SXSS Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

SXSS Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

SXSS Surround Sound Speakers (pair)

Tan Beech (SXSS)


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Tan Beech

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SXBP speaker cinema style

Fluance brings your home theater experience to a whole new level with the SXS Surround Sound Speakers. The high reproduction qualities are easily heard in this flawlessly crafted speaker, which is a perfect match to our SX series speaker systems. The SXS can easily be integrated with an active subwoofer for a true low frequency effect. When the SXS is used in Dolby surround and DTS systems you feel what the power of home cinema should be.

SXSS-BK black cabinet

Fluance is dedicated to building speakers that embody serious performance, and we accomplish this by only using premium components. The SXS are made of engineered MDF wood construction and internally braced to ensure a distortion-free, accurate response. By virtue of the tuned bass reflex cabinet, the SXS produce a dynamic performance. The silk dome tweeters provide a brilliant high frequency projection. With a natural beech finish to house the high-performance drivers, the SXS complements any home décor and provides you with a truly unique listening experience.

SXSS-BK surround sound speakers

Premium Features

  • Ferro-fluid cooled tweeter for longer life
  • Tuned bass port for controlled low frequency response and improved efficiency
  • Banana plug and speaker wire compatible connectors on all speakers
  • Built-in keyhole slot wall mount hardware
  • Low diffraction flush fit removable front grilles for spacious imaging
  • Magnetically shielded to avoid interference with other video products
  • Premium crossovers feature Butterworth design for audio equalization
  • 18 gauge internal lead wire to reduce signal degradation


SXSS Surround Sound Speakers (pair)
Speaker Configuration 2 Way - 2 Driver Surround Speakers (Wall Mountable)
Tweeter 1 inch Soft Dome Ferrofluid Cooled For Longer Life
Woofer 4 inch Driver
Power Handling 30 - 100 Watts RMS
Frequency Response 80Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 86dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Crossover Frequency 8000 Hz PCB Phase Coherent - Mounted Circuitry
Impedance 8 Ohms
Enclosure Dual Tuned Front Vented Bass Reflex Design
Dimensions 9.7 X 5.2 X 6.9 inch
Speaker Weight 5.1 pounds/speaker
Series ELITE
Speaker Type Surround
Certifications CE Certified, RoHS
Subwoofer Output No
Frequency Response Graph

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SXS Frequency Response Graph

UPC 061783263334
What's Included
  • Two Rear Surround Sound Speakers with Integrated Wall Mounting Brackets (keyhole slots)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Full Lifetime Parts and Labor Manufacturer's Direct Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    AnthonyS November 24, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Vermont, United States

    Amazing speakers!!!!!$ Great sound at ant volume. Really well built. They look and sound amazing in our house.

    Michael P. November 11, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Wisconsin, United States

    I am very satisfied with my SX-6 bookshelf speakers. They are a perfect compliment with my floorstanding speakers. Many continued thanks to Deepak and the team at Fluance!

    Chris A September 29, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years New Jersey, United States

    I bought these speakers to pair with the RT-82 turntable and I do not regret the purchase. They took a few days to break in but no I can really appreciate these speakers. Plus they are visually appealing. Some reviews say they don’t have much base. I have to disagree; they are more than satisfying on the low end. Overall, great speakers for the price.

    Keith J September 11, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Washington, United States

    These compact guys really pack a punch for their size and cost; clean and warm, they remind me of what used to be the sound of bigger high-end Kenwoods and Pioneers from the 70's cranking out folk rock. Especially broad and balanced with vinyl from my Fluance turntable (run through a very modest Sony amp), the complexities of work by MMJ and FFD are not missed at all from across the room.

    Gordon M. August 5, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years New Brunswick, Canada

    I just began updating and replacing most of my stereo equipment. I wanted speakers that were not too large for my surroundings, but supplied good quality sound at a decent price point. I had my eye on the SX6W speakers, and purchased them immediately once I noticed the Fluance website had them on sale recently for 25% off. They do need to get through their 'break in' period to reach their full potential, but they are well worth that wait. They produce a full, rich sound that I am very pleased with, and I would highly recommend these.

    Lucas July 22, 2020 Advanced Listener - 12 Years British Columbia, Canada

    These speakers sound phenomenal! They will require some burn in time, about 24 hours at least. The wood finish is beautiful while not looking dated in the slightest. I’d say they are the perfect size for any living room. They also sound great with movies! I just replaced my JBL sound bar after testing these with a variety of different films. They have a very warm tone to them with a great mid to high range. You cannot find a better sounding speaker in this price range if you tried. Do not hesitate and just buy these, you won’t be disappointed.

    W. B July 3, 2020

    It didn't take long to break these in and wow the sound is outstanding. I just have a cheap 50 watt tube amp and sound is outstanding. Listen to Tool Chocolate Chip Trip. The drums sound outstanding with these speakers. They sound like very expensive speakers.

    JPB June 27, 2020

    Not wanting to sound like a broken record, definitely not an audiophile, but I have had years of concert band experience. I bought these on Cyber Monday for $109. Just like all the hype says, the overall sound signature of these speakers for what you are paying for is ridiculous. They have more of a natural warm sound that are slightly on the bright side when you push them after breaking them in (and you will want to do that). Bass is good especially when you keep them within 18" of the wall. You can certainly find better speakers, but onlyafter the $200+ range. Buy them and try them out for a week and if you don't like them, send them back, but you most likely won't.

