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Reference High Performance 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2022):
First of all, I purchased these based upon others reviews. I had never heard Fluance speakers before, but I wanted a true "3-way" speaker. I use these as stereo music speakers, and for my TV sound. For my taste in music (70's - 90's) these are a perfect match. I don't want base that will rattle the walls - when I went to concerts, base was not that pronounced. For music, the woofers mimic the live music for me as I heard it. I hear things now I wasn't hearing before on my LP's. Symphonies come alive - I can pick out individual instruments I couldn't before. Do I consider the bass weak ? No. On action movies, the bass is pronounced, but not overwhelming. The actors voices are clear, even with the "Explosions" going on. Once I found their positioning "sweet spot", they were perfect. Bottom line, would I buy them again ? YES.