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Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2017):
Good sound for the size and price. It's for sure not a portable bluetooth system, but it is one of the best sounding (tested both with AUX and bluetooth) in its price range. Typical Fluance hitting well above it's price range. Because it is all one piece, you don't get soundstage like you do with a set of speakers separated by a reasonable distance, pretty much have to be directly infront of it. I managed to get it on sale but even at regular price you'd pretty much have to double the price to exceed it's sound quality and appearance.
(a little muted out of the box, within a couple of hours is had broken in enough to compare to the over 1 year old Fluance SX-6's I have, just finishing the recommended 10 hours before moving them to their final location in the house)