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Ai41 Powered 5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Product Review (submitted on October 7, 2021):
Excellent speakers (this reviews the Ai41). I've been around high end audio for many years but this time I just wanted simple powered speakers that didn't take up much space -- no amplifier, pre-amp, numerous cables etc etc., for a smaller to medium sized room. And the Ai41 does the job admirably. Very clear with lots of detail, solid punchy bass, big enough sound to fill up the room, enough inputs for a variety of sources, very good build quality for a low priced $250 item. I was very very happy with this purchase. In the month I've had them I've only used the RCA inputs and do wish there was another set. But there are enough inputs overall to please most people. Love the remote with the ability to adjust the treble and bass. (Hint: initially it's hard to tell where you are on the adjustments. But there are ten setting for treble, bass and volume with a red double LED flash when you hit the max or min. So just turn off the source, adjust until you reach the max or min and click back 5 clicks and you're in the middle (neutral) setting. (I would think the Ai61 would be the same just with a bigger sound, deeper bass and an additional usb input.) Recommended!