Turntable Tinted Dust Cover

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Turntable Tinted Dust Cover

with Rubber Isolation Pads (PFHTDU)

$49.99 USD

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Turntable Tinted Dust Cover
Dimensions 16.18 x 2.68 x 13.19 inch
Material Tinted Plastic
Weight 1.68 lbs
Compatible With RT80, RT81, RT82, RT83, RT84, RT85
UPC 061783265925
What's Included
  • Dust Cover
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Álvaro B. September 18, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years other

    Looks really nice, but it scratched really badly as soon as you clean it. Now it looks old and ugly.

    DAVID G May 22, 2022 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years California, United States

    Arrived without the rubber isolation pads.

    Drew J May 19, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 3 Years Kentucky, United States

    Please make an upgraded dust cover!! This one is absolutely terrible and everyone agrees. I would gladly pay double the price for something scratch resistant.

    Mario G March 16, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year California, United States

    Nice tint. But mine was also scratched . Not sure if whoever is packing these wears gloves

    Louis February 1, 2022 Audiophile - 20+ Years Ontario, Canada

    Ordered and it came without the rubber isolation pads, when contacted they ignored me

    Aaron P. January 30, 2022 Novice Listener - 1 Year Ohio, United States

    The dust cover had scratches on it before the first record was ever played, even with my meticulous carefulness. Two stars because it technically works, I guess.

    Chuong January 24, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Florida, United States

    Like others have said, this cover got scratched so easily.

    Liam January 17, 2022 Intermediate Listener - 1 Year Ontario, Canada

    Two words: genuinely horrible.

    Rick C October 30, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Michigan, United States

    Might as well use steel wool as a dust cloth. Results would be the same!!!

    George L October 28, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Illinois, United States

    Only flaw with this turntable, scratches even if you look at it sideways

    Stephen L September 26, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years other

    Turntable only months old and cover looks like its been skated on .Don't touch it.

    Stephen L August 17, 2021 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years other

    Only had turntable for 2weeks and dust cover looks awful.
    So easy to scratch.

    Mike C June 14, 2021 Audiophile - 20+ Years Pennsylvania, United States

    Its a dust cover. Getting scratched and dusty is its purpose. Mine works great. Keeps dust off and the slight scratching of it is all part of what it's suppose to do and for $49 its well worth it. I tried to get a dust cover replacement for my pioneer pl-516 and they are either hard to get or triple the price.

    Brayan P February 13, 2021 Novice Listener - 1 Year other

    It is a good looking part with what I think are good quality hinges, but as other reviews, it is extremely prone to scratches, if you want to keep it looking nice, just blow it with a hair dryer on cold setting or something like that, otherwise, if you touch it, no matter how delicate you are, it is going to be fill with scratches.

    Jean C C December 30, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

    Fragile cover...beware do not touch to avoid scratch!! Who, who the hell took that poor decision at Fluance?. Basic quality and standard density plastic cover...afraid of lifting the cover of my new R85

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