Elite High Definition 2-Way Bookshelf Surround Sound Speakers

Elite High Definition 2-Way Bookshelf Surround Sound Speakers

For a 2-Channel Stereo or Home Theater System - Natural Walnut/Pair (SX6W)

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Overall Rating:

Danny Q December 2, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

For their size they have a huge sound. Wasn’t concerned about the low end since I have a subwoofer. Have it paired with a Cambridge Amp and it is very clear on the mids and highs even at higher volumes. Compact bookshelf size fits my shelves nicely. Solid feel to them but not too heavy that it will damage your shelves.

Dave P October 25, 2022

I've always been somewhat of a speaker nut (approaching 50 years of my semi obsession), never willing to pay a lot of money for them, and the best speaker I had ever owned was the Energy ESM2, a 2 way speaker with an 8 inch woofer and Vifa 1 inch tweeter, a very good speaker for the price. At retirement a few years ago I decided to put together my own boxes and have learned a lot along the way, through making many mistakes as it happens! After putting together many speaker boxes, I decided I needed to buy a set of small speakers to use to listen against my creations, so I purchased the highly recommended PSB Alpha 5. Thankfully, some of my Frankenstein creations haven't been all that bad as compared to the PSB (some of them are a lot larger than the PSB. It's not like I expect a small speaker to do what a larger one can). With all that said, on to the Fluance Elite SX6 review! I bought these as the price is great, and I had seen some positive reviews. I've now (briefly) compared them to the PSB Alpha 5 and I think they hold their own against those speakers. They are a little brighter and a bit more detailed but in my opinion, they aren't shrill. The PSB has very good bass but so does the Fluance. I think that they are a much better buy than a lot of other speakers. I decided to brace them a bit myself (not that they really needed it, but that's kind of what I do these days, and I doubt it made much of a difference). I think that someone starting out in audio would do well purchasing them. I give these a big thumbs up for the price!...a few days later and I have already purchased a second pair, need I say more....

Jorge October 7, 2022

These are my first pair of speakers and I was pretty impressed by the sound quality it gave. I heard these are good speakers to start with for turntables and so far I like them. I get more out of the songs I listen to. You get what you pay for. I know there are better quality speakers out there, but these are pretty good for me.

Amazon Customer September 29, 2022

They Sound Very Good ,better than the Sony's 3 way DidThey Serve the Purpose I Have a Small Room

John h September 17, 2022

Great sound for the money . Using in a shop 3.1 audio sytem. To get the most out of these though you must couple these with a powered subwoofer and set crossover to 60hz.

T. M September 16, 2022

Great set of speakers for music or as surrounds. Using these as front surrounds very happy with them. Well balanced with great clarity and good sound stage. They don't seem to be at all picky about placement for good imaging or sound stage. I'm not as bass head so plenty for me, but some folks might need a sub. Theses would make a great complete surround system for a small to medium room using 4 of these and the matching center. All in all great value for the money.

Mike September 6, 2022

They sound excellent, I don't know if you could find better all around speakers for this price. Using digital optical from PC to Integra 5.1 receiver in a 2.1 setup. They're great on their own, but I do suggest pairing with a subwoofer if you want a full deep bass sound. Lets be realistic, a pair of bookshelf speakers aren't going to rattle the windows on their own. Eventually I plan to use these as surround speakers and get the two tower speakers and center channel to fill out the 5.1 setup.

Mr. V August 31, 2022

The speakers are a little harder to drive compared to my klipsch rp600m's but they sound great. The mids are not foward the bass is nice clean and deep for the size of woofer. The treble is exelent and not fatiguing. Im gonna use them as atmos celing speakers. Very sturdy, i might use straps to hold them on the to the celing apart from the monoprice mount.

GJW August 27, 2022

I bought the speakers for use with a low power tube amplifier. They are extremely efficient and put out high quality sound. I am very happy with my purchase

Mr R August 14, 2022

I got these and the Micca RB42, and these win by a mile in sound quality, not as good as my DQ-10's, but those cost several magnitudes more despite being built in 1974.Fluance are built very well by our neighbors to the North and they clearly take pride in their product and do great work.

DAVE C January 26, 2022


ORFFC January 19, 2022

Ces haut parleurs Fluance sont bien construits et donne une belle sonorité. Bien content!

argel September 11, 2021

I love the sound quality of these speakers. I bought them for my vinyl, but use them for my CDs as well, and they sound great!!

Lance H August 26, 2021

These sound great, and the veneer looks nice... except. The glossy material used on the front looks awful. It's splotchy, and looks to be bubbling in some spots. This isn't an issue for those of us who leave the covers on, but sometimes I enjoy seeing the speakers doing their work. They would have been better off using the same veneer as the sides and top, on the front.

Sebastian August 20, 2021

Great value for money. Works perfectly in my small media room setup.

leo August 2, 2021

This product is amazing. A friend was able to buy it and he has shown it to me and it is absolutely amazing. I hope I can buy it soon! But those who can buy it now I assure you that it will be a good buy!

Carlton B May 16, 2021

I have read a lot of great reviews on this product and now that I have purchased it, I am blown away by the excellent sound quality. It has full sound so that you can really appreciate all of the vocals and instruments in a recording, I'm hearing instruments in some of my music collections that I did not hear on my older Klipsch speakers which this pair of Fluance SX6 replaces. I'm actually going to buy another pair of these speakers or upgrade to the signature series for my other stereo system. I highly recommend these speakers they are an excellent value for the money, I have other speakers that are 4 times the price of these and they don't sound as good as these Fluances. They are well made, very solid and they look darn good. I love them!!!

mouseontherun May 11, 2021

After having these speakers for 3 years, I have to say that I made a bad decision in buying them. Mediocre at best.

Ryan, S May 7, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

This is my first high-quality turntable, I've always had cheap ones or vintage tables that weren't in very good condition. So now I guess I'll have to buy a record cleaning kit because I can hear all the dirt and scratches on my records...but that's a good thing. This baby is incredible, beautiful, pristine!

kawtar a May 5, 2021

Great product

Danielle S April 24, 2021

Great sound quality

Chris D April 22, 2021

Shockingly good sound for the pricetag.

gayla733 April 21, 2021

They have come a long way in bookshelf technology . I am somewhat of an audiophile since the late 70's . These little follows are just great . I played them constantly through my Amazon personal playlists all day . They do need the suggested 10 hours to loosen up . I also put them through the paces with high end cd's . Fantastic bass , midrange , and highs . I am now considering the larger Fluance tower speakers . Oh Canada !

David J M. March 16, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Colorado, United States

I haven't had a lot of time to do critical listening but first impressions, I am impressed. Imaging is great, wide and deep, everything nicely placed in space. Frequency balance is good for a small speaker with modest bass. All in all, hard to beat for $150. Would have to spend $500 or more to do better. Only reason for 4 stars is the sound limitations at this price point, it's not going to be perfect.

Mohamed Z December 30, 2020

Great Speakers

Steven S December 23, 2020

I have well known speakers from many companies and decades, nothing can hold a candle to these Fluance speakers. I now own several sets of Fluance speakers which are being used with top shelf new and retro stereo systems with excellent results. And on top of all this the price is extremely good. Thanks Fluance!!!

Frankie N December 21, 2020

Wow! Is all I can say. I paired these with a Rockville BlueTube receiver and I am blown away by the sound quality just streaming from my iphone! I have a turntable on the way which was my main motivation for the purchase so I can't wait to here some good vinyl through them!

Todd B December 21, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years North Carolina, United States

Awesome sound. Great price and they look amazing.

Expose d December 6, 2020

I am more than satisfied and amazed at how good these speakers sound for the price. As mentioned before they do need to be broken in to get the best sounding bass but if you love music this will be a plus. Highs sound awesome as far as my ears can tell, bass gets better over time but now slaps hard. They look so classy and you can tell someone put their sweat into the build quality and design. The flag is a nice touch as well eh. Pair them with a bass to get a low cost entry level setup. You cannot go wrong with these as they can take 30-100w. Take the grilles off to watch the cones shake, OOF!

Amazon Customer November 29, 2020

Beautiful speakers and amazing sound for the money????

Dianne K November 28, 2020

I recived a well package item ,the speakers them selves are of a good finnish easy to set up and look good ,and sound even beter as back surround speakers would recomend to those on a budget

ken d November 26, 2020


AnthonyS November 24, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Vermont, United States

Amazing speakers!!!!!$ Great sound at ant volume. Really well built. They look and sound amazing in our house.

Michael P. November 11, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

I am very satisfied with my SX-6 bookshelf speakers. They are a perfect compliment with my floorstanding speakers. Many continued thanks to Deepak and the team at Fluance!

Amazon Customer November 3, 2020

Great sound added them with Yamaha receiver good clear sound.

Russell October 21, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I bought sx6 speakers for 2 chanel audio im driving them with a nad amp .there not to big for bookshelves they are nice looking .everytime i listen to them they keep sounding better the base is quite good for bookshelves also .they sound fantastic for the price i would recommend them to anyone looking for a small speaker i couldn't be happier with them

Bruce K October 16, 2020

The sound is everything I wanted and more! The price of the speakers you would think cost more but not.Real nice bookshelf speakers that can go toe to toe with best in their price range! Looking forward to more studio sound sessions!

jon October 13, 2020

very good sound quality broad sound stage very good highs and lows excellent channel separation in the crossovers excellent build quality.

Chris A September 29, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years New Jersey, United States

I bought these speakers to pair with the RT-82 turntable and I do not regret the purchase. They took a few days to break in but no I can really appreciate these speakers. Plus they are visually appealing. Some reviews say they don’t have much base. I have to disagree; they are more than satisfying on the low end. Overall, great speakers for the price.

Dustin R September 12, 2020 Audiophile - 5 Years British Columbia, Canada

I bought these SX 6 bookshelf speakers for a bedroom setup and was immediately impressed. Right away I noticed more detail and clarity. I was looking at much more expensive speakers but thought I would take a chance on these and save some cash and I am glad I did. I own Kef Q 350s on another setup and I had to sell them after I compared them to the Fluance. The Kefs were suddenly a huge disappointment. If you pair them with a subwoofer they hold their own in my main setup. For the money they are 5 stars

Keith J September 11, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Washington, United States

These compact guys really pack a punch for their size and cost; clean and warm, they remind me of what used to be the sound of bigger high-end Kenwoods and Pioneers from the 70's cranking out folk rock. Especially broad and balanced with vinyl from my Fluance turntable (run through a very modest Sony amp), the complexities of work by MMJ and FFD are not missed at all from across the room.

cdcm1959CL August 7, 2020 Audiophile - 2 Years Florida, United States

Eng: For the Woofers' small size, the SX-6W sounds very good. Very good sound quality and very good response in the mid frequencies and clear highs, I have them in conjunction with a Bose 301-IV pair, connected to a vintage amplifier (1982) Harman Kardon HK750, the sound quality with CDs, Flacs, and HiRes music is excellent.....
Spa: Para el tamaño pequeño de los Woofers, las SX-6W se escuchan muy bien. Muy buena calidad de sonido y muy buena respuesta en las frecuencias medias y agudos nítidos, las tengo en conjunto con un par Bose 301-IV, conectadas a un amplificador vintage (1982) Harman Kardon HK750, la calidad del sonido con CDs, Flacs, y música HiRes es excelente.....

Gordon M. August 5, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Brunswick, Canada

I just began updating and replacing most of my stereo equipment. I wanted speakers that were not too large for my surroundings, but supplied good quality sound at a decent price point. I had my eye on the SX6W speakers, and purchased them immediately once I noticed the Fluance website had them on sale recently for 25% off. They do need to get through their 'break in' period to reach their full potential, but they are well worth that wait. They produce a full, rich sound that I am very pleased with, and I would highly recommend these.

Michael F. July 29, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

Replaced a set of 40+ y.o. bookshelf speakers, and the difference was striking in both clarity and efficiency. Very happy with my purchase, and will gladly recommend your products.

Roger H July 24, 2020 Novice Listener - 3 Years Alberta, Canada

They sound really good, if not, they exceeded my expectations for some good ol' speakers.

Lucas July 22, 2020 Advanced Listener - 12 Years British Columbia, Canada

These speakers sound phenomenal! They will require some burn in time, about 24 hours at least. The wood finish is beautiful while not looking dated in the slightest. I’d say they are the perfect size for any living room. They also sound great with movies! I just replaced my JBL sound bar after testing these with a variety of different films. They have a very warm tone to them with a great mid to high range. You cannot find a better sounding speaker in this price range if you tried. Do not hesitate and just buy these, you won’t be disappointed.

W. B July 3, 2020

It didn't take long to break these in and wow the sound is outstanding. I just have a cheap 50 watt tube amp and sound is outstanding. Listen to Tool Chocolate Chip Trip. The drums sound outstanding with these speakers. They sound like very expensive speakers.

JPB June 27, 2020

Not wanting to sound like a broken record, definitely not an audiophile, but I have had years of concert band experience. I bought these on Cyber Monday for $109. Just like all the hype says, the overall sound signature of these speakers for what you are paying for is ridiculous. They have more of a natural warm sound that are slightly on the bright side when you push them after breaking them in (and you will want to do that). Bass is good especially when you keep them within 18" of the wall. You can certainly find better speakers, but onlyafter the $200+ range. Buy them and try them out for a week and if you don't like them, send them back, but you most likely won't.

Jay G. June 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

After spending untold hours searching through online reviews and videos for bookshelf speakers, I came across the Fluance Elite series SX6W. All the reviews said these were great and that you wouldn't be disappointed. They were right! These little, big speakers produce a clear, clean sound even at high volume. They are perfect for my music room set up with 2 Technics 1200 turntables, bass guitar and sitar. The room is only 120 sq ft and the mids and highs fill the room. You'll want to get a subwoofer to go with these, as the low end is certainly not enough, but that is to be expected from bookshelf spekaers. The only downside is that they come with only one set of terminals. I would have liked to be able to bi-wire them. For most people that's a non issue, especially at this price point. All in all I am very happy with these and they look great. I was going to purchase from Amazon.ca but they were cheaper directly from Fluance with an instant discount. How can you go wrong with a lifetime warranty?

Amazon Customer June 7, 2020

I use these in my garage with a Yamaha R-S202 receiver. Awesome system for less than $300 total. These speakers sound GREAT. The Yamaha does not have a sub out feature and I have not missed having a subwoofer at all. If you don't mind inexpensive speakers, you will not regret buying these.

agent89 June 6, 2020

I am no audio expert, but I know good sound when I hear it. Bought these to replace a pair of infinity 250 small tower speakers that got damaged (grandkids) If these get better with some break in time then I will be really impressed. These sound better than the infinity speakers. Brighter, more bass, just a more complete sound. On 15 inch stands. Powering with Yamaha rx 377, and a small bookshelf yam sub. I have a pair of Yamaha ns-333 bookshelf in my basement, they cost $250. These fluance are every bit as good and maybe better, more bass. So without going on and on, I am a happy camper right now.

jake May 26, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Florida, United States

Exceeded expectations I had. I didn't know what I was going to get is I never heard of them and the cost seemed so low, but wow, these little speakers blow away the yamahas I had. I have been missing out on some great detail. I am so happy I have these. and the design is spectacular.

Meagan R May 21, 2020

Very nice and loud

Mark D. May 8, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Iowa, United States

I was looking for some slightly larger (in size) to replace my pair of Polk Audio T15 bookshelf speakers. I typically read reviews and look at products for several weeks, or even months, before buying. I kept seeing the SX6 bookshelfs consistently getting rock solid reviews and the price was phenomenal. I took a chance, and ordered them in white. I hooked them up to my vintage Pioneer SX 737 receiver, put them on stands, and threw on the Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” and was really blown away, to be honest. Highs are nice and clean and mids were really nice. The sound didn’t just meet in between the speakers, it carried through the room way more than I would ever expect. Fantastic speakers and quite likely way under priced.

Terry May 6, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Ontario, Canada

Upon receiving the speakers from the courier I was impressed with the way they were packed and shipped. Opening the box and taking the speakers out seeing the beautiful walnut finish I was already excited. After hooking them up to my Harmon Kardon AVR146 I was floored with the sound at a low volume. Crisp clear highs with a nice solid bottom end. Honestly the best pair of bookshelf speakers I have purchased. Really impressed with the overall construction/finish and sound. Great job Fluance!!

brad l April 21, 2020

I had just hooked up a set of UA 300 Series [ Ultra Acoustic ] floor Monitors that i have had forever. I was wanting to round out the top end with some great Speakers and i got that done with these Fluance speakers.These have a wonderful clear sound and a big sound. I also like that these are made solid just like speakers back in the day.These are Passive Speakers just like my Floor Monitors, you can either use RCA Banana Plugs or bare wire connected to a stereo Receiver.Great Speakers, Great Quality and Great Sound.Thanks.

