Signature HiFi 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

Signature HiFi 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

For Enhanced Dialogue and Vocals - Natural Walnut (HFCW)

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Indira P November 7, 2022


salt o October 5, 2022

I have to say that i don't know why I even consider other speaker companies when I have had such good results with Fluance. For the money that I have put out...I just can't beat the sound, performance and quality. I had started out a few years about trying this company's lowest level surround sound speaker set and was totally impressed., over the years I have started to upgrade to the next step, keeping my budget in check and hoping to bring things up to audiophile levels over time.I thought that, while I enjoyed the speakers that I have, the weakest one was the center channel. I looked and looked all over the web at all the reviews for best center channel speakers and came across a few speakers by well known companies for way over my budget, or this one for $139....$139!!! for their best center channel...and one that is highly regarded as better than ones costing 6 times as much and highly reviewed by all the major sound publications.I must say that these are not being over rated...they sound perfectly balanced and precise right out of the box. They improved the sound in the room 150% with better, stronger more focused and precise sound and speech when watching tv or movies. They also bring new life to my music with an expanded stage and again...much more precision. I listen to everything and I have not been disappointed with them on any type of music. They totally handle my favorite speaker test / destroyer track with Theory of a Deadman's Bad Girlfriend. This song kills nearly every speaker setup I try it on because there is so much sound going on in a very narrow band and very few speakers can keep it from muddling up into a blob of sound...but this center channel totally laid it out like it was intended to be heard.I will totally look for more from this company. Why spend 5 times the amount when you can get a quality, good looking, great sounding, well reviewed audiophile-level speaker for this price?

Ivan June 11, 2022

I have had fluance speakers for almost twenty years. I still have my original set of speakers and they sound just as good today as they did the first day I purchased them. Highly recommended product!

Boyd B November 29, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 10 Years Michigan, United States

I have the Elite 5.0 theater pack. The center channel speaker that came with the pack does it’s job well, but I began to want something with a little more power and range. I looked at the Fluance Reference series center and the Signature series center. For a little more money, I decided to go with the Signature, and I’m sure glad I did! Compared to the Elite center channel speaker, the Signature is a beast! The build quality is solid and has good weight to it. This thing is bigger than my receiver! The most important thing is how does it sound? I was not disappointed. The sound is full and rich. It definitely complements my Elite towers and bipolar surrounds, seemingly improving their sound as well. For the price, you can’t go wrong. Fluance delivers again!

SunR July 13, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

I was so impressed with the power and range of this center channel speaker it puts out in the living room 5.1 set up, I bought another for the bedroom and retired my Klipsch RP-450C. Now to order a set of XL8F Reference 3 way floor standing speakers, and enjoy an incredible value without ear strain. The center channel can go deep, and looks amazing with the magnetic grill on or off.

Bernard C June 11, 2021

Exceed expectations in every way

Gregory N April 29, 2021

You can tell this company take pride in their product. Very well built. The sound is outstanding this center speaker put out.

Frank April 12, 2021

These are great speakers, bought the signature center and bookshelf surrounds. They sound amazing, look great and are made very well. Came double boxed. They work great with my old pair of DCM Timeframe 600 tower speakers.

Victor L. April 11, 2021 Advanced Listener - 3 Years Alberta, Canada

I’m a bose fan, I have wireless 5.1 acoustimass st up in my living room. But for change I tried and bought the tower signature series for my Man cave and I was impressed how great the sounds and looks. So I add a signature center speaker and bipolar surround speakers,I love it great speakers.
Now Im thinking to buy the fluance sub woofer.

DaLock March 28, 2021

The base coming from this center channel is extraordinary. Mids and highs can use a little EQing.

Dennis M March 19, 2021

I now have my entire surround system composed of Fluance speakers. If you haven't tried them this company sells a great product. The only caveat to know is that while they offer returns and have a lifetime pay shipping which can be nearly as much as a speaker! That being said...this center channel speaker has developed into a wonderful upgrade to my system. As it has broken in through usage it is providing me with sound unlike I've ever heard before. Voices clearly penetrate the mix and that didn't happen with my old Jamo system. Definitely worth a shot if you are looking for a solid center speaker.

R. H March 17, 2021

Well packaged. Can understand dialog now.

Amazon Customer March 5, 2021

Absolutely love the depth this adds with my other fluance bookshelves and turntable. I bought this to watch tv in my bedroom, which it works great for. But, I would argue that the increase in music quality was worth it in itself.