    Amazon Customer June 7, 2020

    I use these in my garage with a Yamaha R-S202 receiver. Awesome system for less than $300 total. These speakers sound GREAT. The Yamaha does not have a sub out feature and I have not missed having a subwoofer at all. If you don't mind inexpensive speakers, you will not regret buying these.

    agent89 June 6, 2020

    I am no audio expert, but I know good sound when I hear it. Bought these to replace a pair of infinity 250 small tower speakers that got damaged (grandkids) If these get better with some break in time then I will be really impressed. These sound better than the infinity speakers. Brighter, more bass, just a more complete sound. On 15 inch stands. Powering with Yamaha rx 377, and a small bookshelf yam sub. I have a pair of Yamaha ns-333 bookshelf in my basement, they cost $250. These fluance are every bit as good and maybe better, more bass. So without going on and on, I am a happy camper right now.

    Meagan R May 21, 2020

    Very nice and loud

    Terry May 6, 2020 Advanced Listener - 15 Years Ontario, Canada

    Upon receiving the speakers from the courier I was impressed with the way they were packed and shipped. Opening the box and taking the speakers out seeing the beautiful walnut finish I was already excited. After hooking them up to my Harmon Kardon AVR146 I was floored with the sound at a low volume. Crisp clear highs with a nice solid bottom end. Honestly the best pair of bookshelf speakers I have purchased. Really impressed with the overall construction/finish and sound. Great job Fluance!!

    brad l April 21, 2020

    I had just hooked up a set of UA 300 Series [ Ultra Acoustic ] floor Monitors that i have had forever. I was wanting to round out the top end with some great Speakers and i got that done with these Fluance speakers.These have a wonderful clear sound and a big sound. I also like that these are made solid just like speakers back in the day.These are Passive Speakers just like my Floor Monitors, you can either use RCA Banana Plugs or bare wire connected to a stereo Receiver.Great Speakers, Great Quality and Great Sound.Thanks.

    Vick F April 6, 2020

    You can tell from the reviews that the Fluance SX6 are nice speakers, but should you buy them?Here is my opinion of how the Fluance stacks up against some of the competition.The Fluance, once broke in, have pretty decent bass and fairly clear tweeters. The highs for me are just a little bright, especially with brass percussions like cymbals and high hats. When I listen to these I usually turn the bass up a notch and turn the treble down a notch to try to warm them up a bit.The BIC America DV62si: These speakers sound a lot like the Fluance except the highs are just a little more pleasant and with a 6-inch woofer it provides a deeper, more accurate bass. It's not stronger bass, just a little better sounding. It's also cheaper. At $118 the BIC's are a nice bit of savings over the Fluance. As with the Fluance, when I listen to these I like to turn the bass up a notch and turn the treble down a notch.The Micca RB42: Currently the Micca's are running the same price as the Fluance. The Micca's have a warmer tone and a more articulate woofer. It's a 4-inch woofer but it still sounds better. The tweeter is just as detailed, maybe even clearer, but not as bright, it's a nice sound. When I listen to these I have the Bass and Treble at the neutral position. The Micca's are small but they sound bigger than they are.Bonus update May 4, 2020:Jamo S 803: Since I wrote my review I have noticed that the price has come down on the Jamo S 803 to $148 or less so I wanted to add it to the list. The Jamo's are powerful and dynamic speakers. The bass is at least as powerful as the others and the tweeters are very clean and detailed. The highs need to be clean because they are bright, the clarity really helps make them easy to tolerate. These are not neutral or balanced speakers. The midrange is clear and present but it's a little bit softer. That's similar to how the loudness button works on your receiver. It's a good sound but you should know what you would be getting with these. Here are some quotes from a couple of audiophile reviews: "they Rock!"..."Huge Soundstage"..."deeply satisfying bass". I like the Jamo's a lot but I am sure they are not for everyone. Of this group, I prefer the Jamo's but I think the Micca's might be the better speakers with their more balanced and still powerful sound and they may be built a little better than the Jamo's. The Fluance and the BIC's both have a nice airy sound with good bass and acceptable highs. The Fluance might have a slightly tighter bass than the BIC's. I think the Micca's and the Jamo's have better highs and bass that is at least as good. The BIC's 6-inch woofer does have some small amount of depth though that the others don't have. It's subtle but with some music, it can be noticed.About build quality:Build quality is often just perception but some have complained about the Jamo's. I do know of two people who have had to return theirs for replacement. I haven't had any issues with mine. The Micca's have been said to be "built like tanks" but I had minor issues with mine, not worth fussing with. The point is, with any speaker, you should test them out when you get them. I had one pair of speakers that sounded fine until I played a song that exposed a fault. Amazon was quick to take care of me and the replacements work great. I now like to test my speakers when I get them with some youtube test videos.About speaker break-in:The Fluance taught me about speaker break-in. When I first got them I thought they were lousy, weak and muddy bass. After a few hours, they basically fixed themselves and now they are strong and tight. It's the kind of thing you know has happened, the difference is too obvious to be personal perception. I have since had similar experiences with at least 2 other speakers.

    Will March 15, 2020

    Originally went with the Micca RB42's but one arrived dead so I returned them and went with these. Thankfully my desk is big enough to fit them. They're my first real speakers and they sound great. I got a topping PA3 to power them and they can get really loud.

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