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RT85N Reference High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2022):
Is it terrible? No. Does it need work? ABSOLUTELY! Off the bat, the counterweight is next to impossible to read. The numbers and markings are faint. And, they are so small that a magnifying glass and a flashlight are requirements. Even at that, setting up is a guessing game (I've set up nearly 50 turntables, so I am experienced). Most disappointing was the Nagaoka MP 110. This was not my first encounter with this cartridge, but this one mirrored previous encounters. It builds static as it plays albums. Not just clicks, either. It builds enough static about ½ was through and album that loud "POPs" (loud enough that I worry about damaging my speakers) are discharged in the form of static. The first two I had (on different turntables) experienced the same issue. This is the only cartridge model I've had this issue with. Others (Ortofon, Shure, AT) I've never experienced this. Sending it back for Ortofon Blue