Amack March 2, 2021

It's incredible. Highly recommend this center. It's crisp, clear, and surprisingly punchy.

Nadon P January 7, 2021 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Quebec, Canada

J'aurais voulu donner 5 étoiles mais pas encore assez d'heure d'utilisation et de manipulation avec le récepteur home theater.
Ma première impression très beau haut parleur central, bonne basse très clair, voix très présente mais ne vous attendez pas à ce que tous ce que vous écouter le sois, avec la bonne source ce haut parleur fait beaucoup et plus encore très précis, mais avec une moins bonne source c'est juste correct.
Pour l'instant je découvre à chaque jour.
Très heureux de cette achat recommande fortement pour ceux qui aime les détails.

Kenny M December 24, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Nova Scotia, Canada

Right out of the box this center channel speaker sounds good. However after a few hours of break-in this gem really starts to shine. Vocals are so clear, it delivers way more than the price would suggest. Highly recommended.

Lincoln H November 25, 2020

These are beautiful speakers with very good sound. Very happy and great value for money!

Steve C November 17, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I am amazed at the quality of this speaker, superbly made and emitting beautiful sounds! Right now it's hooked up to my 25 year old JVC system and what an improvement over the old Paradigm centre speaker it replaces. I can't wait till I get my Sony Home Theatre system up and running, to try out the Fluance speakers I ordered ... note I preferred getting Fluance over Sony's own brand!

Amazon Customer November 15, 2020

Something is loose and rattling on the inside. More than likely the glue that was holding down the crossover is no longer doing so.

Swedeman August 5, 2020

Fabulous center channel speaker, great value as well, you're getting a lot! As others have stated, this Fluance needs time to break in, sound quality at first is mediocre at best. After 20 hours or so the change is astounding,full range and great punch and clarity. Sandwiched between two Polk towers and a Bic subwoofer, this Fluance delivers in a way that my entire audio experience has improved greatly, we hear huge improvements in mid range brass, guitar, strings, horns etc. Dialogue is sharper, smaller details pronounced, soundtracks louder and sharper during home cinema. Bought 12 gauge speaker wire as recommended by Fluance. Very pleased with our purchase.

Brian D July 18, 2020 Audiophile - 15 Years California, United States

Great value, great sound, great customer support. Would def buy again

Daniel B June 1, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Great performance and look of the speaker just like all of Fluance speakers. Would highly recommend.

Rob May 1, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

Fantastic upgrade. Pairs well with my B&W fronts and Fluance bipole surrounds. Great speaker.

Dennis C December 24, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

After a short beak in period it sounds good, nice and clear voices. It looks very nice in black wood with the yellow drivers.

Steve N November 4, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Utah, United States

Got this about a week ago. Great speaker! Well worth a few hours of break-in! When I first hooked it up, highs and upper mids were good but lower mids and bass were muddy. It has quickly improved and now at about 10 hours, it sounds great! I understand words in songs that were always a bit of a mystery before, and dialog in movies etc. is great. Bass guitar and percussion is clean and very punchy. Really happy with this center channel. I've tried a number of center channels before, but always took them back out because they didn't sound as good as my fronts (doing a phantom center). This is a keeper. Love it for music and movies!

Jfm September 3, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Great sound for the price

Ben C July 16, 2019 Advanced Listener - 4 Years Montana, United States

I have a complete set of xl7f fluance speakers on my 7.2 system already. I bought it about four years back, and my only disappointment was the center channel which always seemed to have trouble projecting as well as I needed it to. I took a shot at their latest product and I am truly enjoying this speaker. Much clearer and projects voices very well. I love Fluance for their genuinely good products and beyond reasonable prices. I plan on upgrading the whole set to their latest version very soon. Great speakers and subwoofers. Keep up the good work.

William March 8, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Very pleased with this center channel speaker. The dialogue on movies is significantly improved. Delivery was outstanding - received the day after placing the order. Over all, very impressed.

Warren L September 10, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

An excellent choice for any sound enthusiast. Its well built, looks and sounds great.

