Signature Series HiFi Two-way Center Channel Speaker

Signature Series HiFi Two-way Center Channel Speaker

Black Ash (HFC)

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Premium Features

  • Perfect the vocals and dialogue of your favorite music and movies with this high fidelity center channel speaker
  • Mastering precision and sonic accuracy, the Signature Series uses only premium components that ensure high fidelity sound transporting the theater into your living room
  • Ultra high-end Neodymium tweeters produce high frequencies with captivating clarity for a pure listening experience.
  • Dual 5 inch midrange drivers with unique pointed dome that allows sound waves to travel directly from the center of the woven glass fiber cone for an enhanced soundstage
  • Acoustically inert, the cabinet is precision crafted with engineered wood to create a warm, distortion-free sound
Signature Series Center Channel Speaker sound

From enchanting lyrics to captivating monologues, greatness deserves to be experienced purely. The Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Center Channel Speaker will perfect the vocals and dialogue of your favorite music and movies ensuring you are in the center of the action.

Focus on Sound Excellence

The Fluance Signature Series is a powerhouse in home audio. From the powerful midrange, to the ultra-high end tweeters, this speaker is the result of years of meticulous engineering. With a focus on sound excellence, every detail has been measured, tested, and perfected to recreate even the finest audio details with crystal clear accuracy.

Signature Series Center Channel Speaker sound

From Soft Whispers to Intense Roars

The center channel is arguably the most important speaker in a home theater system. This speaker is designed for placement above or below the screen projecting sound toward the listener. Common surround sound formats like DTS and Dolby Pro Logic will reproduce mainly vocals and dialogue through this speaker. The Signature Series center channel has been engineered to ensure a lifelike home theater experience where every detail of the vocals and dialogue are heard.

HFC Warm Midrange for Enhanced Soundstage

Midrange that Expresses a Natural Warm Soundstage

The dual midrange drivers are woven with light weight yet rigid glass fiber for optimal linear movement to handle even the highest volume levels and still ensure sonic precision and clarity. The unique pointed dome allows sound waves to travel directly from the center of the cone for an enhanced soundstage. This guarantees every movie is heard the way the sound producers intended.

Signature Series Center Channel Speaker tweeter

Tweeters Heighten Every Fine Detail

The Signature Series ultra-high end Neodymium tweeters produce high frequencies with captivating clarity and spacious imaging. Controlled, smooth and never too aggressive, these tweeters will deliver the movie’s finest details.


Speaker Configuration 2 Way - 3 Driver Center Speaker (Wall Mountable)
Tweeter 1 Inch Neodymium Balanced Silk Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer Dual 5 Inch Glass Fiber Treated Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Power Handling 40 - 120 Watts
Frequency Response 60Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 92dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Crossover Frequency 2300 Hz Phase Coherent
Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Enclosure Dual Tuned Rear Port Bass Reflex Design
Dimensions 7.28 x 18.9 x 10.6 inch
Speaker Weight 16.3 pounds/speaker
Speaker Type No
Certifications CE Certified, RoHS
DOLBY ATMOS Ideal for use as front speakers in a Dolby Atmos™ Surround Sound System
Frequency Response Graph

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UPC 061783263549
What's Included
  • HiFi Center Channel Speaker with integrated wall mounting brackets (keyhole slots)
  • Sound isolation pads
  • Magnetic Front Grill
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Full Lifetime Parts and Labor Manufacturers direct Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Scott T June 6, 2018 Ontario, Canada

    Right out of the box sounds great. Crystal clear....smooth. I bought the center speaker after being very impressed with an earlier purchase of the signature series bookshelf speakers. Fluance makes very good, affordable speakers. I think you would have a hard time finding better value than this. 5 stars.....

    Michael Zay February 19, 2018 Pennsylvania, United States

    I recently purchase these from Fluance
    I heard alot of Center Channel that have cost even more & I must say these out perform all them
    I was amazed after the 10hr break in period how much they shine
    Full sound and highs are perfect, voices are clear & they are beautiful to stair at just as much to listen to!