Vick F April 6, 2020

You can tell from the reviews that the Fluance SX6 are nice speakers, but should you buy them?Here is my opinion of how the Fluance stacks up against some of the competition.The Fluance, once broke in, have pretty decent bass and fairly clear tweeters. The highs for me are just a little bright, especially with brass percussions like cymbals and high hats. When I listen to these I usually turn the bass up a notch and turn the treble down a notch to try to warm them up a bit.The BIC America DV62si: These speakers sound a lot like the Fluance except the highs are just a little more pleasant and with a 6-inch woofer it provides a deeper, more accurate bass. It's not stronger bass, just a little better sounding. It's also cheaper. At $118 the BIC's are a nice bit of savings over the Fluance. As with the Fluance, when I listen to these I like to turn the bass up a notch and turn the treble down a notch.The Micca RB42: Currently the Micca's are running the same price as the Fluance. The Micca's have a warmer tone and a more articulate woofer. It's a 4-inch woofer but it still sounds better. The tweeter is just as detailed, maybe even clearer, but not as bright, it's a nice sound. When I listen to these I have the Bass and Treble at the neutral position. The Micca's are small but they sound bigger than they are.Bonus update May 4, 2020:Jamo S 803: Since I wrote my review I have noticed that the price has come down on the Jamo S 803 to $148 or less so I wanted to add it to the list. The Jamo's are powerful and dynamic speakers. The bass is at least as powerful as the others and the tweeters are very clean and detailed. The highs need to be clean because they are bright, the clarity really helps make them easy to tolerate. These are not neutral or balanced speakers. The midrange is clear and present but it's a little bit softer. That's similar to how the loudness button works on your receiver. It's a good sound but you should know what you would be getting with these. Here are some quotes from a couple of audiophile reviews: "they Rock!"..."Huge Soundstage"..."deeply satisfying bass". I like the Jamo's a lot but I am sure they are not for everyone. Of this group, I prefer the Jamo's but I think the Micca's might be the better speakers with their more balanced and still powerful sound and they may be built a little better than the Jamo's. The Fluance and the BIC's both have a nice airy sound with good bass and acceptable highs. The Fluance might have a slightly tighter bass than the BIC's. I think the Micca's and the Jamo's have better highs and bass that is at least as good. The BIC's 6-inch woofer does have some small amount of depth though that the others don't have. It's subtle but with some music, it can be noticed.About build quality:Build quality is often just perception but some have complained about the Jamo's. I do know of two people who have had to return theirs for replacement. I haven't had any issues with mine. The Micca's have been said to be "built like tanks" but I had minor issues with mine, not worth fussing with. The point is, with any speaker, you should test them out when you get them. I had one pair of speakers that sounded fine until I played a song that exposed a fault. Amazon was quick to take care of me and the replacements work great. I now like to test my speakers when I get them with some youtube test videos.About speaker break-in:The Fluance taught me about speaker break-in. When I first got them I thought they were lousy, weak and muddy bass. After a few hours, they basically fixed themselves and now they are strong and tight. It's the kind of thing you know has happened, the difference is too obvious to be personal perception. I have since had similar experiences with at least 2 other speakers.

Will March 15, 2020

Originally went with the Micca RB42's but one arrived dead so I returned them and went with these. Thankfully my desk is big enough to fit them. They're my first real speakers and they sound great. I got a topping PA3 to power them and they can get really loud.

Teresa T March 3, 2020

Very "bright" until burn in completed. As expected, would benifits from a sub. Standard finish from price point, not a negative. Purchased used "very good", received in as new condition, no flaws. These sound exceptional for their driver size and rating and for the price I paid I'm extremely satisfied.

Tai March 2, 2020 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Ontario, Canada

Beautiful finish and great sound

Ramil C February 26, 2020

These speakers did not disappoint, they sound great to me. Well worth the money.

Billy February 20, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

I am so impressed with the sound from these speakers that I had to buy a second pair!!!!!! Fantastic sounding speakers!!!!!!!!

Jacob C February 12, 2020

These sound amazing. I can detect small nuances in songs that are typically only audible on headphones. Would definitely recommend.

Ann W January 27, 2020

I had been doing research on what speakers to get for months and I finally settled on these after watching some YouTube videos and reading the reviews. I absolutely love these speakers and I'm honestly really impressed with how good they sound. I was expecting them to be lacking in some way since they are on the lower end side of good quality speakers but they sound amazing. Definitely bigger than most other speakers so make sure you have room and/or the right size speaker stands. Really easy to hook up and they look great. If you're looking for a nice pair of speakers that won't break the bank I would highly recommend these.

Edward January 22, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Massachusetts, United States

Was looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers to anchor a budget system for our bedroom where the main source for the audio is our PC - both saved and streaming files. After having listened to many different genres of music through them for about a month now, I am extremely impressed by the overall sound of these speakers when paired with a DAC and hybrid tube amp. For the money, bought them on sale for $110 USD, I challenge anyone to find a better sounding pair of speakers. I am grateful for Fluance's attention to those of us who are budget minded yet still want excellent sound reproduction. Bravo! I wholeheartedly recommend these speakers. Buy them. You will not be disappointed.

Brett J January 13, 2020

Sound is Great! And they look beautiful next to rt81 turntable with the same high gloss walnut finish

Albert D January 9, 2020

Amazing product for the money,makes me happy watching movie and listen to music,perfect bookshelf speaker for a condo apartment rooms.Further more,satisfying experience and lightning fast shipping.Recommended AAA

Benjamin S January 7, 2020

These are great speakers. I am using a small OSD Amp to power these. They have a great full sound and full my small bedroom perfectly. I wouldn't use them as the main house speakers, but for my own purposes, they are perfect.

JR G January 6, 2020

About sound: I think they are meant to be used with stand alone sub woofer but they can still be used by themselves. Personally I use them by themselves with the eq settings from NO audiophile website. These settings really flattens the response, you will notice a great punchy base and clean high and mids. I bought a pair some years ago when I used to live PR. Somehow these speakers survive hurricane Maria, right next to a window from which water came through, and still look new. I definitely recommend them.

Ritchie T January 6, 2020

Crystal clear sound ! A perfect match to my old AV Denon

Jim December 31, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

Well worth the money.
I use them in my large basement office in stereo for music. They are connected to a JVC RX-8030vbk receiver (130W RMS).
Exceptional imaging. Live recordings sound live. Good sensitivity.

Z Review follower. Zeos is spot on.

Joel B December 26, 2019 Novice Listener Washington, United States

I've had the pleasure of enjoying these speakers over the last couple of weeks and I have to say they have gone far and beyond my expectations for the level of clarity I was looking for at an every level price. I was originally looking into the Pioneer bS-22's, but I happened across Z Reviews Fluance SX6 review videos. They are everything he said they were........ Until the tweeters died on me. I was listening to some hi res jazz on YouTube at -14.8 dbs and the next day the both tweeters were buzzing at that certain hi frequency that cymbals play at. Kind of disappointed by the fact Z Review was playing at twice the level I was and had no issues. I'll have to send them back in exchange for another pair and try to live without them for a couple of weeks. Sad day.

Jonathan H December 25, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years British Columbia, Canada

These speakers punch far above their weight in every way. Crisp highs, full mids and surprisingly good lows. The price is amazing for what you get!

John M. December 17, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Oklahoma, United States

I didn't expect much when I purchased these speakers. I have been disappointed many times in the past, but these speakers definitely did not disappoint. Excellent bang for the buck. Build quality is good. Plenty of bass and the highs are not harsh.

Marc B. December 17, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Quebec, Canada

Very fast delevery and good quality speaker!

Brent December 12, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Saskatchewan, Canada

I have been looking for a small bookshelf speaker to replace some aging custom built units. These fit the bill perfectly--almost. They were the right size, colour, specifications for use in our small listening room. The only hesitation was the efficiency.
When they arrived they were well packaged and survived the nearly two weeks in Canada Post's hands.
The real test was the first record--Kenny Loggins Live in the Redwoods with that wonderful acoustic bass highlighting Celebrate me Home. While they didn't fill the room with that robust sound, they did an incredible job considering their size. On to Led Zepplin Celebration Day and Black Dog. Nice staging, everything that needed to be there--was there in spades. Not boomy, not harsh as this piece can get--but complete.
Finally Harry Belafonte Live at Carnegie Hall, the final song Matilda. There is an amazing decay as the audience joins the singer in the chorus and these speakers allowed for the movement of Belafonte on the stage and the audience joining in.
I have already recommended these speakers to a friend because of the accuracy and the value for the dollar. Now about that turntable....

Kathy S. November 7, 2019 Audiophile - 20+ Years Iowa, United States

Super clean sound- great highs and lows. You won't be disappointment.

Lesme A September 22, 2019

what you get for the price is a pair of a very great speakers , crispy sound , good bass response , great manufacturing.Give them a try , yoou won't be disspointed.

Scott September 13, 2019

I've got these set up at my desktop computer. I'm not audiophile, but they sound great to me. At about 2' apart, the audio seems to be flowing right from the middle of my screen. Like magic!

Tim M September 12, 2019

I have these speakers in the family room connected to a Sony 100 amp receiver. 1/2 way up will blast you out. Great value for the price. I would buy these again.

Amazon Customer September 11, 2019

The speakers were professionally packed for shipping and were undamaged, After a 'warm up' period I played Schubert's Unfinished Symphony and as a balance Ella Fitzgerald 'The way you look tonight'. The sound quality was superb, comparable to speakers twice the price.

John I Hester August 30, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

5th purchase Love every model

Maul August 28, 2019

Very annoying, Fluance.

Bill S. August 3, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I am very, very pleased with these speakers. As other reviewers have said, for the price they are an amazing deal. For "box" speakers they are relatively attractive - fit and finish was perfect. They have an amazing sound and the bass output is surprisingly good . Great speakers - good price - free delivery - 30 day in-home trial - lifetime warranty - proudly displays the Canadian flag - I couldn't ask for more! These speakers were the third purchase I've made from Fluance - but I'm sure they won't be the last.

richard s July 19, 2019

For the money, if you love music, just go get them. Put my Waferdales in my office. Not a typo..... For the money, can't be beat.

Chris, M July 16, 2019 Advanced Listener - 10 Years Ontario, Canada

Very nice quality sound -- nice highs, mids and decent lows. Great value for the cash. Very pleased with my purchase.

Shon July 13, 2019

My friend is happy with them so I'm giving them 5 stars.

sarah July 8, 2019

loved it

Claude W June 23, 2019

Great sound coming from book shelf speakers. I would purchase from Fluance again! Product provides reasonable bass, mid and treble range for its size.

Mike Casselman June 14, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Impressed with the clarity and bass after burn in. I use as computer speakers powered by a topping mx3 amp. I went with white for the home decor (wife approved). Shipping was fast and the packaging was over the top excellent. Lifetime warranty, I will buy again.

Colin, L June 7, 2019 Novice Listener - 5 Years Quebec, Canada

Pretty impressive for the price
After reading the reviews despit the fact that alot of people find the highs a little harsh. I love horns and at first, it was pretty harsh to hear the highs. A few breaking in hours of listening, things have settle to a very acceptable point. Considering the price, you can't hardly ask for a better deal!

Timotyhy T June 5, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Missouri, United States

I had these Focal speaker stands (they're French) and the speakers I had on them weren't getting along. So I watched the Z Review on YouTube and was willing to give the French Canadian Fluance speakers an audition. The two are getting alone great together and they are making sweet sweet music. So here I am stuck in the middle of an international peace accord enjoying the view. Just perfect. Thank you.

Rock B. June 5, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Very attractive, good construction, good sounds, good price,

John A June 5, 2019 Advanced Listener - 4 Years Illinois, United States

Great sound. I want to buy some for my tv.

Jay M June 1, 2019 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Washington, United States

Very pleased with construction, finish, and the sound is excellent. I rarely write reviews and the vast majority of what I see is complete s**t.
Thank you

Timothy May 25, 2019 Novice Listener - 1 Year Missouri, United States

I'm just getting started on my system, and I'm auditioning upward one step at a time. I think my previous Edefier powered speakers were not getting the necessary connection and the sound suffered. I instantly enjoyed better selections that were muted with the previous setup.

John A May 20, 2019

These speakers sound so good !!! We hooked then up to our Yamaha receiver and the clarity of the sound is awesome. We use them for watching TV and listening to our old record collection and the sound really is awesome !!!

David P May 2, 2019

These are the best book shelf speakers on Amazon. The highs , mid range and bass are reproduced with a warm tube like sound. I am 66 and I know what that sounds like. The speakers bass is smooth and has depth and at medium levels you can feel it like a soft touch from a lovely womans hand. WOW. With the right reciever or amp they are orgasmic.

Amazon Customer May 2, 2019

I received a pair of SX6W speakers as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. The sound quality is incredible out of the box, and after the typical bookshelf break-in period the quality got even better. I recommend Fluance speakers to all my friends now.

Dan M. May 1, 2019 Advanced Listener - 18 Years Ohio, United States

This purchase is a no-brainer. Best speakers you can buy in the price range.

Jaye T. April 19, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

I had a chance to listen to some Pioneer SB22 for a week before placing an order for the SX-6.I can tell you that the SX-6 right out of the box has superior sound quality over the Pioneer.Better on all frequency levels ,plus a Lifetime warranty.This is a no brainer.I know everyone’s situation is unique ,but these are some bad-ass bookshelf speakers for $20 more.Great job Fluance

zyhang March 20, 2019


jallen March 12, 2019

Bought these to include in 5.1 set up. The speakers are very nice looking and sound good. Bass is very good. A good value!

Gary S. March 11, 2019 Novice Listener - 20+ Years Indiana, United States

I bought these as the main speakers for an old all in one stereo system from 1968 called The Fisher 125. I had the stereo system itself electronically restored and these speakers sound fantastic with it. I mounted them on a pair of tripods as they do have rear ports so mounting them in a bookshelf didn't make much sense.

R. S March 6, 2019

Greetings,I recently purchased a Nobsound 6P1, 6.8w amplifier and quickly realized that my old Optimus bookshelf speakers just didn't cut it; sounding rather small, flat, and past their prime. My new Class A tube amp deserved better. BTW as an aside, this impressive little amplifier is my return to tubes after more than thirty-years and I am deliriously happily with it!After researching several competitors for a few months, I decided to go with my initial gut feeling for the Fluance SX6W Elite Series, High Definition, two-way bookshelf speakers. Listening to YouTube demos were instrumental in finalizing my decision. While a YouTube mp4 certainly does not offer perfect fidelity, they were good enough to quickly shoot down the competing Logitech X-230, Micca MB42X, Polk Audio OWM3 and Pioneer SP-BS22LR in 'side-by-side' audio tests.The efficiency, or sensitivity, of the Fluance SX6W is an impressive 92dB (even higher than their printed spec sheets), with a power handling of 30W - 100W. And a frequency response of 50hz - 20,000hz. Fluance is confident enough to print individual frequency response charts for their line of speakers. These speakers have a remarkably flat frequency response across the spectrum. No one else does this or reveal sensitivity specs. (The higher the sensitivity, the less wattage needed to drive them.) Fluance also has a lifetime warranty with a 30-day return policy. You just can't lose to try 'em!I am driving these speakers with a Class A 'flea watt' amp of just 6.8 watts and they handily fill my 10x14 foot computer/den with more sound than I can ever use. According to the math, 92dB sensitivity gives me a 100.3dB sound level with 1 watt at a distance of 1 meter. This is precisely why Fluance was my first choice for speakers with my amp..As my recently purchased equipment (the Fluance speakers and Nobsound 6P1 tube amplifier) break-in; the presence, sound stage, treble clarity and surprisingly strong bass response has become remarkable. In fact, some music has startled me with what I can only describe as sub-sonic bass in some passages. Indeed, a frequency sweep test showed the woofers come to life at 24hz. The Fluance does not really need a sub woofer if being used as front mains in a hi-fi setting in a moderate or small room.Be advised, good speaker placement is everything! I have the speakers at ear level as I sit at my computer desk. Each reside in flanking bookcases with a stereo separation of 7 feet. They are sitting at the front edge of the shelves such that the rear tuned port is 4-inches from the back wall of the bookcase. The distinctive design of the speaker's base acts as a front port slot for the added bass coming from each rear tuned port. Stereo quality across the sound stage is precise whether the speakers are facing straight or toed in, due to their carefully designed 'high-dispersion', short throat waveguides. Waveguides, BTW, are usually found on high-end tweeters due to their expense and proper design as an effective omni-directional radiator for a particular dome tweeter to which it is coupled.The Fluance SX6W are simply superb sounding speakers, and getting better every day as they break in. To say I am delighted with my Fluance SX6W bookshelf speakers, to be sure, is an understatement. They are outstanding.One YouTube reviewer, 'Z', affectionately compared the Fluance SX6 to his former Emotiva speakers. The Emotiva XRM6.1's beat these (barely), but they were $300 for a pair and BIGGER?! So if you have ever experienced the old Emotiva XRM6.1 bookshelf speakers, you will have your benchmark at more than twice the price!BTW, my Nobsound 6P1 amp, Senucn-Audio Tube T-1 pre-amp, and Fluance SX6W speakers are all Amazon purchases.What an outstanding little hi-fi setup for my computer/den. There is much to recommend these speakers. They look distinctive, expensive and sound great.Steve Franks

Andrew February 28, 2019

Great bookshelves and they happened to match my desk perfectly. Powering them with a small SMSL amplifier and it does the job very well. They sound amazing as well. They look great and most importantly they sound great too. Overall I'd give them 4 stars because they seem to lack a little on the lower end with bass. Being such big cabinets I thought they would pack a little more bass. I guess that gives me an excuse to buy the matching sub :)

TE February 18, 2019

I am admittedly not an audiophile, as my budget prevents it, but I have been pleased with these speakers. I bought them from Amazon in October 2013, and they have held up well and suit my needs perfectly. I use them with a now-discontinued Sherwood RX-4105 receiver and a now-discontinued Sony PS-LX250H turntable. They are especially attractive without the mesh cover.

SandyFans February 13, 2019

Wow. Beautifully made. Durable. Sound quality is excellent. Audio hardware top notch.