Christopher L July 17, 2018

Firstly I'm far from an audiophile but I think I've got good ears and I can appreciate a quality recording played back with nice equipment. I picked up this Fluance speaker to replace an old Kenwood speaker that was given to me to then replace a terrible surround-in-a-box kit speaker. I already have 2 other Fluance floorstanding speakers and think they're excellent so the choice to continue with Fluance was easy especially at their price point. The speaker arrived very well packed with a box inside a box and wrapped in plastic and foam. The quality is apparent immediately. The speaker has a surprising amount of weight behind it (16 pounds) and the entire cabinet feels very sturdy. It has some small rubber isolation feet on the bottom which have plenty of grip to help it hold onto the shelf that will be it's home. The sides of the cabinet have a nice black simulated wood grain and the front of the speaker is a high-gloss black. One of the coolest features is the front grille; it's magnetic. You can take the grille off or put it on without tools and no visible attachment points. But all of that aside how does it sound? Really good. Again I'm not an expert but I can tell you that upgrading my center speaker was well worth it. Dialog in movies is much crisper and easier to hear and understand. Little tiny detail sounds in movies that I would never have noticed seem pronounced and have a sharp feel to them. I've got probably 20 hours of sound through it so far and it gets better the more I listen. It has a very good sensitivity/efficiency of 92dB so it can get pretty loud without a ton of amplifier power. My one and only complaint is with the speaker wire terminals. They are very difficult to tighten and loosen and if you use banana clips (like I do) they do not plug in all the way; they're just a little short and the clip doesn't sit flush with the base of the terminals. - Verified Store

Excell D July 8, 2018

This is a great sounding Center Channel... - Verified Store

Bob B May 4, 2018

The speaker isn't horrible but it's not even close to the Aperion Audio Speaker I bought myself as I compared them both on the same amp.
The vocal depth is absent from this speaker and it sounds crisp but without much depth like most center speakers. It's decent quality though but I only paid $199 for my B-stock 5C from Aperion and this was $160 out the door. Now I have to pay to have it sent back. Not good Fluance. I actually bought this for my GF and even she didn't like it after being used to hearing my system. I think this speaker is highly over rated. It would be a 5 star product is it was $75 but not $160. Another downside is it's very inefficient. 92db sensitivity seems like a lie. It was so quiet you need to blast it just to hear it compared to my 6 ohm 88db 5C from Aperion. I don't get it.... The Aperion has more drivers but is louder.... ???? Their Center is now backordered..... perhaps from my video review on youtube.... who knows. - Verified Store

Aaron H April 5, 2018

Great speaker can't believe the price point is this low. Compare to something 3x its cost. Great SQ from this lineup! - Verified Store

john c March 26, 2018

Great quality speaker for price!!! - Verified Store

Goingwylde March 21, 2018

I really like this center channel speaker and think it is great value for the money. Have about 200 hours of playtime on mine now.

The pros: 1. It has a really wide sound field. A lot of speakers have a very narrow sound field and require very specific placement to sound their best. You can place this Fluance high or low or even off center and it still sounds great. 2. The speaker also seems to have a lot of headroom even at high volumes. Never sounds 'out of breath' even with moderate power coming in. 3. This may be due to the cabinet being quite a bit larger and heavier than other center channel speakers with the same speaker configuration.

The cons: 1. The speaker's sound is not the most transparent I've ever heard. It does add a little 'color' to the sound but its not unpleasant. 2. The magnetic grill is flimsy and doesn't always like to sit in the correct place.

The fit and finish seem average but attractive. Overall I thinks it's a great value and worthy of building a home theater system around. Shipping was on time and double boxed. - Verified Store

Robert February 24, 2018

awesome - Verified Store

Zo February 18, 2018

This speaker is AWESOME...! I have never experienced such sound in my home system I also purchased 4 surround speakers and I am thrilled at the quality of the speakers and the sounds that they produce. Absolutely 5 Stars PLUS the best speakers I've ever heard in any home theater system. - Verified Store

Rolando H January 30, 2018

I got this fluance center channel paired with my fronts Yamaha 6490 Bookshelf speakers that sound AMAZING and ohh my God I just couldn't believe the incredible sound that this center channel delivered with my Yamaha's speakers...... Thanks Fluance for making this incredible Center Channel!! - Verified Store

culturemath January 20, 2018

Amazing I own a studio so I work with sound constantly. For the price the performance of these home theater speakers is incredible. I have them on a Sony receiver in a 5.1 setup with the Fluance configured as a center channel. The are clear/transparent enough to detect poor scoring of media sources that have this issue. They deliver honest frequency response from 20k to 60hz. Glad that Fluance just cut the speakers at 60hz and didn't try and give us some scooped response for sub bass information. Good choice for the money. Punch with units two to three times the asking price. - Verified Store

William J January 20, 2018

Lives up to reputation. Quality product inside and out. Clarity of voices is excellent. - Verified Store

David October 11, 2017

the vocal is so detail, what a bargain for its price.

