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Fi20 High Performance Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speaker

Product Review (submitted on May 8, 2019):
This Bluetooth speaker has a nice warm sound & just enough bass,crisp highs,Its build quality is better then any other bluetooth in the market, made out of MDF wood, I purchased the walnut wood & people ask me what is that thing. 360 sound so you can place it just about any where & get the same SQ, but if you place it too close the wall, you will get boomy bass,its better at least a few inches away from the wall, I also like the 24hr batter life! Now thats amazing! And how well the driver was built as well. The led light isn't just a light, its a function for the driver facing upwards towards how the led is built, giving it that wide 360 sound! Easy for portable with a leather strap.
Whats not to like.