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Ai41 Powered 5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2021):
Bottom Line: I've spent several weeks with these so far, and I will attest that these are excellent speakers for my application (computer desk). Great sound quality, classy looking, and the perfect size. The advertised 32 Hz low end is probably optimistic, but I had realistic expectations so I'm OK with that. The midrange for vocals and certain instruments (e.g., cello) sounds particularly warm and immersive. 100% would buy these again.Background: This is my second set of these speakers. The original set arrived damaged from shipping. One of the drivers was physically damaged and the front fascia on one of the speakers was crunched on one corner. The speakers produced a very audible hiss when turned on, regardless of volume level or input selected. The hiss would have been a deal-breaker by itself had there been no physical damage.I submitted a return request to Amazon and within approximately a week I had a new set of speakers on my doorstep. During the process, Fluance customer service also contacted me several times to ask a few things and inform me things were moving along. With bated breath I opened the second shipping box to find the replacement set was pristine in every way. No physical damage, and best yet, there's no audible hiss even when the gain is cranked up. This is when using the analog RCA input. I have not tried using the wireless connectivity yet.