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Fi20 High Performance Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speaker

Product Review (submitted on August 21, 2019):
I like a lot about this speaker. The 360 degree sound is fantastic. You can put this in the middle of a group and everyone can hear — and since it's such nice looking speaker it's a pleasure to have in the center of your space. It's hefty — nice quality.

Like most reviews have noted, the sound quality could be better, especially with the bass tones. Overall, I'd say the sound just feels muffled to me. Songs that I know have deeper sounds or brighter highlights just get leveled out. I was hoping for better based on my experience with other Fluance products (I have the Ai60 powered speakers and I LOVE them), but these need a little refinement.

I got this unit on sale for around $90, and that feels like a good value. I don't use this bluetooth speaker for serious listening. This is a campfire, backyard, beach speaker — so how good do you expect the sound anyway? It's fine for all those circumstances. At full price, however, I'm not so sure it's the best speaker you can get at that price point.