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Ai41 Powered 5" Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Product Review (submitted on September 17, 2021):
These are good speakers . They are not perfect , but -- they are far better than other "E" type or even "K" type of speakers commonly seen in reviews and here at Amazon.Build quality is excellent , size is perfect , so why not 5 stars ???The truth is NO speaker in this price range should ever get 5 stars . It is acoustically impossible to get full range sound from a 5" driver and a 1" tweeter .However , these are amazing at making you think they can !! So what am I saying ???? Simple --the Fluance Ai41 is , for the money , one little power house of a speaker {`s } .They image very well and are as close to full range upper mid band and upper band frequency response that you can get for their size .Also having the ability to trim the bass or treble is also very handy , although once the speakers have been 'run-in' and your ears become accustomed to their sound , you will find a flat response is more than adequate .I nice feature is the high quality remote , very nice . Also nice to have both digital and analog inputs .Bluetooth is there if you need it and works rather well considering the limitations of bluetooth .The volume range is 0 _ to _ 30 blinks on the right LED indicator .Personally I have found with a high quality sound source anywhere between 15 and 20 blinks is plenty loud enough .Good speakers for the money !!This should be considered a " Dreamer _ Must Buy "