Robert L September 19, 2017

Purchased these to go along with the Fluance Floor Standing speakers that make up my surround system as well as using them as my primary audio speakers for listening to my cd and record collection. The clarity of the voices in both music and audio from movies is very good. They replaced some smaller Acoustic Research speakers that I was using since the 90's. I relied on prior reviews to make the decision to purchase these.I was impressed with the customer service provided by this company based on the input of others who had issues. They tended to make things right for their customers. These speakers came triple boxed so there was no chance of any damage. - Verified Store

michael r September 16, 2017

very nice speaker at a great price. - Verified Store

Paul G August 31, 2017

It's truly a great speaker now I know what the hype is about - Verified Store

Alice July 2, 2017

This center channel has great sound. Vocals come through as warm and full, while still retaining a crisp and clean sound. It seems to be balanced very well. - Verified Store

N. W May 1, 2017

After some hours of break in, the speaker sounds great! Huge upgrade over my cheap JBL Balboa series center - Verified Store

M. B April 24, 2017

I purchased the center channel and a pair of the bookshelf speakers. The center channel isn't bad, but it definitely does not live up to the sound quality of the bookshelf.I have been on the fence about returning it because I hate to return something that works, but just doesn't live up to the expectations.I might buy another pair of the bookshelf speakers, I just wish I could find some more literature in the Signature Series. The book included with the speakers does not even mention them. - Verified Store

Anonymoose April 7, 2017

Impressive sound, especially for the price. I've found this speaker to be fantastic, even before any break in. The sound is so clear that if a door is closing or opening on screen I frequently look up to at my door because it sounds like it's opening in the room I'm in. I've never owned a speaker with such excellent clarity. For 149$ this is an absolute steal. - Verified Store

Aaron F March 22, 2017

Great speaker! It performs as expected and we've been very satisfied. - Verified Store

Damien C March 9, 2017

Awesome center channel speaker! Voices come through clear on movies/TV and music sounds great and distortion free! - Verified Store

Charlie Horkey March 2, 2017

I recently purchase the Signature Towers and was blown away by their sound and looks so I decided to replace my Def Tech cs8040HD with the Signature center, and let me tell you this thing is awesome especially after about 20-30 hrs of breaking in. I have since replaced my rear surrounds which were Def Tech sr8080BP with the new Signature bi polar surrounds, I honestly couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Fluance.

Mitchell C February 19, 2017

sounds great, looks great, great price - Verified Store

Pat February 16, 2017

Funny never heard of Fluance before and not a ton of reviews but read reviews on and a few others and sounded like good bang for the buck. Packed well , look great, and magnetic grills are cool like everyone notes. Used for a few days and glad to report is an excellent product after running it for a few days. I just ordered a pair of matching book case speakers and if as good will add another or possible towers lol. Jealous of Americans with the exchange rate who can get these for a song. Would be totally surprised if you could find something better for the price. Glad I took the time to read about them otherwise wouldn't have gone with a brand I never heard of before. cheers

Darron B February 13, 2017

Could we make this 6 stars?! Again, I had purchased the Signature floor standing models and wondered if I needed this center but I'm glad I did. This speaker is as rich as my old B&W, at 10% of the cost, I kid you not! The highs on this two-way (running 12 gauge on all speakers), is surperb and the mids radiate out and fill most of my large room. The lows are not much but aren't meant to come from the center anyways, but there is enough to get 60% of them which adds to the added dimension. Great speakers, buy and thank me later! - Verified Store

Alycia January 18, 2017

Installed the system a couple months back. Love, love, love it. Haven't even tried pushing it yet, sounds so crisp and beautiful. - Verified Store

