Elite Series Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

Elite Series Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

Elite Series Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

Natural Walnut (SXBP2W)

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SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers Intro

Elite Series Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

The Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers offer an energetic and enticing performance with superior components that enhance the cinephile experience. From every high speed locomotive to the ferocious jet plane flight, these bipolar speakers will reinforce the movie theater experience you dream about.

SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers wide dispersion

Bipolar Surround Sound Design

The unique configuration of the bipolar speakers creates a 3D soundstage. This is achieved by having two complete full-range speaker systems on opposing sides of the cabinet. The results are widespread, enveloping surround sound throughout your room. The SXBP2 are designed for placement beside or behind the listeners for an extremely convincing 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround ambiance.

SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers Tweeters

Thrilling Highs

The enveloping sound design of the SXBP2s will have your heart pumping and your head rotating. The neodymium tweeters of the Classic Series bipolar speakers increase the enjoyment from your favorite cinematic blockbusters. You will feel every spine-tingling scream and rapid stampede from the SXBP2 bipolar speakers.

SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers Midrange

Richness in the Middle

Experience the high definition sound effects Hollywood intended you to hear with the SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers. The dual four-inch midrange drivers enhance cinema quality home theater by replicating the soundstage, tones and notes you crave from your favorite films and concerts.

AVBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers Trapezoidal Configuration

Made for You

The SXBP2s are made with a trapezoidal configuration, the perfect shape to increase home theater sound. Made with engineered MDF wood cabinetry for reduced resonance, the SXBP2 bipolar speakers provide superb, rich sound performances at every volume level. The black ash wood finish match perfectly with the Classic Series, and is your ticket to an engaging, thrilling in-house movie theater experience.


Elite Series Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers
Speaker Configuration 2 Way - 4 Driver Passive Bipolar Surround Speakers
Tweeter Dual 1 inch Neodymium Balanced Dome Ferrofluid Cooled
Woofer Dual 4 inch Polymer Treated with Butyl Rubber Surrounds
Power Handling 20 - 100 Watts RMS
Frequency Response 130Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 88dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Crossover Frequency 4000 Hz Phase Coherent - PCB Mounted Circuitry
Impedance 8 Ohms
Enclosure Acoustic Suspension Design
Dimensions 10.2 x 11.0 x 5.5 inches / 25.9 x 28.0 x 14.0 cm (HxWxD)
Speaker Weight 6.8 lbs/speaker
Series ELITE
Speaker Type Bipolar
Subwoofer Output No
DOLBY ATMOS Ideal for use as surround sound speakers in a Dolby Atmos%E2%84%A2 Surround Sound System
Frequency Response Graph


SXBP2W Frequency Response Graph

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Phil, V September 16, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 20+ Years Ohio, United States

Sounds fantastic!! I couldn't be happier - great deal and sound.

Curtis B August 26, 2020 Advanced Listener - 4 Years Pennsylvania, United States

Great sounds

Shane B C August 5, 2020 Advanced Listener - 3 Years Florida, United States

The Bipolar speakers got delivered fast. The speaker quality is evident from the moment you inspect them out of the box. Great sound definition . The sound is warm with good separation .
And these well built great sounding speakers.
From a product and company point of view I give them 5 stars. The company itself has an incredible business model and dedication to the customer as demonstrated by their business model.
Fluance makes it easy to sample their products with no risk, I would recomm that Fluance and its products make it onto your list for your home theater .

MICHEL July 30, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Extraordinary product, nice sound, nice size and nice look. So satisfied I bough a second pair within a week.

Bravo Fluance


gee July 27, 2020

These speakers will bring your rear surround sound to life. It added great presence and detail to my rear surround sound stage . Very good speakers for the price . I highly recommend to purchase.

MICHEL July 23, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Quebec, Canada

Superbe enceintes et le spécial était très favorable, j'en ai acheté deux paires.
Superb speakers bough two pairs...

Raul D July 15, 2020

Very good budget bipole speakers to beginner Home Theater enthusiasts

Andy D July 10, 2020 Advanced Listener - 20+ Years Alberta, Canada

Used it for a week so far and the speaker come as advertised, sound imaging is great for surround sound setup, probably not great for fronts. For the price these are worth it.

David W June 27, 2020

I finally got the chance to put these up. Sad to say one of them blew up already. I would not recommend.

michael t June 26, 2020 Audiophile - 20+ Years Connecticut, United States

excellent match with my monitor audio bronze speakers.worth the money.

CS H June 22, 2020

These are a great purchase for their price. I wanted to use these as front height speakers, but I wasn't able to find anyone who has set them up in this manner, so I purchased a set. By placing these bipole speakers in the corner the audio is not only dispersed straight out and above head but it fills in across the back wall as well. These aren't carrying a heavy load for me, but they are without doubt doing their job wonderfully. I've found the crossover set to 80-90 on my AVR is the sweet spot. Atmos and DTX tracks sound great, and when listening to music in 5.2 or multichannel stereo sound crisp and clean. I personally can not attest to the bass levels these can produce, but am confident they'll hold their own as surrounds, or rear surrounds, or in my case front heights.

francis June 22, 2020

I got these for my rear surround for my 5.1.2 Atmos set-up. I am so please of the performance of these speakers, they blend in so well with my def tech fronts and center. These speakers sound great, I love the bi-polar effect not knowing which way the sound is coming from which gives you a full immersion feeling all around you. Lots of people review says how difficult they are to mount, but I found it very easy and quick to mount following one of the reviewers here advice by using a piece of paper to mark the two holes at the back of the speaker and use it to mark on the wall. Once I had the two screws in it lined up perfectly. Highly recommend these speakers, they are perfect for surround set-up.

William L June 13, 2020

These speakers work amazing both as atmos and surrounds. I have them set up in a way where I have sound coming at me from them and bouncing off the ceiling to enhance the overhead effects. They are subtle at first until you break them in then they sound just fine.

mnsp June 6, 2020

All I can say is WOW! Worth 3x the money! I bought them for $99 to be used as my hight/surround in my 7.2 powered with a Sony STR DN -1080. My other 5 speakers and sub are Klipsch Reference R-14M (4) center R-25C (1)Sub K-100-SW (2) and they are a wonderful addition with great highs and mids comparable to the Klipsch. They are hooked up with 2x cat5e and Mediabridge Banana jacks at both ends.

Zeeshan, S May 27, 2020 Intermediate Listener - 4 Years Nevada, United States

These are fantastic speakers, on a budget. They hit a good high and low frequency. Sadly, I already owned another set of bi-pole speaker that I decided not to replace after all, and was better priced. Seriously, buy it if you like quality for a low price (I used them as side surround in my 7.1 setup).

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