Corby February 5, 2019

Great price and fast shipping.. The Soundstage on these bad boys is incredible for the price.. Had to lower the gain on my subwoofer. Thanks!

william February 4, 2019 Advanced Listener - 8 Years Florida, United States

The highs are a bit harsh but i would definitely buy these again if they were stolen! just have to dial the treble back a bit on your amp. Dont see a need for a subwoofer either they bump!

Bryant, A February 3, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

Ordered these after reading many good reviews and I can say these speakers are a great buy with a quality build, look and performance.

A. A February 3, 2019

I'm not an audio expert, but these sound great to me. I love them. Such an upgrade from the 90s Sony tower speakers I had before

Bryant, A January 31, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

I bought the RT81 turntable and 2 of the SX6W bookshelf speakers after doing some research and asking a few questions to Fluance sales staff who were prompt and very helpful. The shipment was received the next day after ordering online, with no issues at all. Excellent customer service and great product from a Canadian company. I expect to be doing more business in the future.

Lennon G. January 30, 2019 Intermediate Listener - 15 Years Saskatchewan, Canada

I picked up my dad's 70s turntable, reciever, and tuner, but the 70s speakers needed replacing.. Got the sx6's and after burning them in for a day, they sound amazing! The walnut finish goes great with the rest of the vintage setup as well! There WILL be more speakers from fluance in my house in the future!

Nicholas J January 27, 2019

I got these speakers to use with my new U-Turn Orbit turntable and Onkyo receiver. They sounds much better than my Echo speaker, even when just streaming NPR through the connected Echo Dot. I am no audiophile, but I can tell the sounds is quality and warm, if just a little lacking on the very low end due to the 5' woofer as constrained by the bookshelf footprint of the speaker. I sat them on these speaker stands ( https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B008O4CSPE/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and I think they look great together! I would recommend.

Benjamin B January 5, 2019

As I listen to them now, I feel that it is really necessary to write this review. I am very snooty about audio equipment. These speakers are better than I expected by 200%.

JKK December 30, 2018

So I have some distinct taste of music and love hearing what I want to hear. For years I have used some old Sony system and after that I got myself some Edifiers and updated to Edifier r1280t with a sub and after that... Well quite obviously ended up with these awesome speakers. I cannot really explain how satisfied I am with these and how much I enjoy listening to any genre. I guess the simplest way to put it is; I have a huge smile on my face that I cant hide, every single freaking time I listen to something! I am using them with a nice little Micca Amp and I also bought a 12 inch Dayton Sub, which I am not even using because I hooked it up but NEVER even needed it. It's just spectacular. Dont even spend any time thinking, just buy em.

luciano k November 19, 2018

My movie theater in my house.

Joseph A October 30, 2018

Nice look and sound. Great speakers for gaming.

Harry L October 27, 2018

Before purchasing these speakers paired with my YaQin MC-84L tube amp, I spent some time at a local high end audiophile boutique store. The sales rep paired a Line Magnetic tube amp with a dynaudio book shelf speakers, it sounded amazing, but with a price tag including a bluesound node2 came out to about $3600. I decided to do some more research as my budget for a starter system was $1000 & under. Again I’m no audiophile expert, But essentially after putting this speakers to work, I really can’t tell the difference between this and the $3600 set up. Simply put, it sounds like you’re in the studio with them, every detail of the songs stand out clear and distinct. Great speakers that should be selling for much more then it’s price tag suggest.

ron w October 9, 2018 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

i love the sx6 even better then my tower speakers they just sound better nice touch with the canadian flag on the back keep up the good work fluance

Alain L. September 27, 2018 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

To Sean from the Fluance customer service,
here is my review:

These speakers have a very nice sound for the price tag.
They are a little bit on the bright side for the "high" but it's
easily corrected with my software equalizer. To my taste,
they don't have enough bass but again it's easily corrected
if I place them near a wall (4 inch from the rear port)
They will probably improve once the break-in period
is completed. Overall, these are fantastic speakers and
I highly recommend them.

Lisette G. September 12, 2018 Audiophile - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada


Albert H September 7, 2018

Sounds incredible!

Jamie V August 27, 2018

I was in need of decent bookshelf speakers for the bedroom to listen to music on and didn't feel like breaking the bank. Nice and sturdy construction. Nice highs and good bass despite what some people say, there is plenty of it for a small to medium sized room. Follow the manufacture's instruction and break these speakers in for at least 10 hours, it made a big difference.Not the biggest fan of how the speakers look without the grill, a magnetic cover instead of pins holding them in place would have looked a lot nicer. Also removed the hideous base that I feel makes no different in the sound. It does leave small holes on the bottom of the speaker cabinet but can't be seen when they are laying flat. I may replace the speaker feet with nicer ones to see if it make any difference or not. Sounds much better than some of the Sony's, Pioneer's and Polk's in a similar price range. These get really loud with an RCA 100 watts per channel amp I use with them and are really easy to drive at 8 ohms.

Amazon Customer August 23, 2018

Before I bought these speakers, I had my logitech x530's hooked up but would find myself usually on my dt 770's powered by the micca origen+ preamp. When I listened to these for the first time I was just amazed. Everything felt open and I was immersed. It felt like like I had a center even though It was just stereo 2.0. I haven't been able to watch a single movie on the dt 770's and I've even started playing games without the headphones. When I switch back to headphones I just feel the clamping on the ears and the sound seems too condensed and less immersive. I love my dt 770s no doubt and they have served me well but I will be using them more sparingly now.

SalsaFrenzy August 11, 2018

Using these on my desktop as computer speakers, running 80watts through each side. Fantastic sound and much much better than the little Micca MB42s which sound flat and boring in comparison.

John p August 2, 2018

Bought these after a good month or so of research and finally took the dive after watching the zeos review of them. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I enjoy quality sound and these fit the bill for just over $100; which I feel is a popular budget for a lot of people looking to get decent speakers. My previous speakers were the Klipsch r-14m and these blow them out of the water as far as clarity and bass response, so much so that after hearing them side by side I thought maybe the tweeters on my Klipsch were blown.Pros - Relatively cheap, great aesthetic, impressive size with impressive bass*, excellent clarity, fantastic build quality.Cons - Some people don't like the look of the base, big size, went on sale for 90 dollars after I had just bought them for 140 >:(Side notes* - these speakers DO need to be broken in, the bass from them out of the box is pretty lackluster but after about a week of playing them they should loosen up a bit. In my opinion they still benefit from a dedicated sub woofer but I'm a bit of a bass head.Overall I'm glad I went with these speakers over some of the other options around this price range, I have no regrets buying them but I do wish I could have caught them on sale. I now have my eye on the signature series, just don't tell my wallet...

Lauren & Hanna July 27, 2018 California, United States

I really wanted to love the SX6, and I do...but I don't. After the 10-hour break-in period, the woofer really starts to shine and I was able to go without my subwoofer and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The problem lies with the tweeter; I'm not sure if it's my ears or something in my setup, but the highs were unbearably harsh and extremely fatiguing. I had to find a DSP that a reviewer created to dial the highs down to reasonable levels. I love the potential the SX6 has, but it's execution, at least for me, was far from ideal.

tim b July 14, 2018

These are very crisp sounding speakers!
I love them! - Verified Store

dmitri July 1, 2018

Well-made product good sound quality. - Verified Store

Colin S June 5, 2018

I looked at reviews and YouTube review/videos before purchasing these and they exceeded my expectations. Most speakers have a break-in period but these sounded great from the get go. Great sound from a small size and look great too! - Verified Store

Benjamin May 16, 2018

Great sound and great look. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer May 15, 2018

I use this as a critical listening desktop speaker. What I like about the SX6 is how balanced the sound is. not too bassy or too colored in it's reproduction but they are not dull either. I have these connected to an old Technics SGX330 Class A-B 100 watts per channel. Far more output I need for my desktop but so far I've yet to find the limit on these.
I'm the technical director for an FM radio station and I'm delighted to score such a decent set of speakers for an incredible price! I would consider using them in studios only because of their neutral sound. I have a lot of sources of audio I can choose from sitting at my desk here in the office and I pleasantly surprised by how good these speakers are.
Top that off with the fact that the SX's are well built with binding post connections and quality materials making for good looking speakers. If you have a roomy desktop or need two speakers for a single room sound system or are looking for a set of surround for your home theatre setup these will do you well. - Verified Store

Brandon C May 13, 2018

The sound quality of these are pretty damn good. I got these to replace my logitech z625 system and after watching a few z review videos i knew these were the speakers to get for this price. I added a subwoofer later on and im super happy with these - Verified Store

DAVEL May 12, 2018

Hey everyone. Bought these back in January. These are wonderful speakers for the price. Great sound. Run sound from my computer to a Schitt Fulla 2 DAC. That runs to my old Pioneer VSX-4400 receiver. Run that to my PSW 10 Polk sub woofer which runs to the Fluance speakers. Have this paired with Pioneer SP-FS52 tower speakers. This combination works quite well for me. All at a great price range. If you want to spend a little less money just run the sub woofer with the Fluance speakers. You should be happy. The sub was $89. The Fluance speakers were $129 when I got them. You wont need a DAC if your NOT running sound from a computer. - Verified Store

Gern B May 1, 2018

WOW! What a great little set of thumpers! I am amazed with the quality of sound that these speakers produce. I own high-end Polk Audio and Bose speakers. Trust me for the money these little bookshelf speakers are a great deal with sweet clear highs and solid and deep lows. - Verified Store

Robert S April 11, 2018

I'm working on two albums in my studio. I bought 4 of these devils and for a reference set-up for playback after mixing they can't be beat .. - Verified Store

Stephen A March 8, 2018

Great speaker for the money. Hook up a subwoofer and these sound even better. - Verified Store

RWill55904 February 27, 2018

Start this off like so many others.... I am by NO means an 'audiophile'. But I have very good ears.. I am able to hear the low point of a dog whistle.. Whispering around me is useless :).. So I have to say these speakers at the price point are a steal!!! Hands down.. I must admit like other reviews this speakers are a bit 'lacking' when right out the box. But once you put it through its 'burn in' process of roughly 8-10 hours these speakers truly sing! Very accurate with bass that's noticeable but not overwhelming or exaggerated. Crystal clear highs and accurate midrange no fatigue listening is what these speakers are made for... PLEASE NOTE. Adequate POWER makes all the difference with these speakers.. I have them hooked up to a circa 1977 Kenwood KA-5700 (55 watts per channel (true). And this thing make me want to cry when spilling out some Marvin Gaye 'Mercy Me'... GET THEM... YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED - Verified Store

Savik February 19, 2018

Review for Fluance SX6-BK High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers-Black Ash

- Clear highs moderate bass
- Great value for the price
- Near-field sound stage is decent

In need of new desktop speakers for a computer I considered various powered and passive speaker sets. After dusting off an old 5.1 Technics receiver I decided to look for decent speakers in the sub-$200 range. While less popular than some other speakers the Fluance SX6 received good reviews from a number of semi-professional reviewers. After watching a YouTube channel that reviewed various speakers using high-end microphones to record speaker dynamics I decided I would give the SX6 a try.

Sound Quality
Having used the speakers for about two weeks I definitely agree with reviews that praise the SX6's performance-to-price ratio. The speakers have clear highs and mid-range frequencies. For low frequencies users who do not need booming or punchy bass the speakers should suffice although this is a highly personal preference. Please note that these speakers are rear-ported and your bass response may vary depending on speaker placement.

Build Quality
Speaker construction is solid but unremarkable.

Packaging was more than sufficient with multiple layers of styrofoam and cardboard. The speakers arrived in pristine condition. - Verified Store

Tina M February 19, 2018

They sound just as good as my VModa M100 and Sennheiser HD598SE maybe even better. They are a must buy if you are fairly new to audio and you know that a few pennies for the decent stuff is worth your time you will not be disappointed. - Verified Store

Chewy February 5, 2018

Had these for over a year now and am still very happy with them. I've used them as desktop speakers (with a small desktop amp SMSL SA-160) and with my TV/receiver and they've sounded great in both scenarios. Had zero issues with build quality and finish; would definitely recommend as a relatively inexpensive set of speakers - Verified Store

Mandy January 31, 2018

Highly impressed with the fit and finish on these speakers really seems like the quality is high for such a well priced set. After giving them 10 hours of use to get maximum performance the sound is outstanding with highs being clear and precise vocals are true to life. The mids and bass are also present with no signs of distortion or muddyness. Would recommed you pair these with a great subwoofer to help get a bit more punch out of the lows. Deffinately worth ever penny spent.
If you’re on the fence about these bookshelf speakers don’t dely pick some up and im sure you will see they are the best sounding and value for the money! - Verified Store

Tina January 28, 2018

Very good - Verified Store

Susan January 27, 2018

They were a perfect finish too our surround sound system. - Verified Store

Kenneth A January 24, 2018

At first I was a bit intimidated by the size which surprised me and that's only since I was just looking to add two more (smaller) speakers to complete a 7.1 setup. I wasn't sure if they would match timbre with the speakers I already had in the system. But they work and work well. Excellent craftsmanship and excellent sound Maybe sometime down the road I'm thinking of purchasing the entire Fluance 5.1 system and with these two already in play I'll have an perfectly upgraded surround system. - Verified Store

Ken October 20, 2017 California, United States

Great sound, dispersion, quality, looks.
Makes vinyl come alive
One of the best under $ 200 speakers

JON K September 25, 2017

after u break these speakers in a solid 50 hrs they really do come alive great sound for 129 bucks - Verified Store

michael r September 16, 2017

great speakers ,and a great value. - Verified Store

CB September 1, 2017

These are best used near field in a smaller listening area. Currently I have them sitting about 6 feet apart and about 10 feet from my listening spot and running off my 30 year old Luxman receiver and Sony CD player. The sound is really, REALLY good: warm, detailed, not fatiguing at all. I've heard (and owned) much more expensive speakers that didn't sound any better (and in some cases sounded way worse) than these. I'm not a bass head by any stretch of the imagination so the bass response from these suits me fine, but those who like lots of bottom end will need a sub for sure. In these days of cheap Chinese made crap it's nice to see a product that beats the odds and comes off as a success. I was frankly quite amazed!

Marybeth B August 31, 2017

great sound! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer August 29, 2017

Upon arrival the first thing I noticed was how BIG the box was almost as big as the box my subwoofer came at and it was triple boxed 2 fluance boxes plus the amazon box. Thank you amazon! These are big so make sure you have enough space before buying, build quality is great vinyl looks great and upon inspection I saw no flaw in the cabinet and/or vinyl. First time you listen to them they will be harsh really harsh with crappy mids and NO BASS at all.... Do not worry let them burn in for at least a week and this speakers get life. After burn in the sound is AMAZING highs are so clear not harsh, at all mids are great as well the vocals sound superb and the bass is REALLY GOOD you don't really need a sub with these cause they have plenty all the way down to 50hz you can literally feel the bass they also get pretty loud I haven't cranked my amp all the way up (or I would suffer hearing damage) but I turned it halfway and they get ridiculously loud with no distortion at all.I am very satisfied by these speakers and I would definitely recommend them - Verified Store

Alex S August 29, 2017

Looks good, sound even better! Wasn't expecting as good as bass that comes out of these little guys. Highly recommend. - Verified Store

Richard R August 20, 2017

Great speakers, using it as Home Theater speakers. Nice high sounds. - Verified Store

Gold F August 5, 2017

I am using this on a desktop set up with my computer and it works out well. Rear ported, and large, so you'll want to make sure you have enough space for them. Bought these because they have enough bass without needing a sub. I can imagine these would work well on a TV setup as 2.0 config. Way better than Bose 2.0 speakers for similar or more money. - Verified Store

Chris karpierz August 1, 2017

Pieces of junk . first set I received the magnet separated from the tweeter the second set that I have now one speaker is way out of phase and worthless

HAN K August 1, 2017

Simply the best speaker under $150. (Yes, in my and many of my friends' opinion)Sound is so clear as studio monitor.It handles loud sound easy and clear.Build quality is outstanding. - Verified Store

V. C July 27, 2017

I was trying to find the best speakers for the money for my Monoprice 25watt tube amp and these were chosen based on other good reviews and because I wanted the dark natural walnut color to keep the retro/classy theme of the hybrid tube amp. I couldn't be happier I broke them in on my sony DN1040 receiver and they were great out of the box but have 'warmed up' after about 20 straight hours of mixed music playing through them. For a room stereo they have plenty of tight musical bass when sat 6' from the wall through my 2 channel 25watt tube amp..when I auditioned them for my home theater they performed almost as good as my Polk Monitor 50 towers! For any surround or home theater you will need a sub but if your strictly using them for a musical production like i am they have plenty of Bass and amazing clarity (and no i didn't use any equalizer or dsp correction). I tried them with everything from Beethoven to Gary Clark Jr to Three 6 Mafia and they didn't break a sweat. Best $100 I've spent in awhile! - Verified Store

Jeff S July 25, 2017

I purchased a set of the SX6 in walnut and was pleased with the look and overall performance. I'm running them with an SMSL AD18 and a Dayton Sub1000, and this setup has blown me and my expectations away. Great sounding speaker right out of the box, in my case. At the $100 price point, they can't be beat. I prefer this setup than my pair of Elac B6 by themselves. The clarity and soundstage are almost unbelievable that this sound is coming from a 5' driver and an awesome 1' tweeter. Buy them, and if you aren't satisfied, send them back, Fluance stands behind them, but I doubt you'll need to do that. - Verified Store

Andrew H July 21, 2017

Amazing speakers for the price. The quality is unbelievable. Listening to Jack Johnson, for example, you can hear his fingers sliding up and down the strings and it sounds like he's playing a song in person, right there in front of you. I highly doubt you'll find a better pair of bookshelf speakers for the $100 price tag (what I grabbed them for).I only have one tip for anyone planning to buy these: I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you buy a sub to go with these if you don't have one already. For the $100 price tag, you're mainly paying for the crispness of the highs and mediums, whereas the lower frequencies seem to lack a bit. You don't need a $300 sub by any means; I pulled out my old PSW10 to listen to music with these (while I wait for my BIC America F12 to come in the mail), and I can safely say that a Polk PSW10 will do you just fine and will totally fill the gap. You can find one for $70-80 if you look around. Since I already had a sub to use with these, the need for a sub doesn't affect my rating of 5 stars!Overall, OUTSTANDING speakers for the price. With the $100 price tag, you're paying for the amazing clarity in the highs and mediums, and not really for the depth of the lows. But again, attaching any entry-level sub should fix this! So consider the need for a sub if you are thinking of buying these. Sub + these speakers = blew me away. Amazing purchase! - Verified Store

Amazon Customer July 16, 2017

Works great and good price.A bit overkill for a small apartment unfortunately. - Verified Store

ric July 15, 2017

I am pleasantly surprised with these speakers. Didn't really expect too much giving the price point but i'll tell ya I was wrong in thinking that. These are a tremendous value! To the other high end speaker manufactures ( under $500 range )..... how do you say....Je te verrai plus tard.

