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Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on December 27, 2016):
Well built (solid) and gorgeous in White + Lucky Bamboo finish.What about the sound though? I don't consider myself a true die-hard audiophile, though do rock a decent Klipsch KLF-20 setup with Paradigm 15' sub-woofer as my main setup, and a HiFi Man HE-500 headset running off a Schiit Lyr 2 amp, so those are my higher end comparisons. For day to day computer use, a Logitech setup with 8' sub and good old plastic box speakers. So nothing terribly expensive, just comparison points.What I would call this is a well above average Bluetooth speaker, and one that has been tuned to provide a fairly casual, non-aggressive sound (i.e., treble rolls off, and not much bite, blat, or razz in the mid-range, but...) the but part is that 1.) You can adjust treble and bass with the built-in controls if you desire a more aggressive high-end, and 2.) That's okay for what this is.It's okay because you never will get amazing stereo separation or instrument placement with any box that has the speakers this close together, but that's not what this is. This is more of a laid back, background kind of speaker, that can get reasonably loud, but again, it's really not meant to shake the rafters, or overwhelm you. Also there is a LOT to be said for a less aggressive treble. It's an easy relaxing listen for long periods of time with no fatigue.It sounds better than any tiny hand carry type of Bluetooth speaker because of the larger drivers, larger cabinet, and stiffer enclosure, so you get a nice clean sound that can fill an average size room with a comfortable level of music. Also if used over Bluetooth, especially if your source doesn't support Aptx, but even if does, while Bluetooth is convenient, it's also far from best possible quality.PROS -Works with Amazon's Echo Dot - easily paired.The touch sensitive buttons, while arguably not in the best place for everyone, are very responsive. A light touch is all that is needed. You can adjust display brightness (off, bright, dim), volume, and bass and treble are adjustable. Note that once a volume is set, you can also adjust volume at the Bluetooth source, so think of the speaker volume as a multiplier of the source.AUX in cable is an option, and the speaker comes with the needed cable.There is a RESET button to pair with another device.There is a USB charge port (charge only), so if you are using this with a phone or tablet, this can be used as both charger and speaker.For $200, while more than many plastic speaker options, it's a decent price for what you get in terms of build quality. - Verified Store