, but it paired very easily with my iPhone. The unit is very nicely constructed an has some heft to it. The only misgiving is that its rounded shape doesn't lend itself to being carried around easily. The only improvement that I would recommend is to have some type of handle built in so that it would be more easily transportable. -Verified Store

J.H. March 7, 2016

Sounds great. I'm using it with a chromecast audio device connected to the audio in. I never have to touch the speaker. It sits there on standby ready to play through bluetooth or my chromecast audio. My Sony bluetooth speaker would time out if not being used and I always had to push its bluetooth button when starting to use it. I guess the difference is the Sony is battery powered and letting it stay on standby would kill the battery, so it times out. DO NOT plug a chromecast into the usb port on the back of the Fluance for charging phones, it can fry the usb port and the chromecast. The speaker will still work but you could no longer charge your phone,and your chromecast will be toast. Don't ask me how I know.-) -Verified Store

Corey March 6, 2016

Purchased this as a gift for myself... one of the best gifts EVER! This is not a portable bluetooth speaker, but more like a piece of modern styled furniture. SOUNDS AMAZING! I have a feeling like Fluance never dissapoints anybody. I know that I wasn't dissapointed one bit.

Vahid R March 4, 2016

Sounds great. Takes a few weeks to really break in. -Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 2, 2016

It works perfectly with my Droid phone and Pandora. The speakers are large enough to provide enough volume without distortion and the bass drivers in the back provide a deep, rich sound. I had to return the first one I ordered because the 3.5 mm input jack on the back didn't function properly. The Fluance rep went out of his way to make sure I got a no-cost replacement. I can now connect my 55" flat screen TV to the Fluance speaker using the 3.5 mm wired input jack on the back. Much, much better sound compared to just those tiny speakers on the back of my TV. By the way, I purchased a wireless Bluetooth transmitter to "broadcast" the bluetooth audio from my TV to the Fluance but had "latency issues". This means that a very short delay in audio put the sound out of sync with the lips of someone speaking on the TV. This is not a Fluance deficiency--it's the transmitter. If you want to try this, be sure to get a Bluetooth device with zero latency issues. I returned the one I ordered and simply connected the Fluance to the TV using the 3.5 mm jack and all is well. -Verified Store

Rory February 11, 2016

This unit fit our application perfectly. Sound quality is tremendously good for the money, it's really intuitive to use with the touch controls, bluetooth connectivity is simple and the design is fantastic! Most of all, I'm happy to support a Canadian product.

pwillco February 5, 2016

I've had this speaker for about six months. I am extremely pleased with the sound quality. It has got to be the best sound in it's price range. Very detailed and clear plus it gets plenty loud. Recommended!

Old Bull November 20, 2015

The Fluance Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Premium Wood Speaker System with aptX Enhanced Audio (Black Ash) was sent to me (free of charge) so that I could provide an honest and an unbiased review.

It's beautiful.
It works perfectly.
It is designed incredibly well.
It's versatile.
It sounds great.
It comes with 2 "feet" options, one set of spikes for floor use and some rubberized bumpers for shelf or table use.

It paired quickly and easily with my LG G3 and did so with no issues in the least.
It can be used with a device that does not have Bluetooth ability, with the supplied line in cord.
It has a rear USB port for charging mobile devices.
The onboard equalizer is limited, however it does work well.

It will be ideal for the mancave, TVs, or dorm rooms.

Depending on how close your neighbors are, they may complain.

Zac Hunsucker November 20, 2015

Great sound at a great price. The only downside is the bluetooth is very, very skippy, even at a close distance. I'd definitely recommend them, but I would also recommend getting a long aux cord to go with it. They're $100 less than my recalled Beats Pill XL, and they have just as good (and loud) sound in my opinion.

Anthony S November 20, 2015

Excellent bang for the buck. Reps. and sales people are outstanding.Laura G your the best.

Vivek Kumar November 20, 2015

Amazing sound and clarity. The build quality is also fantastic!