    Robert L September 19, 2017

    Purchased these to go along with the Fluance Floor Standing speakers that make up my surround system as well as using them as my primary audio speakers for listening to my cd and record collection. The clarity of the voices in both music and audio from movies is very good. They replaced some smaller Acoustic Research speakers that I was using since the 90's. I relied on prior reviews to make the decision to purchase these.I was impressed with the customer service provided by this company based on the input of others who had issues. They tended to make things right for their customers. These speakers came triple boxed so there was no chance of any damage. - Verified Store

    michael r September 16, 2017

    very nice speaker at a great price. - Verified Store

    Alice July 2, 2017

    This center channel has great sound. Vocals come through as warm and full, while still retaining a crisp and clean sound. It seems to be balanced very well. - Verified Store

    N. W May 1, 2017

    After some hours of break in, the speaker sounds great! Huge upgrade over my cheap JBL Balboa series center - Verified Store

    M. B April 24, 2017

    I purchased the center channel and a pair of the bookshelf speakers. The center channel isn't bad, but it definitely does not live up to the sound quality of the bookshelf.I have been on the fence about returning it because I hate to return something that works, but just doesn't live up to the expectations.I might buy another pair of the bookshelf speakers, I just wish I could find some more literature in the Signature Series. The book included with the speakers does not even mention them. - Verified Store

    Anonymoose April 7, 2017

    Impressive sound, especially for the price. I've found this speaker to be fantastic, even before any break in. The sound is so clear that if a door is closing or opening on screen I frequently look up to at my door because it sounds like it's opening in the room I'm in. I've never owned a speaker with such excellent clarity. For 149$ this is an absolute steal. - Verified Store

    Aaron F March 22, 2017

    Great speaker! It performs as expected and we've been very satisfied. - Verified Store

    Charlie Horkey March 2, 2017

    I recently purchase the Signature Towers and was blown away by their sound and looks so I decided to replace my Def Tech cs8040HD with the Signature center, and let me tell you this thing is awesome especially after about 20-30 hrs of breaking in. I have since replaced my rear surrounds which were Def Tech sr8080BP with the new Signature bi polar surrounds, I honestly couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Fluance.

    Pat February 16, 2017

    Funny never heard of Fluance before and not a ton of reviews but read reviews on and a few others and sounded like good bang for the buck. Packed well , look great, and magnetic grills are cool like everyone notes. Used for a few days and glad to report is an excellent product after running it for a few days. I just ordered a pair of matching book case speakers and if as good will add another or possible towers lol. Jealous of Americans with the exchange rate who can get these for a song. Would be totally surprised if you could find something better for the price. Glad I took the time to read about them otherwise wouldn't have gone with a brand I never heard of before. cheers

    Darron B February 13, 2017

    Could we make this 6 stars?! Again, I had purchased the Signature floor standing models and wondered if I needed this center but I'm glad I did. This speaker is as rich as my old B&W, at 10% of the cost, I kid you not! The highs on this two-way (running 12 gauge on all speakers), is surperb and the mids radiate out and fill most of my large room. The lows are not much but aren't meant to come from the center anyways, but there is enough to get 60% of them which adds to the added dimension. Great speakers, buy and thank me later! - Verified Store

    Alycia January 18, 2017

    Installed the system a couple months back. Love, love, love it. Haven't even tried pushing it yet, sounds so crisp and beautiful. - Verified Store

    itsmewallyz December 21, 2016

    After owning this center speaker for over 4 months, I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I will note, however, that initially, I was not happy with the sound coming from this speaker and nearly returned it. It just didn't sound good to me, with vocals coming through really muffled. I think Fluance recommends 15-20 hours of break-in time, but I think it took me nearly 100 hours to truly break in this speaker. And now, it sounds fantastic. In addition, like a lot of center and bookshelf speakers, this center speaker greatly benefited from a speaker stand. I originally had it mounted on the wall, about 8 inches from the wall and while it did open up after the 100 hours, it's much better on the stand.I am running a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker set-up: 7 Fluance Signature Series Speakers (1 Center, 2 front bookshelves, 2 side bi-polars and 2 rear surround bookshelves); 4 Definitive Technology 800s ceiling mounted for Atmos; and 2 BIC America F-12 Subwoofers. I'm powering this with a Denon AVR-X4300H (which powers my 2 side bi-polars and my 4 ceiling speakers) and an Outlaw 5000 Amp (which powers this center, and the 4 Fluance bookshelves).This center speaker also needs to be pushed to achieve its potential. Once I hooked it up to my Outlaw after it was really broken in, it just flat out rocks. And really, a spectacular value. - Verified Store

    Mario S December 1, 2016

    I'm doing this review now instead of when I purchased them in april. Man these speakers are amazing, I'm surprised how well they sound. I also got a set of book shelf with them and now I'm going to buy the two rear ones. If you are looking for amazing sounding speakers for a great price look no further. - Verified Store

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