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Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on August 16, 2016):
I really wanted to like this bluetooth speaker unit - and did a ton of research to find one that has clean loud sound and thought I had it. Unfortunately the bluetooth connectivity is pretty weak. In my house/porch it's at best 10 feet - and sometimes less. Basically I found that I really had to leave the phone almost right next to the speaker to prevent songs from continuously going in and out - which of course defeats the purpose of a bluetooth speaker entirely since I have to walk over to the speaker to change a song

Technically this might be one of the better sounding units with a built in 40 watt amplifier - but that means little if the music keeps coming and going.

Although the company boasts about their warranty, return shipping on defective items is NOT free and it will cost a minimum of $25 - so factor that into the purchase price (those things always make me wonder about a company when they effectively say "we stand by our product but we're not confident in our quality enough to cover the cost of shipping for you!"

Although the look on the top is sleek with no buttons, be aware that it's very easy to touch the non-buttons and mess up volume or the treble and bass by mistake -Verified Store