Jack W July 14, 2017

Fantastic. Fluance has done an incredible job packing crisp highs, clear mids, and punchy bass into a VERY affordable pair of speakers. Would reccomend this pair to anyone looking for the best bang for your buck introduction to the world of HiFi. Pair these with a decent sub and you'll have fantastic system. - Verified Store

High F June 28, 2017

I can't say enough about these and I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. For the money the Imaging is there the smooth sounding Tweeter is there the extended base is there. You really don't need a sub with these but of course one is always nice. This is the best dollar-for-dollar speaker purchase I've ever made from a manufacturer Speaker Company - Verified Store

Amazon Customer June 24, 2017

Get these. Mine just came. At first they were hissy with no bass. I didn't sweat it because I knew they had to be broken in. Then I did the 5 hour thing and just played lp's (it's why I got them) at a low to moderate volume and they gradually started to come around. After about 7 hours of playing they just broke through. Hint: To really see what they can do play something symphonic or Broadway/Movie sountracks on them. With that kind of music you get full dynamic range and every instrument under the sun. The real test is violins and cellos. On cheap stuff, especially cellos will swell and just sort of crackle and hit the wall and fall apart. Not here. I was stunned. Hint #2. [email protected] this subwoofer crap and get a preamp instead. Not the one built into your turntable. That just allows you to plug into a receiver and hear it. The soundstage is fantiasic and positioning them about a 18' away from a wall will let that bass port breathe. I've got no agenda here with Z Reviews or Fluance. I'd never even heard of Fluance speakers before this. They are also very well built by the way - Verified Store

Ian H May 31, 2017

great value - Verified Store

Dmytro V May 30, 2017

I wish Fluance never discontinues this model.
Fantastic performance on all frequencies. People complaining for lacking bass: let the speakers break in and correctly position them, you'll see the difference!

Dominic May 16, 2017

Not even after 20 hours of burning in, no increase in bass AT ALL. What a load of horsecrap. - Verified Store

digestmist May 16, 2017

These things sound really great and aren't expensive at all. Was really surprised by the clarity and balance. - Verified Store

NoName May 12, 2017

Out of the box these speakers sounds fantastic. A nice balance of low mids and highs. I am shocked that they actually sound this good. You do not need to spend a lot of money on speakers...I am an audio engineer my entire life..these speakers would work well in both a recording studio or your den..they are that good. Very pleased and considering picking up a second pair for my studio. - Verified Store

Robin P April 4, 2017

We had an older sound system and were struggling to get new speakers for it. These speakers are perfect, sound is great, easy to connect, etc. - Verified Store

Carlos J April 1, 2017

Very clean sounding and look beautiful. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer March 26, 2017

I love these speakers they are great. They are a part of a system I put togeather and baby, they will blow your ears off with a clean sound. I had to give them a 4 because they could have done a better job of covering the screw holes on the bottom.Maybe I'm too picky but with a great speaker all the bases are covered. - Verified Store

Tito R March 26, 2017

These are without question the best budget speakers that I have ever purchased. Since sound is subjective to your hearing and taste, I won't waste your time with a long and boring review. My only recommendation is that you break them in. I left them on for a few days and they just became better and better. My music range is broad, I've played Rock, Heavy Metal, Salsa, Reggae, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Classical and everything in between. I use them on my desktop and bring them out to the patio when it's warm. I haven't paired the with a sub yet. I will update this when I do. These little speakers are amazing and a serious bang for your buck. Go buy them Thank me later. - Verified Store

Chris March 23, 2017

I've had just the opposite experience. .when I received the speakers they sounded actually very good but as time went on and even after the break in period the sound quality deteriorated lucky for me i got em on sale

Amazon Customer February 20, 2017

If this is in your budget, stop looking and click buy. I never head music till I bought these. - Verified Store

ATFxJPH February 19, 2017

OUTSTANDING CLEAR SPEAKERS! Listening to my music sounds so much better, and its playing background audio in songs I didn't ever hear before! If you want INSANE CLARITY and PERFORMANCE THESE ARE THE CHOICE! They are so CLEAR. I also got Dual conductor 16 AWG banana plugs, with color coding to distinguish left from right to enable matching polarity. which make the signal perfect. If you have a receiver with banana plugs I'd suggest these, they fit perfectly in my Sony STR DN-840 receiver. Absolutely LOVE THEM. - Verified Store

Martin Leduc February 11, 2017

The quality is there, I think it will last for a long time. The sound is great, nice bass and the price is great too. Came nicely packaged but the finish is not perfect. Overall it's a good product.

Michael February 9, 2017

Out of the box these are mediocre speakers that are too bright and lack bass. However, they have a lot of potential. Using DSP correction software, I was able to level the output of these speakers from 40 - 20000 Hz with a variance of only +-2 dB!!! These speakers also get very loud and handle their power well. Many budget bookshelf speakers rated at this power bottom out their woofer at half power. The enclosure is quality MDF lined with polyfill. Crossover is second order.I have experience with the Micca MB42x mkIII, and the Fluance are by far better.Reasons: Flatter Response (Once DSP corrected), MUCH better power handling, higher efficiency, better tweeter, better imaging, and considerably higher build quality.The Micca also sound small (even for their size) , whereas the Fluance sound bigger than they are. Even through DSP correction I could not achieve a flat response with less than a +-6 dB variance on the Micca's.Eventhough these are $40 more than the Micca's, they are by far a better value. - Verified Store

jason January 15, 2017

These speakers sound amazing !!! You don't even have to have a subwoofer with these . Clear highs and mids . I was very impressed . I've had these over a year and still love them . - Verified Store

Héctor Castro January 12, 2017

Excelente bookshelf speakers for entry to
The World Hi-fi audio...

Tim January 8, 2017

These sound awesome. I replaced my Yamaha speakers with these Fluance. - Verified Store

mary j December 31, 2016

The quality sound is just awesome. Crystal Clear! - Verified Store

Mark S December 25, 2016

Very good speakers cant beat them at price point - Verified Store

Jerry December 8, 2016

GREAT Bargain. Order the speaker and give it at LEAST 40 hours of break in time before you make up your mind. At first tweeter is very shrill and woofer is nonexistent, but wait, it will sound terrific in time. Its very efficient and provides a wide range sound stage. Don't plan on hearing much bass bump from your disco albums, or low end synthesizer on your Manheim Steamroller cds unless you add a subwoofer. At low volumes though these speakers sound great with jazz, classical, rock, blues, etc. A definite buy at this price.

Jake December 4, 2016

I really like the tweeter on these bookshelf speakers.They require a DAC/AMP to be powered but these speakers pack a serious punch for the price!I use them for both music and gaming. - Verified Store

Well_Poet November 15, 2016

As a few have written, I'm not so sure about the aesthetics and design aspects...specifically the 'shock mount looking' base...that does not appear to provide any vibration isolation...it just wants to look like it does. Would be kind of cool if it actually did? I put them on isolating stands myself, rendering this aspect moot regardless. Other than that, which at the end of the day, who cares so much if they sound good right? They do indeed, for the price point.The sound (post break in time, this is really important with these speakers, it also seems to vary quite a bit from a few hours, to a solid day or more) Tastes vary, but I'm switching between a tube and and a new Marantz DACT. Out of the box...the sound is for lack of better words...a bit boxy and uninspiring. Yet, once fully broken in, woah there! They almost magically warm up and bloom, surprising detail, clarity and punch across the boards. Quite a transformation actually. Recommend a sub for deeper bass, but they represent some good air. Keep them off the wall and off axis...at least 6 inches to a foot or more if possible, this makes all the difference in bass response. - Verified Store

Amazon Customer November 10, 2016

Really really good for the price. Sound better than my BIC dv62! Good right out of the box. Even better after break in. - Verified Store

Milo November 7, 2016

Alright, here goes. I read the great reviews on these speakers and had been contemplating whether to buy them or not. Finally, after several months of reviews reading and Youtube watching on these speakers I went ahead and got them. They were packaged VERY nicely and I was thankful for that. So I got them out and hooked them up to an SMSL SA-50 amp. I noticed the speakers were VERY bright right from the start with no bass at all. I like my speakers to be very clear but these were almost too much to bear at first. I put a few hours on them to get the break in period over with to see if they would loosen up. I still couldn't get any bass out of them so I moved them to an Onkyo TX-8020 receiver I've got. Even when playing with the bass knobs there was still no bass coming from these speakers at all. I knew then they were going to have to have a subwoofer. Now look, I was not expecting 'House Party' type bass from these speakers and no one else should either, but there just wasn't any bass. Now, I hooked them back up to the SMSL and added a Polk Audio subwoofer and BOOM, that is when these speakers shine! I'm getting the clarity from the Fluance's along with the lows from the subwoofer and it's turned into a nice combination. I was going to take away one star for having no bass, but they sound so good when paired with a subwoofer that I just couldn't do it. Look, if you need a nice clear pair of speakers to play music or movies with, these are going to be just fine, but if you want to rattle the windows with bass, these aren't going to do it. - Verified Store

Julien McCann September 2, 2016

Extremely satisfied for the 2nd time around. No need to be an expert to feel the built and componentsquality these SX6 are putting up. And the price.., I must thank you.

LD Blake August 27, 2016

I consider myself to be something of a "practical audiophile" in that I'm pretty picky about sound and such but I don't believe in spending truckloads of money to put together a decent sounding system. I prefer stereo sound over the N.1 systems and I don't go in for all this $100 USB cable stuff as some perfectionists do. A good system at a good price is just what I want. For me a good speaker is one that reproduces the full range of sound it is asked to reproduce without inserting itself into the equation... you want to listen to the music, not the speakers.

The packaging ... These speakers arrived in a triple box. Amazon took the double box from Fluance and put it into another box, making it just big enough to be really hard to carry... and these are relatively heavy speakers. Good protection, but not so good when you got to lug them up to the 6th floor.

General... These are big speakers and they are rather heavy for their size. They are much bigger than any I've had before with 5 1/4" woofers in them. The cabinets appear to be of reasonable quality. They are 7/16" MDF particle board (that's good, btw) and covered in a wood-look vinyl finish. The overall cabinet assembly is quite nice.

Screws ... When I get something that is made in China the first thing I usually do is check all the screws to be sure they are properly tightened. In this case it's a good thing I did as both speakers had loose screws on the woofer and the connector panel at the back. No problem, I just tweaked them a little with my screwdriver to even out the tension. (If you do this on your set, don't get carried away, those screws are in MDF and they're not all that big, it would be very easy to strip them if you aren't careful.)

The Grills ... The front grills are simple wooden frames with cloth stretched over them. When I unpacked my set the grills were dirty with some kind of white powder so I gently rubbed them down with a dry sponge to clean them. Once they're cleaned they look ok. The Fluance logos at the bottom had a bunch of rough edges on the letters --probably from stamping the silver plating onto them-- a couple of gentle passes with a sanding sponge took care of that very nicely. These grills fit over the holding posts on the speaker boxes quite tightly. It would not be a good idea to simply grab them and pull them off. I eased them off and on during testing by pressing or pulling firmly on each corner in turn and letting them find the own speed.

Burn in ... I've seen a couple of reviews where these speakers were panned as lacking bass. Right out of the box they certainly do lack any kind of reasonable bass, leading me to initially conclude they were never intended as full range speakers. In fact I've never seen a set of speakers that needed the "burn in" period as badly as these did. About 12 hours on they started sounding better... and two days in they're sounding pretty good.

Speaker wire... During the recommended 10 hour burn in period I hooked them up using the bargain basement 24ga speaker wire. Now, having moved them to my main system where they are hooked up with 18ga wire, I can tell you that in this case the wire definitely makes a big difference.... as in "Woah, where'd all that bass come from?"

Listening Impression ... These speakers sound pretty good when set on my media credenza. They sound like crap on stands (as full range speakers) and even worse on a shelf where they end up being boxed in. They appear to need some breathing room behind them, delivering the best sound when positioned about 6" from the wall behind them. With the grills off, these speakers are annoyingly "sibilant" every little hissed S or popped P is clearly audible.. With the grills on that goes completely away (apparently they are not totally transparent). The bass and midrange are both handled by the same speaker, which after a proper burn in does an acceptable job... If you're looking to get kicked in the gut by the bass, these are not your speakers. But if you are looking for easy listening with good overall sound, I think you'll like them well enough. Overall, these are very clear and precise speakers. The sound is pleasant although sometimes a little too bright for my tastes.... Maybe they need a little extra burn in time.

About that base plate... The base plate these speakers stand on is a dusting disaster and, yes, for those who are wondering it can be removed. There are 4 screws on the bottom. Undoing them will let you take the base off. Then comes a nice surprise... the 4 silver disks are actually non-slip feet so you may want to flip them over and run the screws back into the boxes, as I did. Surprisingly (or should I say "mysteriously") they actually sound better without the base plate attached... the lower base is much improved, at least in my living room and, of course now you can dust under them.

I like these speakers. Overall I'll give them 4 stars... To get the 5th star, I would suggest Fluance loose the base plate and put the money into an actual 6" woofer, which I think would be a better match with that tweeter.

Jason April 8, 2016

Just wonderful all the way around. I need more of them ASAP.

Mick Houston November 20, 2015

Wow, wow. Fantastic speakers. This is the best valued purchase I have done in years: Pure, crisp, perfect sound at an incredible low price for such very high quality speakers. Thanks guys, I am just amazed. I will get more of your other speaker systems for sure.

Pete Benway November 20, 2015

these are breaking in VERY nicely!!! I'm using them exclusively in my "man cave vinyl listening room" and they handle most LPs quite nicely. for my purposes, at this stage, I am completely satisfied with the speakers neutrality, reproduction and of course PRICE! will prolly look to upgrading at some point and Fluance will be high on my list to consider for higher end speakers. Well done!! Oh, the transaction, shipping and deliver (extremely well packaged) were exceptional. Two thumbs waaaaaay up. Now spinning /// Pablo Cruise - Part of the Game (1979) {A&M Records SP-3712}. sooo good!

Pete Benway November 20, 2015

these are breaking in VERY nicely!!! I'm using them exclusively in my "man cave vinyl listening room" and they handle most LPs quite nicely. for my purposes, at this stage, I am completely satisfied with the speakers neutrality, reproduction and of course PRICE! will prolly look to upgrading at some point and Fluance will be high on my list to consider for higher end speakers. Well done!! Oh, the transaction, shipping and deliver (extremely well packaged) were exceptional. Two thumbs waaaaaay up. Now spinning /// Pablo Cruise - Part of the Game (1979) {A&M Records SP-3712}. sooo good!

Pete Benway November 20, 2015

these are breaking in VERY nicely!!! I'm using them exclusively in my "man cave vinyl listening room" and they handle most LPs quite nicely. for my purposes, at this stage, I am completely satisfied with the speakers neutrality, reproduction and of course PRICE! will prolly look to upgrading at some point and Fluance will be high on my list to consider for higher end speakers. Well done!! Oh, the transaction, shipping and deliver (extremely well packaged) were exceptional. Two thumbs waaaaaay up. Now spinning /// Pablo Cruise - Part of the Game (1979) {A&M Records SP-3712}. sooo good!

Brian M November 20, 2015

Short: These are great, easily compare with much more expensive speakers and look pretty good as well.

Long: Ran across a couple of reviews on these (Zeos being the main one) with a bonus of being a Canadian company. Purchased a set as a test before possibly buying a surround set. Even right out the box they sound great at low and high volume with a variety of music from classical to classic rock to electronic and pop. Have them hooked up with a Class D amp. The same amp with a different set of speakers sounded almost muddy, and flat. I've recommended them to friends and family since.

Matt S November 20, 2015

r/Zeos sent me. Another satisfied customer, replaced my Energy Take 5.1 fronts with SX6 and have noticed a huge boost in stereo performance.

My only gripe with the SX6 is that there's no matching centre. Fluance PLEASE make a SX6C with the same tweeter and drivers as the SX6, OR sell single SX6 speakers. I'm facing having to buy a second pair and only using one of them as a matching centre channel.

