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Fi20 High Performance Portable Wireless 360 Degree Speaker

Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2019):
Fluance was a name unknown to me until I recently discovered and purchased from the company a soundbar. That is a fantastic speaker, and so is the Fluance Fi20 that I now own. Before I say anything about the speaker know this....while the company is based in Canada it is very easy, being in the States, to reach someone in the Customer Service/Support Department. That shouldn't be remarkable, but in this day and age it actually is. The fact that the company actually has a telephone number, rather than just an email address, is impressive in and of itself. As for the speaker, it sounds great, is very easy to Bluetooth pair and, frankly, is a nice looking piece of equipment. The walnut and black combo looks like stereo equipment from the 60's and 70's--by that I mean something you want to put on display and admire while you enjoy the sweet sound coming from the speaker. I'm 2 for 2 with Fluance.