Fluance Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to create innovative high quality products that help consumers minimize and reduce their impact on the environment. We have transformed the processes for designing, manufacturing and shipping our products to reduce our environmental footprint and endeavour to be a consumer electronics leader in sustainability initiatives on a local and global basis. At Fluance we value our people and the communities they are part of.

Fluance Products


Our products meet the resin and formaldehyde emission limits in the Composite Wood Products (CWP) Regulation which is one of the most stringent regulations in the limitation of formaldehyde emissions for CWP.

To cut down on global power consumption all of our external power adaptors have been produced to meet or exceed the requirements of any governing body around the world. The increased efficiency of the power adapters results in decreased energy costs as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Fluance Environmental Process

Our Process

When it comes to the design of our packaging and shipping materials we source recycled materials as well as create the smallest box possible to make shipping more efficient while still protecting the customer’s product. Not only do we use less material, we also cut down on fuel requirements to ship our products worldwide.

Our products are also shipped using “eco-packaging” with a focus on using recycled materials, no colours or dyes in our packaging as well as reduced mercury.

Fluance People

Our People

We know that our success is reflected in our people and the communities they are a part of. We empower our employees to lead and participate in charitable causes. Each of our employees is given the opportunity to donate our products to the charity of their choice. We also encourage growth through the funding of educational and personal development programs.