Steph P November 20, 2015

I've been looking for great budget bookshelf speakers for a while now. I started with daytons b652 then micca mb42x (great for the price btw). My friend has the Pioneer sp-bs22-lr (also very good), but at this price point the SX6 just blow all these completely out of the water. I'm not an audiophile by any means but I can definitely hear a good speaker when I hear one. Following zeospantera advice on Reddit I was torn between the Teac LS-H265b and these, so I bought both :). I have a large room to fill and the SX6 are better suited than the Teac. Actually, all around I prefer the SX6 to any speaker I've listen to in a long time. For the price or even double, I don't think anything could compare, and I'm still breaking them in. Awesome product, quick delivery and great packaging. I'm completely sold on these!

Matt V November 20, 2015

I'm very happy with these. They are well made and sound great. Very well packaged (something that seems to be lacking these days) I ended up matching them up with a HSU sub but if Fluance subs are as good as these bookshelf speakers I will definitely be looking to buy one of those when I am in the market for a new one. You can't go wrong with these.

The only small criticism I would have is that it took a while for me to get them.

Stacey Y November 20, 2015

I picked these up from Amazon, although the shipping was late, they were very well double packed for transport protection. They replaced my Boston A120's as the front pair of my HT, and at half the size, they are amazing! I have been listening to them for the past 10 days, and coupled with my Harman Kardon receiver, movies have never sounded better! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for some great sound, taking up little real estate, and a great price!

Kenneth Bernhardt November 20, 2015

I have moved into a new house and needed speakers that would not take up too much room, but still sounded good. I have used many different speakers over the years, some very expensive and some homemade. These speakers are a marvel! The highs are clear and tight, the lows are well defined. The speakers construction is very good. I can not recommend these speakers highly enough! I will be recommend ing these speakers to to my friends too! I am very pleased indeed!

Randy Neighmond November 20, 2015

Hello everybody.
My reviews are ALWAYS unbiased. That said, you can count on a good ole' honest, old fashioned review from me.
I recently bought the SX6, black version, direct.
I am critical as far as being an audiophile. So, that being the case, I sit and completely focus on the imaging, ambiance, soundstage, and the overall performance.
I gotta tell you, I was impressed, far more than I could ever expect at this price point.
I am more of an SQ guy over plain booming bass that could break glass, no offense anyone.
If you consider yourself a sound quality person, you are in for a special treat with these.
Heck, even if you like bass, these speakers have an outstanding deep, tight, and plain clear, enjoyable bass. The kind of bass from this set, you actually FEEL what you are hearing, as if you are in the middle of a concert, when listening to 2.0 or 2.1 listening environment.
Do yourselves a favor everybody and buy a pair of these. My wife thought I spent $300 or more. And quite honestly, if I told her yes, she would have 100% believed me. This is coming from a woman that has been around me for years and knows what good, quality sounds sounds like and what they are typically worth, generally speaking.
Even of me ranting. Best of luck with your decision making. I'm thoroughly happy and you will be too. Thank you for reading my review on these high quality speakers from Fluance!

Ray P Waukegan November 20, 2015

Bought these as back-ups a few years ago. They sounded so good we use them as our primary a/v speakers now. The more I use them, the better they sound!

Mark McDonald November 20, 2015

As a professional video editor, I was looking to set up a home edit station. I have always said Audio is key as it sends emotion to every spot or show. I researched and was looking at high end monitors with high end price tags. Then I came across the Fluance site. As I was on a budget, The price intrigued me and the reviews made me take the risk. That risk was well rewarded! I love the SX6 speakers as they give me very accurate sound representation when editing spots, and shows. The isolated base keeps rumble to a minimum even on a solid wood workstation! I recently just had a documentary debut in a local theatre with a premium sound system, and the audio representation was spot on to what I had edited. The SX6 is a Great Speaker at a VERY affordable price!

Hayden Bool November 20, 2015

5 days in and I am SO happy with these! They came packaged extremely well and delivered within 5 days. The finish on them is great and looks great in the bedroom. I read many reviews before purchasing and I am glad to say they were better than I had hoped. Fantastic sound quality from bottom to top! The bass extension is quite remarkable for a small driver, but coupled with the larger enclosure the depth is stunning. I have mine next to the TV powered by a SMSL Q5 amp, set only to a low volume it shows how truly sensitive and efficient they are. I watched the Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug with my wife and the sound of his voice made the hairs on our arms stand up! Voices are clear and precise and the movie came to life. For music I am loving them, full, rich and warm. I love how I can hear the small nuance that I have never noticed before. Highly recommended and worth every dollar! buy then you won't be disappointed.

Gus Luciani November 20, 2015

+1 on ZeosPantera. I watched a Youtube review of these speakers and after 30+ minutes of great sound even thru my computer speakers I was convinced. I am very sensitive to highs, so I immediately knew the tweeters on this Butterworth system would be ama

Gary November 20, 2015

Already owning a 5.1 system used primarily for movies, I often find myself retreating to a room I have 2 channel stereo systems in to listen to my favorite music. My two 2 channel music systems consist of a Yamaha R-S700 receiver, a matching Yamaha single disc CD player, a Technics SL-1310 turntable, and bi-wired Jamo C803s. I also have a David Hafler 9300 power amp running through a DH-110 preamp. It's on this latter system where I play an inordinate number of and variety of different stand mounted bookshelf speakers going through a Jamo 6 speaker switch box. You may by now think me crazy to own so many different speakers but I equate the diversity of the speakers I own with how my mood is in at a certain time. Think of it like this; sometimes I want the warmth of a steaming cup of rich brewed coffee, sometimes I want the deep seated passion of a glass of Merlot, and yet sometimes I just want the simple fun of a good beer. That's where my choice in speakers have evolved in my 45 years pursuing my audio hobby.
I bought the Fluance SX6 speakers in ash black from the Fluance website as kind of an impulse-buy after seeing them featured in some online speaker forum posts and wondering how good a pair of speakers in the $100 to $130 range could be. With an online coupon from Fluance as well and being able to play them for 30 days with a full refund if I didn't like what I heard I found it difficult to not pull the trigger on them. I've been playing them for about 20 to 30 hours or so at moderate level and have decided at this point to keep them. Are they the best speakers I own? No they're not. They have limitations. But at around a hundred bucks they should be expected to have some limitations. What they are however are 'fun' speakers. Using my coffee, Merlot wine, beer analogy I mentioned previously they fall well within my range of emotions in what I want some of the different genres of music I have to sound like at different times. If I could describe them with one word it would be 'lively'. The highs are crisp yet un-fatiguing, the mid range while admittedly not as smooth and rich as some of my more expensive speakers doesn't disappoint. The bass is surprisingly punchy when positioned properly and the imaging is quite astonishing for bookshelf speakers at their price point.
While they will never replace my vintage Alon Petites, Lil' Rascals, or AR3a models I own or supplant my Paradigm Studio 20s, Jamo C803s or KEFs, they solidly hold their own among my collection of other bookshelves too numerous to mention. I'm more than proud to feature them when friends visit to ask what I've been listening to and through what speakers lately.
I read that someone complained about the highs being too bright for their taste and he replaced the woofer with an after market model. I don't agree with this method at all as there's more to a speaker's chemistry than just arbitrarily replacing drivers. You have to consider crossover specs and impedance of the replacement woofer or you can do more sonic harm than good. What I did do however was to add felt diffraction rings to the tweeter fascia which helped defuse some of the cymblance encountered on some female voice and some acoustic guitar selections I played. After addition of the diffraction rings the speakers seemed to disappear into a fuller sound stage. With the plethora of modern new speakers in the SX6's price range I'll not try to persuade anyone into believing these will be perfect for them as choosing speakers is very subjective and what one person may like another may not but with a lifetime warranty if bought from Fluance directly and a 30 day return policy they're difficult to ignore at their price and not at least audition in your own home. I bought them to try them as I figured I had nothing to lose and have since decided to add them to my system. If you're looking for aesthetically pleasing bookshelf speakers that sound good over a wide range of musical genres however my advice would be to take advantage of the Fluance home audition offer and give them a try. I think like me you might be glad you did.

Randy Sanders November 20, 2015

Wow! So hard to describe how sweet these speakers sound. I've owned brands like PSB, Polk, Paradigm, and Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's and the Fluance SX-6 speakers blew me away for the price. Excellent build quality, free shipping to me and a 30 day return guarantee with return shipping at Fluance expense? Oh, and a Lifetime Warranty? Great sound no matter what type of source I run through them. Played many different musical styles all from lossless audio sources as well as some movies. I have listened recently also to the Pioneer BS-22's and to me the Fluance sounded much better, more accurate. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Todd Elving "legerdemain5" November 20, 2015

Wow, these guys were fast and delivered a quality product as all of the other reviews state.I am going to get more of these speakers very soon, they sound so good I cannot turn them off! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Gerald McLeod November 20, 2015

Wow what a great set of speakers!!! Using them for the fronts in my bedroom setup. I just love the sound they produce. Picked them up on sale for $79 for the pair. Could not be happier. Nothing better for the price I paid. Thanks for the quality product Fluance!!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Jelew November 20, 2015

What an awesome product. I use these with a my sub. The clarity is amazing when I listen to Radiohead and the crunch for my heavy metal sounds great too. Nice highs, mids and lows. Then I've got my sub for my extreme lows. My setup is worth about $300. $100 for the Fluance bookshelf speaker and 200 for my 12 inch sub and it sounds just as good as my dad's high end B&H system worth thousands. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Deeanne November 20, 2015

We bought these speakers for our flat panel TV. The sound is full, and the speakers have a very balanced sound quality. Highly recommended! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Dale Diasparra November 20, 2015

We love these speakers. The sound output is great and they fit perfectly where we wanted them. We are extremely pleased with the quality. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Jerry Kuhl "jk" November 20, 2015

Used for TV sound. Excellent quality, compact and well worth the price. Would definitely recommend them. Glad I chose them. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Mark November 20, 2015

Using them in my home office for music. Listening via PC to Lepai amp and they sound fantastic. The packaging was well done, double boxed and got here very fast (ordered on Wed, here on Fri). I normally don't write reviews but these speakers only had 1 review on Amazon when I was looking at them so I figured a review might help the next person.If you are looking for great sounding speakers for a great price I would highly recommend them. My only word of caution is make sure you look at the dimensions in the description. These speakers are bigger than I thought they would be. It's no issue for me but if I was putting these bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf the size might matter for someone.Also, they look as good in person as they do on the web. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Devin Roberts November 20, 2015

Tweeters are absolutely amazing, good in any angle and extremely clear and crisp but never overpowering, mids are very nice and lows mesh well with the mids. songs with powerful drums are played back very punchy and with good authority, making these speakers seem like they are twice their size. "say goodbye" by the Dave Matthews band is a great example of powerful drums. i'm pairing these up with a definitive technology powerfield 310 subwoofer (300w downfiring 10" woofer, 20-150hz) in a couple of days, not that they really need it. I did a frequency test and these started getting a little quiet after 50hz but go strong from there until exactly 40hz, then they really drop off. so basically all 40-50hz tones will be heard when playing music and movies. They sound solid and not even a little bit hollow like others have stated. nice build quality over all, really like the binding posts and the simple design. the feet that connect to the base plate match my receiver very well ! i dont know what else to say... my dad is an old school audiophile and he approves and was surprised by these, ive only had these running for about 2 hours.... they say break-in period is 10-30hours but they sound great out of the box, will update if they get better! (they will) -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Disjointed November 20, 2015

They had the bass response I was looking for, even a little sub bass pops out when watching movies.When critically listening, I did notice a little distortion in the upper frequencies, this was pre-burn in, so maybe it will change. (I own a recording studio and am used to listening for defects in the sound, most others probably wouldnt notice).For the price I really like these speakers, taking a chance in an unknown brand (unknown to me) worked out in this case. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Amazon Customer November 20, 2015

they were everything i was looking for at a great price. the online reviews led me to these speakers having never heard of them before. they even look better than their pictures. i would recommend these to anyone looking for an entry level speakers. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Dennis W. White November 20, 2015

They are breaking in ( as all speakers have to do) they are perfect second set , to my main floor speakers( satellites ) they clear and well defined with power to spare - i have them as a pair at the top of my TY/ stereo cabinet -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Andrew Rice November 20, 2015

These Speakers exceeded my expectations!They came beautifully packaged tightly inside a box inside another box. Build quality and meterials are beyond anything mass produced in this price range from China. They are heavy, sturdy, and the veneer is very tasteful.The sound. I was worried a 6" woofer would be too little. Planed on buying a sub-woofer to accommodate but promptly changed my mind after hearing because the SX6 supplies a full and ample range.Im using these with an Onkyo TR-8050. Only two channels. It is plenty loud and full for the apartment. I couldn't go too huge but also wanted a home-theater set up. Got the 46" TV between these guys and I couldn't be happier. Listen to a wide assortment of music from Serge Gainsbourg to Sonic Youth to Autechre. Vinyl, internet radio, television, PS3... Everything sounds perfect.I'm very glad I didn't go with the only other competitor cardboard Sony SS-B3000s. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Andrew Rice November 20, 2015

These Speakers exceeded my expectations!They came beautifully packaged tightly inside a box inside another box. Build quality and meterials are beyond anything mass produced in this price range from China. They are heavy, sturdy, and the veneer is very tasteful.The sound. I was worried a 6" woofer would be too little. Planed on buying a sub-woofer to accommodate but promptly changed my mind after hearing because the SX6 supplies a full and ample range.Im using these with an Onkyo TR-8050. Only two channels. It is plenty loud and full for the apartment. I couldn't go too huge but also wanted a home-theater set up. Got the 46" TV between these guys and I couldn't be happier. Listen to a wide assortment of music from Serge Gainsbourg to Sonic Youth to Autechre. Vinyl, internet radio, television, PS3... Everything sounds perfect.I'm very glad I didn't go with the only other competitor cardboard Sony SS-B3000s. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Luke S. "OperaMan" November 20, 2015

These speakers from from Fluance are incredible for their price. A brief preamble though: I am not an electrical engineer, nor a professional acoustician, but I AM a professional musician with years of professionally performing music under my belt, and I know what great sound quality is. I've decided to break this review into several factors.TREBLE: Excellent, no qualms here at all. In fact, I would say that these surpass several speakers that I own in the 400-600 dollar bracket in terms of the quality of the highs on these speakers. If I didn't see these with the covers off, I might guess that these have horn drivers, if that means anything to you.MID: Nothing that really stands out here, just good high quality sound. Some hiss (and I promise that I'm not one of those people that thinks everything around them is constantly hissing obnoxiously) that I know for a fact is not coming as a result of the high quality Sherwood amplifier I'm running these through. It may be a ground loop issue or something else. I'll update this if I figure out more. Again, it's not a deal breaker, because when music is playing, the hissing is inaudible to my ears.BASS: What I suspect many of you are interested in is how well these produce low bass frequencies. There is a chart on Fluance's website that shows the response of these speakers accurately, but I'll transpose it here for you. These bad boys surpassed my expectations. They're only rated here to 50 hz, but that's because there is a dip in spl/dbs there. The truth is (which you can see by Fluance's chart) that these guys pick up the ball right away again at 45hz and keep descending with some decent presence down to around 33hz. Now, if you are like me, you find this hard to believe with 5 inch woofers, but I only am beginning to think that mine are broken in, and I just did a frequency sweep, and indeed, I did get some decent sound out of these guys into the 35hz area. That being said, I am pushing this out of a top notch (consumer level) amplifier, and even at that, my face isn't going to be melted by the 33hz from these guys, for the sole reason that they are 5 inch woofers, they simply don't move enough air to shake the ground, they'll push your ears in a bit, but they won't move your furniture for you. VERY impressive response for speakers of this price and size!AESTHETIC: These speakers look great! I love the wood veneer that's over the MDF. It is very well done, and looks top notch, the feet/foot of the speakers look great as well. My friends who saw these speakers thought that they were at least 200.00 apiece.BUILD QUALITY: Solid, sturdy, so far as I can tell, these are going to hold up for awhile. The guts look good, everything is well wired/soldered. I'm impressed at the value of these speakers.DYNAMIC RESPONSE/SENSITIVITY: Out of my Sherwood, these guys perform admirably. I can't sit near the speakers running over 65 watts apiece, it physically exceeds my pain threshold. I haven't even bumped these near their 100 watt capacity, I could, but I fear for my life! Hahaha, that may be an exaggeration. But really, these speakers will do the whisper quiet details, and they'll blast your ears to kingdom come over 80 watts apiece. At 100 watts, they may tear open time-space fabric (again, I joke). Very capable speakers.GENERAL IMPRESSION: For less than 250.00 you will not buy a pair of bookshelf speakers that surpass these. period. If you are looking for a value pair of high quality bookshelf speakers, these are the ideal solution. I probably will not need a subwoofer with these, though you may want some if you are looking for THX bass beneath 35hz. The only reason these are 4 stars and not 5 right now is that I haven't determined the source of that slight hiss. If I can determine that the source is not the speakers, I will immediately upgrade this to a 5 star review without hesitation. They are not perfect (no speaker ever will be), but at this price, they are as close as you will get!Happy Hunting,Luke -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Iron-man35 November 20, 2015

These speakers have exceeded my expectations. Quality sound and quality construction at a great price. I am in the process of replacing my bose surround and center speakers with Fluance speakers. I highly recommend them!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Bryan Rice November 20, 2015

