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Elite High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1 Channel Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on November 4, 2022):
When I first ran Audyssey I have to say I wasn't impressed. Always that concern when buying speakers without hearing them. But I learned that Audyssey doesn't set crossovers. I went into my AVR and set them correctly. Much better sound. Still not there yet. I read that tweeters should all be at the same height- ear level. So I adjusted my side surrounds tweeter height to match the front floor standing speakers. I also moved the center channel from the back of the audio console to the front. I also tilted the front so that the tweeter was aimed to my main seating ear position. Huge improvement! Bass was still lacking. After moving it around a bit and still not happy I did the "subwoofer crawl". I put the sub (elevated on a box) in my main listening position at ear level. I crawled around the floor to see where the bass signal was strongest. This is where you are supposed to place the sub at for your room environment. OMG! The system is fully tweaked for 5.1. The bass response, frequency separation, and spatial presence are AMAZING! Now I need to add the rear surrounds and re-EQ with Audyssey. Then I need to decide if I want to try bi-wiring the front mains. Hint: I probably will. VERY happy customer!