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When it comes to record players and home audio, the accessories that connect and allow your gear to perform to its full potential should not be taken lightly. Superior Styli and platter mats can maximise the performance of your turntable setup. High performance audio/video cables will allow you to enjoy the best sound your stereo equipment can offer.

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  1. Vinyl Record and Stylus Anti-static Carbon Fiber Brushes with Record Weight - Alternate 2
  2. Vinyl Record and Stylus Anti-static Carbon Fiber Brushes with Fluance Frosted Acryclic Platter and Record Weight - Alternate 2
  3. HiFi Vinyl Record Weight - Alternate Small
  4. Metal Bookshelf & Satellite Speaker Adjustable Mounts - SM10
  5. High Density Foam Speaker Isolation Pads Thumbnail
  6. High Density Foam Speaker Isolation Pads Thumbnail
  7. Turntable 102g Counterweight - Alternate

  8. Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus - Thumbnail

    Out of stock

  9. Ortofon 2M RED Stylus - Small Image

  10. Ortofon OM 10 Stylus - Alternate

  11. Audio Technica ATN95E Replacement Stylus

    Audio Technica ATN95E Replacement Stylus

    $49.99 USD
    • Elliptical Stylus Shape
    • Aluminum Cantilever

  12. RT Reference Headshell with H-4 Bayonet Mount - Thumbnail
  13. Turntable Headshell with H-4 Bayonet Mount
  14. Fluance Vinyl Record & Stylus Cleaning Kit - Alternate 2
  15. Acrylic Platter - Small Image
  16. Turntable Cork Platter Mat - Alternate
  17. Fluance Turntable Platter Mat (Rubber Black)

    Fluance Turntable Platter Mat (Rubber Black)

    $19.99 USD
    • Compatible with all turntables

  18. Turntable 100g Counterweight - Small Image

  19. Turntable Rubber Belt for Reference Record Players - Alternate
  20. Turntable Rubber Belt for Record Players - Alternate
  21. Bubble Level - Small Image

  22. Turntable Tinted Dust Cover - Alternate
  23. Premium Grade Low Capacitance RCA Audio Cable (3 Feet)
  24. Gold Plated RCA Cable (3 Feet) - Alternate 2

  25. Ultimate Performance Subwoofer Cable - Small
  26. Dual Spade Ground Wire - Small Image

  27. Premium Banana Plug Speaker Wire Connectors - Alternate 5
  28. 50' 12 Gauge High Flex Precision Audio Cable Ultra Speaker Wire - Alternate
  29. 3.5 Aux cord

    Premium Grade 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable (3 Feet)

    $9.99 USD
    • Premium Grade 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable
    • 3ft Length
    • Braided Cable with Copper Shielding

29 Item(s)

Articles from our experts

Home Audio Wiring and Connections

Passive speakers need to be connected to an amplifier or receiver with speaker wire in order to produce sound. Superior quality wiring will enhance sound by minimizing distortion and improving the strength of the signal that reaches your speakers.

For a cleaner and more efficient setup of your stereo or surround sound speakers, it is recommended to use banana plug speaker connectors. The usage of these plugs maintains secure contact pressure, ensuring the best signal transfer possible.

Turntable Styli, Platters, Mats, Record Cleaning Brush, and other accessories

Styli wear out over time and affect the sound of your turntable. An effective way to maintain the sound quality is to replace the stylus around 1000 hours of record playing time. You can also improve the clarity and warmth of your turntable by upgrading the stylus. Fluance offers a range of compatible styli and resources to make the upgrade as effective as possible. Additionally, Fluance belt drive turntable owners can purchase a rubber or cork platter mat for enhanced performance.

Reference Turntable owners can upgrade the metal platter to an acrylic platter for improved speed consistency and cancelation of undesirable reverberations. Maintaining your system is important, keeping your turntable and LPs clean will result in optimal performance.