These speakers are probably the best bang for the buck currently. Yeah the Micca MB42X compete with these. But I prefer the sound out of the larger set of Fluances.I have this paired with the Yamaha R-S201 and at 40 volume can hear it across the apartment (3 or 4 walls and a hallway). Haven't pushed passed 55, but sound is still crystal clear with no drop off or shrill treble.Great in a 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1. Use as your sides or rears in a 7.1 or 7.2 in a heartbeat. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

steven m sikora November 20, 2015

These Speakers are Amazing, I was looking for a set of bookshelf speakers to go with my Audio Technica AT-LP120 turntable and Yamaha HTR-5590 amp. I noticed several different speakers from Sony, Polk and others that were within the ~$100 price range I wanted to spend. I ended up deciding on the Fluance SX6 due to 3 factors:1) Frequency Response, The Fluance had the best range of any speakers I looked at in this price range.2) Bannana Plug capable, I hate speakers with spring type connectors because I have had them lose contact when moving speakers around when cleaning or repositioning speakers.3) Reviews, these speakers have the best reviews when compared with almost any other speakers.When I recieved the SX6 speakers I was not dissapointed, they are very well built and were expertly packaged.I have played everything on the speakers from John Coltrane and Billy Holiday to Manchester Orchestra and Prodigy. Every single album sounds amazing on these speakers, I currently cannot find any faults with these speakers at all.Give them a try I am sure you will love them. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

ak_bartender November 20, 2015

These are the best bang for your buck!...the SX6 are Great!!!...I will follow up after the break in period....Nice in deed! If you are on a budget this is a great way to go, I am using these as my main in a 5.1 system,and they are great!!! Really great sound imaging especially for music!! I bought 4 of these, 2 for the man cave and 2 for the bedroom, in the bed room I have a 31 year old Hatachi receiver 50wpc, and it sounds like I have a sub in there too!! but I don't, they don't require one!! I really love these speakers and highly recommend them, look on Youtube and look up Fluance sx6 there's a lot of people that feel the same way I do!! for $135 bucks you can't go wrong!!! get on youtube before you buy!! You'll be glad you did!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

A. Loechler November 20, 2015

these are excellent sounding speaks. I purchased 2 pair and I'm using them as a left, right, center on a small home theater setup. They give enough base to makeup for the lack of a subwoofer in my setup. I did have to give the center channel a + in volume to get the dialog I wanted.over all I'm very pleased with them and they are of excellent build quality.honestly I don't care for the little brass color metal posts but they can be easily removed with a screwdriver.I may purchase the center channel speaker from there other set and use my extra to complete a 5.1 in the future. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Derek R November 20, 2015

The SX6's round out my new bedroom music system consisting of a Grace Digital Primo GDI-IRCA700 internet radio tuner, a Grace Digital GDI-BTAR512 100w class D amplifier with Bluetooth, and the speakers. I received the SX6's yesterday, and they are right at the end of the manufacturer's 10 hour break-in period as I write this.I couldn't be more pleased- they are superb! I listen primarily to jazz and classical, and the clarity and separation of the instruments is outstanding - especially compared to the bookshelf speakers they replace. Percussion is crisp, bass is well defined, and instrumental nuances that I had not noticed before in my library suddenly appeared.Thoroughly recommended... -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

bumfug November 20, 2015

The speakers were very well packed, double-boxed and in perfect condition on arrival. As others have said here the wood is a shade darker than it looks in the pictures and presents a really rich appearance. The connections for the speaker wire (banana plug required) are solid and the entire system looks and feels like it's well-made from all high quality quality materials. But how does it sound? Aha, there's the thing - the Onkyo receiver I bought didn't have any display when I turned it on and is now in a factory authorized repair shop and I have no amp that I can hook these gorgeous speakers to. I bought them based exclusively on reviews here and have every expectation of not only loving them but soon moving them to the rear and also buying the 3-way towers and 2-way center channel speaker from Fluance to complete the surround system. I have to write a review within 3 weeks to get the $25 off on my next purchase from the manufacturer so I'm submitting this early and will update it as soon as I get a chance to (finally!) hear them in action both with music and movies.UPDATE 3/8/13 Receiver back from shop, working fine after loose connection inside was taken care of. Hooked up and pleased to report that the speakers are just as awesome as I'd been led to believe. MUCH bigger sound than you'd ever expect from this size, comparable to some $600 speakers I had years ago from a boutique audio manufacturer located in Boston. Voice, music, explosions, everything I feed into them comes out sounding better than I would have thought possible. I couldn't recommend these more strongly and I'm now more than ever looking forward to hearing the towers when I put them in front and move these to the rear. I'm betting I won't even need to add a subwoofer if the bass from the 3-way towers is as strong for the size of them as it is in these. Great speakers!Pros: Everything - cost, size, sound, looks, quality.Cons: Every time I see the name Fluance I think "Flatulence". I can live with that. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

BooksNStuff1 November 20, 2015

Some of the best speakers I have ever owned. If you don't have a lot of desk space these may not be the speakers for you but if you have the room these are a fantastic pair of speakers. I didn't have much room myself so I bought some speaker stands to go with them and I am not disappointed. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Greg Petree November 20, 2015

Speakers are attractive and sound great at all levels. I would buy again. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Audiolad November 20, 2015

SIMPLE MODIFICATION: Many have complained about the brightness of the 5.25" mid-woofer and their is a simple fix that will upgrade this speaker to be as good as any in this size. Parts Express sells the Danish made Peerless HDS PPB woofer $41/ea and you only need to unscrew the speaker and unplug the woofer and attach speaker wire (light colour is hot and dark is the ground). Drop it in and it fits in the cut out. It takes a drill for four (not six) holes, use only the top and bottom screw holes. The driver is truncated frame and exposes a small amount of the finished wood on the top and bottom of the speaker. These are high end drivers and they mate perfectly with the silk dome and crossover. They are better than the Wharfedale Diamond 2.2 at near 1/2 the price. The boxes alone are worth $129, and this $82 plus shipping will make it a true audiophile speaker. I have permanently replace my Swan copies because of the beautiful bass and smooth highs.First let me say the ten hour break in is bogus. It takes more like 20-30 hours of use at a higher than normal volume to get these stiff components loosened up. My original AR 3A speakers took over fifty before they smoothed out, so these aren't as bad as those. The sound is just now smoothing out, but the instrument separation is truly amazing. The extended highs are something more expensive speakers would be proud of. I'm using a classic AKAI hand built 30 watt/channel amp and it takes all of it's power when played at high level. These are not like today's amp and simply won't clip when giving up their power, and they never gave head room power in the early seventies. I have a DIY version of the original Swan M1 and I thought they were the best small speakers I've ever heard, but now I must reserve that opinion until these SX6's get a good hundred hours to be a bit more relaxed. I've read many reviews on several sites, and I can't for the life of me understand what these people are listening to. A few years ago they began using this new tweeter and I hope they continue to use it in the future. I really think these speakers would best be used as stand alone stereo speakers with no sub. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Jeffrey Pugh November 20, 2015

Setting up a new budget configuration in my living room, with Onkyo TX-NR414 receiver, Panasonic GT50 50" and Polk PSW10 subwoofer. After considerable research I ordered these SX6 's (just before the price went up!) and they arrived triple boxed (which was good because the outer box had been damaged in shipping).The speakers look great and were very easy to set up with bare wire connections. I especially like the built-in spikes and vibration isolatioin. I set the crossover to 80Hz based on the specs but may adjust this later (would be nice if Fluance provided some guidance on this with different subwoofer setups). After about 20 hours burn in with a mixture of rock music and movies, they are sounding great, with good highs and middles.In fact, I like them so much that I am planning on buying the SX center+surrounds bundle! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Eric Strobel November 20, 2015

Really quite impressive speakers. They really come into their own after about 10 hours of play time. I'm going to buy again here shortly -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

ericm "ericm" November 20, 2015

Quick Synopsis: If you pair these speakers with a good receiver the sound will knock your socks off. Incredible mid range, good bass, and nice highs. For $120 these speakers are one of the best values in audio. These speakers have great reviews for a reason!More Details: I bought these speakers to pair with a pristine Pioneer SX-1000TW (circa 1970) 50wpc receiver as a Christmas present for my wife.Rating speakers is always difficult because their are so many factors that can impact what you hear. As I said, I paired these speakers with a Pioneer SX-1000TW. I tested them connecting my laptop and playing hi-resolution MP3 through an HRT Music Streamer II DAC. I played Alan Jackson Drive, Adelle 21, and Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, and John Coltrane Ascension. These speakers even sounded great plugging an iPod directly into the receivers aux jack.The clarity and detail of the mid range was phenomenal. Close your eyes and it sounded like the singer was in your room singing. I could hear David Gilmour moving down the fretboard on Wish You Were Here. The separation of sound was just off the hook. I was also amazed at the detail of the sound when played at low volumes, though I am not sure how much of that is due to the receiver. The soundstage was superb, though frankly good soundstage has a lot to do with how the music gets mixed in the studio.I own a pair of Wharfsdale Diamond 10.1 which are excellent speakers at 3x the price point. I have to admit if I had to pick I would take the Fluance SX6, and not because of price difference. I just think they are a better sounding speaker.Finally, these speakers arrived in an Amazon box that I did not find all the well packed. However, inside was the Fluance box. Actually Fluance double boxes their speakers and does so in a way that they could probably fall off the delivery truck and be undamaged.Well worth the money at twice the price. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

HS November 20, 2015

On sale these are a spectacular deal. High quality construction, top notch packing and excellent sound for the money. You can tell a lot about a company when they do not cut corners. The speakers were double boxed and nestled perfectly together. Excellent connection hardware. Nice looking fake wood. I am very impressed. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Robert Phillips November 20, 2015

Outstanding sound! These speakers are a powerhouse for the size. Reproduction is amazing. Quality of sound is way above their price range and the craftsmanship is superb. If your looking for a great deal in a small package this is it! Do I wish they had more bottom end...of course but they outperform speakers two and three times the price. Crisp clean highs and a great balance. Highly recommend even if your not on a budget. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Ian November 20, 2015

Not only do these speakers look great, they sound great! Fills the room with quality, clear sounds. I am glad I bought these!!! For the price the quality is very good!!!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

donquixote November 20, 2015

Marvelous bookshelf speakers! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

James Harold Hill Oswald "James H.H. Oswald" November 20, 2015

Man, these suckers can push out some noise, good noise!Going through my receiver the comfortable listening levels are at -20 but there is still room for them to go all the way up to +15!They can get extremely loud but still maintain a good sound.They are a little big for bookshelf speakers but eh, I'm single. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Eric Van Berg "pure liquid" November 20, 2015

Look great (except for the gold feet, which shouldn't be a deal breaker). Sound AMAZING. Clean and mostly flat down to 60Hz with a pretty steep drop off as they are ported. Haven't tried to wreck my ears with them, but they are perfect for my 2.1 system I have built with a 15" sub. These extend low enough that the sub doesn't have to play anything over 80-100hz. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Robbie November 20, 2015

Looking to replace large floorstanding speakers with something more compact, online research directed me to Fluance. Of themany bookshelf speakers flooding the market, I wanted faithful sound reproduction at both the High & Low ends.I love the transparency, spaciousness and you can't beat the Price. My wife thinks their size is perfect.If you are looking for Home Theatre, Floorstanding, Satellites or Subwoofer, you really should check out Fluance with the Lifetime Warranty; I'm happy I did - -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

AK November 20, 2015

Loud, good looking speakers. They should go into politics. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Sadge November 20, 2015

I've had these for about a month now, and I am very pleased. I had the much respected Pioneer BS-22 bookshelf speakers for a couple of years before these, and while they are good for the money, to my ears these are much better. I'm no audio expert, so I'm probably not able to use the terminology correctly, but the Fluances seem to have a much wider range of sound, while maintaining more overall clarity. The Pioneers seem a bit recessed, not quite muffled, but...held back somehow. The Fluances are more sensitve, and will get much louder than I would ever listen to them. I'm using an SMSL SA-50 D Amp to power them, and I almost never move the volume knob past the 9 o'clock position. I've listened to many different styles of music on them, and they seem to handle them all very well. They are a little bigger than the Pioneers, but I think this is a good thing, and adds to the fuller sound (5" vs 4" driver). It's quite difficult to get an accurate idea of sound from youtube, but there are quite a few videos there demonstrating the sound of the SX-6s, and they helped me make a decision. Fluance has a 30-day money back guarantee, and a currently valid $30 off coupon for these speakers. If you're on the fence, I say go for it! So pleased with these speakers. I'm moving the Pioneers to my girlfriend's place for now. :) -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Andrew M. James "American Riviera Polar Bear" November 20, 2015

I've been involved in home/car audio for 15 years. These speakers are without question the best bang for the buck I've ever seen. Use these as main's in my bedroom, fills the room without problem and sounds great. Great work Fluance! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

robert b. wood November 20, 2015

inexpensive, unobtrusive and they sound lovely.nice, rich presence without being boomy, and bright mid-tones and highs without any tininess.I use them in our bedroom to listen to jazz streaming over the net and they're great.they surely rate 5 stars for my needs.but if I was a purist I would point out the SX6'S short-comings, which are few.first of all no small speaker is going to give you nice, perfectly smooth bass response.these speakers use a rear bass vent to reach down low and the they are nice and warmand plenty rich, but a fussy ear may object to the overwhelming lower presence and lossof sharpness in the lower mid-range.the middle and high end are just fine at low and "casual" volumes but start to fade at loudvolumes (read here too loud).these speakers are perfect for just having great sound handy as you work or relax in asmaller room. if however you need a more esoteric experience, it will cost a whole lot more,and likely be quite a bit bigger.I would recommend them to anyone who likes music because there's always someplacewe wish we could hear some. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Wireless Warrior November 20, 2015

in addition to the great sound the case is also very appealing and doesn't look cheap at all. these can go into the living room without hesitation. they work equally well as surround speakers or main speakers for music. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Max Ledoux "Maxim Ledoux" November 20, 2015

I'm not a total audiophile, but even I can tell these produce way better sound that my Bose Wave. Probably some other speaker has even better sound. These are just right for me. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

C L Hinds November 20, 2015

If you have been listening to your music collection on cheap (or even fairly expensive) compute grade speakers you haven't truly been hearing it. Once you break these babies in and give them a listen you will understand what I mean.I received my SX6s a few days. Since then I have been breaking them in by playing pink noise through them at a moderate volume for about ten hours. I think they are pretty much broken in now so I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on these bookshelf speakers.DESIGNMany have said that these speakers are huge. I agree with this to a certain point. If you are comparing them with a set of logitech or other computer speakers they would seem rather huge. My last set of speakers was a quite large set of 90's Aiwa, i guess you could call them, bookshelf speakers. The Fluance's are actually smaller than these old speakers so to me they don't seem that big at all. If you're going from an average computer grade speaker system to the SX6s they might seem large in comparison. I actually find there size to be about right for my setup, but I have a rather large computer desk with plenty of room.You can get a basic idea of their design from the pics so I won't bore you with the details. I will try to highlight a few elements you can't tell from the pics.1. The SX6's are made out of a very nice MDF material and have an understated woodgrain pattern. I have the black pair and I really like their appearance.2. Many have complained about their base pedestal. I really don't mind it. I guess you could remove it if you'd like and then they would be sitting on their grommets. I have mine on Adam Hall isolation pads and they look very nice.3. The speaker covers look a little cheap. They are made from a slightly thin fabric and may tear with some abuse. They are pretty typical for speakers in this class though.4. The main design element I don't like with these speakers is their sharp edges. I would have rather they routed the corners instead of leaving them untouched. They seem as though they will scratch and nick very easily.SOUNDThis is where the SX6s really excel. They present a very natural, open sound stage. When compared to most speakers I've heard in this class they are much clearer and more natural. I have a pair of the Dayton B652s (non air) and the SX6s kick the woofers out of those. Both sets have decent bass and highs but the Fluance's sound so much more accurate and open than the Daytons.When you first connect the SX6s to your amp and listen to them the music sounds a little flat. There is not much bass or midbass at the begging. Once you break these babies in for about ten hours (as per the manufacture's recommendation) they really come alive. Lower frequencies are filled in nicely and highs really come alive. I've been able to get them to hit down around 50hz so far. If you need lower bass consider adding a sub.When I play "The Walking Blues" by Royal Crown Revue I am able to hear a full and rich soundstage presented by the orchestra and lead vocals. The tenner sax sounds like it is coming from just off of right center and the vocals sound as though they are coming from the middle. I was never able to hear these nuances with my Aiwa or Dayton speakers, lat alone ANY set of Logitechs!The SX6s have one of the best tweeters I've ever heard. I'm sure there are better ones out there, but this is the best I've heard to date. Highs are clean and crisp while not sounding shrill. Symbals and tenner instruments sounds beautiful and really aid in the natural soundstage.One downside, if you want to call it that, to these speakers is that you can immediately hear the weaknesses in compressed music. Mp3s just don't present the same level clarity and soundstage as lossless audio formats. This truly and issue with compressed music and not these speakers. With lesser speakers it is harder to hear the difference between compressed and uncompressed audio.These speakers are, however, not perfect. One area they seem to struggle is with midbass. Frequences between 120 and 200hz seem a bit muted. I am hoping these come alive after more break in.SUMMERYSo to summerize I'd just like to say again how much I really like the Fluance SX6s. They certainly are not perfect and I'm sure you can find better speakers out there, but not at this price. I purchased a reconditioned pair from Fluance for $100 and they are well worth that price if not twice. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

