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Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Wood Speaker System

Product Review (submitted on November 22, 2016):
I bought this Bluetooth speaker based on a Review posted by Audioholics. Their reviews and recommendations are normally spot on. So I jumped on this product based on that.I have been using this Speaker in my Bathroom. Lots of tile and reflective surfaces. It sits in a corner in a cross-section positon. Imagine the letter A. /-\. This speaker is simply put. Amazing. I am an Audiophile. I spend enormous amounts of money on Audio gear. Always striving to attain Nirvana in sound reproduction. The sound quality, clarity and depth of reproduced bass on this little speaker is beyond my best expectations.The Speaker is SOLID. With nicely rounded edges (reduced internal boundary gain). It is made out of Wood not cheap plastic (that has poor acoustic qualities) It may be MDF or some other type of manufactured wood but it is dense and heavy. All good things when talking about sound reproduction. Its Heavy and feels of Quality. It has Dual rear facing bass air ports. These allow for deeper octaves, deeper tuning frequency and greater system efficiency. What des that mean? Greater performance without distortion.I have arguably more than 40K into my main sound system. And yet I want to stay in the bathroom and listen to this little Bluetooth Speaker?This product from Fluance is most definitely a Homerun ! The sound is pure magic, clear, bright and yet deep and soothing. - Verified Store