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Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on March 7, 2016):
Sounds great. I'm using it with a chromecast audio device connected to the audio in. I never have to touch the speaker. It sits there on standby ready to play through bluetooth or my chromecast audio. My Sony bluetooth speaker would time out if not being used and I always had to push its bluetooth button when starting to use it. I guess the difference is the Sony is battery powered and letting it stay on standby would kill the battery, so it times out. DO NOT plug a chromecast into the usb port on the back of the Fluance for charging phones, it can fry the usb port and the chromecast. The speaker will still work but you could no longer charge your phone,and your chromecast will be toast. Don't ask me how I know.-) -Verified Store