2K5DLUX November 20, 2015

I watched a YouTube review of these speakers by ZeosPantera and after 30+ minutes of great sound even thru my computer speakers I was convinced. I am very sensitive to highs, so I immediately knew the tweeters on this Butterworth system would be amazing. I purchased them from Amazon and got them in two days. I played all types of music, including pink and brown noise sweeps for about 2 days before I sat to really listen to them.I can tell you I am truly amazed. The SX6s are hooked up in a 2.0/2.1 system consisting of a Denon AVR3805, Denon DVD3910 SACD player, an SMSL M8 DAC with DSD (crystal clear sound) and they are placed about 3 feet from my 27" computer monitor and Windows 7 computer.It does not matter whether I listen in nearfield environment or move back to my couch about 8 feet from the computer, these speakers sound amazing with any type of music. They are not directional at all and they provide a wall-of-sound at every angle. Feed them with FLAC, DSD, SACDs and high quality mp3s (320kbps) and you will be impressed. Remember G-I-G-O.I am waiting for a Martin Logan Dynamo 300 sub (ZeosPantera again) to fill out the bottom end. I'm thinking that based on the frequency response chart on the specs page for these, I might want to cross them at 100Hz and enjoy crisp and clean music, even at high levels. But, without the sub, they sound just awesome.I was skeptical about how a brand I never heard of would sound. Even considering their pricepoint I was a bit reluctant.I have to admit, I have a 7.1 system with Emotiva amplifiers, dual subs, JBL towers, center and 4 surrounds that is valued at 6-7k dollars. So comparing to that, I would have passed on these.I am so grateful to Zeos for his review. I am truly a believer that these little gems are no reflection of their price. Thank you Fluance for an amazing value. Thank you Amazon for the fast shipping.Sonny Rollins, Woody Shaw, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Wes Montgomery and I are having an awesome time with these!!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

buda November 20, 2015

I was surprised by pretty good sound quality for so low price. I advise it to anyone who wants a good budget stereo speaker for music listening. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Seth Balmore November 20, 2015

I was looking for speakers to replace the big, ugly Sony speakers that came with my stereo system over a decade ago. Those Sony speakers are a 3-way design and have a 6.5" woofer, so they sound reasonably good and produce pretty deep bass, but I knew there was more that could be achieved.These Fluance speakers are exactly what I was hoping for. In comparison to my old Sony's, they have much more presence and far more detail in the highs (despite being only a 2-way design). They're plenty loud and the bass extends just as far as it should for a speaker this size. Still, I use these with an 8" Sound Dynamics subwoofer and they really come to life. All in all, the Fluance SX6 simply sound great, bringing clarity to music without being harsh. I ordered these for $130 straight from the manufacturer and, for that price, they're worth every penny and then some. These speakers could easily sell for $250/pair.To further describe their sound signature, the Fluance SX6 sound very similar to the Micca MB42, which I also own. But they improve on that design by being much less harsh in the upper mids and highs, and by extending to much lower frequencies as well. But this is obviously accomplished through the superior size of the Fluances. They're not small by any means, measuring almost 14 inches high and 8 inches wide. On top of that, they're rather weighty. But the similarities are not in sound alone; the black wood grain of the Fluances is EXACTLY the same as on the Miccas. Together, they look like they come from the same manufacturer. So if you're thinking of matching the Fluances with smaller Surrounds, the Miccas would be a good bet because the look and sound are both so similar.There's not much more I can say about this product. They're simply good sounding, solidly constructed speakers, and they're CHEAP. If you're in need of true bookshelf speakers or main speakers for your home theater, I cannot recommend the Fluance SX6 enough. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Brad Johnson November 20, 2015

I was needing a good but inexpensive pair of speakers for my shop. These are perfect. They have good sound and are the right price. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

T.O. November 20, 2015

i thought they were ging to be kind of cheaply made but they are quality and they look super clean as well. they can blast and they have a crisp clean sound. im not very knowledgable about these things but i do know what music should sound like coming out of a speaker and these are far superior to any speakers i have owned before. If you want a quality experience i also suggest buying a old school reciever off of ebay mabe a sony or pioneer, and hooking up a record player(mabe a pro-ject debut iii that i just bought as well) and just letting these things play your blues away. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Vincent Ramirez November 20, 2015

I read other positive reviews about these speakers so I went for it. These arrived quickly with Prime shipping. Packing was outstanding, double boxed with thick foam padding. Hard to believe the quality of these speakers at this price point. I am using them with the Lepai LP2020A class T amp, LP-2020A+ Lepai Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amplifier with Power Supply also a great buy. These are going to be my monitor speakers for at home turntable mixing and beat production. These speakers can fill my entire basement with sound and I am very impressed with the clean bass, thanks to the port on the back of the speaker. I was so happy with them I went to buy another pair but the price had gone up from my original purchase. If you are in the market for a good set of bookshelf, monitor, PC, or home stereo speakers give these a try. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Hammy Technoid "5.1 junky" November 20, 2015

I purchased these speakers based mainly on the reviews. They are phenomenal speakers for being on the low end of audiophile quality. Even though they are spec'd out at 50 to 20Khz, i have had them producing substantial sound at 40 hz. As a matter of fact, that was my method of breaking them in. I loaded a 40hz test tone onto my mp3 player and pumped it into these babies for 24 hours straight. I made sure to get a good 1/4 inch of excursion. Fortunately I live in a house at the end of a cul de sac, so all that bass didn't bother anyone. After that significant break in period, I played some serious music, and some not so serious. These speakers are awesome. For use in a small room, they shouldn't need a sub, but if you plan on using them for theatre or large rooms, then consider some form of bass enhancement. The highs are crisp, but a slight dip from 4Khz to 8Khz might require modest EQ. These are no match for my Infinity RS-6's, but those are 4 times the price too ($600.00 back in 1983, who knows how much nowadays).I'm glad I bought these. They are worth the price. They outperform more expensive speakers (which ones, I'm not sure, but I'm betting there are more expensive speakers out there that stink compared to these). I have mine connected to a Carver M1.0t amplifier being driven by a Carver C-1 preamp with Sonic Hologram. These little beauties are quite impressive with their imaging. A nice tight bass and rumbles when you like them. While pumping a pure 40hz sine wave test tone into them, I could detect a very slight port noise. It is not noticeable during music. (Test tones are not practical and should never be the sole means of judging speakers). I've only had them for a week, so technically I'm still breaking them in. I haven't cranked them yet. I'm fairly afraid to as my Carver amp can shred at 500 watts per channel. There'd be some sadness in the camp if I blew them up. They sound so good at medium volume. I'm taking out all my old music and re-listening to hear how these speakers work it. So far--- AWESOME! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Chris E. November 20, 2015

I purchased these mainly to use as a set of desk speakers but am now using them in my home theater. I tested them on my Yamaha HTR-7065 and they sound wonderful. I previously had a set of 3-way Sony speakers as my fronts but these just sound better to me. They arrived well-packaged with no issues except a bunch of Styrofoam balls that now litter the floor when I opened them. I did notice the veneer on one of the bases in the back is coming up but it was an openbox from Fluance here on Amazon and I don't notice it all in normal use, and they sound great so I decided not to try and exchange them. Overall, the sound is great, they look great, and they're well priced. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

T. Segovia "gordo164" November 20, 2015

I own this set of speakers. They sure sound bigger than they are, the sound fills my room with clear rich sound. I listen to everything from rock to classical,cd to vinyl and everything sounds terrific on these...I recommend theses speakers to anyone looking for great sound!<p><i>Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store</i>.</p

T. Segovia "gordo164" November 20, 2015

I own this set of speakers. They sure sound bigger than they are, the sound fills my room with clear rich sound. I listen to everything from rock to classical,cd to vinyl and everything sounds terrific on these...I recommend theses speakers to anyone looking for great sound! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

shayn wilson November 20, 2015

I originally purchased the Sxhtb 5.0 system from craigslist. When I got it home, one of the towers was broken. I was a little irritated but for what I paid I still got a good deal. I ordered these to replace the fronts. They sound really good. I have been listening to Pandora and watched the dark knight rises. Great detail in these speakers. Very happy with my purchase. Next is the Subwoofer. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Garland L. Krause November 20, 2015

I needed new speakers that I could use banana plugs. I have been using Logitech Z5500's for a long time and the spring connectors are shot and my eyes are getting old! These Fluance SX6 and the smaller pair for the surrounds are very nice and the price was hard to beat. Thanks very much fluance and Amazon.glk1947!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

MNPLS November 20, 2015

I have speakers in every room; I got these for our bedroom because they sound so great at lower volumes. Amazing value -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

ZeosPantera November 20, 2015

I have been around the cheap bookshelf scene for a while now and these kill everything around them. Dayton B652's, Micca MB42 and the 42X's the renound Pioneer BS22's. This slays them all in sound quality. My Video Review is Here: http://youtu.be/heo66YtJO1w :(Too long for Amazon Embed, Sorry)The "Bigger is Better" adage that rarely applies to modern equipment still holds true in some cases. The benefit of this HUGE ported box being lower lows are possible here than anywhere else.The tweeter in this is also of a design I LOVE. No wave guides, just a huge, soft dome projecting in all directions. The detail at close range and low volumes is incredible.Cons... Big (not really a con unless an S.O. says so), Not the best finish on the planet (only tested the light colored ones), Banana's are too far apart to use standard 3/4" dual plugs. That is it. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

NA November 20, 2015

I had to replace some very nice speakers (Linn Tukan) because my vintage amp could not drive 4 ohm speakers. But I am on a budget so I had to find 8 ohm bookshelf speakers that would suffice for decent sound and look good in my office.The sound produced by these speakers are very nice. The bass is better than expected for a bookshelf speaker. I would say that it's a little weak in the midrange but overall pleasant to listen to. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Mike Deskins November 20, 2015

I had been looking for some bookshelf speakers for a while when I stumbled across these Fluance SX6s. I had never heard of Fluance before, but after reading the positive reviews I decided to roll the dice. First, the packing was great. No way these were getting damaged in the shipping process. Equally awesome is the lifetime guarantee that comes with them. Speakers are the right size and weight for a bench set up. Still breaking them in, but like what I'm hearing so far. And for under $100 I'm definitely a fan! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Ron Chapman November 20, 2015

I had not heard of this brand before, so I was skeptical, but the price and reviews one me over.Am I ever happy with them too, it showed up well ahead of schedule (letting me use my new record player on time), and it was easy to hook up and get them running.They sound warm and clear, and are well worth the investment. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Livin In Hawaii "David A" November 20, 2015

I got these for my lanai where I have my gaming PC and 47" LED TV. Hooked them up to a Teac AH01DAC/AMP and they produce a great sound for the price. Even mounted about 4 feet up on a wall they produce pretty good base. I have a 8" sub hooked up to the Teac AH01 but I don't turn it on most of the time since the sound from the SX6 is really good. For the price ($129) you can't go wrong. These are much better than the Dayton B652's that I was using, worth 2.5x price. They seem to respond to better amps as I tried them on my living room system (Schiit Modi DAC, Harmon Kardon Citation XX amp) and they sounded even better. They are no match for my other speakers however (KEF 103.3 Reference, Magnepan 1.7, Rauna TYR) but then again they cost 1/5 the price of the Rauna's and 1/15 the price of the KEF and Mag. Thinking of getting another set for the bedroom but it might be a tight fit. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

hoang Phan November 20, 2015

I bought this speaker based on the trust of other reviewers on Amazon and indeed they're right!... These speakers were great and I can not believed that it's only $120/pair. I had my eyes on SVS a pair cost #$1,000...now I just trusted my ears!With a good Sub...you can have dawn good sound...no need to spend 2K floor speakers. Let's trust me ...like I trusted the others -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

big shane November 20, 2015

I bought these to run on a nobsound tube amp i bought here also, the combination of the two is honestly stunning, the smooth delivery and balanced sound, matched with the neutrality and openness, they sound as good as my vintage advent legacies, and better than the klipsch speakers i was considering prior to this purchase -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

mage3045 November 20, 2015

I bought this based on the other reviews that I read on Amazon. I am really pleased with my purchase. I am not a huge speaker head or audiophile but I am very pleased with the quality. Also, they have a very clean and elegant look. The wood finish is really nice.I would recommend! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

M.H. November 20, 2015

I bought these speakers to serve as fairly cheap audio equipment for my college dorm, and quite frankly, these are simply perfect for that purpose. They're the perfect size for sitting on a desk or a bookshelf. The audio quality is great, provided one is fine with burning them in for a number of hours. Furthermore, no other speaker set in this price range looks as good as these. Generally, one would get some cheap looking black plastic things, but these have quite the aesthetically-pleasing yet simple wood finish.My only issue is really my own fault: this being the first actual audio equipment I've had, it took me a while to set up. After that bit of stress was over, however, I've had no complaints. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Sean November 20, 2015

I bought these to complement my desktop as I have not been pleased with the recent computer speaker sets that I have purchased. I am not an audio-file or have any really expensive audio equipment, but they sound better than everything else I have tried with my desktop.CONS: The only thing that I did not like about the speakers was their low's, they sounded too hollow, but for their price it really didn't bother me. However, I did decide to add a sub-woofer. It made the setup complete.PROS: Cannot beat the price!! Some of the best sound quality and physical quality in this price range. These are some of the nicest sounding speakers I have ever had (aside from the hollow low's, which really wasn't that big of a deal) as far a music, movies, and games are concerned (what more is there??). I will say at first I did not like the color of them in the pictures but man are they beautiful, though it would be nice if they offered some more color options (mocha/cherry/black) but either way you cannot go wrong with these speakers. They also feel solid.Other: I listened to them for about an hour and then put on a playlist for 6-7 hours and they seemed like they had broken in very quickly as after about 40-50 hours the sound quality/signature has not changed (not a bad thing as they sound great). I listen to a varied selection of music (anything from classical to rap to ambient to house) and the only real trouble they had were the low's for rap/house/anything else with a lot of bass music, which was fixed with a sub-woofer.Originally I bought these with a T-amp (to save space as my desk is cramped), which worked fine at lower volumes, but created some distortion at higher noise levels (which is the fault of the amp, not the speakers). It also was not the best way to connect a sub-woofer to a desktop, as I had to set the sub as front speakers for it to get detected by vlc/itunes for music (could just be a problem with my drivers). The problem with having it set like that is there are way to many "high's" (for a sub). So i connected everything to a 5.1 Yamaha receiver with an LFE output and everything was much better, the speakers could be pushed a lot further while still sounding great, I reached my limits of volume before they started distorting, which is great as they will never get to volume levels that high.Also the fact that they came triple boxed (double boxed from Fluanced + the box amazon shipped them in), which makes me feel that Fluance cares more about their products/having a good name then they do the bottom line.I would recommend these speakers to anyone, and would definitely buy another pair myself. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Evan J H November 20, 2015

I bought these speakers for my wood working shop. I wanted something with great sound and could be played at a high volume as to drown out my neighbor that plays hate radio all day. I did not want anything to expensive because in the shop they would get dusty and take everyday abuse. During my surch I found Fluance, I had never herd of them and took a chance on them. WOW they sound great, plenty of bass, great sound stage. I've had Polk bookshelf speakers in the past and these sound almost as good at half the cost. They fill my 500 square foot shop with great sound, and I listen to all types of music from classical, to country, to rap, to blues, to rock and they all sound amazing. The best part of all I can no longer hear the hate radio, and I'm sure he can hear all my tunes! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Mr. M November 20, 2015

I bought the Fluance speakers and the Pioneers which are about the same price. the Pioneer dont have much kick to them. they have smaller woofers. I also ran both speakers with a subwoofer and still liked the Fluance better. I listened to the same songs I have listened to my whole life over both sets of speakers. I think the pioneer would be fine surround speakers but perfer the Fluance as a main set of book shelf speakers. also the Fluance are much better looking. the Pioneer looks like they are part of a plastic set of speakers. Lastly, I researched the internet about these speakers and it my opinion that Pioneer is much better at Marketing with Mr. Jones than other speaker companies. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Hunter Mitchell November 20, 2015

I bought these after my computer speakers died. I had dusted off my old receiver and needed some excellent bookshelf speakers and didn't have the money to also purchase a sub. After some good suggestions, extensive self investigation, and then watching reviews of bookshelf speakers on youtube I finally settled on these. They look great and sound even better. They sounded great right out of the box which made me even more excited because I knew the sound would only get better. Sure enough around 10 hour of playtime having all kinds of different types of music and gaming through them they settled into the excellent state they are in now. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a set of excellent and handsome bookshelf speakers. They are quite sizable, you'll need the proper amount of real estate to have these on your desk but as the saying goes, "There's no replacement for displacement"! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Jersey Boy November 20, 2015

I bought mine directly from Fluance. They are incredible, especially for the price. I just put together a new retro 2.1 system, with a Yamaha R-S500 receiver and these little babies really fill my room, which is big (20 X 25, 20' cathedral ceiling) without any noticeable distortion. I have the light colored ones, which appear to be a wood grain pattern plastic finish. Certainly not as nice as real wood, but I'm not hearing the finish. In a word, wonderful. Next step is to get my ancient, 40-years-in-the-attic AR XA with the Shure V15 Type3 cartridge back in working order! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Dcho November 20, 2015

I am an audiophile and currently own a high end system in my living room. I was looking for small secondary system for a den and found this speaker at attractive price. The speakers are bigger than expected but the enclosures are very well made using good materials.With the sensitivity of 89, 14 watts t-amp makes wonderful sounds!The bass is little weak side but highs and mids are very clear and produce transparent sound.For the price, I don't think you can get better speakers. I can say that it'll be really hard to find better speakers even at $300. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

JT November 20, 2015

I actually can't say enough about these, nor am I, frankly. They are incredibly good, and went from being my computer set to replacing a $1,600.00 pair in my music room. The high frequency extension and detail are very good, and all the information get to you. The midranges, female vocals are my test (Patricia Barber in particular), are smooth and silky. The bass, to me, is fine. They replaced towers, and I saw no need for a subwoofer.They were so good that I also bought a pair of the floorstanders in the same series, directly from Fluance. As it would happen, and often does, they are not nearly as fulfilling. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Sean November 20, 2015