Cwh December 25, 2016

Great center speaker. The speaker is perfect in every way. I ordered slightly used and Fluance sent me a brand new one at the discounted price. - Verified Store

itsmewallyz December 21, 2016

After owning this center speaker for over 4 months, I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I will note, however, that initially, I was not happy with the sound coming from this speaker and nearly returned it. It just didn't sound good to me, with vocals coming through really muffled. I think Fluance recommends 15-20 hours of break-in time, but I think it took me nearly 100 hours to truly break in this speaker. And now, it sounds fantastic. In addition, like a lot of center and bookshelf speakers, this center speaker greatly benefited from a speaker stand. I originally had it mounted on the wall, about 8 inches from the wall and while it did open up after the 100 hours, it's much better on the stand.I am running a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker set-up: 7 Fluance Signature Series Speakers (1 Center, 2 front bookshelves, 2 side bi-polars and 2 rear surround bookshelves); 4 Definitive Technology 800s ceiling mounted for Atmos; and 2 BIC America F-12 Subwoofers. I'm powering this with a Denon AVR-X4300H (which powers my 2 side bi-polars and my 4 ceiling speakers) and an Outlaw 5000 Amp (which powers this center, and the 4 Fluance bookshelves).This center speaker also needs to be pushed to achieve its potential. Once I hooked it up to my Outlaw after it was really broken in, it just flat out rocks. And really, a spectacular value. - Verified Store

Mario S December 1, 2016

I'm doing this review now instead of when I purchased them in april. Man these speakers are amazing, I'm surprised how well they sound. I also got a set of book shelf with them and now I'm going to buy the two rear ones. If you are looking for amazing sounding speakers for a great price look no further. - Verified Store

YupYuppp November 5, 2016

I've had the Fluance SXHTB 5.1 surround system going on 12 years! Decided to upgrade the center since I got a new HSU Research VTF-1 MK3 sub (awe inspiring) and since they are the most important speakers. Broke em in for about 15 hours and they are just superb. Front stage feels complete with authoratative mids. Tweeter is crisp and not too bright. For a center speaker it is on the larger side, but that's what it takes to deliver nice mids. These are buyers remorse proof.Just for reference, Audessy autoeq on my Denon had my previous center at 120hz high pass filtered, this center it found to be sweet at 60hz. I couldn't believe it. Since it sits on a glass top in the end I went with 80hz for center and front towers with matching 80hz LPF on sub.Because of these I just ordered the signature series bipole surrounds. Fluance never let me down yet! - Verified Store

M. S October 9, 2016

The look is fantastic. The sound is beautiful! I was replacing a 15 year old center channel from a premier speaker manufacturer that finally gave up the ghost. I choose this unit due to price and promised performance - I am not disappointed!!! -Verified Store

Just A August 9, 2016

We recently moved into a new home (at least new for us). The prior owners already had the home wired for a surround sound system with 5 speakers placed in the ceiling. The speakers are Speakercraft in the front and Jamos in the rear. I was not pleased with the sound of the ceiling speakers - they tended to sound "tinny" (lacked lower frequencies), had to be driven at higher volumes to fill the room with sound and were a little unnatural (the center speaker was in the middle of the room; however, the TV was placed to the right). Moreover, if one was in the bedroom upstairs - one could hear the TV speakers playing through the floor.

To improve the sound, I decided to purchase a subwoofer and a new central channel speaker. With respect to the center channel, I auditioned B&W, Polk, Klipsch, Martin Logan and Definitive Technology. The B&Ws far and away sounded the best; however, they were priced to match. The others really weren't terribly exciting. After doing some research - I looked at some internet brands - ELAC, Micca and Fluance. I had just purchased the ELAC subwoofer; however, the Center speaker was sold out for several months. The Fluance Signature seemed to follow a similar philosophy to the B&Ws - kevlar (aramid) drivers (in yellow no less); solid construction to reduce resonance and big magnets in the tweeters. I ordered the Fluance center channel and it has completely transformed the sound of my home theater. The "tinniness" is completely gone, stereo imaging has dramatically improved and voices sound more natural. I really hear the difference in female vocalists (Diana Krall sounded like she was sucking on helium with the in-ceiling speakers), pianos and acoustic guitars. Since I placed the speaker under the TV, the dialogue now sounds like it is coming from the right place. Moreover, the center channel speaker and the sub-woofer work well together and there is no missing frequency.

