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Reference Series High Performance Three-way Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Product Review (submitted on July 16, 2018):
Short Version: I’ve had them for over a year now I love them. They’re big awkward to move but they’re beautiful pieces of furniture and they make a statement. The sound is big also these are truly loudspeakers. Buy a receiver that weighs more than 20 pounds to power them. Now the long version:
This is what got me to buy this speaker.
Each speaker has two separate chambers. The lower section of the speaker is a rear ported chamber with a down firing woofer the top sealed chamber has two mid ranges flanking a silk dome tweeter. They are tall narrow deep and heavy. Might not be good in homes with toddlers or rowdy people. Though the floor spikes do a good job of anchoring each speaker to my carpeted floor. Honestly they do sit pretty solid.
The front piano black finish is mirror like and the mahogany wrap on the body looks great. You won’t mistake them for real wood veneer but the quality is evident. Wife approved. it seems they’re also stylish floor standing shelves. These speakers make a statement about how you feel about sound.
Note: I havent shaken anything off the speakers yet I’ve tried out of curiousity.
They work well with movies and music. I’d describe the sound as warm with a slight emphasis on the mid bass. The down firing woofer makes for a large sound stage. They have a unique sound. On Ted Nugents riffs I could hear the notes moving up and down the speaker (these puppies are tall). Adele’s Hello plays to these speakers strengths if you’re a fan you’ll get a shiver.. Some cons are: Dialogue is a little muddied and the bass can fall apart on the deepest tones (think kettle drum). My receiver lets me dial them in though It’s a nice piece of kit itself. As noted above These are old school style loudspeakers. Volume in a medium size room is not an issue.
Pair of XL7F’s powered by an Onkyo TX series receiver pushing 100w/channel that weighs 23# highly recommended. Source is a home built HTPC (unreal what it will do). Simple but powerful.
Other Thoughts:
Ain’t no good video reviews on these speakers. The written review by Audioholics is very thorough and finally convinced me to buy them. Pay attention to the section about unpacking them it made my life easier. I used 12 awg wire (overkill but cheap on sale) and banana plugs for connectors (recommended). I had to expand the plugs on the banana plugs so they fit tightly into the speakers.
I also read every review on amazon and several pro reviews before purchasing these. I’m still very happy. - Verified Store