I also have a pair of the smaller Polk 40 mtm speakers. I will take the Fluance over the Polks any day. I realize that a lot of listening tests are very subjective. However, it appears anything in the midrange frequencies on up are much clearer. Less accentuation in the middle bass as well. Just overall a clear sounding speaker -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Westy November 20, 2015

I always buy Fluance speakers now. Fantastic speakers at a rock bottom price. No doubt that I would buy from Fluance again. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

A. Loechler November 20, 2015

hese are excellent sounding speaks. I purchased 2 pair and I'm using them as a left, right, center on a small home theater setup. They give enough base to makeup for the lack of a subwoofer in my setup. I did have to give the center channel a + in volume to get the dialog I wanted.over all I'm very pleased with them and they are of excellent build quality.honestly I don't care for the little brass color metal posts but they can be easily removed with a screwdriver.I may purchase the center channel speaker from there other set and use my extra to complete a 5.1 in the future. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

H. Eng November 20, 2015

Here are my findings. Your mileage may vary. Sound is subjective so these are just data points to help you decide if these are the right speakers for you. My personal goal is to find cheap speakers for airplay around the apartment, and in the future, for whole house audio.Pros1 - neutral tone - non fatiguing sound2 - nice mids and highs - sounds best on vocal tracks3 - reasonable sound stage presentation, depends on speaker placementCons1 - lacks bass, makes vocals sound thin.2 - poor resolution of details in music3 - lacks transparency and sometimes can sound like a hollow boxThese are not warm sounding speakers. The mid-bass is missing even after 35 hours of break in. Adding a subwoofer may not help since I want more mid-bass. I don't have a sub so cannot comment further about it.Would I recommend these? It depends. If you have a sub and a small size room I think these are a "buy." If you have a small size room and NO sub, then these are a "try." If you are used to hearing $200+ speakers then you will be disappointed. For larger rooms you will need to play around with placement near walls and boundaries to see if you can get more bass. Otherwise, you need larger speakers for larger rooms. Not these.I am now listening to them with iTunes EQ set to Bass Boost and they are a little better. Certainly they can serve as generic airplay speakers with the EQ on. They are somewhat big so they may not be the best for bookshelves, especially since they are rear ported.I hope this helps. Personally I will not be buying another set and will look around for other speakers that might serve the whole-house audio role.UpdateI find that I like the soundstage from 15+ feet. If you have a large room, play these loud and stand 15-20 feet away. They sound better loud (unfortunately).My wife noticed that they lack high frequency sparkle. I agree. Still, they sound nice for what they can do. I wish I had other speakers on hand for comparison. Unfortunately I am planning my move now and cannot buy anything until I am in a house.The more I listen to these the more I like them enough to consider buying another pair if I should need them for whole house audio. It's the price that makes them a good choice for multi-room audio.Also, I tried putting them on a desk near a rear wall. This helped boost the bass. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Randy Sanders November 20, 2015

Had these now nearly 6 months. Best speakers I've ever owned for the money. Owned PSB, Polk, Wharfedale, and others costing at least 3 times more. Great sound across the board. Can be powered by most amps. Discovered one here by SMSL with 50wpc that sells for 66.00. One Fluance customer said it powers them easily. Couldnt be happier. Listened to Pioneer 22's and nowhere near as impressed. Sounded "veiled" if can put a term on their sound and sell for around same price. Add the fact that these speakers have lifetime warranty and free shipping. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Randy Sanders November 20, 2015

Had these now nearly 6 months. Best speakers I've ever owned for the money. Owned PSB, Polk, Wharfedale, and others costing at least 3 times more. Great sound across the board. Can be powered by most amps. Discovered one here by SMSL with 50wpc that sells for 66.00. One Fluance customer said it powers them easily. Couldnt be happier. Listened to Pioneer 22's and nowhere near as impressed. Sounded "veiled" if can put a term on their sound and sell for around same price. Add the fact that these speakers have lifetime warranty and free shipping. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Brad November 20, 2015

Great speakers. Running them with a SMSL SA50 right now and they sound great. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

TNH November 20, 2015

Great speakers for near-field listening at moderate volume. Mid-range is a tiny bit too lively. But that works well on many classical music recordings. Construction and finish is excellent considering the price. These speakers are currently being sold through eBay by Fluance on sale at $79.99/pair, shipping included. That is a tremendous bargain! I ordered a pair on 1/1 and received them on 1/4. Fluance shipped fast and item is well packaged as many others have commented. Highly recommended. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Chief engineer "Chief Engineer" November 20, 2015

Great sounding bookshelf speakers. At this price point I was very surprised. When they arrived I compared them to my klipsch set up and while no klipsch they had a very nice sound range. I connected them to a hyrid tube amp and they sound fantastic, better than some others I've had connected. If anyone asks for good house speakers that don't cost big bucks I would point them at this brand. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Kenneth Lawson November 20, 2015

Great sounding set of speakers. Clear and deep mids and highs. Bass isn't too powerful, but you won't need a subwoofer. One note is that they do take a while to break in. At first the bass was almost undetectable and the sound quality was average. After about 8 hours of music, however, they started to sound truly great. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Sepnotic November 20, 2015

Great speaker and happy with them. Amazon shipping was fast as always. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Juan Pablo Carranza November 20, 2015

Got this SX6 to start my own surround system for my room . they are connected to a Pioneer VSX823 as a right and left speakers and the sound is just fantastic . I may get a Fluance center unit , but that is it. Great product and very well delivered .Never have a Fluance product before an will recommend this babies to all my friends. cabinet color is nice and love the details .for such a small units the base sound is fantasticThanksJP -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Soehlig November 20, 2015

For the price, these speakers are quite nice. That being said, I would not use them in a primary high-end audio 2.0 set up. The overall build quality is good but, the veneer finish is complete garbage and second, those little platforms that are attached to the bottom of the speaker are pointless. Some nice rubber pads would be a lot better in my opinion.The sound quality is great and is pretty consistent from amp to amp with varying power ratings. I have run these on mostly vintage equipment - Pioneer SX-3700, Pioneer SA-510, SAE Two, Sansui AU-D7 and a Sansui AU-717. While the sound was consistent across all those amps, I found the best mating with the AU-717 which had been re-capped. The mating is spot on and gave these speakers a rich, full, warm sound stage that was full of ambient life with amazing highs and great low end for such a small speaker. I also think the amount of power being driven to them was spot on which is about 85 watts per channel. These speakers will sound good no matter what you run them with but, I recommend giving them power in neighborhood of 80 - 100 watts. You can run less but, I think to get the true dynamics out these, they like a little more power than 30 - 40 watts.I modified these speakers and removed that clunky, useless base that comes on it. I simply unscrewed it and place the little bumpers on the bottom as feet. This really cleaned up the aesthetics and they are lighter now too.All in all for a second bedroom or office system, these are great if you don't want to spend a ton of money. They might also make nice surround speakers for a home theater setup. I gave them four stars because of the shoddy veneer and poorly designed base they sit on. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Soehlig November 20, 2015

For the price, these speakers are quite nice. That being said, I would not use them in a primary high-end audio 2.0 set up. The overall build quality is good but, the veneer finish is complete garbage and second, those little platforms that are attached to the bottom of the speaker are pointless. Some nice rubber pads would be a lot better in my opinion.The sound quality is great and is pretty consistent from amp to amp with varying power ratings. I have run these on mostly vintage equipment - Pioneer SX-3700, Pioneer SA-510, SAE Two, Sansui AU-D7 and a Sansui AU-717. While the sound was consistent across all those amps, I found the best mating with the AU-717 which had been re-capped. The mating is spot on and gave these speakers a rich, full, warm sound stage that was full of ambient life with amazing highs and great low end for such a small speaker. I also think the amount of power being driven to them was spot on which is about 85 watts per channel. These speakers will sound good no matter what you run them with but, I recommend giving them power in neighborhood of 80 - 100 watts. You can run less but, I think to get the true dynamics out these, they like a little more power than 30 - 40 watts.I modified these speakers and removed that clunky, useless base that comes on it. I simply unscrewed it and place the little bumpers on the bottom as feet. This really cleaned up the aesthetics and they are lighter now too.All in all for a second bedroom or office system, these are great if you don't want to spend a ton of money. They might also make nice surround speakers for a home theater setup. I gave them four stars because of the shoddy veneer and poorly designed base they sit on. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Ryan Edsall November 20, 2015

Full, warm, rich. Best speakers I've owned. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

SL-GHI CHOI November 20, 2015

First, I can say I am an audio nut. I tried most of the hifi reference speakers ( For speaker: JBL, B&W, Quad, klipsch, AR, dynaudio, KEF, Altec, sonus, castle, proac, AE, nht, paradigm, psb and so on.)With this price there is nothing you can compare with. You need to compare with three times of this speaker if you want to talk about the sound quality. I tried with various dac and various amp and I can see that it improves more and more as I change to high end dac and amp. Remember, this is only a bookshelf. Not a floor standing. Even though you use decent power and with pre still cannot produce deep bass as floor standing but it gives you very solid and tight bass which I love it. The speaker is little bright but it is not harsh. Vocal littler forward. Separation is ok but the upper midrange and midrange are truly amazing. Overall they are flat and there sound signature is close to hifi sound. I recommend for those of you like to listen vocal, jazz, and classic(not orchestra). Personally, I think is the one of best speaker for vocal(female).You need to keep that in mind I was only talking about the sound quality. Of course the finish is just about the price. The MDF is not thick enough for speaker and overall it looks cheap.But regardless of that, this is truly amazing speaker. The sound quality will make you forget about the cheap outer appearance. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Heather L. Taylor "BrBl" November 20, 2015

First off, my girlfriend heather bought these for me for my shop. I'm no audiophile, but I cannot see how they make any money on these speakers. For $129 a pair you can't go wrong. I have some old infinity beta 50's in the house that rock, and although these can't compare to those because they're bookshelf speakers, once they're broken in, I can't believe how good they sound. The build quality is ridiculous for speakers that cost this much, and they sound transparent. I have them paired with a cheap Yamaha sub, and receiver. Outstanding bookshelf speakers for the price. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

sue November 20, 2015

Excellent sound quality for a great price. Product was delivered on time and was packaged well. Was very pleased with purchase and would recommend this product and seller to friends. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

F. Lizama November 20, 2015

Earlier this month one of the satellites on my beloved Z560 stopped working. Sure, I could get a new control pod and continue using them but it was an excuse to get something new. For 2 weeks I researched and read up on Pioneers, Sony, Micca, Emotiva, and found the Fluance SX6. Review after review raved about this speaker set. With a lifetime warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, and a special price of $100 shipped I decided to bite the bullet. A week later they showed up at my front door, I hooked them up immediately and gave them a test run. I was very impressed, the same clarity I only experienced by turning speakers up loudly or by wearing headphones was achievable by the Fluance's at all volume points. I've played them for about 6 hours now at moderate volume and the sound keeps getting better and better. Little detail in music I couldn't hear before are now clear, individual instruments are decipherable, and they can also handle the low end if you need them to. However, I paired them up with a MartinLogan Dynamo 300 subwoofer and they complement each other perfectly. Keep in mind that I hooked them up to a Yamaha RX-V675 which offers about 100Watts per channel. If you are on the fence about the speakers, just buy them already. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Alfred Chiu November 20, 2015

Could not ask for better pair of speakers for the price. Using speakers for old school stereo system, not home theater.Replaced old Rogers LS3/5A bookshelf speakers. The Fluance SX6 are not as warm nor as clear as the Rogers speakers, but for$120/pair, you can't beat it. They sound great for the price and generate a lot volume for bookshelf speakers. Needs some time to break in speakers.Sounds much better after a week or two of continual use.Cannot comment on its usage for a home theater system. Would not recommend if you listen to hip hop, metal or other bass heavy distorted music, but great for classical, jazz, and clean vocals. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

audioamateur November 20, 2015

Bought these to go with a yamaha rxv673 for fronts on a small home theater with a polk 10 sub the mids and highs are good and the polk handles the lows.Very pleased with them!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Graham Wood November 20, 2015

Better than speakers that cost three times as much, hands down. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Clifford Rockefellow November 20, 2015

These speakers are BEAUTIFULLY made, sound equally as good as they look, and I will be buying 2 more - RIDICULOUS BUY (but only when $79.99) - DO NOT PASS THESE UP at that price! Any higher and there are a LOT of better choices out there so look elsewhere then. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Judson Maillard November 20, 2015

Beautiful crystal sound, simple and easy to use just the way I like my life lol... Thanks very happy I will be getting another pair!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Yung K. November 20, 2015

Beautiful Speakers. Quality parts, Quality construction, and Quality Sound.The neodymium tweeter is a musical delight. It's in a completely different league than your ordinary speaker's, able to satisfy your thirst for articulate and engaging high frequency sounds. The 5 inch woofer may not have thunderous and explosive bass, but that's expected for a speaker of this size. However, I have a sense that it is more capable and more powerful than most 5 inch woofers on the market today. Its sound is clean and tight and is almost a match for the slightly more powerful neodymium tweeter that sits on top.These Fluance speakers now serve in my 10'x10' music room with a Denon Receiver or a Hafler P1500 amp. I also own other speakers in its class according to size, such as Hafler M5 and Technical Pro MRS6, and I can say that I am more satisfied with the Fluance SX6. It has become my Reference Speaker in my Music Room.I challenge you to find a better sounding speaker than the Fluance SX6 for under $150. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

m November 20, 2015

AMAZING. I broke them in as instructed.They are clear & give great sound stage I can still enjoy the warmth and depth. I find the production or recording really affects the overall "bass" for example, Catherine Howe (1971) has a slight hiss in the recording. Switch over to Ekfterklang (2012) and forget that they're the same speakers.Hands down for price, the best (and more rich than others more higher priced mind you). Using them with SMSL SA-50 with my desktop computer. They fill the room and also when faced I can send them towards my porch for a clean ambient sound.They are larger than ideal for a desktop setup, but I do not regret the sound. The rear facing sub port requires at the least 1ft from the wall note that if have them on a desktop as I do. Really expect the size and space requirements prior to purchasing. I will definetly be buying more from Fluance in the future. I have 7.1 Polk system in my living room powered by a Pioneer amp, I am tempted to swap my rear speakers for these jams See how they do. but love them in the office where I am. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

T Kueny "Happily Retired!" November 20, 2015

After buying the Fluance AVHTB+ Surround Sound Home Theater 5 Speaker System for my primary home theater, and finding them to be amazing, I thought I try the Fluance SX6 High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers to compliment the surround system in my basement "man cave". Wow! I was not disappointed! The SX6 speakers sound quality is equal to speakers easily costing three times as much. How Fluance does it, I will never know, but I hope they keep doing it! I swear (raising my right hand) to never buy speakers from another manufacturer... ever!!! -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Amazon Customer November 20, 2015

After doing some research on these via google I decided to take a plunge and purchase them, I always have a nagging doubt that if something appears to be too cheap to be true, then it normally is. Well this is definitely NOT the case here.The speakers arrived triple boxed and well protected with polystyrene sheeting within the manufacturers inner box. Add to that the enclosed lifetime guarantee slip, just goes to show how much Flauance care about their products.The speakers are well constructed and are are fairly weighty for their size, another thing that points toward the quality of the construction.Straight out of the box they produced a good quality of sound and tight bass through the rear port, I sited them approximately 8 inches in front of the wall. As with all speakers they have to be burnt in before producing their best sound, so when they went horribly flat after about 20 hours use I did not worry too much. They now have about 50 hours and are improving all the time, tight bass, mid range lacking very slightly still, though I am sure this will improve further, and the trebles are bright, clear though not overpowering. Power handling is superb.The current set up is an Acer Bamboo laptop, Class T 20w RMS amp, Monster cables, nothing to shout about but then again I am working on a ship and this is may cabin set up. Baring this in mind, and that these have not yet been fully conditioned, I have already decided to buy another set take home to Brasil where they will show their prowess via my Yamaha separates, Beresford Gatorised DAC and no monster cables in sight.At this price they really are a bargain - buy them and enjoy.Update: these speakers are now in use with a Qinpu A3 tube amplifier and Rega Planet 2 Cd player and have vastly improved over the last 6 months. As expected the mid range has improved vastly, be sure to use rubber feet on them to prevent any vibration. I can highly recommend these speakers, they are a pleasure to listen to. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

Mickey Johansen "Happy Guy" November 20, 2015

... because these speakers will knock your sox off.As the holder of a couple of Loudspeaker patents myself, I feel compelled to add my voice to the many who have praised this speaker.Some wonderful audio gear is designed in Canada. But most of it, like Bryston and Magnum-Dynalab is accessible only to those with a big budget. This Fluance SX6 speaker, also designed in the true north strong and free, makes excellence affordable to just about anyone.Now I'm not claiming they are better in every way than my little Spendor LS 3/5se mini monitors, but the level of performance they achieve for about 8% of the price commands my respect and admiration. They made all the right engineering decisions. As just one example, they resisted the temptation to underdamp the woofer in their bass reflex enclosure, as do many manufacturers, to make inferior speakers sound bigger, at the cost of accuracy and detail.Not only were these guys [maybe gals?] knowledgable engineers, but they avoided the temptation of charging what the traffic would bear for a speaker of this excellence.Kudos to them. I just can't imagine anyone not enjoying this speaker, compared to any speaker at any price. They got it right. -Verified purchase from Fluance trusted store.

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