I can't perform an A/B comparison between the B&Ws and Fluance; however, I don't think I would notice much of a difference in my house given the "mongrel" assortment of speakers, furniture placement, hard flooring surfaces, etc. My wallet certainly feels the difference - I was able to purchase a new Apple TV 4, the Fluance Center Speaker and the ELAC subwoofer for less than the price of the B&W center speaker. -Verified Store

Kevin June 9, 2016

Fluance has again kept me smiling with their speakers once again ! Well packaged upon delivery, beautifully made and sound is superb in it's class. I also have there XL7S Bookshelf speakers for over 6 months now and the sound is terrific ! The signature series center speaker is a balanced Mid and highs for vocals a must have for your music and TV. I'm in the process of buying the signature series bookshelf speakers to complete my sound system. I would buy there floor speakers but haven't the room. (BAD FOR ME !) accompanied with my 2 Martin Logan 300 Dynamo woofers and Sony AD550 5.2 surround receiver. I'm in Intermediate ecstasy ! -Verified Store

Zach S May 24, 2016

Simply beautiful! Once you give the speakers a good 15 hours of playtime to break in, they sound incredible! Easily out performing any other speakers I have listened to, I have this paired with the book shelf speakers from fluance and it sounds fantastic, no complaints! Build quality is awesome and it looks great too! Fluance has a new fan -Verified Store

aaron w May 15, 2016

Couldn't be happier! Sounds Amazing especially after some good break in time. It does seem to take much longer then they recommend. It took around 100 hours for it to really open up. I put some isolators under the front of the speaker to angle the dialogue up a bit because of my set up my speaker sits a bit lower then it should. It fixed it quite well. I highly recommend this product! -Verified Store

English D April 18, 2016

Not very often I give something a 5-star score, but....
Excellent sound after the prescribed break in period. Volume goes as high as any normal person would want while still sounding good.
It's not a $3,000 speaker, don't expect it to sound like one. Having said that I don't have bionic ears either, and I don't live in an acoustically tuned house. In a large living room with the matching L&R speakers, and a couple of surrounds. I'm duly impressed, and I didn't have to sell any major body parts to pay for them.
The finish on the speakers is immaculate, everything appears to be how it should be, at least on the outside, and I'm not taking it apart...
Even the foam in the box was cut precisely and packaged with a perfect fit, inside a box in a box.
I don't think I have anything to worry about with this long term, but there's a lifetime warranty on this anyway. -Verified Store

Nathan B January 28, 2016

The largest purchase factor between just pulling the trigger and buying these vs. clicking away and going for a much more "known" brand is the fact that they are not on display in stores there for listening to them is impossible and taking their word for what your ears hear is absolutely ridiculous. Most first reactions would be to go to a local electronic store and listen to a different speaker or system as my initial reaction has always been. I've gone threw Bose speakers, Polk Speakers, and B&W Speakers. I decided for the cost I've watched the brand grow for a few years and I should give them a shot. This is the first purchase I have ever made from Fluance and I was honestly extremely worried about the speakers quality but figured this speaker is visually appealing and seems to have a lot of work put into it. Compared to lower models and their last higher end system this set seems more on my level and what i was looking for.

I Purchased the walnut version. First lets start with opening the box. Double boxed which was fantastic. I was thrilled to see the foam completely surrounding the whole speaker not just the sides with a wrapped thin sheet. The packaging is fantastic. Then I pulled it out and noticed the wood is very dark almost black but just brown enough to look modern and elegant. I didn't see any literature on the speakers Grill online however I figured it would come with one and it did. A magnetic grill that has a very strong set of magnets. Ive never seen this on a speaker. All of the Polk Monitor speakers I bought had grills that arrived smashed because of packaging and built quality so this is a very nice surprise the wood and glossy black front of the speaker is absolutely beautiful and the speakers themselves look like those found on higher end B&W speakers. I plugged it into my Marantz SR6005 this is not a high end receiver just one that's good enough to get the job done. Turned the levels of all the other speakers down completely and put the receiver in multi-channel stereo. I'm seriously blown away. Vocal Quality is right on target. Singers sound so clear and clean with no distortion at high levels. Movie dialogue sounds very targeted like to the point. And sound image seems to be a pretty large sound stage. With the Polk speakers I could stare at the speaker and hear the dialogue coming from it. This just seems much wider and pleasant. Right out of the box it sounds much better than my Polk CS2 sii $299 retail then compared to my Polk CSI A6 $399 which both have larger speakers. The clarity on this speaker is amazing and should be heard. I will be completing and converting the rest of my living room to match and at this price point its a no-brainer. This Series of speakers is exactly what i needed to take Fluance seriously and make a purchase. I will gladly be converting my family and friends to Fluance. Keep up the work guys these are amazing!!!!!

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