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Reference High Performance 2-Way Bookshelf and Surround Speakers

Product Review (submitted on October 20, 2020):
I’d never heard of Fluance even thought they have been going for 20 years until I decided to change from my Cambridge Satellite speakers to bookshelf speakers I looked at the usual Polk Yamaha Klipsch Bose on internet in Electronic Shops that when I noticed Fluance the first thing to catch my eye was how good they looked the second was the price now don’t get me wrong the price wasn’t the reason I eventually got them in my 68 years I’ve been stung before by buying cheap but after checking numerous web site and review on YouTube you will always get at least a couple of bad ones no matter what you look for but since there was only a few not so good one’s but plenty of great reviews I decided to get them they look good and are well built I bought 5 speakers after hooking them up and turning on my system I had to turn it down from my usual listen volume they are so powerful and clear I was surprised and after listening to them for awhile I decided to keep them as you get a 30 day Free Return and am going to order 2 more to finish of my 7.1 system I have been that happy with Fluance I decided to buy the RT85 turntable but that’s for another review I would recommend them to everyone and you have nothing to lose since there’s a 30 day Free Return Policy.